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American Gypsy Girl By Mary Zinda American Gypsy Girl IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree National Indie Excellence Award Finalist Kindle Book Awards Semi finalist Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist April The future looks blea
  • Title: American Gypsy Girl
  • Author: Mary Zinda
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • American Gypsy Girl By Mary Zinda 2015 IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree 2015 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist 2015 Kindle Book Awards Semi finalist 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist April 28, 1969 The future looks bleak for the baby girl asleep on top of her father s boxer shorts in the laundry basket, but she doesn t seem to notice At the moment, Charlene Rae Bucher is blissfully una 2015 IndieBRAG Medallion Honoree 2015 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist 2015 Kindle Book Awards Semi finalist 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist April 28, 1969 The future looks bleak for the baby girl asleep on top of her father s boxer shorts in the laundry basket, but she doesn t seem to notice At the moment, Charlene Rae Bucher is blissfully unaware that she will spend her formative years living inside an aluminum camper with a disinterested, dope smoking father and a vacant, vodka loving mother Her extended family will consist of a bunch of equally uninspired adults who park their campers alongside the Buchers She is truly an unlucky baby But babies grow up, and the teenage Farrah Fawcett wannabe stuffs her bra and learns what she can about life within the chain link fence of Creek s Edge Campground A lesson learned inside a rubber tractor tire forces Charlene to grow up quickly even when no one else around her will With the help of the retired Methodist minister on site 11A and some eccentric people she meets outside Creek s Edge, Charlene begins to see that there s to life than getting the high score on Donkey Kong Traveling through a maze of misunderstandings, chance meetings, and new discoveries, eighteen year old Charlene begins to build a life of her own that isn t on wheels American Gypsy Girl is a humorous novel of the dysfunction, friendships, lies, and loves that make up one girl s pursuit of the American Dream.
    American Gypsy Girl By Mary Zinda
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      465 Mary Zinda
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    1. Mary Zinda

      My fascination with all things haunted and tragic led me to write about such things My real life is neither, luckily It s probably hard to write with ghosts hanging around When I m not writing or camping, or hanging with my family I m reading Please throw recommendations my way if you come across a good historical fiction novel My favorite

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    1. Recipe for Disaster1 knocked up eighteen year old, slightly overbaked1 unsuspecting, very handsome, and charitable photographer1 familiar face you never thought you d see again A whole lotta liesCombine ingredients in small wooden house and stir Bake at 90 for several hours Carefully skim layers of lies off the top the allow to settle overnight Serve with heap of humilityCharlene Rae Bucher is a young teenager like any other teenager, except she has lived her whole life in a aluminium camper wit [...]

    2. American Gypsy Girl by Mary Zinda From a girl her mother barely knew existed and her father never wanted, Charlene, sounds like Char broiled , comes of age in a campground in Wisconsin among the seasonal people and the kids in the video arcade.Although Charlene s mother barely functions without a drink in her hand, sometimes two, her father seems to know what to do to keep her going, until the day he finally has had enough when Charlene comes home pregnant a second time and he disappears.This pu [...]

    3. Surprisingly upliftingAlthough this story starts out with the somber image of a child growing up amidst neglect and substance abuse, the upbeat tone of Charlene s voice constantly lifts the novel out of what could be a very dark place.

    4. This was a sad story that kept me addicted from beginning to end I felt as if I could really relate to this character and I felt just as the character did Boy, Gypsy s have a strange life.

    5. We are proud to announce that AMERICAN GYPSY GIRL by Mary Zinda is a B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money

    6. Very uniqueInteresting story about a young girl and her caravan lifestyle Lessons learned about life the hard way Fictional biography of this young gypsy s first eighteen years of life.

    7. Genuinely goodFrom the start to finish I enjoyed this story Charlene was a lovable character that most girls could relate in some way to Nicely written Quick read as it keeps you entertained and wanting to find out where Charlene goes next Recommended

    8. Meet Charlene Rae Bucher That is Charlene as in Char broiled To say Charlene lives an unconventional childhood would be quite the understatement She and her mom and dad live in a camper a tin can on wheels, as she dubs it and stay at campgrounds, anchoring in Wisconsin in the summer where her dad and his ragtag gypsy friends find work in the Christmas tree industry I ve never been a camper, but the author s description of the campgrounds and its atmosphere placed me right there in the middle of [...]

    9. Lately almost all the books I read are free or 99 cents on various web sites This was one of those also Maybe two and a half stars would be better since I did read the whole thing Probably younger people would rate it higher.I read it on the way home from an rv park in Texas I enjoyed the first half than the second half.The main character who seems wiser than than the grown ups around her in the first half becomes incredibly stupid in the second half Perhaps stupid is too strong But the main ch [...]

    10. I really liked this book This poor girl s train wreck of a life made for interesting reading Sometimes she was smart seemed to be getting her life together then she would go do or say something stupid again The humor in this book was great I really liked how the end came together I would have liked to know who the rich lady was at Madam Lucy s I have a guess but would have liked that to be clarified I would like to know the reason Charlene never really knew who her parents were why they never re [...]

    11. This book was very enjoyable Some reviewers felt it made fun of low income people but I thought it was a wonderful portrait of people coping with their circumstances The characters and relationships are great The only reason I held back on 5 stars was mentioned by others the ending is a little too fairy tale esque.

    12. American Gypsy is about as Chick Lit as I get It s the typical girl has a hard life her family lives in a camper and travels the US and she has a crisis but what I like about it is she comes into her own before she finds her knight in shining armor She s already saved her self before the man enters the picture.

    13. American Gypsy Girl by Mary Zinda is a coming of age story that presents an interesting insight into how a young girl growing up under extremely unfavorable conditions can find in herself what it takes to build a future outside of what she knows from her own upbringing The book is well written and the characters so well developed, you ll feel as though you personally know them.

    14. I loved this book even though the main character had such troubled parents she always had hope to do better and didnt complain she made alot of mistakes, but in the end she found what was right for her.

    15. Couldn t put it downI enjoyed reading this book it was hard to put down and when I did, I continued thinking about the characters and what would happen to them well written and moving too thank you for writing it

    16. Fun storyMaybe not the best written or most believable story but I did find it engaging The characters and even the storyline were relatable Overall, an enjoyable coming of age story.

    17. This was like 3.5 stars It was not a great piece of literature but the story was enjoyable and the characters, relatable for the most part Sure the story seemed a tad far fetched at times, but sometimes you need that in a book I was happily surprised by this freebie.

    18. I really liked this book The main character grew on me and I did end up liking her than I thought I would Plus I must have looked really funny when I laughed really hard at some parts if the book It was also really nice to read a book who didn t have all the social sites and so on.

    19. 3.5 The excursions to absurd levels of naivety aside, I found this trailer park coming of age tale unexpectedly charming Unfortunately, for this could easily have rated an additional star, the arc the author had in mind was possibly the least interesting one available.

    20. CaptivatingSuch an Amazing read Captivating from beginning to end Charlene such an intriguing character, found myself rooting for her throughout the story.

    21. A book you should read It takes you into the life of a family that are considered gypsies and the young girl who grew up with this life and how she adapted and made the most of what she had.

    22. Really enjoyed this fun book Author s great sense of humor had me laughing out loud and yes, maybe even a snort or two

    23. As someone who is semi nomadic the title of the book pulled me in Overall a nice easy and quick read.

    24. Light readWhile I had hoped this book was really about Gypsies, this book following the life of a girl growing up in trailer parks was still entertaining.

    25. Good readAlthough there was a lull midway through, the book quickly picked up pace and turned out to be an enjoyable read.

    26. A Funny Good ReadIf you want a real light hearted amusing story this is the one for you Laughs on every page Kept me laughing out loud.

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