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The English Spy By Daniel Silva The English Spy Warning This is an independent addition to The English Spy meant to enhance your experience of the original book If you have not yet bought the original copy make sure to purchase it before buying t
  • Title: The English Spy
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The English Spy By Daniel Silva Warning This is an independent addition to The English Spy, meant to enhance your experience of the original book If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay SPECIAL OFFER 2.99 Regularly priced 3.99 Irishman Eamon Quinn bombs a yacht with England s former princess aboard, which gets theWarning This is an independent addition to The English Spy, meant to enhance your experience of the original book If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay SPECIAL OFFER 2.99 Regularly priced 3.99 Irishman Eamon Quinn bombs a yacht with England s former princess aboard, which gets the attention of two branches of British Intelligence MI5 and MI6 s attention To find who is responsible, the head of MI6, Graham Seymor, receives help from Israel s intelligence department, thus identifying the bomber Seymor asks for an Israeli agent Gabriel Allon to take the mission of finding and killing Quinn Allon asks British expatriate Christopher Keller to aid him in his mission, as both men have been personally victimized by Quinn Keller also knows Quinn s home territory of Ireland well Allon and Keller follow Quinn s trail, and come within seconds of preventing a bombing in Britain, courtesy of Quinn, that was supposed to kill Allon but doesn t succeed Allon uses the opportunity to let the rest of the world think he is dead in order to complete the mission without any mercenaries including Quinn looking for him Allon then figures out that the events leading up to his death The bombs, made by a signature bomb maker, were supposed to get MI6 s attention, putting Allon in Quinn s sights Allon is hated by the Russian government because he discovered the plot to coerce the Prime Minister into oil drilling deals via the woman Madeline Hart As a result of the discovery of Hart s true purpose, Russia lost the deals and therefore a lot of money, and blame that loss entirely on Allon However, they did not expect Allon to have a partner, much less survive the bomb Further, they didn t expect the two men to be as successful in finding their target Keller and Allon know when and where to fight dirty, and by the end of the novel, do not hold back when they need information The novel ends with a complete mission, a high body count, and a bittersweet finale Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device 2015 All Rights Reserved
    The English Spy By Daniel Silva
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    1. Daniel Silva

      Daniel Silva was born in Michigan in 1960 and raised in California where he received his BA from Fresno State Silva began his writing career as a journalist for United Press International UPI , traveling in the Middle East and covering the Iran Iraq war, terrorism and political conflicts From UPI he moved to CNN, where he eventually became executive producer of its Washington based public policy programming In 1994 he began work on his first novel, The Unlikely Spy, a surprise best seller that won critical acclaim He turned to writing full time in 1997 and all of his books have been New York Times national best sellers, translated into 25 languages and published across Europe and the world He lives in Washington, D.C.Series Michael Osbourne Gabriel Allon

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    1. Israeli spy art restorer Gabriel Allon is about to become the father of twins and the head of the Israeli spy agency when a British princess and her entourage are blown up The perpetrator is Quinn, the expert bomb maker Gabriel deems ultimately responsible for the death of his first wife and child So Gabriel goes back into the field with the goal of finding and killing Quinn Gabriel teams up with Keller, an AWOL British soldier and skilled assassin soon to be an agent of MI6 and they re off on a [...]

    2. First impression Damn, the man sure knows how to write a dynamite first chapter Last impression Another outstanding book featuring my all time favorite character, Israel s not so secret agent Gabriel Allon the 15th in the series, I believe but it falls a wee bit short of 5 stars for the record, I d give it 4.5 if I could.That said, Daniel Silva may be the only writer on the planet who can make me want to read stories involving Hezbollah, al Qaeda or the IRA This book takes off where the previous [...]

    3. In his latest book, The English Spy, Daniel Silva combines a spellbinding narrative together with historical content, this global and thrilling adventure, makes the 15th novel in his Gabriel Allon Series another incredibly suspenseful and intriguing story.From the riveting opening of chapter 1.Stretched topless upon the foredeck, drink in hand, her flawless skin baking in the sun, was the most famous woman in the world And one deck below, preparing an appetizer of tuna tartare, cucumber, and pin [...]

    4. Well I have read some almost 100 pages in total and I guess I ve come to a decision about this book and series I won t be finishing either I can t escape the bad taste left by the opening premise and I think I m tired of the need for revenge and the use of constant killing as payback even if those killed are very bad people So, while the quality of the writing may be just as good as in past novels, it is the subject matter I am parting with, just as I did earlier in the case of the books of Joh [...]

    5. It is with great sadness that I write this review as it means that once again I have finished my new Daniel Silva book and will need to wait an entire year to read another Gabriel Allon adventure.The English Spy is 15th book in the Gabriel Allon series Each book gets better than the last Gabriel is suppose to be starting, just starting, a new painting restoration and then heading to Israel to be with Chiara for the birth of their twins But as always duty calls Graham, head of M16, with the permi [...]

    6. Silva never disappoints, but this is one of his finest as he revisits the England Northern Ireland Troubles in current day He also has fairly blunt commentary on US UK Iran Israeli Russian geopolitics.

    7. 3.5 stars for this one Can t seem to give it because there were too many dead end twists and turns and too much history back story I got really tired of all the explanations given to Allon, that he should have already knownter all, he is the Master Assassin Sleuth Should he not know of all the major dealings with Israeli national security This seems to be a typical thing with Silvalots of historical background At times, I just want them to shoot one another and ask questions laterya know I also [...]

    8. Israeli spymaster Gabriel Allon is about to become a father again, with his wife Chiara carrying twins And he is slated to succeed Uzi Navrot as head of The Office, retiring as a field agent However, he is drawn into a hunt for a master Irish bombmaker Eamon Quinn , who is responsible for a contract killing of the former royal princess basically Princess Diana , and many, many others He recruits his brother in arms, Christopher Keller, and are led back to Ireland for the final showdown after a c [...]

    9. Seymour watched as the car turned onto the M2 motorway and headed north That s the wonderful thing about our business, he thought Our mistakes always come back to haunt us And eventually all debts come due With a Gabriel Allon spy thriller there is no shortage of armchair frequent flyer points The English Spy opens in the Caribbean, where former Real IRA operative Eamon Quinn puts a bomb under a former British royal, literally But who hired the killer In Rome, spymaster Graham Seymour brings Gab [...]

    10. This novel is 15 in the Gabriel Allon series It is a fast paced, thrilling, and almost believable story about a pair of spies Gabriel Allon is in the Israeli secret service, who teams up with British commando assassin Christopher Keller to hunt down an Irish mercenary terrorist They run around the world trying to piece together this puzzle of the terrorist s whereabouts I enjoy novels with plots that are unpredictable, and this novel certainly fits that bill There are plenty of twists and turns [...]

    11. DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED THIS ADVANCE COPY BECAUSE I ENTERED A CONTESTHowever, a free book is not a guarantee of a good review with someone who is brutally honest and passionate about books That being said I ve read all of Daniel Silva s books and have enjoyed them all but some of them hold a special place in my heart because they ve touched a personal chord This will most likely be one of them.The beginning is totally unexpected I mean, you kill a princess the world loves Really Now that will keep [...]

    12. I ll just say it up front and get it over with The English Spy is excellent Fast moving, great characters, Silva s Israeli assassin Gabriel Allon has a counter part Englishman who is just as deadly and just as capable Thank goodness the two have a working relationship with each other.The English Spy is like, I think, number 16 in the series but don t quote me on that numbers and things like that are alien to me We ve met the Englishmen in a few previous adventures with Allon If I were you, I d s [...]

    13. Every year I m amazed by the power of Daniel Silva s words Once again he has reminded me of my love for literature Any Gabriel Allon novel is great but the last three have really shown the power of Silva I cannot wait for next year and to see what Gabriel Allon will do next.

    14. An excellent thriller with all the ingredients of a Gabriel Allon adventure A bit rougher than the previous volume, where violence had been mostly absent, but a very credible plot, as usually full of clever twistsria Carmo,Lisbon 3 April 2017

    15. I enjoyed this book and I think that it is my favorite in the series I enjoyed the characters and I enjoy the action The author always does a good job of including historical background in his story so that you can put things into context.

    16. Another great Silva adventure with some story lines very close to present day reality lots of violence and some emotion

    17. Daniel Silva is simply the best in this genre He does it again in the English Spy and weaves together a Russian, IRA, and Iranian connection right out of the foreign policy manual I loved it.

    18. The ENGLISH SPY, the latest in the long line of Gabriel Allon mysteries by Daniel Silva centers on a plot to kill the venerated Israeli intelligence operative and art restorer Allon has numerous enemies, but one in particular is very upset that a plan to get the English Prime Minister to sign over lucrative North Sea drilling rights to a Kremlin owned Energy Corporation has gone array so revenge is at the forefront A further inducement to be rid of Allon revolves around the future accession of I [...]

    19. In my opinion this is the finest book in the Gabriel Allon series Daniel Silva is than just a thriller writer he s a literary genius The writing is lyrical, chilling, mesmerizing so many ways to describe it, all of them goodE ENGLISH SPY is about settling old scores, a final restoration, and ultimately going home and starting over The story is masterfully paced It begins with an assassination and then carefully and methodically Silva begins to unveil the various layers.Gabriel and Christopher K [...]

    20. A well written thriller Mr Silva, however, seems to view Israel as a nation beyond reproach and does not approve of the Iran Nuclear Arms Treaty In discussing Israel he mentions the rocket attacks from Hamas into Israel but does not even mention the settlements that are encroaching on the Palestinian Territories, the conditions that people live in in Gaza and dismisses the bombing or a school filled with women and children in Gaza as untrue without mentioning any evidence This was reported to ha [...]

    21. Another thriller, living up to that genre name geopolitically current, drawing a number of links to previous actions affecting today s world Kept me reading An easy read in its flow, although a challenging topic.

    22. Another great read from SilvaGood read, with characters that are not too difficult to identify with Once again Silva has skilfully woven fiction with current affairs and leaves us waiting for the next instalment.

    23. Another Outstanding Gabriel Allon novel The story continues with Gabriel Allon, Christopher Keller, and Madeline The English Girl, The English Assassin, and The English Spy Cannot wait for the next installment.

    24. The characters are getting dull the plot recycled Unless Mr Silva can reinvent these characters, I m signing off of the Gabriel Allon series As much as I enjoyed most of them, I am reading his novels out of loyalty.

    25. another great oneThese stories are always a great review of international politics Gabriel Allon has once again shown us the difficulties the Israelis live under daily Silva managed to keep me on the edge of my chair I can t wait for the next book.

    26. A great, non stop read As usual, Allon is masterful, Keller is brilliant and the plot superb Most of all the writing is elegant in its clarity, simplicity and rhythm Another masters

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