Don't Call Me Kit Kat #2020

Don't Call Me Kit Kat By K.J. Farnham Don t Call Me Kit Kat Junior high is where things really start to happen Cliques form and break apart Couples are made and destroyed And a reputation is solidified that you won t ever be able to escape Everything you do an
  • Title: Don't Call Me Kit Kat
  • Author: K.J. Farnham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Don't Call Me Kit Kat By K.J. Farnham Junior high is where things really start to happen Cliques form and break apart Couples are made and destroyed And a reputation is solidified that you won t ever be able to escape Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters.Katie Mills knows that She gets it That s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school And why shJunior high is where things really start to happen Cliques form and break apart Couples are made and destroyed And a reputation is solidified that you won t ever be able to escape Everything you do and say, and everyone you spend your time with, matters.Katie Mills knows that She gets it That s why she tried so hard to get in with the cool girls at school And why she was so devastated when those efforts found her detained for shoplifting and laughed out of cheer squad tryouts.But Katie has to worry about than just fitting in Her parents are divorced and always fighting Her sister never has time for her And her friends all seem to be drifting apart Even worse The boy she has a crush on is dating the mean girl at school.Everything is a mess, and Katie doesn t feel like she has control over any of it Certainly not over her weight, which has always topped out at slightly pudgier than normal at least, according to her mother.So when she happens to catch one of the popular girls throwing up in the bathroom one day, it sparks an idea A match that quickly engulfs her life in flames.Is there any going back once she gets started down this path And would she even want to if she could
    Don't Call Me Kit Kat By K.J. Farnham
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      368 K.J. Farnham
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    1. K.J. Farnham

      K J Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults She grew up in the Milwaukee area and now lives in western Wisconsin.

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    1. I just couldn t put this book down even though it s way after midnight now But it gripped me and it didn t let me go And I wanted to shout at Katie and shake her and hug her and tell her everything will be well it s such a gut churning story, it really made me feel for her, relate to her, understand what s so hard to understand for people not going through that Only thing is Why didn t she tell anyone If she had told Tammy, maybe it wouldn t have had to happen you ll see what I mean when you get [...]

    2. Katie develops bulimia and must face her problems if she s going to recoverN T CALL ME KIT KAT was a Kindle prime freebie, so at least I didn t waste my money If you ve ever read a story about a main character with an eating disorder, you ve read this book before, most assuredly written better.The plot is almost always the same InsecurityEating disorderTreatment Somebody diesRecoveryOne of the worst aspects of DON T CALL ME KIT KAT is when Katie s roommate discloses incest Katie never suggests t [...]

    3. Dang I had to stop and read this book in several sittings because I needed to get myself together The story within is heartbreaking and beautiful It s about learning to let go, forgive oneself, and heal It s also about friendships both good and bad communication or the lack, thereof and the phenomenon that seems to be the desire to fit in I totally recommend this ish This book might make some very uncomfortable, especially if they don t stick it out till the end I m just glad this book has a hap [...]

    4. An important book which really shows what living with an eating disorder is like I really did feel for Katie it felt very true to reality which made it even sadder but glad it was true to life Hopefully will raise awareness.

    5. Farnham moved me in several ways, first with her ability to depict a clear picture of the horrors and dangers of an eating disorder, secondly to cover other social issues plaguing teens and thirdly to masterfully come across as a troubled teen loud and clear, her language expressed that of a teen floundering, very well done Her stellar writing is filled with deep emotion as she holds nothing back in her characters along with their hard hitting challenges Dialogue is outstanding.Katie is a teen d [...]

    6. Don t Call Me Kit Kat takes you right inside the mind of 13 year old Katie I was emotionally engaged, able to empathise with Katie and understand why she made some terrible decisions I just wanted to reach out, wrap my arms around Katie and show her some unconditional love This novel explores some difficult topics such as underage drinking, bullying, mental health and eating disorders It is entertaining, heart wrenching fiction as well as a great resource to understand about eating disorders th [...]

    7. Thirteen year old Katie is just about to start eighth grade Like many young people of her age, she is struggling to fit in to a new social crowd and having difficult doing so Katie, known as Kit Kat to her family and few close friends, still has some of her baby fat, unlike the fashion model slim in crowd girls she longs to associate with When Anica, one of the in crowd who acts friendly toward her, talks her into shoplifting, and after they re caught, shifts all the blame onto her, Kate s life [...]

    8. This book was entered and was a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title Don t Call Me Kit KatAuthor K J FarnhamStar Rating 5 StarsNumber of Readers 28StatsEditing 9 10Style 10 10Cover 9 10Plot 10 10Total 38 40Of the 28 readers 28 would read another book by this author.15 thought the writing style was the best part of the book.11 thought the characters were the best, in particularly Katie.2 thought the setting was the best part27 thought the cover was good [...]

    9. I absolutely adored this novel Normally it takes me at least a couple of weeks to read a book, so the fact that I read this in less than two days says it all really From the first couple of chapters I was hooked, wanting to know how things were going to turn out for Katie I just couldn t put it down Farnham is a very skilled story teller, with the ability to show you a lot about a character in just a few lines As a result, Katie is a well developed, likeable, interesting, and sympathetic charact [...]

    10. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I loved this book It captured perfectly what girls stress and deal with in school Seeing Katie plunge herself into darkness and recover was a great way how the author captured these days of her life The story was very well told and very realistic Reading this will give you the insights on someone who controls her stress in a different way The moment when Katie decided to do it, she knew it was because of the divorce, the name calling, and all [...]

    11. What a fabulous, heart wrenching story.From the moment I started reading, K.J.Farnham hauled me out of my secure, familiar life and flung me right back into high school, and into Katie Mills head And not once did she let me leave until the very last page Every moment of Katie s life became mine I felt her pain, intensely I relived what it was like to be back in school the cliques, the peer pressure The self doubts and the need to fit in The popular girls, and the ones who can only dream of makin [...]

    12. In this sad young adult novel, Katie Kit Kat is a young girl who suffers from an eating disorder She lives with her overbearing mother and her stepfather along with her sister Katie is a little bit overweight and gets criticized by her mother She discovers Amy, one of the snooty girls at school leaving the bathroom after barfing up her food and decides that this is behavior that she should copy This begins a downwards spiral as Katie binge eats, barfs, and eventually discovers laxatives The auth [...]

    13. This book spoke to me I have never personally suffered from an eating disorder, but I have had friends who have While on the surface I felt like I understood what it was like, I have never really read a narrative that got to the core of understanding like this did This book was beautifully written and accurately depicted the voice of a teenager This didn t sound like an adult, trying to sound like a teenager, it felt real This book isn t a fun, happy story It s a true gritty look at the horrors [...]

    14. This book was heartbreaking in its honest portrayal of a teenager developing an eating disorder, its causes, effects and how it impacts on the people in her life as well as her.Kit Kat Katie wants to be in with the in crowd, but her confidence is as low as it could get She is at an age where things are changing for everyone, appearance in some peoples eyes is highly important and she doesn t feel like she fits in anywhere Its incredibly sad just how quickly she decends into punishing herself wit [...]

    15. US amzn 2xR0E7Z AU bit KitKat AU CA bit KitKat CA UK bit KitKat UKBN bit KitKat NookiBooks bit KitKat iBooksKobo bit KitKat KOBOWATCH THE TRAILER youtu 822o1WfS69E

    16. WhyIt is about a teenager growing up with her parents getting a divorce and in school high school wanting to fit in like the others and gets bulimia

    17. This is not the sort of book I would usually go for but something about it spoke to me when browsing so I decided to purchase it I am so glad I did.This is about so much than eating disorders, it is a deeply insightful look at the experiences of teenagers throughout the First World From the outside it all looks so easy doesn t it, we all have so much and yet, the one thing we often don t have is Control This novel is from a teenage girl s perspective but it could just as easily be a teenage boy [...]

    18. I have never read a young adult book that deals greatly with eating disorders When I first started reading this book, I never read the blurb so I didn t know what to expect and it completely moved me when the eating disorder progressed The storyline progressed slowly but there was never a time when any part of the book wasn t necessary At times, it was hard to read because Katie s eating disorder develops when she feels like she s losing control of her life A life where she has friends but she a [...]

    19. The struggle is realWhat a wonderful window into the mind of a teen with an eating disorder Teens, esp girls, can be so vicious The struggle to fit in is so real After reading it once watching from the main character s perspective, I believe I may read it again to focus on the secondary characters and how their interactions could change Kate s choices Great read for a teen book club

    20. Katherine Katie was given the nickname Kit Kat as a toddler The name stuck and it became so much than just a nickname This is a story dealing with bulimia, and the writer does a very good job of the before, during and after of this illness I think this is just as an important book for adults to read as its target audience of teens Well done.

    21. Great book filled with true experiences of eating disorders I appreciate that it s not just a frilly story Great book filled with true experiences of eating disorders I appreciate that it s not just a frilly story Great read

    22. Good readThis hit so close to home for me It made me think, and it made me sad It also gave me perspective and insight Glad I read it.

    23. This story about a young girl who is bulimic was heartbreaking Kit Kat was able to get better through therapy in an institution It was quite insightful in terms of the reality of the disease, but also inspiring to see her overcome it It would be a great read for middle school girls.

    24. This book was filled with strong topics if bullying and eatting disorders There were parts of the story where I cried a lot.The main character Katie just wants to fit in and become friends with the OH girls I think this is what is called But in her home, she is faced with her nagging, criticizing mother who always complains about her weight There is this one girl Sloan I really hate She just wants to be the cool girl and is always mean to Katie because she got Hunter, her crush There were some p [...]

    25. Enter the mind of a 13 yr old bulemicI could not put this down Katie learns how to deal with herself and life s harsher realities in a way that brings the reader along on her journey I remember the feelings that seemed to over power everything else.

    26. I m the kind of sick that makes you not want to go to school and fake being happy every day The kind of sick that is caused by having your best friends practically disappear from your life sort of like the way dad up and disappeared when I was little The kind of sick that results from hearing your mother say that your dad never wanted you in the first place The kind of sick that Orchard Hills types of girls with perfect families, clothes and bodies don t get Kindle Locations 1538 1541.Does anybo [...]

    27. I would first like to thank the author for the chance to read her book in exchange for an honest review.Katie is an average 13 year old preparing for eighth grade to start She spent the summer trying to get in better with her friend Anica so she could be in the popular clique at school Katie would do anything to be one of the pretty people Her family doesn t have money and Katie never has nice new clothes With a mom who always points out how she isn t skinny enough and a dad who moved on to his [...]

    28. Glorious The Things I LovedThis story portrays the reality of an eating disorder incredibly well The recovery wasn t all roses and sunshine either, it made sense The struggle was very real and balanced I never felt like it was either too dramatic or too perfect.The struggle to fit in with the scene at school was heartbreaking and done well Katie doesn t exactly know why she wants to be friends with the popular crowd, but she does The pain she feels is very relatable.Peer pressure is one of the b [...]

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