Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs #2020

Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs By Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter Gig Americans Talk about Their Jobs More than people in common and unusual occupations talk about their lives and work in the new economy encompassing the human experience from a labor support doula to a funeral home director For t
  • Title: Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs
  • Author: Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter
  • ISBN: 9780609807071
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs By Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter More than 150 people in common and unusual occupations talk about their lives and work in the new economy, encompassing the human experience from a labor support doula to a funeral home director.For the last several years, the editors of Word, the pioneering Web magazine, have been sending interviewers nearly forty in all across America to talk to people about their jobs.More than 150 people in common and unusual occupations talk about their lives and work in the new economy, encompassing the human experience from a labor support doula to a funeral home director.For the last several years, the editors of Word, the pioneering Web magazine, have been sending interviewers nearly forty in all across America to talk to people about their jobs They wanted to document reality, not to advance any overarching thesis or political agenda Their sole position on work was that it s a fascinating topic and an elemental part of nearly everyone s life They were certainly not disappointed with what they found this wide ranging survey of the American economy at the turn of the millennium is stunning, surprising, and always entertaining It gives us an unflinching view of the fabric of this country from the point of view of the people who keep it all moving.Recalling Studs Terkel s 1972 classic best seller, Working, the than 120 roughly textured monologues that make up Gig beautifully capture the voices of our fast paced and diverse economy The selections demonstrate how much our world has changed and stayed the same in the last three decades If you think things have speeded up, become complicated and technological, you re right.But people s attitudes about their jobs, their hopes and goals and disappointments, endure Gig s soul isn t sociological it s emotional The wholehearted diligence that people bring to their work is deeply, inexplicably moving People speak in these pages of the constant and complex stresses nearly all of them confront on the job, but, nearly universally, they throw themselves without reservation into coping with them Instead of resisting work, we seem to adapt to it Some of us love our jobs, some of us don t, but almost all of us are not quite sure what we would do without one.With all the hallmarks of another classic on this subject, Gig is a fabulous read, filled with indelible voices from coast to coast After hearing them, you ll never again feel quite the same about how we work.
    Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs By Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter
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      Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs book, this is one of the most wanted Marisa Bowe John Bowe Sabin Streeter author readers around the world.

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    1. I found this book really fascinating for reasons I did not expect It is a book composed of condensed 3 or 4 page interviews with people in a fairly comprehensive range of jobs I checked it out because I thought it might give me some guidance about types of jobs or careers that might be interesting to me What I took away from it was of a nuanced insight into how different people think of their work, what they like and don t like about the jobs they do, the casual, sociological knowledge they gai [...]

    2. People talking candidly about their jobs, that s what this book is all about Some of the interviews are a bit dated copyright 2001 , like all the people in the tech sector talking about how their businesses are taking off, but overall, the people interviewed are interesting and you get a good survey of the fundamental questions about other people s jobs how they got into it, why they re doing it, how they feel about it, etc The book is especially good because it covers a diverse array of careers [...]

    3. This book is interesting to me on a lot of levels It is essentially a series of interviews about what people do for a living It may very well be the first book developed from a website I d be curious if anyone is aware of an earlier one Unlike the current craze of personal memoir blog books, or coffee table LOLz books, this is actually very journalistic in nature These stories seem like they were collected by audio interviews, and it s hard to imagine any website doing that today The fact that i [...]

    4. I picked this book up at a point when I was a little bored of the fictional characters in the novel that I was reading Because the characters were pretty unrealistic and unrelatable, I was looking for something authentic, vivid, true to life This is a compilation of interviews of over 120 Americans talking candidly about their jobs An insider s views on occupations like slaughterhouse human resources director, crime scene cleaner, palm reader etc were very intriguing, and I was completely eng [...]

    5. This book was fascinating to read it s a bunch of people talking candidly about their jobs Some of them are shocking, some uplifting, some downright depressing But all of them were very interesting My favorites were the florist because I ve always had a secret desire to be florist , the software engineer because he had fabulous insights on the differences in lifestyle between socialist nations and capitalist ones , and the McDonald s crew member her uplifting spirit and sense of self is infectio [...]

    6. Books like this need to be required high school reading Seriously I would make this required Senior year reading Everyone has to pick five 5 jobs that sound interesting, and another five 5 that would be the least interesting to them Final project would be a short 5 10 pages essay and what the students feel are the pros and cons of each of their choices, and maybe describe what they think a typical day might be like for them in their most interested and least interested career picks The point wou [...]

    7. This book was fascinating to me it illustrated that the reasons why people choose the kind of work they do and how they feel towards it are as numerous and unique as the people themselves The book covers the occupations you d expect, but also sheds light on lesser known occupations like moving huge pieces of art, or supervising workers at a chicken slaughtering facility, to give two examples After I read this book, I felt I had learned about the US s economy, demography, regional differences, a [...]

    8. After reading the Interview of the teacher I realized that this book did not accurately represent the typical experience of people in their jobs I found some of the interviews ridiculous and appalling I just couldn t get past some of it.

    9. I really liked this book and found out quite a lot of things about all sorts of jobs Maybe your Walmart greeter is a retired teacher with a PhD in education who also loves his job , maybe the finance and stock exchange specialist at a fancy firm fears getting shot like one of his colleagues, maybe the grumpy and sketchy guy selling guns in a small store is one of the most ethical folks when it comes to gun use There are a lot of stories like this, ranging from your regular UPS delivery guy to fa [...]

    10. This is a book of essays in which, as we learn from the title, Americans discuss their jobs Examples of jobs and occupations talked about included pharmaceutical sales representative, Kinko s employee, psychic hotline operator, Navy sailor, male porn star, exotic dancer, funeral director, UPS or FedEx driver, prisoner, Hallmark employee, and Walmart greeter, among many others that I cannot remember at the moment The book made for an interesting bathroom reader In school, you hear about lawyers, [...]

    11. Another book that reads like an expanded version of HONY I found it hard to put down fascinating not just for the details of what other people s jobs are like, but for the interplay between their thoughts, emotions, dreams, and work Gig would make interesting recommended reading for every high school or college student, to expand their idea of the range of employment waiting for them out there it s just doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse It s the UPS guy and a Hollywood producer s assistant and a TV [...]

    12. Excellent book Interesting to hear what people do in their jobs and what they think about theirs jobs, their challenges and their working passions A good book to read slowly because you can pick it up after a long hiatus and jump right back in without worrying about keeping up with events It feels like 150 conversations with different people learning about them and their world.

    13. I really enjoyed this book It has a wide variety of jobs that the author s interview Some didn t appeal to me as much as I skimmed those, while others I read once, or even a second time The interviews are free flowing allowing the individual to speak freely about their jobs They had some I would have not considered of interest before, but did find them interesting.

    14. This fascinating compendium of interviews with people in 120 different fields held my interest from start to finish The stories, the perspectives, the range of jobs covered from EPA official to supermodel to penitentiary inmate to funeral home director wow Gig is an eye opener on many levels Highly recommended

    15. This is a book of unstructured interviews with Americans, about their jobs It is transcribed in their own words though with all the annoying um s and uh s helpful edited out , so it preserves the diversity of regional accents, educational levels, and idiosyncratic speech patterns for a down to earth flavor At first glance, you would think this was a book about employment, about the ways we make money But it is really about how we live, and what we live for The book is organized by profession, so [...]

    16. A nice, easy lilting pace across a variety of jobs organised nicely Not as far ranging and deep as Turkle s work, for instance, but still a nice modern update even if about 15 years out of date at present still a good snapshot in time

    17. An interesting perspective on jobs people have chosen to do and their experiences It provides interesting insight into the thought process of the American employee.

    18. BOOK SCOUTSYou can t speed read literature, but most of what I m looking at is commercial fiction where you re basically reading for plot It s not like the language is so intricateFortunately, scouts are salaried, so we don t have a pecuniary interest in any particular book We re on retainer we get a flat fee every month from our clients by contract and our income is steady That means we just report on any book we think will be of interest to our clients We learn their taste and they learn ours [...]

    19. This book follows a very simple formula People across a wide variety of jobs were asked to talk about their work and the interviews are presented, with minimal editing Thus, the structure mimics that of Studs Terkel s 1972 classic Working Although there are a couple of famous names Jerry Bruckheimer, Heidi Klum , the great majority of the contributions are from ordinary people It s remarkable how well things turned out The book is wide ranging, consistently interesting, fun to read, and the cont [...]

    20. At 700 pages, I hit a wall at 400 I began to bemoan how it seemed unending, though each individual story was interesting Overall, it s a great series of vignettes stringing together a wholesome narrative of 2000 s Americana I d love to see it revised to today s 2016, as a great deal has changed in our professional landscape, particularly in terms of AI.Gig s editors certainly had a hand to play in that wholesome aura but I continue to muse on whether it s a general human attitude towards work th [...]

    21. A compilation of over 120 interviews with Americans talking about their jobs These interviews, conducted by nearly 40 interviewers, are patterned after Stud Terkel s book Working, written in 1972 Over 600 pages long, Gig has an incredibly diverse collection of frank, first person discussions on a wide range of occupations, from Wal Mart greeter and crime scene cleaner to a poultry factory worker and a member of Congress As a result, the book provides an interesting way to get a sense of what div [...]

    22. This book was really interesting and I m glad that I randomly picked it up at Powell s It is short, candid stories of people talking about what their jobs are all about It covers ALL jobs, this thing is 700 pages long But it s great, because it s all short, non sequitur stories so you can spread it out over a long period of time Some of the stories are starting to become a little out of date In one of them, the guy explains in great detail what this newfangled Powerpoint thing is that he uses at [...]

    23. Imagine that you re reading transcript after transcript from Ira Glass This American Life This will give you a little bit of an idea what s in store for you as you curl up with Gig.My sis gave me this book for Christmas, and it got me through some cold, dark, lonely winter days These were my friends the Wal Mart Greeter, the Slaughterhouse HR Rep, the Hat Store Owner, the Film Director The most fascinating tales often came from the people with the most dull sounding jobs, like the University IT [...]

    24. This book provides short essays, roughly 3 5 pages from various people across the country Each of them writes about their jobs Each essay is not only different in its author and their profession, but also in what they choose to write on Some focus on what they do day to day while others focus on the strengths and weaknesses of their job, how they got there, etc.Some of the people hold positions of people that we have interacted with a lot in our lives but probably didn t stop to think about what [...]

    25. Large near 700 pgs book focusing on, well, Americans and their jobs, made up of a huge amount of various jobs everything froom carnival workers to congressmen , most with section running about half a dozen or so pages This is a blessing as someone of the folks here are pretty bland but it s easy to get through them due to length But those are few and far between and most of the stuff is fairly interesting occasionaly hilarious the UPS worker who does everything BUT work and strangely enough the [...]

    26. Interesting snapshot into the lives of people doing a variety of jobs I found it fascinating to hear the insider view of so many professions.However, I wish the interviewees were people that interested in doing their job long term so that you could get a feel for how it might be to do that job for a living No such luck Many of the interviewees complained about their job, and wanted to leave it as soon as possible The interviewer could also have focused the interviews on the jobs many of the int [...]

    27. A series of short essays by Americans working in a number of different professions This book has been interesting and informative, especially in reading about people with uncommon professions, such as strippers, UPS drivers, slaughterhouse human resources manager, etc.Having just finished the book, I think that overall it s ok There are some really interesting essays on some professions that I wouldn t have necessarily thought to be interesting But then there are also some essays that aren t as [...]

    28. Excellent, well laid out and thought out, entertaining and thought provoking The jobs I enjoyed reading about most Crime Scene Cleaner, Train Engineer, Florist, Food Stylist, Book Scout, Bookie super interesting , FBI Agent, Homicide Detective, U.S Congressman Barney Frank his bit is one of the best parts of the book I guess Accountant and Librarian are 2 jobs that were not deemed interesting enough to make the cut but this was a fascinating book overall and well worth reading You d be surprised [...]

    29. A fascinating read that I would recommend to nearly anyone On the other hand, it s not the original in its genre and style Studs Terkel came out with Working quite a long time ago, and this book borrows heavily from the prior work On the whole, I find Terkel to be a better chronicler, but this book has a couple of significant advantages One, it s recent, and readers may find the material fresher Two, it includes professions that weren t even around when Terkel wrote his book If one or the other [...]

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