Pitching for Amalie #2020

Pitching for Amalie By Hayley Faiman Pitching for Amalie When tragedy ruins her life Amalie Aagaard cuts ties with her family and moves to Boston leaving her past behind Even in another city far away from the man who loves her memories plague her mind T
  • Title: Pitching for Amalie
  • Author: Hayley Faiman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pitching for Amalie By Hayley Faiman When tragedy ruins her life, Amalie Aagaard cuts ties with her family and moves to Boston, leaving her past behind Even in another city, far away from the man who loves her, memories plague her mind Then, one night at a club, her life takes a turn during a sensual encounter with a stranger Jarrod Harrison is determined to discover about Amalie, but she wears a maskWhen tragedy ruins her life, Amalie Aagaard cuts ties with her family and moves to Boston, leaving her past behind Even in another city, far away from the man who loves her, memories plague her mind Then, one night at a club, her life takes a turn during a sensual encounter with a stranger Jarrod Harrison is determined to discover about Amalie, but she wears a mask, shielding herself from him With a bit of persistence, eventually, Jarrod dominates his way into her heart Amalie lets go a little at a time, on her way to finding happiness with this man When the past rears its ugly head, can their newfound relationship survive Or will it shatter their future together Book 1 Standalone 18 for mature audiences due to language and sexual content.
    Pitching for Amalie By Hayley Faiman
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    1. DNF 30%.This book was bad bad bad Stay away Save yourselves Behold the absolute garbage that is this story The h has a brother who is a cop so whenever she wants to rescue her BF from a bad date she pretends that her brother has been in an accident Yeah, she actually thinks this is funny.The h is very curvy and poses for retro pinup calendars and catalogues You would think this makes her confident in her body but its the exact opposite She is embarrassed to eat the foods she wants in front of th [...]

    2. Super cute story I really enjoyed this book and the way the author wrote it in alternating POV s What I didn t like was Amalie s family and friends getting mad at her over Eric I can t believe her brother, even her best friend, would side with that abusive jerk over family She was right to move away and right them off Although I was really happy she got her twin back in the end and starting rebuilding their relationship.The love story between was Amalie and Jarrod was very intense and steamy, a [...]

    3. Special Teaser because Baseball s Opening Day is Monday Teaser 4 LIVE Tomorrow Teaser 3 4 Days TEASER 2 8 Days until Release Day

    4. Review by Lisa KaneThis story was a fresh take on the sports romance theme Amalie is a curvy, smart, sexy woman who is a ultra sound technician by day and an in demand pin up model by night She meets a hot stranger in the VIP section of a night club and is instantly smitten But she leaves before finding out who he is Mr Mystery tracks her down, no way is he letting this Danish hottie get away from him He makes his moves on her, introduces her to his friends, but neglects to tell her a little sec [...]

    5. 4.5 freaking hot pin up stars for Pitching for Amalie I kindly recieved this book in exchange of an honest review I m not going to summarize and talk about the plot because I myself went in completely blind and very much enjoyed it This book surprised me actually and went beyond my expectations Amalie is a character who I really liked She s confident, beautiful, down to earth and just overall a nice person Jarrod on the other hand is allthough he s sweet and caring as fuck, an full on alpha male [...]

    6. I loved the premise, albeit very cliche, but the writing was just terrible No disrespect to the author but it was truly a roll my eyes gonna skim through the dialogue level of lameness Also, sorry to be vulgar, but the constant use of fuck , whose sweet pussy is this , your pussy is mine , my pussy want something , my pussy like my cock , and so many other variations was really too much Two stars because I m feeling generous should probably be one star though.

    7. The reason I gave just 3 stars is that all was just sex i liked the first part of the book, but the rest i strugled to get into.

    8. Really good book with a really addicting plot Couldn t put it down until I finished it Can t wait for the rest in the series Definitely recommended

    9. Amalie, a six foot tall curvy sonogram technician, and part time pin up model moved to Boston for college and decided this was the place to start her life over She lived a pretty ordinary, almost mundane life with her best friend Jo That is until she met the freakishly tall by her six foot standards Jarrod in a club one night Jarrod is built like a Greek God with a face that will bring any woman to her knees He is the epitome of alpha male sure of himself, sure of what he wants and most definite [...]

    10. FIVE SEXY STARS For those of you that DON T like to read descriptive SEX this book is NOT for you For those of you who like a whole lot of Alpha sexy males and sweet sexy heroines, with a healthy amount of HOT SEX sprinkled in, then you are going to eat this book up.Now for my review Our hero, Jarrod locks on to our heroine Amalie the minute he lays eyes on her She turns out to be exactly what he wants, a beautiful, sexy, sweet, smart woman with a career as an ultrasound technician He thinks he [...]

    11. Spoilers This was an okay book It was one of those insta love books where, within weeks of meeting, they are living together Here s what I liked and disliked I liked the sports aspect, but didn t like that the author didn t have her facts about baseball straight Professional players don t go on month long road trips They don t take week long vacations in the middle of the season, and the season starts in April Spring training starts in February If their baby was born in March, and he was not 2 m [...]

    12. I needed a little break from the dark stuff I ve been reading non stop, and so I decided to finally read this one I bought a while back It s a super sweet story, with a super hot filthy talking alpha baseball player And the way he talksJust yummy Melt your panties yummy I loved the story between Amalie and Jarrod It was fun watching their relationship blossom It was also fun to read all the jealous bitches being catty because they were so jealous over Amalie I could totally picture it I only wis [...]

    13. I was asked to read this book for an honest review, and let me say I am so glad to have the opportunity to read for this talented author I read at least a book a week and this book was a pleasure to read Very well written, great flow, easy read I could not stop If you enjoy hot, hot, hot sexy books without the drama this book if for you Amalie is an amazingly strong women and Jarrod is a perfect man Most books get caught up with drama or lack of communication but not this It was nice to read a b [...]

    14. As soon as I started the book, I couldn t put it down I would highly recommend this book to everyone It s a love story mixed with lots of twist and turns As I read this book she makes me feel as though I am right there with them experiencing everything Hayley is an amazing author I can wait for the next one to be released

    15. Ugh The story was OK, but as a die hard baseball fan, I couldn t get over the ridiculousness of how the life of a New York Yankee was portrayed Nothing about it is accurate, and I don t recommend reading this if you know anything at all about baseball.

    16. Bravo Definitely worth reading I very much enjoyed not only the story, the characters, the suspense, I immensely enjoyed the writing style of the author I will absolutely recommend this book to my friends Can t wait for the next one

    17. Amalie and Jo have lived in Boston for a few years now, they decided to move there after high school together After a difficult past with a controlling ex and abusive boyfriend Eric who also happens to be her brothers best friend and a rough friendship Amalie and Jo decide to try the dating pool again After a series of blind dates Amalie once again helps Jo out and uses an excuse to pull her out of another bad date Instead of going home that night they decide to go to a clubat night changes ever [...]

    18. 5 Fast Pitched StarsI LOVED this book In fact, it s been a little while since my heart has wrapped itself around a story like its wrapped itself around this one It pained me to put it down As soon as I was finished reading it, I wanted to start all over again I m so impressed with this debut Amalie is amazing I adore her details As I was reading, I couldn t help but think, she makes me feel beautiful She s not your average heroine and I appreciated that Then there s Jarrod Holy smokes Jarrod I w [...]

    19. Star Rating 5 starsOh.My.God Seriously.This one is amazing I haven t read many sports related books and after this one I think I may need too for sure Baseball is the only thing that comes to mind to explain this one Jarrod and Amalieswoon Perfect couple people just perfect, although the hard times to get to where they ended up was difficult Knowing what Amalie went thru previously was hurtful to read and know how to feel about it Then the bastard shows up and I was livid Then we get the best fr [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed Pitching for Amalie It s a simple boy meets girl story that is well written and thoroughly engaging Amalie is a young woman who is running from something in her past when she meets Jarrod Jarrod is enraptured by Amalie from the moment he sees her and despite her initial reluctance doesn t stop pursuing her Overall, I really really liked this story There was some triggering moments and some things that I couldn t wra [...]

    21. Wow I just want to start by saying this book grabbed my attention as soon as I read the blurb and seen the cover But wow I am blown away I was completely sucked in and finished the story in one sitting.It had everything I love in a book, a hot baseball player, over the top alpha male A sweet, curvy, independent female, hot chemistry and of course drama and angst I loved the writing and even some parts I actually found myself blushing The authors writing captured my attention and pulled me in I w [...]

    22. Wohoo Curvy girls rule Now if only that can happen to me in real life sans the crazy ex and kidnapping Great quick read.

    23. A fun read with a little drama and a few bumps along the way to Happily Ever After Pitching for Amalie was a great read with great characters and lots of chemistry between Amalie and Jarrod Amalie had been dealt a crappy hand when it came to her family and best friend She had left them behind determined to start over and leave past behind I loved how strong and beautiful she was and she seriously didn t even see it She was very humble and very real, but the ghosts come back to haunt her in the f [...]

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