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Plain Dealing By IanPatrick Plain Dealing After midnight on a moonlit beach six policemen led by a top detective execute four criminals who have perpetrated the most heinous rape mutilation and murder of a young woman The police are unaware
  • Title: Plain Dealing
  • Author: IanPatrick
  • ISBN: 9781517035143
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • Plain Dealing By IanPatrick After midnight on a moonlit beach six policemen led by a top detective execute four criminals who have perpetrated the most heinous rape, mutilation and murder of a young woman The police are unaware that there is a witness to the executions The action that follows is set against dubious tactical, ethical and sometimes criminal choices faced by the central characters ThAfter midnight on a moonlit beach six policemen led by a top detective execute four criminals who have perpetrated the most heinous rape, mutilation and murder of a young woman The police are unaware that there is a witness to the executions The action that follows is set against dubious tactical, ethical and sometimes criminal choices faced by the central characters The reader is left with a stark image of moral ambiguity as the police struggle to maintain courageous and precarious control of the crime that engulfs them, and the work of plain dealing cops comes under scrutiny The third book in The Ryder Quartet takes the reader on an emotional and action packed journey through the choices made by police in their day to day confrontation with rampant and brutal crime in contemporary South Africa.
    Plain Dealing By IanPatrick
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      After working as an actor, director and teacher in theatre, film and television, Ian Patrick turned to an academic career, publishing scholarly essays in a range of international academic journals He believes that his years as an actor, director and scholar play a modest part in his writing My fiction is based to the best of my ability on research and field work I have to believe every word my fictive characters say, every action they undertake, he says Which explains why he has accompanied detectives to the front line, interviewed forensics investigators, and spent many hours scouring actual locations for his crime scenes many of them based on actual events I endeavour to make my fiction plausible and authentic This requires exhaustive work and detailed research It takes me up to a year of full time work to write an eighty thousand word crime thriller In my view, although it is clearly desirable to arrive at one s destination by bringing a work to publication, it is the journey that is the really exciting and enjoyable part of writing I can only hope that readers will also enjoy the journey of discovering my characters and their foibles, their actions and their experiences I hope, too, that they will inform me about and forgive me for any lapses in my work or any errors of detail.

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    1. After deep depression about all the criticism that we get as cops just doing our job against mad criminals, this is a really uplifting book Here we have corrupt cops but we also have good cops And then we have in between cops, asking themselves the question whether they should meet fire with fire This is such a good book I m blown away by it The author is asking all the right questions Is it morally acceptable to kill the devil This is so good Not only exciting but very sad one moment and then v [...]

    2. Very good Really up to date and relevant Hit squads and all Really moving characters I loved the relationships that have been created, and it s very sad at points, too And the action scenes are great This one seems to flow better than the first one in the series I finished it before I knew it Real page turner I might change my rating upward when I ve read the last one in the series I get the feeling that it gets better and better with each book Anyone know when we can expect the fourth book

    3. Excellent I read this in two days The beginning is so brilliant, and the whole of the first day is so intriguing I just LOVED the scene in the afternoon of the first day Wow Those two forensics women are my heroes Don t get on the wrong side of them, men And then the last couple of scenes are so moving, so sad, and so funny Can t give away the plot but I loved it so much And I want a dog just like the Ryder one What an intelligent, beautiful dog.

    4. Absolutely the best in the series Magnificent So exciting In fact, thinking back on the other two now, this is the real five star one So sad, too, in parts Oh my goodnesss, I really loved this one And so very close to the shenanigans that are currently going on.

    5. The best so far This, the third book in the trilogy I think the fourth one in the advertised quartet is not out yet, unless I m looking in the wrong place , is excellent It s almost as if the little things that, on reflection, caused momentary lapses in concentration for me in the first two books, have now been ironed out This one feels so good and so relaxed and smooth flowing Relaxed for the writer, that is, who seems to have found the groove and rides perfectly along inside it Not relaxed for [...]

    6. Amazing Truly amazing This book is so timely It s uncanny With what is happening in KwaZulu Natal right now, and the arguments about hit squads and proper journalistic responsibility, this should be a must read We read in the preface that the author accompanied detectives into the townships and that he received guidance from cops on drug deals and forensics, but it s almost as if he also accompanied cops and journalists right into the front line as they engaged in and argued over all the allegat [...]

    7. Having read the first two in this trilogy, and having really liked them, I then got caught in a mountain of work and forgot all about the third book Now I ve read it Wow Oh wow I can t believe how fantastic this is It is so relevant to what s been happening in Natal Hit squads Taxi wars Police executions Evil, wicked, satanic criminals I couldn t put it down This was so sad, too, in places I think every cop anywhere in the world should read this And especially my South African cop colleagues Thi [...]

    8. Brilliant Top drawer I loved the complexity of the moral dilemma being sketched out here Given what s happening in Paris, in Syria, in Colorado, the question is do the cops shoot to kill the devil If evil is so obviously malevolent, do we need to trouble with law and moral justice Don t we have the duty to execute the devil in order to save innocent lives I have seldom seen the argument presented so sensitively, and at the same time so brutally A roller coasetr thriller that makes us confront th [...]

    9. This review needs to be preceeded by a Please proceed with caution I am not well qualified to review this book for a number of reasons Firstly, I know the author personally In fact, Ian Patrick is one of the nicest people I know and I would not want to give him a negative review Secondly, crime fiction is not a genre I ve spent much time with since romping through the pages of The Famous Five and the Secret Seven 40 years ago I must also confess that my personal experience of the South African P [...]

    10. The action is absolutely startling from the very first page The big question overhanging everything is the morality of policing At what point in the struggle against the most evil of criminals do the cops themselves turn to murder This is a topic that is handled by the author with dexterity and sensitivity There is no simple answer We see good cops and bad cops and in between cops, and all of them face the dilemma Any reader thinking that some of the crime depicted here is over the top or far fe [...]

    11. Having just read Simone de Beauvoir this is uncanny Here s a thriller that has two pairs of amazing lesbian women right at the centre of the action How refreshing This is an intelligent thriller in which politics, race, gender, language, culture and patriarchy are in the background all the time, without ever being intrusive, but which are the very lifeblood of the society in which these characters move This is a good old fashioned police thriller but with important undertones about the modern wo [...]

    12. Lovely Easter reading What a thriller So real, so like my backyard in Empangeni Hit squads Revenge Morality Brilliant I think this is so powerful It s probably the best in the trilogy The characters are so well formed The language is excellent The little interjections of Zulu words are perfect It all makes it so very real And so timely, with what is happening in South Africa at the moment Corruption everywhere Revenge in the air What an explosion when it all happens Heart poundingly excellent.

    13. Received a copy from Giveaway.Very real crime thriller Current and relevant with South Africa s issues, with gruesome details Totally believable Was a page turner for me Excellent characters Well written Author does an outstanding job of depicting emotional and moral choices law enforcement officials must make The extensive research shines through in this novel.The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because I had to refer to the back of the book for definitions which I did not unders [...]

    14. Ha I came across a five star review of this book on by none other than my former Vice Chancellor at Natal University Because I liked that woman so, so much I thought I d follow her advice and get the book Wow She s right This is a killer, and it s set in my own back yard too I loved it Exciting and subtle and all about what is happening right now I m going to get of this writer Thanks for the tip Prof Gourley.

    15. Magnificent I didn t think I could improve on my Christmas reading, after reading a couple of sensationally good books in the last ten days Then I read a review of this one on Good Reads and I saw it was all about police hit squads in the country of my birth What a high octane thriller this is Not a moment seems implausible, and a glance at any newspaper tells us that this is a perfect mirror held up to real life in Durban Just a couple of weeks ago there was an event in the same area where ther [...]

    16. Knockout Brilliant I read a review just a couple of days ago saying that this was in the caliber of best sellers like James Patterson and John Grisham so I went and got it I read it straight through the night in one sitting I loved this The dialogue is so rich and nuanced and the characters are likely to live with me for a long time It really is in the same league as Grisham I don t know Patterson but I ve got a whole stack of Grishams and this is probably better than any of them The second last [...]

    17. Looks like I encountered Detective Mashego the wrong way around, in terms of when the two books were written I read The Mashego File first after a friend s recommendation and only then listened to the audio version of Plain Dealing Anyway, the first one I read is about his earlier adventures, so at least I have followed his story chronologically Mashego is now my favourite detective Wow What a guy This was so good and I am fascinated as to how people in his home country keep going on with their [...]

    18. I read a Readers Favorite review of this and thought I better get it Excellent Loved it Very topical now, given debates about how far cops can go in dealing with really bad bastards But this is done so sensitively, with the arguments balanced on a knife edge Lovely writing Robust and direct and filled with humor I like the poor old Afrikaner detectives the butt of jokes, but it s nice gentle laughter and not in any way cheap The comments extracted from the reviews and pasted on the cover of this [...]

    19. I read one of the other books in this series last year and also listened to the audio Then I did the same to this one a couple of weeks ago I liked it even than the first one which I felt slowed down a bit in one part with too much talking But this one is action all the way and I really liked it a lot I suspect that I missed something out by not reading the second book in the series before this one, but it was great to meet the same characters from the first book again.

    20. I haven t listened to many audio books but I liked this one enormously It was such a lovely blend of thrilling action and trauma, along with uplifting human moments and a nice sense of humour I liked the warm comforting narrator s voice and the characters were really understandable in their complex humanity.

    21. Goodness This was exciting, and all about places I know so well Very, very exciting Lots of action and very interesting characters What brave people they are, these policemen and women Very nice writing and nice local slang and little phrases of vernacular Very good.

    22. So I bought all of the books in this series months ago but didn t get to read them all as soon as I had hoped Too many other fine books piling up on my dressing table It s a bit unfair to compare the detective here with Jack Reacher, but I have to They are very similar So, four stars from me instead of five this time But this was really nice and especially nice because I know the local area so well I ve been to some of the places described here A very exciting book Great female cops, too.What I [...]

    23. I listened to the audio version of this I have to admit that it was good I reviewed another book in this series last year the fourth one and gave it only three stars because although I enjoyed it and found it exciting I was upset by the violence But now that I ve heard read another one in the series I think that maybe I was being unfair Now I see the action in context, and I have to admit that the reality of life in South Africa especially in Durban is accurately presented It is indeed very viol [...]

    24. Well I never I had a few problems with the first book in the series, which I read two years ago But this one shows the writer in his stride The characters are all totally convincing and the action is spectacular There is an interesting new character here, called Mashego He is very intriguing I see the author has written a book featuring him I ll have to get it and see what becomes of Mashego after his adventures here assuming he recovers fully.But the main thing about this book is that it is so [...]

    25. I gave the author s Mashego File book only three stars some time ago Maybe I was in a mood Because this weekend I read heard another book where Mashego is an important character later than when I first met him What a wonderful thriller I listened to the audiobook and was blown away The accents made it come to life and the characters are so brilliantly created There are amazing scenes like next to the airport where there is a shootout with cops and robbers Then there are amazing combat scenes lat [...]

    26. I listened to the audio version of this back in July and only read the book recently I preferred the audio version because it really came to life, with the speaker bringing lots of good accents and local expressions to the performance Maybe I missed that when reading it, because although I liked reading the story again it didn t have quite the same impact on me as the audio version did I like the women characters They are all very strong Thenjy was my favorite What a woman Powerful No nonsense D [...]

    27. I enjoyed the first two in the series so felt compelled to go right on This is the best so far, for sure Totally exciting action all the way Very convincing characters and the plot is tight and exciting The new detective introduced here is Mashego This was great, because I had already read The Mashego File which locates the action before this book, chronologically Problem is now I HAVE to read the last one in the series Got to find out what happens to the bad guy.

    28. Really nice thriller The opening scene grabbed me and I was hooked all the way What a nice relationship between Mashego and Thenjiwe What a difficult country, and what a tough job being a policeman or policewoman The story is gripping and the writing is very nice tight and economical and very exciting The relatuiionship0s between the detectives and the other staff is so nice Lovely human beings, all of them.

    29. Utterly stunning I read the first one in this series well, the second one, as it turns out nearly two years ago, and have had so much to do to catch up on things that I deprived myself of the continuing story of these great detectives I thought this was the best of all of them The character of Mashego is wonderful I see there s another book out with his name in it Looks like that will be on my list soon What a dangerous guy But something about him is quite attractive.

    30. Brilliant Quick, no nonsense thriller Page one kicks off with a chase through the bush What happens next is blood curdling But it doesn t stop there Next we see really interesting characters getting to know each other and the thrills keep coming It s a year since I read something else by this author Superb thrillers.

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