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Warbow By Wayne Grant Warbow An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here Having found his place as a squire to a Norman knight Roland Inness sets off with his master Sir Roger de Laval and fellow squire on a perilous mi
  • Title: Warbow
  • Author: Wayne Grant
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  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Warbow By Wayne Grant An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Having found his place as a squire to a Norman knight, Roland Inness sets off with his master, Sir Roger de Laval, and fellow squire on a perilous mission to the Holy Land King Richard has sworn to take Jerusalem from Saladin and orders Sir Roger to assess the military situation Joining them is the Templar Knight Tuck asAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Having found his place as a squire to a Norman knight, Roland Inness sets off with his master, Sir Roger de Laval, and fellow squire on a perilous mission to the Holy Land King Richard has sworn to take Jerusalem from Saladin and orders Sir Roger to assess the military situation Joining them is the Templar Knight Tuck as they contend with Moors, Berbers and a Sicilian usurper before reaching the battlefields in the east There, Roland sees the ugly face of war and tests his mettle In England, the land is awash in political intrigue, led by Prince John and Sir William de Ferrers, Roland s mortal enemy Countering them is Queen Eleanor who picks Sir Roger s daughter Millicent for her own mission one that puts her at the centre of a plot to turn England against King Richard Warbow, the action filled follow on to Longbow, is the second book in The Saga of Roland Inness series.
    Warbow By Wayne Grant
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    1. Wayne Grant

      Wayne Grant grew up in a tiny cotton town in rural Louisiana where hunting, fishing and farming were a way of life Between chopping cotton, dove hunting and Little League ball he developed a love of great adventure stories like Call It Courage and Kidnapped.Like most southern boys of that era he saw the military as an honorable and adventurous career Every living male member of his family had served in the Army covering World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam, so it was a natural step for him to attend and graduate from West Point He just missed Vietnam, but found that life as a Captain in an army broken by that war was not what he wanted After tours in Germany and Korea, he returned to Louisiana and civilian life where he began a 10 year career in government including four years as a senior official in the Pentagon during the Reagan administration During those years he saw the Army reborn from its post Vietnam nadir to the outstanding force it became and remains today.The Saga of Roland Inness series began as the coming of age tale of a fourteen year old boy who possessed extraordinary talent with a longbow It is a story of courage, loyalty, honor and treachery Most of all, it a story of high adventure set in a time so filled with drama it has spawned legends that fascinate people to this day It is the time of Richard the Lionheart, Robin Hood, Eleanor of Aquitaine and William Marshall, legendary figures all some real and some fictional.The Saga of Roland Inness begins with four books Longbow, Warbow, The Broken Realm and The Ransomed Crown These four books are the coming of age story I set out to tell Having told that tale, I fully intended to move on to other stories, but something unexpected happened Readers all over the world found something special in Roland Inness and his companions and wanted I d grown rather fond of my boy with the longbow as well and knew there were stories to tell So the Saga continues A Prince of Wales, the fifth in the series was published in November, 2017 A new Roland Inness adventure will be out in summer, 2018.If you would like to know about the author or get updates on new books, visit his webpage at waynegrantbooks or the Longbow Facebook page, facebook Longbowbooks.

    158 thoughts on “Warbow”

    1. This is a fine four book series Warbow, book 2, takes place during the Third Crusade and features Richard I and the bloody mess that was that attempt to free the Holy Land True the girls women aren t as well written as the boys men there is a young woman who has a kind a sort a major role but it s only marginally believable Being feisty and sitting a horse well does not a heroine make But she s OK and the love interest of the hero so it s nice she just doesn t stay home and embroider I believe t [...]

    2. Squire Roland Inness must follow Sir Roger to sea, for King Richard has sworn to recapture Jerusalem for Christendom The second book in Grant s series sends readers off on crusade but also keeps us attuned to the goings on in England, for Sir Roger s daughter Millicent is quickly embroiled in the intrigues of power hungry nobles Moors and Berbers Siege and slaughter Greed and deceit Scouts and spies This installment seems to have made a man of Roland, for he proves his worth As do Tuck and Robin [...]

    3. The 2nd book in this series focuses on squire Roland as he and his comrades go on the Crusade with Kind Richard the Lionhearted He grows up in this war and has many adventures, some of which are quite harrowing Meanwhile, Roland s friends back in England are trying to prevent various players from taking advantage of Richard s absencecluding Prince John of course Again, still setting up the classic Robin Hood story here There seemed to be even action in this book compared to the first one Still [...]

    4. I am enjoying this series It is hard to put down I may need to be disciplined, because I am not getting my summer projects finished From previous readings and study, I know the history already in this book, and it appears to be quite accurate and well researched The characters and plot are beautifully woven and I am looking forward to

    5. A really enjoyable series I m really enjoying this series It has great characters with a familiar feeling yet a story of its own The addition of Millicent and her storyline is one of my favorites.

    6. EntertainingI haven t really read historical fiction set during the Crusades before It s not my favorite period of history But O can see myself reading , if by this author.

    7. Didn t enjoy it has much as the first, but still, quite enjoying the story and following the merry bunch of characters around.

    8. AmazingA great mixture of historical fact and clever fiction Roland and his friends make the reading so that l cannot stop until I m nearly Now to Book 3

    9. Stayed up till three readingIt was a book like no other He switches back in forth between events but never makes you wait for adventure He captivates a scary amazing battlefield and the suspense is never ending I LOVE this guy

    10. Second installment of the trilogy of Roland Inness and once again I was enjoying history Roland and Declan the young squires for Sir Roger are in the heat of battle in with him in the war for Jerusalem and against Saladin In the process Roland and Declan are made Knights.King Richard took Acre and then had the prisoners from Acre executed it was not a wise decision because it made Saladin determined to keep Jerusalem King Richard must find a face saving way to back out of this struggle so the b [...]

    11. Excellent SequelRoland Inness is back and he s getting skilled all the time This book is a worthy follow up to Longbow and gives a nice little account of the Third Crusade under King Richard, while also documenting the intrigues and treasonous happenings in England under Prince John As a lover of historical fiction and a good story, I loved this book Language and a few places of slight innuendo Still, Roland Inness and his companions are all honorable characters who behave themselves and stay t [...]

    12. More good story telling Roland is secure in his place as squire to a good man, the Norman, Sir Roger Laval Richard the Lionheart is king of England and takes the Third Crusade to the Holy Land Sir Roger and his two squires are already there sent ahead to scout things out with the Templar knight Tuck It s highly questionable whether any of them will ever make it home Meanwhile, at home, Sir Roger s daughter Millie is being used in a plot by the Queen while Roland s arch enemy William Ferres plots [...]

    13. Great historical novelI m very pleased with this book I enjoyed the English history lesson, and the familiar characters I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Roland Inness saga.

    14. Enjoyable ReadJust finished the second book and likewise to the first, very enjoyable I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys to dive into medieval fiction history I look forward to reading the third book.

    15. Excellent SequelContinuing the story of Roland, the young archer, this book takes us to the third crusade where Roland experiences many adventures and challenges It is a good lead in for book number three in the series and I am looking forward to the next installment.

    16. Knighthood EarnedThe squirrels fight in major battles , earning distinction, and knighthood King Richard has feet of clay with deplorable actions Will they make it home

    17. Can t wait for the third installmentWhen you read this you feel involved What a wonderful family plus squires and knights Interesting view of King Richard and Queen Eleanor.

    18. Second in the Roland Inness series.We are taken on an exciting adventure into the 3rd Crusade Roland and his friend Declan find out what war is really about.

    19. An excellent historical novel bringing Roland to the Holy Land with the Third Crisade Enjoyable characters and pretty good history in novel form

    20. ExcellentKeep em coming I m already looking forward to the next book.Not often I get to read a page turner on this subject.

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