Wolverine & Destrutor: Fusão #2020

Wolverine & Destrutor: Fusão By Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth Wolverine Destrutor Fus o None
  • Title: Wolverine & Destrutor: Fusão
  • Author: Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wolverine & Destrutor: Fusão By Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth None
    Wolverine & Destrutor: Fusão By Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth
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      469 Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth
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    1. Walter Simonson Louise Simonson Kent Willians Jon J. Muth

      Walter Walt Simonson is an American comic book writer and artist After studying geology at Amherst College, he transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1972 His thesis project there was The Star Slammers, which was published as a black and white promotional comic book for the 1974 World Science Fiction Convention in Washington, D.C DisCon II Some years later, he produced another version of the story in graphic novel form for Epic Comics, the Marvel Comics imprint that was a response to creator owned lines of the early eighties Simonson continued the adventures of the Star Slammers in a limited series in the mid 1990s as one of the founders of Malibu Comics short lived Bravura label.

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    1. English but not so good ItalianoA very artistic graphic, which often has a negative repercussion on story, as in this case Very unusual tables remain impressed, take a look at WolverineBut they re at the expense of a fairly articulate plot that would need to be supported at least by a greater visual clarity so it wasn t The result is not bad but confusion prevents you from appreciating it full.ItalianoUna grafica spiccatamente artistica, caratteristica che ha spesso una ripercussione negativa su [...]

    2. Okay, this had a wild story lol The storyline is a little bizarre and silly, but the artwork is amazing I recommend this basically for the beautiful watercolors It s a visually stunning series.

    3. La recensione su questo volume deve essere spaccata in due met dal lato visuale, penso che realizzi un esperimento davvero interessante di due autori che giocano a scambiarsi gli stili e combinarli assieme per creare quello che sembra una via di mezzo fra un fumetto e un libro illustrato e non sono pochi gli scenari che non sfigurerebbero di fianco a un quadro in una galleria d arte.Dall altro lato la storia che sorregge questo impianto stilistico di tutto rispetto banalissima, una brutta spy st [...]

    4. Oner of the first graphic novels I ever bought and made me a lifelong Wolverine fan The illustrations alone are worth the price.

    5. Reprints Havok Wolverine Meltdown 1 4 March 1989 October 1989 Dr Neutron and General Meltdown are playing a dangerous game They want to harness the power of a nuclear meltdown like Chernobyl and they don t care who gets hurt in the process With their eyes on Havok of the X Men, the two must first find a way to get rid of Wolverine who could create a foil to their plans With a girl named Scarlett at their bidding, Meltdown and Neutron are about to take on two of the X Men s most dangerous members [...]

    6. This collection originally appeared in the Havok Wolverine Meltdown mini series from Marvel s Epic Comics imprint The art is stunning Jon J Muth Kent Williams really delivered the goods with breathtaking, gorgeous painted interiors Every page is a masterpiece Unfortunately the narrative is pretty weak The whole thing is contrived and so convoluted as to be silly It s one of those stories that really only works in the realm of comic book heroes with steroetyped heroes villains and plots that can [...]

    7. En los correos de los lectores que se publicaron a principios de los a os noventa en Espa a se dec a casi siempre lo mismo sobre esta serie limitada en nuestro pa s no estaba asegurada su publicaci n porque a los jefes de Forum les preocupada su dibujo raro Lo que deber a haberles preocupado es su historia, porque lo otro es una maravilla realizada en acuarela a cuatro manos por los ilustradores Jon J Muth y Kent Williams, un trabajo a un mismo tiempo realista ese Alex Summers cool inspirado en [...]

    8. Had hoped for from Walter Simonson, after his awesome Thor runis story is just dated 80s Cold War Nuclear paranoia stuff.Wolverine and Havok are on holiday in Mexicowhich already is strange as bejesus Also, what on Earth has those 2 together Hatred for Scott Who knowsere s a few cool spots, the art is mostly watercolour style, which makes some very cool stuff and also some stuff is far too dark literally to see.Not all that important, though I would be interested to see these 2 together againI [...]

    9. There are so many good and bad things about this book First the good cool painted art, story and language geared for adults which was rare at the time it came out But then there is the bad the characters are not really the same people, Havoc and Wolverine now have different personalities the villains are idiotic the plot, which involves nuclear reactors really makes no actual sense.

    10. I have to say first off that this was a very interesting story featuring Wolverine and Havok of the X men Rendered in mixed media, as it was done sometimes in watercolour, charcoal, acrylics, and pencil The artwork alone makes this book worth picking up, as it s a very expressively done I was surprised by the ending which makes it seem like the main villian who controlled all of the pieces would be back for another issue in the Marvel universe.

    11. Nice story and art Plot is very fluent and cinematic, but not superb Art is gorgeous I love different art in comic books like watercolor Jon J Muth and Kent Williams work reminds me Dave McKean s Arkham Asylum or Clayton Crain s some issues of X Force And usually there isn t much panel about Wolverine and Havok seem to interact on X Men comics So that s way Meltdown is one of the interesting X Men comics for me.

    12. This book has confounded me for decadese story is interesting, but it s the art by Jon J Muth that I just can t figure out It s a surreal painted style unlike almost anyone else s in comics and it draws me in while occasionally infuriating me Still, it makes this a book I ll return to multiple times, always finding something a little different in its pages.

    13. I haven t ready many X men comics, so this was my first time encountering the Havoc character The art was fantastic, very cinematic Wolverine was written true to my imagination although I m still not used to seeing him actually kill people since his action scenes in the animated series were always toned down.

    14. Absolutely gorgeous book This is the book that got me loving Wolverine long before Hugh Jackman LOL though he really sealed the deal Sadly, I never found another X Men to equal the beauty of this one.

    15. This comic is so great The art is all done in Watercolours and just looks stunning, or it did, I havent looked at it in a long time.

    16. I think I ll agree with most people on here The story is solid, if not amazing unfortunately set in a specific historical period But the art is absolutely gorgeous and unique Awesome.

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