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Ember By Rachel Van Dyken Ember I am a Killer A Rapist A Monster I know only pain and survival That is until the Cappo s sister walked into my life And changed everything She s a light who makes my darkness darker her smile makes m
  • Title: Ember
  • Author: Rachel Van Dyken
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ember By Rachel Van Dyken I am a Killer A Rapist A Monster.I know only pain and survival That is until the Cappo s sister walked into my life And changed everything.She s a light who makes my darkness darker, her smile makes my heart turn to ice, and I can t escape the fear her seductive looks instill knowing it s only a matter of time before I fail again, and take her for myself.This is theI am a Killer A Rapist A Monster.I know only pain and survival That is until the Cappo s sister walked into my life And changed everything.She s a light who makes my darkness darker, her smile makes my heart turn to ice, and I can t escape the fear her seductive looks instill knowing it s only a matter of time before I fail again, and take her for myself.This is the story of my redemption But it s not prettyI died, and now I m alive, but not living, breathing but not surviving I am Phoenix De Lange, son to a murdered mob boss, estranged brother, horrible friend, monster in the making, newest leader to one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra.And I will have my vengeance.Or die trying.I am Phoenix De Lange Death is all I know Until she offers me a piece of life I can t resist taking.
    Ember By Rachel Van Dyken
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      286 Rachel Van Dyken
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    1. I m hooked on this series I m so glad I picked it up again after leaving it for a year This is book 5 in the Eagle Elite series, and this instalment is about Phoenix and Bee The shocking thing is that I thought that Phoenix would never be able to redeem himselfAfter all in the first book he was known for rape, murdering, and torture Phoenix enjoyed being evil too I love how authors can turn an anti hero like Phoenix, into a person whom I can feel sorry for, and eventually fall in love with who h [...]

    2. This would have been me last night if it hadn t been the middle of the night and my baby boy wasn t sleeping P I freaking loved Ember and I love Rachel Van Dyken for the way she made me love Phoenixa thing I could have never imagined because of what he did in the beginning of the series So I did my happy internal dance and savored every moment of this novel because it just made my top 3 novels from this series thing I never thought possible.If you re an Eagle Elite fan like yours truly then you [...]

    3. I don t know what it is about this series that just clicks with me, but I have to say Phoenix s book may be my favourite out of all the books If you know the series you ll remember the time when Phoenix tried to force himself on Trace, back then I new he was getting his own book and I wondered how the hell he would redeem himself Thankfully his character really did redeem himself, obviously it was not an easy road and sometimes I felt like everyone was against him but then again knowing what he [...]

    4. NOW LIVE and on SALE 2.99 5 Rise from the Ashes StarsLet s get the big elephant out of the room Phoenix is a rapist I can get over the killing and maybe the female beating, but rape CRINGE I didn t think I could do it I mean I had my doubts from the very first book.BUT I love GASP Phoenix De Lang Crazy I know But Rachel Van Dyken can write some really good stuff After five books, I still love this series and I m salivating for .It s Phoenix s story So, he was forced to rape and abuse girls throu [...]

    5. Got to say Rachel Van Dyken did a great job with Phoenix s story.I didn t think I would be to feel anything except disgusted and hate for Phoenix De Lange after reading what he did in the previous books, but Rachel managed to make me feel sorry for him and even like him Phoenix is the perfect example of tortured hero He believes that he doesn t deserve any amount of happiness Not love, not affection, not even food It was heartbreaking watching Phoenix punish himself Pushing her away was for the [...]

    6. If I keep saying that each of these books is better than the last, I feel like people aren t going to take me seriously Or believe me So, with that being said, I won t say it I ll just think it This is definitely a tough book to get through Don t believe me Look at the blurb for goodness sake Phoenix is beyond broken, and Bee is so damaged in her own right It was amazing to see these two find themselves within each other and witness them grow and become better people I didn t know if it was poss [...]

    7. 5 Sear You Alive Stars PLEASE read this series for this book alone I love this whole series, but this book is in my top forever books I never would have thought a book would come close to JR Ward s Lover Awakened Z Bella , which is one of my top forever books as well I LOVE that Rachel Van Dyken continues to make me LAUGH and FEEL so much in this series This mafia family has me wrapped around their crooked fingers Phoenix He is than just the dark, broody character A few books ago, he did someth [...]

    8. Phoenix DeLange and Bianka Bee Campisia match made in Heaven or Hell The newly appointed head of the Nicolasi family and the Cappo s little sister Two lonely, damaged people from dark, violent homes They both have demons and are lacking connections Bee just wants to be close to Phoenix even if it is just a as a friend, but she really wants But Phoenix is supposed to be guarding her and not touching her And responding to his attraction could literally get him killed So it is easier to avoid, den [...]

    9. Three simple letters describe this book WOW From the embers of an unlikely friendship sparks the story that proves Phoenix can rise from the ashes of his past With Phoenix, Bee found the chance to live life, rather than just existing by someone else s rules.I always say Rachel never ceases to amaze me, but with each book in this series, she surpasses my expectations I knew going into Ember that it was going to be a tough read it was Phoenix s book I knew about Phoenix s past, I knew what he did, [...]

    10. I got an ARC copy of Ember and I was absolutely captivated I am a strong Trace and Nixon fan so for me to like a story as much as I loved Phoenix s is a big deal A lot of emotion, the right amount of humor, and a big chance for redemption this book will have u getting yelled at by your significant other because are you freaking kidding me right now I don t care if it s 4am and I m crying and shaking the whole bed, I HAVE to see what happens Will be a conversation loved every page

    11. 4.5 Stars Review by Jen Hagen I have come to enjoy every one of Ms Van Dyken s books about these crazy mafia kids They never fail to crack me up They wield their guns at each other like most kids would a lollipop They shoot each other in the shoulder in anger whereas any other friend would just give you the finger and the f bomb with maybe a gut punch thrown in Even though they are mafia bosses, they still are young and maintain a sense of humor I guess in their line of work they have to have a [...]

    12. 5 STARS Eagle Elite Series keeps on getting better and better I loved it I ve been a fan of this series since forever and I am a solidTeamNixon One thing I ve felt while reading this is pride I am so proud seeing how much each of the characters in this series have evolved i always call them my Eagle Elite boys but I think it doesn t fit them any and i am so not ready for that yet Ember is one of my favorite Eagle Elite book yet but I have to say I will always be TeamNixon I need to keep on sayin [...]

    13. The first thing I will say is,only RVD can make you sympathetic towards an ex rapist smh Phoenix is tortured and broken, a walking dead man His upbringing was completely horrible His father was the worst kind of man you could have raise you Leader of drug and sex rings, raising his offspring to follow in his footsteps What s worse is, Phoenix isn t like them, so it was pure torture to have to live like that, or die So he s given a second chance, by none other than Luca After Luca s passing, Phoe [...]

    14. The Eagle Elite series just keeps getting better and better Warning if you haven t read the series, this review will contain spoilers I might have cried when I learned Phoenix was getting his own book Even when I wanted to hate him in the first few books, I couldn t because I knew what a rough hand he d been dealt in life He made a lot of mistakes and Ember is about his redemption Phoenix can t forgive himself for his past actions and all the people he s hurt Being assigned to watch after Bee Te [...]

    15. I don t need perfect He held me tighter I just need you Always Promise not to ever let me go His voice was desperate I know it sounds weak, but I m so sick of trying to look strong, trying to be strong God, Bee, I just need you to let me be weak in this moment and tell you that you re the reason I m able to breathe a little easier every day You re the reason my heart s able to beat without shattering in my chest He sighed I guess what I m saying isyou ve brought me back to life and after being d [...]

    16. I am really going to try and not go on and on about this book and how great this series really is, because if you are reading this book then you should have already read the first four books And if you have then you already know how great this series and all of the characters are You know how complex and heartbreaking each character can be You have also been waiting for Phoenix to get his redemption and I think he might have just done it.Phoenix s role was cast a long time ago He was destined to [...]

    17. A phoenix rises out of the embers and begins anew, but in order to get there, who gets dragged into the fire with him, and are they safe from the blazing flames, or will they get irreparably burned Monster Rapist Murderer Lost cause.These are the terms that plague Phoenix De Lange, both in his reality and nightmares The darkness consumes him and the monster within constantly claws at his psyche, hoping to break free and regain control of the man who has now been given a second chance and become [...]

    18. I have no idea how I m going to get over this series I m not going to give you the ins and outs of the story, because hell, I m not good with words, so I m just going to go with how I feel.Phoenix, I knew you were going to make me cry I just knew it But I did not know how much Bee was going to own my heart I wanted to pluck her out of the book and hug her But above all, I wanted to be her friend Every each one of the characters of this series has a piece of my heart Even though at the beginning [...]

    19. Every time Rachel releases a new cover to any of her books I pre make my blog posts because she s always a one click for me This was a long a wait let me tell you what, I found myself hounding that girl everyday asking if Phoenix was ready yet He s an oddball, I mean the boy sometimes doesn t know what to do and even though he s a total bada I think he s scared of what Bee brings out of him like any mafia man he s quite possessive of what s his, and Bee is his, he just needs to pull his head out [...]

    20. I was extremely lucky and won an ARC of Ember All I can say is wow This saga continues to get better Rachel has done it again with the wonderful book A brilliant 5 read and suddenly I m team Phoenix

    21. 5 Rise From The Ashes STARSFirst of all I am a huge Rachel Van Dyken fan and I love her books, period.So girls hold your breath because this is Phoenix s story.I wanna curse myself, oh why in the hell did I ignore this book for 1 year, can you believe it 1 whole year I used to come across this title almost everyday but I just ignored why , because it was Phoenix s story I always thought that reading Phoenix s book is a complete time waste but the author proved me wrong and now Ember is my favori [...]

    22. 5 Stars Favorite Quote I meant it then His grip tightened And I mean it now The smile was back And so was his mouth Rachel has succeeded time and time again to blow me away with each novel in this series I didn t think that I was going to enjoy this one I will be honest I was not a huge fan of Phoenix in this series Not all those who are broken can be fixed Well, prepare yourself, because this novel is a real doozy.We jump in with the aftermath of Elicit HOPEFULLY you have read Enforce before ju [...]

    23. I have been waiting for Phoenix s story for what seems like forever I wasn t sure how it all would play out since Phoenix has been the definite bad apple in the group and is broken He s had so much dropped on him and done so many horrible things, I wasn t sure if he would be redeemed or not.Needless to say, I absolutely loved Ember Phoenix is still struggling with everything going on and his past, and is still Bee s babysitter to say it nicely You can tell Phoenix is attracted to Bee, but doesn [...]

    24. 4 Redeeming Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and Inkslinger PRGenre NA Mafia RomancePart 5 in an ongoing seriesMy Ember ReviewI LOVE THIS SERIES It is not a usual world that you would think that you would fall for by Rachel Van Dyken has such a gift and capturing you and transplanting you into this unknown mafia vortex where these young boys are running the underground world They are boys in a man s world and surviving the best that they can Out of all of them Phoenix De La [...]

    25. We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website Ember Eagle Elite 5 by Rachel Van DykenIf you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Rate 5 starsReview I have never been so afraid to read a book in a series I love I was not a big fan of Phoenix on Elite and his action didn t win me over at all, so I wasn t expecting to be so drawn to the story and amazed [...]

    26. Who could ever feel safe with a monster Would you Knowing the man whose been sent to ensure your survival was the same man who d raped, tortured and murdered women then he could remember Phoenix wasn t the hero being a bodyguard entailed Ooh no he was far sinister than that He was an evil soul that preyed upon your nightmares, the boogeyman your parents shielded you from Was it possible to find redemption even tho he wasn t deserving What about the elusive word of forgiveness he certainly wasn [...]

    27. I don t even know how to begin this review I ve loved this series from the very beginning Each book solidifying my feelings and making me yearn for the next I have to say that Ember is my favorite so far I really struggled in the beginning As readers of this series, you know what I mean when I say that Phoenix was meant to be disliked We aren t supposed to love him, yet through this story and Rachel s writing, I found myself forgiving him and falling in love with him It s amazing just how much m [...]

    28. I LOVED IT SO MUCHWHAT ME NO WAY sneakily wipes tears away I hated Phoenix I really did He was evil and I wanted him to die but not any I started feeling sorry for him in previous books, but now I just straight up love him He did a lot of twisted things, but it wasn t his choice He lost himself along the way Phoenix is now the new boss of the Nicolasis, he has a nice fancy car, and he s been given a second chance but he s still miserable because the guilt is consuming him Bee is finally free, bu [...]

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