Shillingstone Witch #2020

Shillingstone Witch By Bon Blossman Shillingstone Witch Fiona has no clue her bright summer vacation is about to darken Children are disappearing from the small town of Shillingstone and the townspeople blame a legendary nineteenth century witch Her world
  • Title: Shillingstone Witch
  • Author: Bon Blossman
  • ISBN: 9780985036393
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shillingstone Witch By Bon Blossman Fiona has no clue her bright summer vacation is about to darken Children are disappearing from the small town of Shillingstone, and the townspeople blame a legendary nineteenth century witch Her world changes as she becomes the target of a depraved entity and finds herself drawn deep inside of a corrupt investigation involving supernatural beliefs she never knew existed.
    Shillingstone Witch By Bon Blossman
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    1. Bon Blossman

      Known for both her academics and quirky charm, Dr Bon Blossman has emerged in the publishing industry as an award winning author and confident business woman Dr Bon is also known for her role on four seasons of Style Network s hit series, Big Rich Texas, with the fourth season being a spin off of her family surrounding the birth of her grandchild Aside from Dr Bon s role on BRT, she is also an eight time novelist with the fifth volume in the exhilarating Fiona Frost Mystery Series, Blood Dolls, released in May of 2016 The fourth volume of the series was awarded a Gold Seal of Approval by the 2015 Literary Classics Awards Dr Bon has also been involved in the commercial scene with her claymation in a Pepsi Cola company commercial in 2007, and she starred with her daughter in a Hasbro Games commercial in 2012.Dr Bon has earned her Ph.D in physiology and has published her research in multiple peer reviewed journals She also serves as an Ad Hoc Reviewer for the National Science Foundation, Royal Integrative Society, and other scientific journals She has taught courses, including college level Biochemistry for over 19 years, earning an award for Fostering Student Achievement from the University of Texas at Arlington Dr Bon has authored over 100 popular murder mystery party games and in 2006, founded the premier mystery party company, My Mystery Party, which has risen to be a top source for party hosts around the world Dr Bon has also created the company Scavenger Planet, and Party Host 411 a spin off from The Official Party Host Handbook that she published in 2011 The next release of this line is The Halloween Party Host Handbook in June 2016.In August of 2013, Dr Bon added the title of executive producer to her list of accomplishments She partnered with Dallas Cowboys legends Drew Pearson and Marc Columbo as well as Dallas icon Jay Lombardo for a show that made history in Dallas, A Bronx Tale, featuring none other than the Hollywood legend Chazz Palminteri.Dr Bon currently lives in the state capital of Texas and the live music capital of the world Austin Texas In her spare time, she enjoys making 2D animations, recording songs with her band, DrunkLora, and filming comedy skits with her family s YouTube show Watch Our Show In 2017, Dr Bon plans to take on a project filming an independent short film and conquering film festivals.

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    1. Amazing amazing amazing If you already love the Fiona Frost series then you will ADORE this one I couldn t put it down The feel of the book is a lot adult than the others, the narrative is better and I felt we were involved a bit in the characters and their relationships This only built on an amazing storyline, which had me gripped start to finish I didn t guess who dunnit and the story has many twists and turns, which I also didn t see coming An admirable mix of mystery, paranormal, suspense [...]

    2. This is the first Fiona Frost book that I have read, I will definitely read in this series The story was intense and there were several swerves that kept me captivated and wondering throughout the whole thing what was going to happen next Most of the characters were very likeable and Dr Blossman gave such good details I could picture the people and scenes as she described them My being from the south I could even get the southern accents she spoke of when the characters talked, I heard the acce [...]

    3. I d never read any of Dr Bon Blossman s work before I stumbled upon this one, but I am thoroughly impressed I don t normally go for this type of story, but has helped me to expand my reading appetite I m not sure if that s a good thing or Anyway, Dr Blossman tells a very smart tale about a young sleuth named Fiona who was in a bit of a rut where finding new mysteries to solve is concerned Until she goes on vacation to Shillingstone and learns that the children in the town are disappearing and re [...]

    4. The cover of this book interested me into wanting to read this one and I liked the mysterious look of the cover The mask with the eyes just looking at the reader enticed me into downloading this book I hadn t read anything from Dr Bon Blossman before and I love mystery books, so I was very excited to check this one out Fiona is a high school student who is on her vacation Things start to get intense when children start to go missing Nobody has any clue where these missing children are going or w [...]

    5. This story centers around Fiona Frost, an intelligent teenager with a keen interest in forensics The story quickly unravels into a supernatural thriller mystery that has kept me on my toes from the very start There are disappearances in the town and people blame them on a 19th century witch This was a really fun ride with some nicely envisioned characters and a memorable storyline that has kept me intrigued the entire time I loved the details on paranormal, and overall, I would highly recommend [...]

    6. Fiona Frost was by far one of the best books I ve read recently I actually had never read a book by Dr Bon Blossman before this but I have to say I m very impressed after having gone through this The story is very well written with just the right amount of mystery, fantasy, and suspense that had me utterly glued to it until the very end It s a very chilling read and I loved all of the characters, my favorite being Fiona of course After going through this I m curious to check out the other Fiona [...]

    7. This book number 4 in the Fiona Frost series and it is one of the most interesting in my opinion Its summer vacation time, but interesting events are bound to find Fiona no matter what Children are vanishing from the town of Shillingstone and Fiona must know why Folks around town are blaming a witch but is that the whole story Unfortunately Fiona becomes the target of whatever or whoever is behind the mystery.

    8. Blossman clearly has an amazingly faculty of forensic as this murder mystery series clearly portrays in the personage of Fiona Frost, a teenage heroine who is exceptionally intelligent with a shine for science Strong writing chops.

    9. The writing is very impressive and I m not big on YA murder mysteries, but this one held my attention Will look if the author has written any adult fiction.

    10. OMG and a slow internet connection means I lost my earlier review Anyway, I absolutely loved this book I crave for a good mystery novel and this one certainly fit the bill.I sat curled one Saturday, with this book and then just kept reading it from cover to cover well, ecover to ecover AND I HAD TO It was great I literally left my work aside because I was so absorbed in the book It didn t take me that long to finish reading the book But for the time I was reading the book, I was completely absor [...]

    11. Fiona Frost is looking forward to enjoying her last summer before college when she will begin her studies in forensic science But her summer plans are derailed when four children go missing in the town of Shillingstone where it appears the locals believe a witch is to blame Fiona is invited to participate with a team of students in a paranormal studies program to investigate the mysterious activity But she initially resists, refusing to buy into the notion of paranormal activity.Dr Bon Blossman [...]

    12. Shillingstone Witch is the fourth book in the Fiona Frost series written by Dr Bon Blossman This book is full of intrigue and mystery packed into a YA novel The core of the book is based around Fiona and her vacation in the small town of Shillingston, which has a legend of a nineteenth century witch Of course, knowing Fiona, she becomes embroiled in a series of interesting events She also learns of supernatural stories and mysteries When children of the town begin to disappear, Fiona must discov [...]

    13. This was a wonderful read Even though I have not read the rest of the books this one can stand on it own I love this book Going to college to study Forensic Sciences Fiona is looking forward to studying mock crime scenes to help her with her studies She was the head of a team of high school student and had gotten a grant to help further the program at the high school She just need to get people to join Her friends have gone and started doing other things during the summer, her boyfriends band h [...]

    14. Shillingstone Witch is volume four of the Fiona Frost Series by Dr Bon Blossman and it comes packed with intrigue and mystery.The story follows Fiona on her vacation in the small town of Shillingston, and the legend of its nineteenth century witch Soon, she becomes entangled in supernatural tales and mysteries, as the children of the town start disappearing, kicking of a rollercoaster adventure.To be honest, this is the first book of the Fiona Frost series I have read, but needless to say, I m g [...]

    15. Some first rate writing can be found in Shillingstone Witch This it the first Fiona Frost book I ve read and I was captivated by the story right away Though there are others in this series, it stands quite well enough on its own This is a great YA novel featuring an intelligent, likable female main character in my opinion, seen far too little in fiction who has a interesting background in studying forensics, and a compelling storyline that will keep you guessing I will definitely be checking out [...]

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