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Strife By Colleen Vanderlinden Strife What do you do when your most dangerous foe is the one living inside you When Molly Brooks fought her way back to Detroit after her trials in the Nether she came back changed The life she thought she
  • Title: Strife
  • Author: Colleen Vanderlinden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: ebook
  • Strife By Colleen Vanderlinden What do you do when your most dangerous foe is the one living inside you When Molly Brooks fought her way back to Detroit after her trials in the Nether, she came back changed The life she thought she had, the one thing that helped keep her sane, was gone She feels wrong in her own skin, scared And her powers well They re just not working the way they re supposed to.SWhat do you do when your most dangerous foe is the one living inside you When Molly Brooks fought her way back to Detroit after her trials in the Nether, she came back changed The life she thought she had, the one thing that helped keep her sane, was gone She feels wrong in her own skin, scared And her powers well They re just not working the way they re supposed to.She doesn t have a whole lot of time to wallow, though With two angry spirit daemons hell bent on punishing her and the city she loves for her deeds, as well as war brewing between Detroit s supernaturals, and certain members of the pantheon looking for revenge, Molly has her hands full.But what she s forced to face is nothing compared to the evil that lurks inside of her.As her world starts to spiral out of control, as war rages, Molly finds comfort in the last place she ever thought she would And she comes to learn, after a life spent alone, what family really means.And how much she s willing to risk to protect it.
    Strife By Colleen Vanderlinden
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      459 Colleen Vanderlinden
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    1. Colleen Vanderlinden

      Colleen Vanderlinden is the author of the Hidden and Hidden Soulhunter urban fantasy series, as well as the Copper Falls paranormal romance series The her novels Home, Nether, and Godkiller have all been finalists for RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards for best self published urban fantasy novel Her books have consistently received positive reviews, and RT Book Reviews has called her storytelling electrifying She lives in northern Michigan with her husband, kids, demonic Basset hound, and four lazy cats You can find out about Colleen s books at colleenvanderlinden, or follow her on Twitter, where she s C_Vanderlinden.

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    1. This book was everything and then some The fights were insane and heartbreaking The romance is very passionate and intense The laughter on point The relationships between the characters and the characters themselves are amazeballs I think this is a strong book I was never bored or blah My interest was kept throughout My unanswered questions answered Hands down a 10 star book Nether, that bonus chapter was delicious I was super emotional reading this book I laughed and cried a little I got really [...]

    2. This is one of my favorite new series and author Each book gets better better You ll fall in love with Molly the rest of the gang I can t get enough of this world

    3. This book has got to be one of the highlights of my reading year Colleen has fast become one of my absolute all time favourite authors Her Hidden series is an all consuming emotional, action filled, amazing roller coaster of a ride This book picks up right where we left off at the end of book 3 with Molly not knowing whether she is coming or going with her team, her relationships, an unknown dark power trying to take over her and a mad supernatural on the loose in her beloved home city.I don t w [...]

    4. When an author creates a great plot and adds a dash of LOL humor and gives us characters that are so real to us that we either love or hate them I, at least, have to give a five star rating Colleen has done that with Strife and the previous books in the Hidden series The personality of even the secondary characters are well developed I never would have thought I will like Imps but Colleen made it possible My top read of the year and I will be rereading this series many times over the coming year [...]

    5. Non stop and action packed I have no idea how she does it, but these books are literally a non stop, action packed ,ass kicking ride Each book in this series is faster paced than the last I really enjoyed how the story lines are coming together and loose ends are being tied up little by little I can t tell you how happy I am that Nether is no longer inside Molly I really missed how she was able to use her powers before She is one crazy powerful goddess, I can t wait until she rips into her enemi [...]

    6. Molly has died numerous times and come alive again She s now inhabited by Nether who is constantly struggling against Molly to take control of her and cause her to do major damage The supernaturals have come out of the woodwork and total chaos reigns in the street as both humans and supernaturals, some fighting against each other, are killed.Her house is burned down and she finds out that someone has been spying on the groups and has betrayed them There s a great deal of fighting in the book and [...]

    7. Jesus God, I m glad this book is done.Also is eating my old status updates What s up with that My status and opinions and insane ramblings not good enough for you Eh EH EHHHHHH Regarding the book, I m going to steal a characterization from George W and call the protagonist a flipflopper It would be one thing if she was an unreliable narrator but she s not unreliable so much as deluded, and taking us along for the ride.Also, kitchen sinkery.

    8. I skimmed the heck out of this book It just seemed like the same thing over and over again.Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like a whole lot of tell and little show The relationships didn t seem real and her ideas of people change too easily I thought I was done with this series when I read the previous book, but this one cemented it for me.

    9. Read the book Do not do the audible version, the narrator is dreadful and does a complete disservice to Colleen Vanderlinden s writing and story telling with her slurring and mispronunciations This series was a delightful read.

    10. I started reading mostly because of the female hero I have actively been trying to patronize writers who try to break out of the male heros female victims mold I read all four books inthe past few days and overall I am pleasantly surprised A few times I worried this would turn out with Molly being weak and needy like Bella in Twilight but I have been very happy with Molly s growth and her capacity and desire to save the world and save herself I hesitantly rated the first three books a 3, fearing [...]

    11. I ve been pretty clear this has been one of my favorite series ever, and this book is just another awesome addition to the series What makes a top notch series for me Characters you want to be BFFs with in real life, plots that keep you up reading past your bedtime, and some definite sizzle Colleen s books have all of these qualities and are five star for me only because I cannot give them six I can only hope Colleen never runs out of ideas and continues with these characters for a long long tim [...]

    12. I love this series Molly is the kick ass girl we all need in our lives She is afraid, hurting and unsure of herself Alone Detroit is on fire, sometimes it s her fault Not only is she fighting to save the city from Strife and Terror the actual beings but she s fighting the darkness inside herself The action is awesome, the romance isn t forced The hurt and betrayal feel real I can t say enough If you haven t read this series you should start NOW.

    13. I read these books back to back I am glad to have a break between reading these books and the next instalment but I am even grateful for the fact it is not a long wait in between I will provide a full review of this book and book three later, let s just say I am very satisfied that some of the characters showed their true colors and relationships resolved themselves so there will be a cohesive front for the final battle to come.

    14. Pretty decent 4th installment with quite a bit going on, decent, shifty writing that might throw you off for a short bit a lot culminates and a lot of ground is covered Though some of the revelations really don t work in the way earlier books are explained, and perhaps, should have had at least some groundwork for make sense Minor complaints, but so far, probably the best book in the series.

    15. Another lovely addition to the Hidden series but it felt like it was the closer for book 3 So maybe this book should ve been book 3 1 2 instead of 4 Besides that, it was a wonderful continuation of the story line Molly learns about herself, meets am elusive family member, and rekindles her love Give it a read

    16. NAILED ITI loved this book Each book in the series has gotten better and better but Ms Vanderlinden got all of the emotions out of me in this chapter of Molly s story I laughed, cried and was very angry a WONDERFUL read and I cannot wait until the next installment wishing for November to get here already

    17. brilliant I enjoy that one minute you think you know how it s going to go then it goes a different way so many times I thought awwwww then omg then aww most definitely keeps you on your toes loved it

    18. Great ReadGot to love the rollercoaster that is Molly s life I didn t care for Nain from the beginning but that is just my POV A book that can make a reader laugh, get upset, or react to the content is a great one.

    19. While another good addition to the Hidden series story line, there didn t seem to be as much forward momentum, and a lot of redundancy in the dialogue and character interactions A good story, but plodding a bit I anticipate action and faster pace in book 5.

    20. Good readA good book but Starting to get a little long winded and repetitious Ended up skipping through a lot of unnecessary pages.

    21. Jeezill not fully recovered from the last book and then BAM time to recuperate.lets go save the world again goodness and Nain omggh.

    22. Great series Book Four of the series I have enjoyed all four so far They are exciting, suspenseful, and entertaining I recommend this series

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