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My Beloved By T.M. Mendes My Beloved She gave me life again She is the my entire purpose on breathing Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore Who is she you ask Why she is My Beloved
  • Title: My Beloved
  • Author: T.M. Mendes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • My Beloved By T.M. Mendes She gave me life again She is the my entire purpose on breathing Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore Who is she you ask Why, she is My Beloved.
    My Beloved By T.M. Mendes
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      490 T.M. Mendes
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    About "T.M. Mendes"

    1. T.M. Mendes

      T.M.Mendes was born in Mesa Arizona where she and her family moved to Washington State She has three siblings and two loving parents When she isn t writing, T.M.Mendes works as a caregiver to special needs adults and is a youth leader at her church She loves to read and loves to draw almost as much.

    376 thoughts on “My Beloved”

    1. I really loved the romance in the book I enjoyed the characters and how the premise was built I was interested in this book the moment I read the description For the most part, it held up to my expectations The only complaints, is the unrealistic aspects of the plot Yes, this is a paranormal romance and has an unreal aspect anyways, but the whole legend that starts the story off was weird There were a few other unbelievable plot parts, but overall, I enjoyed the story This book gets four glitter [...]

    2. After One Night with the Prince, TM Mendes surprises us with another book that deserves to be read and enjoyed by everyone If you are into vampire romance stories with a different twist, you should definitely read this.

    3. Ugh whyI gave this book one star which I hate because I really liked the summary of it but the book was just that bad.

    4. I don t like writing mean reviews, but this was a really stupid book If I had to take a guess based on this book, I would say that the author is a middle school student Why Because that s how the characters and the plot read I m always amazed that authors don t realize that characters are what really drive a story Plots are rarely ever original, especially when you re dealing with tropes such as vampires falling in love with a teenager This means that the characters need to be real, their intera [...]

    5. Deep breath This Book Is Amazing This was the first book I ever read on wattpad I can say it was a heck of a first pick because I instantly fell in love The story is amazing and unique Especially amongst all the other vampire stories you can find these days I m a person that gets tired of cliches and this book didn t have them It wasn t predictable either Which kept me on the edge of my seat, scrambling to read The love between Wendy and Vincent made my heart break Whenever he called her his Fi [...]

    6. I read this on wattpad first and I liked it Somehow Maybe because I was younger And the synopsis attracted me But reading it again, I feel like this was written by a high school student.The characters are all very immature except for Vincent All I heard from Wendy were her screams throughout the whole book She s so bratty You know sometimes you could talk in lower tones esp after you ve had so many meltdowns and tantrums not just continuously yelling.The other couple The way they talk, tease and [...]

    7. The first time I read this book was on Wattpad and I can honestly say I loved it I have read it over a million times since then this is me being metaphorical and its power to hold me captivated does not diminish It has a brilliant plot and lovable characters that one can totally relate to The thing that stopped me from giving it 5 stars is that I found it too surreal as a story Everything happened so fast and there were so many things happening at the same time that I found that for me there was [...]

    8. undecidedFirst and foremost the author did a wonderful job on the characters they were interesting and very relatable I could not wait to find out what would happen next to Wendy and Vincent They were so cute and lovable The thing that grated on my nerves was the storyline I felt like there was to many things going on The commission, Vincent s incarceration, Wendy s vision and so forth was very confusing I didn t know how everything related and I just felt exasperated with the different paths in [...]

    9. I read this on wattpad first And loved it Now to reread it with the editing was great It was about a young girl who was bullied at school Only one friend there While in a class she was told of a local legend about a man who was said to be a killer vampire who was caught Told about the jewels he was buried with Not going to get into the story here Read it Can t wait for the next part to come out Though it has an HEA ending it was also left open to continue the story further TM Mendes is a fav on [...]

    10. Horrible writingThe premise was very good and that is the only reason I made it to 26% before quitting in frustration The writing was very stunted Think high school creative writing class I wanted to finish but it was that bad If the author were to get an editor or a ghost writer I would try again A little disappointing but thank goodness for kindle unlimited.

    11. Good ideaLiked the take on soul masses and slight insta love Liked the change in pov and that it was clear when they changed Would like to know some of the secondary characters better The story wrapped up a little too neatly It did seem to falter a little but overall good quick read.

    12. Part of Kindle Unlimited HEA Not your typical vampire book She still in high school she is not popular she is his Beloved He is a Vampire who was blamed for something he didn t do he is trapped for hundreds of years he can only be rescued by his Beloved The twists keep on comingjor one near the end Oh and there is not 1 but 2 wicked witches 4 1 2 star read from me.

    13. The storyline had potential and i loved the Vincent, but I wanted to hit Wendy with something really heavy constantly throughout the book She was whining and angry at Vincent all the time Its was really annoying.

    14. Some times reading about repressive Alphas, whether werewolf or vampire gets tiresome Reading about the heroine struggling to be viewed as a person than railing against an un wanted future makes me tired But on the whole I enjoyed the book.

    15. By now, I should be sick of these kinds of books, but I am not Yup, this one hooked me Their spin on the classic human vampire love story really enthralled me I am crazy for this one, would read it again.

    16. For someone who s gone through tons of books like these, this one is definitely one of the best It uses the common vampire myth we know, so it s an easy and simple read Also, the love story s very compelling and I just got sucked in Highly recommend this to paranormal and romance addicts

    17. Looooooove itJust love everything thing Vincent and Wendy make a great couple Vincent was awake by Wendy when she dug for the silver inside his grave These is a must read book you won t regret it.

    18. I ve have only read then shorted version on wattpad Once I picked it up, I could not stop reading, the story was original and creative The characters were fresh and amazing.

    19. This is a great story I absolutely love the humor in this book The dialogue in this story is hilarious I can t wait to read this book again and again.

    20. I LOVED this book Interesting plot line that keeps you on the edge of your seat, characters that you can t help but love and action and suspense that makes you never want to set it down Amazing

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