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Gun Dealing By IanPatrick Gun Dealing This sequel to the action packed Devil Dealing depicts the ongoing search by detectives Jeremy Ryder and Navi Pillay for the evil gangster Skhura Thabethe dealer in stolen weapons drugs and murder T
  • Title: Gun Dealing
  • Author: IanPatrick
  • ISBN: 9781517009267
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gun Dealing By IanPatrick This sequel to the action packed Devil Dealing depicts the ongoing search by detectives Jeremy Ryder and Navi Pillay for the evil gangster Skhura Thabethe, dealer in stolen weapons, drugs and murder The secondary plot shows the detectives uncovering a link between stolen weapons and the local trade in drugs The two main plots unfold in strictly organised chronologicalThis sequel to the action packed Devil Dealing depicts the ongoing search by detectives Jeremy Ryder and Navi Pillay for the evil gangster Skhura Thabethe, dealer in stolen weapons, drugs and murder The secondary plot shows the detectives uncovering a link between stolen weapons and the local trade in drugs The two main plots unfold in strictly organised chronological sequence over ten days until a climactic ending when the two plot lines coalesce in a spectacular confrontation between the detectives and the two main villains Against a background of delicate emotional exchanges between victims of crime and the police, Gun Dealing , like its predecessor, explores the moral and ethical choices made by the detectives in their day to day confrontation with rampant and brutal crime in contemporary South Africa.
    Gun Dealing By IanPatrick
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      After working as an actor, director and teacher in theatre, film and television, Ian Patrick turned to an academic career, publishing scholarly essays in a range of international academic journals He believes that his years as an actor, director and scholar play a modest part in his writing My fiction is based to the best of my ability on research and field work I have to believe every word my fictive characters say, every action they undertake, he says Which explains why he has accompanied detectives to the front line, interviewed forensics investigators, and spent many hours scouring actual locations for his crime scenes many of them based on actual events I endeavour to make my fiction plausible and authentic This requires exhaustive work and detailed research It takes me up to a year of full time work to write an eighty thousand word crime thriller In my view, although it is clearly desirable to arrive at one s destination by bringing a work to publication, it is the journey that is the really exciting and enjoyable part of writing I can only hope that readers will also enjoy the journey of discovering my characters and their foibles, their actions and their experiences I hope, too, that they will inform me about and forgive me for any lapses in my work or any errors of detail.

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    1. Absolutely brilliant I rated his first book Devil Dealing at only four stars but I wondered if that was fair, seeing I had liked it very much I thought, on reflection, that maybe I had just been churlish Anyway, this sequel is even better, so now I feel OK about it I read Alan Paton s Cry the Beloved Country years ago, and as I started reading this book I thought Wait a minute but then I realised exactly what this author was doing He s deliberately subverting Paton s idyllic description, in his [...]

    2. I was reminded to read Gun Dealing when I saw it listed as Book of the Day on the front page of the Readers in the Know website I really enjoyed it Better than Devil Dealing, I think, because the writer seems to have now got into his stride, and the political background is a little subtly woven into the story I loved the ironic homage he pays to Cry, the Beloved Country in the opening lines Very sad, actually, when you then see what happens immediately after this There are some lovely character [...]

    3. A friend in the SA police recommended this to me Told me it was so true to life and so brilliant She was right Amazing I didn t read the first book, because in dipping into each of the three of them I saw that in this case the author had experienced murder in the family So, identifying with that what South African can t I decided to read it Mind blowing Although the book is not about that specific experience he only mentions it in the dedication it is clear that this writer knows what he s talki [...]

    4. I read somewhere that this second book in the series was better than the first, so I decided to read number two rather than number one Not a mistake This is a really, really good thriller, and has lots , too In fact, it s so good I think I ll get the first one anyway Can t be at all bad, if this is the quality the author can produce Man, this is good Also got a few tears from me, I have to tell you There s a scene in there that is heartbreaking, man And then the cops go out to deal with it Not g [...]

    5. I am so blown away by this one It starts so lyrically There s a wonderful, deliberate, Alan Paton like opening that lulls you into a gentle and tranquil state of mind Then all hell breaks loose Oh goodness, what a shock And so much like the real world that we so often see, so tragically, on our television screens or on the front pages of newspapers Brutal crime, horrendous murder, spectacular action Thank goodness for some really good detectives I m really intrigued to find out about what the a [...]

    6. Oh boy This is good I responded to a recommendation from which said that the second book in this series was better than the first So, after dipping into the Look Inside facility on where I read that the four books were all independent of each other while also forming a quartet, I decided to go ahead and buy the second one instead of the first Damn, this is good Brilliant page turner with beautiful emotionally moving pieces in between This is original and exciting and beautifully structured The c [...]

    7. Excellent read I got delayed, and this sat next to my bed for weeks But boy, when I got to it I couldn t put it down These characters are so compelling They are so entertaining, gritty, witty, tearful, and REAL in every way I love the language I love the way that there s a gradation in language some of the characters speak perfect English, some speak less than perfect English, others speak really poor English, some of them speak rich and colourful dialects The idiolect is so very carefully manag [...]

    8. In a word brilliant Page turning Brilliant conclusion, bringing us full circle back to the but no plot spoilers from me I m going to read it again.

    9. This is my favorite South African crime series at the moment and an excellent example of Sunshine Noir set in subtropical Durban It s an interesting cast of characters with a fast moving plot, lots of action and completely believeable to any person exposed to South Afircan crime My main concern at the moment is what I am going to do when I get to the end of this series as it is completely addictive.

    10. I listened to the audio version of this book, in the car, and really enjoyed it It was a long journey so we also stopped to munch and have tea and coffee a few times, while continuing to listen I made a couple of notes, too, when I wasn t the one doing the driving There are some really lovely things in this book Round about 35 minutes into chapter three there is the most brilliant grandmother spewing off in an angry monologue So very funny Reminds me of my old Nan And then another grandmother do [...]

    11. The first book this series was a thrilling four star read, and was intriguing mostly because of its authentic feel But this one is even better, though not as good as the fourth one which I read two weeks ago, and out of sequence in this series Four and a half stars for this one, if I were allowed to do that Whereas the first had a few moments too many of information imparting dialogue, this one rolls on energetically through climactic moments of action and really beautiful and touching scenes of [...]

    12. I liked the first book so much especially after hearing the audio version When I read this one, the second in the series, I thought at first that it was just going to be a repetition But how wrong can you be I read it twice, actually It was only the second time after I had read someone else s review, to be honest that I realised that the author was very deliberately playing on Alan Paton s Cry the Beloved Country in his first page It s brilliant, now that I see what he was doing It s sad, too Pa [...]

    13. I liked this quite lot I heard the audio version in the car on a really long journey Firstly, I thought the narrator s voice was really nice Deep and resonant and very good speech I hate it when I struggle to hear and understand readers in audio books Having said that, though, I would have preferred a woman to read the women s roles I know it s not a recording of a drama, but, still, it would have added light and shade He does the narrator very well indeed, and he plays the three or four main m [...]

    14. I like the story and the characters very much I thought the narrator was excellent, too, but I think the female voices should be done by a woman Having experience, myself, of voice work, I thought that it would be good to have a balance between male and female voices There are so many characters that it s hard for one actor to play all of them I suppose it s not the convention to have a cast of actors, and that it s supposed to be a single voice reading the narration and also doing the character [...]

    15. I thought this was great Very pacy, very lyrically beautiful in parts, and some beautiful characters Witty repartee between the detectives, and tender moments that make one s eyes moist Perhaps a little too much swearing although I know that cops and crooks are realistic if they use the language of the street I saw another review which said they really liked the speaker s voice and diction but that they wished there were some actresses playing the women s roles I hadn t thought of that But I th [...]

    16. This was every bit as good as the first one I read last year Devil Dealing I also got hold of the audio version of that one, and loved it The action is just like the Bourne Identity, which I have read again very recently The characters and dialogue are probably even better I just love the women characters So OK, we have an all action male hero a great guy but what is even better is that he is a non sexist, intelligent guy who needs his women to get him out of a scrape each time What a refreshing [...]

    17. I read this and also heard the audio a couple of months back It s really good, although I was so blown away by the fourth book that I can t rate it as highly as that But what is really nice about this one is the way in which the women come to the fore Exciting and dangerous and thrill making It s a really good read And the audio version really adds lovely color to the accents and the characters.

    18. Ooops I only realised that this was the second book in the series once I started listening to the audio version of it Never mind I ll get to the first book in due course If it s anything like this one, it will be well worth it The audio was excellent, I have to say Thrilling and exciting and some lovely characters, especially the women In reviewing the audio version I said that one of my most memorable moments in the book was the dinner party scene It was brilliant Everyone s nightmare having a [...]

    19. Gun Dealing is even better than Devil Dealing This time the detectives are back on the hunt and they do so with forensics and some astute detective work The main criminal is not alone in this escapade This time there are three new bad guys They are almost comic in their villainy I like the slang and the mixture of street talk and vernacular I understood it all perfectly there s a helpful glossary at the end which I didn t really need except to check one or two things and I think it s a great ref [...]

    20. Well, now Maybe I was too harsh in my review of the first book I get it now I ve also recently read about the country where this all takes place This was certainly an exciting thriller and with really interesting and believable characters Maybe with the first book I was too removed from the reality of the experience out there.This time the team of detectives pursue their favourite criminal and they encounter even awful criminals on the way There are really moving scenes showing the impact of c [...]

    21. Looks like I ve been reading this series backwards, from number four to number one No matter A really intriguing set of characters, these detectives It s quite nice to find out about them in reverse, as it were Ryder is a Jack Reacher kind of hero and he is perfectly suited to the task, working as he does in a hotbed of crime and terrible people I like the women characters, too, mind you, and I have to say that Ryder s wife is a perfect foil to his poor jokes and tough persona A solid down to e [...]

    22. I liked the first book in the series but this one, if anything, is even better This time the plot is as exciting as the first book, but the characters have depth, I think Maybe it s because the women emerge in this volume as fully rounded characters They are foils to the men and in general run rings around them intellectually Nice change.But the real power of this is in the action Not put down able Very exciting and very intriguing Lots of research I m intrigued to know what happened personall [...]

    23. I liked this a lot but not quite as much as the first book in the series Devil Dealer The opening scene is very good It reminded me of Paton s Cry the Beloved Country only this time the rolling hills are hardly rolling and not green but dark and menacing We soon find out why, when all mayhem breaks loose in the first couple of pages I found it very sad in parts and very uplifting, too The scene at the residential home of the main detective was very funny but then quite shocking as things happen [...]

    24. This is developing into a great series I heard the audio version of this one and it was really engaging Shattering excitement not unlike an early Bruce Willis movie At the same time there are really genuine relationship and interactions that I recognise so well Very touching human drama alongside cliff hanging action Very exciting indeed Knowing this terrain very well, I was impressed with the detail There s lots of research here, or the writer has experience of being in the thick of things Reti [...]

    25. Very good I was maybe a bit harsh on the writer in my review of Mashego s File That was because I m sick and tired of hearing about police corruption To tell truth, though, when I think back on it, it was very good Nevertheless, I do prefer Ryder and his crew They are conventional detectives who plod through the evidence and get their man This book is just like Devil Dealing in that regard A good team of detectives on the hunt Police procedure nicely done, and everything about it makes for a go [...]

    26. Well, than a year ago I read the first one in this series and heard the audio, too, and liked it a lot Only gave it four stars Maybe I m mean This one was even better so I ll repair the damage.What I like about this is the air of realism and contemporary relevance This feels like a doccie, really Very good I expect to see this in the newspapers any day.Believable characters and teasing repartee among the detectives All makes for a really enjoyable read.

    27. My interest in the Ryder family is extended with this one At first I thought that maybe most cops in the country are not as sophisticated at this, but then I thought hell, no, not at all I know some really intelligent and witty people who have been policemen and policewomen Once again I listened to the audio version and liked the accents and the characters This was good plotting and really interesting forensics and ballistics information, Most enjoyable.

    28. After the brilliant action of the first book, this was really interesting in its opening Slow and almost dreamy I thought instantly of the Alan Paton book and its description as I read from one of the reviews of this book it came back to me so I was ready for it and it was a good idea to start like that Under it all lies menace Amazing Then it all breaks loose and there s wonderful action Very captivating.

    29. Hard hitting and totally believable thriller set in Durban, South Africa The new Jack Reacher introducing Jeremy Ryder same initials, I notice I loved this detective His wife is also a mean hand with a certain kind of weapon plot spoiler.This was clever and absorbingly told I loved the repartee among the detectives and the discussions about rugby were a hoot.

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