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The Gold Eaters By Ronald Wright The Gold Eaters Utterly irresistible The Gold Eaters is truly the gold standard to which all fiction historical and otherwise should aspire BuzzfeedA sweeping epic historical novel of exploration and invasion of co
  • Title: The Gold Eaters
  • Author: Ronald Wright
  • ISBN: 9781594634628
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gold Eaters By Ronald Wright Utterly irresistible The Gold Eaters is truly the gold standard to which all fiction historical and otherwise should aspire BuzzfeedA sweeping, epic historical novel of exploration and invasion, of conquest and resistance, and of an enduring love that must overcome the destruction of one empire by another Kidnapped at sea by conquistadors seeking the golden lan Utterly irresistible The Gold Eaters is truly the gold standard to which all fiction historical and otherwise should aspire BuzzfeedA sweeping, epic historical novel of exploration and invasion, of conquest and resistance, and of an enduring love that must overcome the destruction of one empire by another Kidnapped at sea by conquistadors seeking the golden land of Peru, a young Inca boy named Waman is the everyman thrown into extraordinary circumstances Forced to become Francisco Pizarro s translator, he finds himself caught up in one of history s great clashes of civilzations, the Spanish invasion of the Incan Empire of the 1530s To survive, he must not only learn political gamesmanship but also discover who he truly is, and in what country and culture he belongs Only then can he be reunited with the love of his life and begin the search for his shattered family, journeying through a land and a time vividly depicted here Based closely on real historical events, The Gold Eaters draws on Ronald Wright s imaginative skill as a novelist and his deep knowledge of South America to bring alive an epic struggle that laid the foundations of the modern world.
    The Gold Eaters By Ronald Wright
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    1. Ronald Wright

      Ronald Wright is a Canadian author who has written books of travel, history and fiction His nonfiction includes the bestseller Stolen Continents, winner of the Gordon Montador Award and chosen as a book of the year by the Independent and the Sunday Times His first novel, A Scientific Romance, won the 1997 David Higham Prize for Fiction and was chosen a book of the year by the Globe and Mail, the Sunday Times, and the New York Times.

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    1. Here s my thinking on this novel Ronald Wright is the author of ten books, three of which A Scientific Romance, Henderson s Spear, and this one, The Gold Eaters are fiction He has traveled extensively and as far as the subject of this novel goes, he is beyond well informed, having written about Peru in his nonfiction Cut Stones and Crossroads A Journey in the Two Worlds of Peru in 1993 Now he s returned with a fictional account of the Spanish conquest of Peru from the point of view of a boy then [...]

    2. Rating 5 out of 5 stars I was the lucky winner of an advance uncorrected and unpublished proof from the Giveaway program This program is a wonderful way to discover new authors and soon to be released books Winning books is a great way to expand your library and to read titles that intrigue you, but that you may have overlooked if not for the giveaway The word epic is consistently overused in the world of fiction Many books which claim to be epic tales are not worthy of that claim THE GOLD EATER [...]

    3. In the early to mid 1500s Spanish conquistadores were hot in pursuit of gold and glory in the New World Of course, not speaking any native languages, they needed interpreters and translators The most famous and universally known of these natives used to facilitate communication were Malinche in Mexico and Felipillo in Peru.Felipillo, as he was named by the Spaniards, is considered a national disgrace by Peruvians Calling someone a Felipillo is to call him a traitor of the worst kind, a person yo [...]

    4. The Gold Eaters starts out as an adventure tale Ready to prove himself worthy of his newly bestowed adult name, a 13 year old Peruvian fisherman, Waman, runs away from his village home to sign on as a deckhand on an ocean going trading ship Shortly into the voyage, the ship is captured by raiders a so far luckless scouting trip led by Francisco Pizarro and in addition to the much needed supplies and coveted riches, Pizarro and his would be Conquistadors take the young Waman with them as a hopefu [...]

    5. Won this here on I am not really a big historical fiction fan, but this book broke the mold for me Very easy to read I got caught up right from the start Really enjoyed this.

    6. Ronald Wright s newest book is a brilliant and epic work of historical fiction set in 16th century Peru It begins with a young Peruvian boy called Waman Waman lives in a small fishing village on the coast with his parents and cousin, Tika At the cusp of manhood, Waman is itching to experience the world He wants to take the sea and earn the respect of his family.Waman sets off one morning with just the clothes on his back and some food in search of adventure But adventure finds him He secures a p [...]

    7. The tragedy of reading any book about indigenous people of the Americas is that it never ends well for the natives ah spoiler Reading books like this is like watching a bull in a bullfight that gets pricked and stabbed and jabbed until the bull finally rolls over and dies However, this is an insightful, well researched book, and one that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about the colonization of Peru and the fall of the great Incan civilization The story is told through [...]

    8. I am extremely grateful to have won a copy of this novel through giveaways, and I am very happy to have read it.It is a thorough fictional account regarding a topic in which I m completely unschooled, the Spanish invasion of Peru It s a roller coaster ride told predominantly through the eyes of Waman a young Peruvian sun worshiper who is taken captive by Spanish when he leaves home for an adventure on the sea He is taken for his youth and used as an interpreter in the following years between the [...]

    9. Normally I would put a quote here but the cover warns about my version of the book being confidential so NOPE Me Won the uncorrected and unpublished version of this gorgeous looking book at a book Giveaway Thank you to , the author and the publishers for this opportunity Triggers for this novel rape, sexual harassment, sexual content, violence, gore view spoiler Despite telling myself I was not going to pick up another historical fiction book after A Burnable Book , I couldn t help but feel incr [...]

    10. Historical fiction It isn t for everyone I tend to avoid this genre, partly because it reflexively spawns so many sub genres For example, there s military fiction Narrow the focus and you might get civil war fiction Zoom closer, and you could probably find stories spun on the skein of one famous battle, such as Antietam E books will doubtless take us so far in, we won t discern the pore from the follicle on the skin of the beast.The Gold Eaters, a sweeping novel from Ronald Wright, covers the ti [...]

    11. Interesting from a historical perspective Characters felt flat, and attempts at providing them substance fell short Worth a quick read if you are interested in Mayan history, otherwise pass.

    12. Ronald Wright s new novel, The Gold Eaters, follows the vein of most of his historical fiction the struggles of a civilization to endure outside pressure and the collapse of its own culture The Spanish invasion of Peru is one of the most disturbing colonial invasions of another civilization Wright uses his scholarly knowledge of South America history to put together a story of avarice, betrayal, and a lust for wealth that resonates with accuracy and sad commentary on the decline of sovereignty.A [...]

    13. I was very fortunate to have my name chosen to receive an advanced reader s copy of this very well written book Thank you to , the publisher and author for allowing me this opportunity.I found the history of this time period in the 1500 s in Peru, Chile, Spain and Cusco absolutely fascinating This is not the type of story I would normally pick up to read but I truly enjoyed the story of Waman, the young translator and found this book difficult to put down The brutality and violence of this time [...]

    14. Amazing I won this through the giveaways and this is really one of the few to make a huge impact on me The pacing of the book is perfect, you re never bored The main character Waman is great, the view of the Spanish from the Incan perspective even though we do get both sides is definitely needed So many little details, you can tell it was very well researched, and then finding at the end a lot of the characters were based off real people Loved the book, will be passing it along to my friends.

    15. I received a copy of this book in the First Reads giveaways.I loved the historical part of that book But the story is long, and the end is weird It took me a long time to read the book I honestly don t know if I could recommend it.

    16. A wonderful read of an Inca boy taken prisoner by Pizarro and used as a translator The boy rides a fine line between the truths and lies for both sides as the Spanish begin their brutal invasion of Peru He gains respect as a fair translater and becomes the Spanish favorite as they conquer the Inca empire If the Spanish find out he occasionaly lies he will be brutally killed Many of the historic conquistadors are here Pizzaro brothers, De Soto, Cortes.

    17. The perfect Columbus day read, even if it was unintentionally done This book is about the conquistadors coming to what is present day Peru but was in that time the Inca empire It is a historical fiction novel mostly told from the perspective of Waman, a boy who was captured by the conquistadors to use as a translator between them and the newly discovered Incas While it wasn t terribly well written, it was very interesting and I thought the author chose the subject well I knew some of the history [...]

    18. Short Review of The Gold EatersI loved this story based on historical fact The writer has a gift for description that left me feeling as though I were seeing, smelling, feeling and experiencing the incidents I have rarely experienced This book left me wanting to read and learn on the topic of European invasion of the Americas The writer definitely left me with a picture of the greatness of the Incan Empire before the Spanish conquistadors arrived.

    19. As one reviewer noted, it was a bit difficult to get into at times due to the fact that as a reader, you know it isn t going to end well That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book Knowing very little about about the Spanish conquest of Peru, or of Incan culture history, this well researched book provided a fascinating education on both while being eminently entertaining Highly recommended.

    20. One of the best pieces of historical fiction out there Written from the point of view of an Incan, The Gold Eaters describes the colonial overtaking of the Incan Empire, as well as the infighting of the Incan royals who fueled its progress.

    21. Reading about Peru before my Inca trail hike Read Turn Right at Machu Picchu just before, so had some background.Nicely interwoven history in a novel.

    22. Well written historical fiction of the Spanish conquest of the Incan empire in the second quarter of the 16th century 1526 1544 Interesting and informative on a subject I knew little about apart from names like Pizarro and de Soto and the conquistadors well known greed gold eaters and violence cloaked in Christian religiosity Impressively researched on Incan society and culture with good time and place details an afterword informs that the main character a native teen captured in an early sea en [...]

    23. In 1526 by European measurements , a young Inca boy named Waman has no other wish but to be a fisherman like his grandfather and father and perhaps marry his cousin Tika Instead, he s taken from his boat by strange men in an even stranger ship and made prisoner Forced to learn their language, his name changed to Felipillo, he will be taken to Spain where he ll survive a smallpox outbreak leaving him scarred physically if not mentally He ll return to Peru with his captors, to interpret as they be [...]

    24. This novel deals with the Spanish conquest of the Inca empire in the 16th century, stretching through modern day Ecuador Chile, The action is seen mainly through he eyes of Waman, a young boy from a small fishing village, who is captured by the Spanish conquistadores led by Pizzaro who head south from Panama in their search for Inca gold He is made to learn the Spanish language customs, and to function as an interpreter between the Spanish the indigenous tribes He loses contact with his family f [...]

    25. I learned a lot from this novel and can understand the irresistible draw of this story that needs a comprehensible perspective The story is huge and how do you tell it in such a way that it becomes a novel and not just a history lesson I have to confess I turned off at some points There were a lot of battles Yet, I guess the biggest insight for me was the information about the Incan empire This novel filled in a huge gap on the world s history map For me it was like an Aha, I got it moment and I [...]

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