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The Electric By Andrew David Barker The Electric In the summer of fifteen year old Sam Crowhurst discovers an old abandoned cinema that screens movies made by ghosts for ghosts Sam along with his friends Emma and David find themselves draw
  • Title: The Electric
  • Author: Andrew David Barker
  • ISBN: 9780992728564
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Electric By Andrew David Barker In the summer of 1985, fifteen year old Sam Crowhurst discovers an old abandoned cinema that screens movies made by ghosts, for ghosts Sam, along with his friends, Emma and David, find themselves drawn into a world where the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Lon Chaney and Theda Bara are still making pictures where Harold Lloyd and John Belushi team up for roustabout comedies, aIn the summer of 1985, fifteen year old Sam Crowhurst discovers an old abandoned cinema that screens movies made by ghosts, for ghosts Sam, along with his friends, Emma and David, find themselves drawn into a world where the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Lon Chaney and Theda Bara are still making pictures where Harold Lloyd and John Belushi team up for roustabout comedies, and Karloff and Lugosi appear in films scripted by Edgar Allan Poe Sam comes to learn the mysteries of the Electric cinema and his part to play in its long and strange history With shades of Ray Bradbury, the nostalgic work of Stephen King, and the early films of Steven Spielberg, THE ELECTRIC is about movies, ghosts, and that ephemeral moment in all of our lives, childhood.
    The Electric By Andrew David Barker
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      392 Andrew David Barker
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    About "Andrew David Barker"

    1. Andrew David Barker

      Andrew David Barker was born in Derby, England in 1975, and has had pretty much every job going He has worked as a window fitter, a rail track worker, a factory worker, a carpet salesman, a car valeter, a delivery driver, a bricklayer s labourer, a shop assistant, and a care worker, among others None of them stuck In the late 90s he played lead guitar in a rock band They got signed, made a single, played London, thought they were famous, and, subsequently, imploded He then tried his hand at filmmaking, accumulating in the little seen opus, A Reckoning a last man on earth tale which won acclaim from many who saw it He is the author of The Electric and Dead Leaves He now lives in Warwickshire with his wife and daughter, trying to be a grown up.

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    1. You probably wouldn t suspect it to look at me, but I m actually a raging, unabashed sentimentalist at heart If you walked passed me in the street the perma scowl on my hairy Neanderthal esque face would give you absolutely no inkling of the huge, soft pussycat of a man that hides within Why the self deprecating admission to begin this review A couple of reasons really Firstly, to confirm that looks can be deceptive, and secondly, and probably importantly in this case, that my sentimental natur [...]

    2. A great read nostalgic, romantic and well paced The relationships between the youngsters is real and raw, yet, in parts, tender.The main draw is the ghosts but the story is carried by the children, especially the protagonist, Sam The tale weaves and dances around and fits the autumn backdrop perfectly the fading sun proving a great metaphor for how childhood slips away.If you like Herbert, King, Bradbury, then this is for you.

    3. Earlier this year I met up with Alex Davis, the publisher and editor of Boo Books, at a comic fair in Sheffield During our chat he mentioned a book that was going to be published by his press in the near future, which was about a cinema showing films for ghosts made by ghosts I must say I was intrigued by the premise and looked forward to the day I could get my hands on a copy That day came last Saturday, and believe me when I say it was worth the wait The story plays out over the last week week [...]

    4. A supernatural coming of age story, shot through with the author s evident love of the cinema, this something a bit different Wonderful characterisation, and it genuinely captures the feeling of being a teenager And, like all the best movies, a bit of a tear jerker as well Recommended.

    5. Andrew David Barker s novel The Electric isn t really a horror story It has ghosts, to be sure, but if you re looking for creepy, chilling frights, look elsewhere but only after you ve read The Electric This is an extraordinary book, a beautiful tale of loss, of teenage alienation and filmmaking and what it means to not just create art, but to want to create art An urge that sets the drawing hand to shaking and lights the imagination on fire.As enjoyable as it is, The Electric doesn t lack flaws [...]

    6. It s fair to say that this book is full of mystery magic from the very start The biggest mystery as how this can only be the author s second book His technique style is so polished, you d think he d been doing it for years The magic first comes in the evocative setting highly reminiscent of my own childhood growing up in that era, the halcyon days of running around in fields seeking adventure without 24 7 media warning us of the dangers out there The characters are instantly identifiable with, k [...]

    7. By chance I was at a craft fair and my stall was opposite a nice chap selling books an unusual and great addition to a craft fair He spoke to a few people about The Electric, so I picked it up, got home and pretty much ate it.As a coming of age type tale, it hits some emotional punches, although it has some cliches in there, they exist because they are what teenagers go through There s awkward first love, falling out a bit as you realise you and your best mate may not be that similar, losing a p [...]

    8. Wow This is the kind of book to make me pity those folks who seem to think never having read a book is something to brag about The author perfectly captures the potential inherent in the six weeks of freedom that a mid 1980 s summer holiday provided The nostalgia for that period of my own childhood sucked me in but it was the characters of Sam and Emma that kept me reading Everything about this book is wonderfully done, pitch perfect in its depiction of childhood, love and loss without ever slid [...]

    9. A friend recommended this book to me and I m so pleased he did I loved this so much I barely wanted to put it down The characters were so alive, vibrant and rich The history, the setting, the suspense, all mesmerising Echoing the previous reviews, I feel like the characters were very special The teenage energy was captured beautifully They had me strolling through my own past summers, of wandering around for days on end with friends, and the end of summer urgency before school began again The au [...]

    10. Amazing book which ticked all the boxes for me I loved the nostalgic memories it stirred up about being out all day as kids exploring and having all the time in the world to watch movies, I miss that We didn t find anything as exciting as The Electric though on our bike rides Very well written and fast paced, I pretty much read it in 2 sittings and really felt for not only the main characters but also others like Emma s Dad who only pops up a few times but is still stuck in my head Definitely re [...]

    11. Given this book by my daughter, she loved it, and I did too Read it in just two sittings, one of those books where you can t wait to get to the end but you don t want it to It touched me as the characters were the same age as I was in the 80 s, long before kids had their heads filled with tablets and mobiles We had movies, music and fashion to fill our heads I ve sat and wondered since who would be in my films and audience A book to remember, it would make a great film.

    12. What a story teller you are Andrew Barker This book had me hooked, and I already know that it will be one which stays with me for a very long time It made me laugh and cry With this book I felt like magic was happening, a spell had been cast Thank you for writing this book It turns out we re practically neighbours too Eagerly awaiting your next book

    13. It s the last days of the summer of 1985, just before the new and final school year begins for fifteen year old Sam Crowhurst Having taken to roaming his home village at all hours perhaps as much to avoid going home, after the recent death of his father, as to take advantage of the good weather , Sam comes to a place he s never been before an abandoned, crumbling cinema in the middle of nowhere Inside, he finds a poster for a film called When the Night Came Fallin , starring Humphrey Bogart and [...]

    14. The Electric was a bit of a departure for me, having not read anything in this genre since the books of Stephen King and James Herbert in my very distant youth There were echoes of King too in this story of a teenager s discovery of a forgotten old cinema that is not just haunted , but where the ghosts turn up to actually watch the movies movies, that is, that are made by ghosts A list ghosts If it sounds like I m suggesting that The Electric also has a Scooby Doo like quality, then, yes, there [...]

    15. I purchased this at a course run by the editor at Boo Books I have never been a horror reader due a bad experience with nightmares as a child, however I agreed to give this one a go, assured it was a spooky supernatural than a gruesome horror, it is and I am very pleased I did.Well written with a fantastic premise I have no idea how original as I haven t read many ghost books and characters I actually cared about underneath the skillfully deployed supernatural story line and a few moments spook [...]

    16. I approached this novel from the wrong place and maybe if I hadn t then this would have been four stars instead of three because this is a ghost story, right well no, not really it s a story that has ghosts in it, but really it is a love story, a coming off age story, a tale of lost past and lost futures For me it didn t quite work, but it was a valiant effort The writing is languid and well placed for the story with a good tone There were too many echoes of Stephen King s The Body for it to sta [...]

    17. A group of teenagers explore a derelict cinema and the author of this book creates a beguiling story full of nostalgia for the world of film Andrew David Barker s tale draws you in through a compelling account of the ghosts who inhabit this abandoned picture house, and how their discovery interweaves with the lives of the teenagers themselves and their relationships The atmosphere of the novel is totally absorbing, and the story is brought to the most poignant conclusion As a reader you cannot h [...]

    18. This book is fantastic, I honestly can t recommend it enough Remember when you were a kid and you started reading Stephen King ghost stories, back when they creeped you out but rang true as well That s what this does.With out giving too much of the game away The Electric is about an old cinema that plays impossible films to an ghostly audience It s about growing up, falling in love and moving on We all had that one summer in our lives where everything seemed to change and this captures it beauti [...]

    19. A wonderful story of ghostly nostalgia which brought back great memories of my childhood, along with all the angst of having teenage crushes, exploring urban decaying buildings, and wondering what I should do with my life The novel is perfectly paced, keeps you engaged with the characters who grow as the story develops and has a wonderful and apt ending.If you love movies, ghosts and want to feel like a teenager again, I would recommend this book.

    20. I d didn t enjoy this one as much as Andrew David Barker s follow up, Dead Leaves that book resonated on such a personally level but The Electric is enchanting, heartfelt tale It felt there wasn t a great deal by way of story or plot, but the overall idea, a dilapidate cinema where ghosts watch movies made by other ghosts, was unique and original And for a debut novel, it is certainly beautiful written Defiantly worth a read.

    21. A very enjoyable read Reminiscent of two of my favourite books of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird and Shoeless Joe.Magical and heart lifting.

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