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The Abyss Beyond Dreams By Peter F. Hamilton The Abyss Beyond Dreams The Chronicle of the Fallers volume one When images of a lost civilization are dreamed by a self proclaimed prophet of the age Nigel Sheldon inventor of wormhole technology and creator of the Commo
  • Title: The Abyss Beyond Dreams
  • Author: Peter F. Hamilton
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  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Abyss Beyond Dreams By Peter F. Hamilton The Chronicle of the Fallers, volume one.When images of a lost civilization are dreamed by a self proclaimed prophet of the age, Nigel Sheldon, inventor of wormhole technology and creator of the Commonwealth society, is asked to investigate Especially as the dreams seem to be coming from the Void a mysterious area of living space monitored and controlled because of itThe Chronicle of the Fallers, volume one.When images of a lost civilization are dreamed by a self proclaimed prophet of the age, Nigel Sheldon, inventor of wormhole technology and creator of the Commonwealth society, is asked to investigate Especially as the dreams seem to be coming from the Void a mysterious area of living space monitored and controlled because of its hugely destructive capabilities With it being the greatest threat to the known universe, Nigel is committed to finding out what really lies within the Void and if there s any truth to the visions they ve received Does human life really exist inside its boundary But when Nigel crash lands inside the Void, on a planet he didn t even know existed, he finds so much than he expected Bienvenido a world populated by the ancestors of survivors from Commonwealth colony ships that disappeared centuries ago Since then they ve been fighting an increasingly desperate battle against the Fallers, a space born predator artificially evolved to conquer worlds Their sole purpose is to commit genocide against every species they encounter With their powerful telepathic lure that tempts any who stray across their path to a slow and painful death they are by far the greatest threat to humanity s continued existence on this planet.But Nigel soon realizes that the Fallers also hold the key to something he d never hoped to find the destruction of the Void itself If only he can survive long enough to work out how to use it .
    The Abyss Beyond Dreams By Peter F. Hamilton
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      498 Peter F. Hamilton
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    1. Peter F. Hamilton

      Peter F Hamilton is a British science fiction author He is best known for writing space opera As of the publication of his tenth novel in 2004, his works had sold over two million copies worldwide, making him Britain s biggest selling science fiction author.

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    1. The first one hundred pages were good, I thought I was getting back into the fascinated science fiction universe that I d spent thousands of pages exploring with this author before My curiosity was ramping up as I saw pieces of the past being pulled into what appeared to be an exciting new mystery and the puzzle pieces seemed to be assembling And thene rest of the book is a boring and totally stereotypical revolution full of comrades and cells and people I don t care about in a city I don t care [...]

    2. This review was originally published on Avid Reviews avidfantasyreviews.wordpreFor those of you who have never heard of Peter F Hamilton, he is a giant within the science fiction genre, and specialist in space operas in particular In The Abyss Beyond Dreams Hamilton returns to the Commonwealth and the universe of his acclaimed Void Trilogy with the first installment of Chronicle of the Fallers, a new two part series Abyss is perfect both for fans of Hamilton s work and for new readers the events [...]

    3. What just happened This started out really good Spaceship entering a VOID erious things happening with time, Aliens chewing and eating people, frantic escapes to the planet, body doubles, etcper fast paced, and although i was confused at times, was really getting into it enBAM i got to book 3 , which is about 140 pages in, and i was suddenly constantly repeating wft and i have no idea what is going on and what happened to Laura and Nigel and who the fk is Slvasta what seemed like a whole new sto [...]

    4. ESP Telepathy Telekinesis Sobbing, Hysterical Women DNF 16%The women in this were absolutely absurd Over emotional, tantrums, hysteria, sobbing Hamilton tried to write it off as the void affecting them but then why were only the women hysterical And why did the remaining man stay rational It was a huge contrast to Pushing Ice and Reynolds s extremely well written women.What a horrible experience, if brief.

    5. Like Hamilton s earlier Void trilogy, this story is largely set in the pocket universe of The Void, where electronics and other post 19th century technology fails, and society has developed around ubiquitous psychic ability Hamilton avoids continuity problems by devising an independent planet, Bienvenido, within the same Void as the earlier stories on which to stage the action Here, all the same physical Void laws remain the same, but have slightly different nomenclature Likewise, a similar soci [...]

    6. The Abyss Beyond Dreams great and well deserved title given the content is the first of a duology ending with Night Without Stars which I expect to advance the Commonwealth universe beyond the Evolutionary Void timeline, though for now we are still within itHigh class sf combined with the Void magic like properties, an entertaining appearance from Paula Myo who helps Nigel presumed gone with a colony fleet 3000 AD but still in the Commonwealth semi incognito in 3326 as per the blurb manage a per [...]

    7. While The Abyss Beyond Dreams is technically the seventh novel in the Commonwealth saga which began with 2002 s Misspent Youth , it still makes for a than suitable entry point into the universe, as Hamilton does an excellent job getting the reader up to speed on all the future tech and lingo, the history of the Commonwealth, and the nature of the mysterious Void, a black hole like spatial anomaly about which not much at all is known, other than the fact that it s expanding, and that an ancient [...]

    8. 4 Stars The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter Hamilton is yet another science fiction novel tailor made for me and my interests This is book one in the Commonwealth Chronicle of the Fallers series duology I scored this book only 4 Stars as it does suffer some pacing issues not uncommon in a Hamilton novel , as well as a few minor quirks But, make no mistake, for my enjoyment, this was a perfect book that I loved and couldn t put down There are some incredible portions of this story that are mind blow [...]

    9. Adventures in the Void continue But they are now taking place on Bienvenido, not Querencia.Even though there are or less the same features as in The Void trilogy and a lot clich s than in PFH s other books, the adventures are as gripping as always and of course there are plenty elements of surprise You ll find a lot of steampunk, nanotech, ANAdroids, telekinesis, time travel and Nigel Lot of questions unanswered at the end so let s see what brings the last book in this universe.Advice if you a [...]

    10. AudiobookOh my gosh this book was long And I agree with other reviewers that this is a book within a book within a book The beginning was good at first I thought it would be in the vein of Alien with lots of blood and gore Then the next book started which I did not find very interesting at all and if this were a physical book I would have stopped reading it about a third of the way in All of the lives intersect neatly in the end too neatly It s like the author had to justify all of these seeming [...]

    11. reviewstaphorosis 3 starsAt the request of the alien Raiel, human genius Nigel Sheldon enters the Void a strange section of the universe where normal laws do not apply Within the void, on the planet Bienvenido, a determined young man fights to protect his world from the dangerous Fallers.Authors often feel compelled to tell the same story again and again Sometimes literally the same story, from a different viewpoint as in Orson Scott Card s Ender s Shadow More often, it s the same plot dressed u [...]

    12. My eleventh Peter F Hamilton book and structurally it is unlike all the others At first I thought it was going to be the first below five star read from him but by the finale all was forgiven and redemption was had I love the way he writes, I love long multi volume stories, and I just bought the second in this series Great stuff

    13. Good, not awesome.Enjoyable but not outstanding Continues the story of the void begun in previous commonwealth books Some of the same characters, and lots of new ones Action moves to a different planet within the void, and introduces New bad guys A bit over long for what it is, but still a worthwhile read.

    14. Peter F Hamilton is one of my favourite authors as he excels in creating believable, complex and captivating stories The characters may not be very deep, but they are always interesting and seem real in the setting of the plots Pace and thrill are ever present and the complexity of the universes that Hamilton builds are epic in scope However, I was hoping for Science Fiction in this novel it only amounts to perhaps 20% Much of the story take place in the Void on a particular planet like in the [...]

    15. Ok, I m really not sure how to rate this one Well, it started off on fire Everything I ever wanted in a sci fi novel The Void, a space within space that is somehow giving everyone that enters it these awesome abilities, but is the Void just a weird pocket of spaceor does it have a purpose Maybe even a mind of it s own And who are the skylords It was just everything Then just seems to turn into a completely different book All about the politics on this planet within the Void Did I mention I hate [...]

    16. Two or three starsat is the question This was a very science y science fiction bookd I loved the start I was completely hooked on the opening story Then it switched to a different story Unfortunately, I just wasn t pulled into that one like I was with the opening story The characters and the world building weren t as intriguing However, I thought the plot was very creative I liked how the author tied it all together SO.I ll go with 3 stars.

    17. I liked the first 25% or so of this book The concept of the Void and Skylords was interesting There was a little too much science babel for me in the beginning of this book but at around the 10% mark it started to get very exciting Part 2 skipped ahead about 200 years and started to tell the story of Nigel who is sent to investigate the source in the Void of some unusual dreams that are forming the basis of a human cult I was just getting caught up in this story when the book abruptly skipped to [...]

    18. I was in familiar territory at the beginning, the commonwealth a place I have traveled to before with Hamilton The middle of the book, slightly stilted for me It was OK, something I wouldn t have expected from this author, whose previous work I have devoured.The latter, final act redeemed the book for me, raising the bar of the whole piece.This book is a solid, set up for the next I would liked a little bit umpth from the get go, for the next installment, but all that said, it is solid 4 for me [...]

    19. 3.5 starsI enjoyed Hamilton s writing style, but I must admit to being a bit confused or at least uninformed about his existing Commonwealth and Void universes This was my first Hamilton novel so I dived right in and either sank or swam by his efforts To his credit, even with limited world building or recap exposition in the Prologue, I gleaned enough to make the read enjoyable.Read the rest of my review at my blog.

    20. Yet again Peter F Hamilton proves why he is my favourite author utterly engrossing storytelling, combining wonder, adventure and horror, full of vividly realised portraits of people, environments and strangeness The novel travels back into the Void but there are also elements that reminded me just why I enjoyed the Night s Dawn trilogy so much A magnificent book with a perfect title.

    21. S hl jsem po knize jako po fin ln m d le trilogie a docela m p ekvapilo, e i kdy se tak odehr v ve Voidu, tak se d j p esunul na jinou planetu a k jin m hrdin m Pak jsem si to ov il a zjistil, e to nen posledn d l trilogie ale prvn d l nov s rie Knihy tu v pol tin pou t t se do takov chhle hard SF palk v angli tin , na to zase nem m pln odvahu a minulou trilogii vyd valo jin nakladatelstv , kter svou pr ci je t nedokon ilo Sakra Podobn jako minul trilogie, i tahle je m rn m odklonem od festovn t [...]

    22. Oke, Peter Hamilton is one of my top favorite writers win the sci fi scene, so I really wanted to like this book And whilst reading it, my progress was slow and I could myself not find to be engaged with this one What happened here Why could the new novel of my number 1 not bother me too much Well, it s the Void I knew this was a Void novel, but that it turned me down like this I didn t expect The start was promising A spaceship with human colonists end up in the Void, which is in the middel of [...]

    23. Outstanding There s not really another word for this book Since I m such a huge fan of Peter s Commonwealth Saga and the Void trilogy, this went straight to the top of my reading list And what a book It just felt good to read.The story is built inside the same amazing universe as those previous series but new readers will not struggle either as Hamilton has created an entirely new story thread with enough background information to support it if you have not read any of the other Commonwealth boo [...]

    24. Back to the Void but to a different planet and to a time before the ending of the Void series As usual in a Hamilton space opera there are different story lines that at some future point are pulled together and the same time period is often relived in the various story lines The first story line of the ships that find themselves in the Void ends with an event that hangs without mention again until at least halfway through the 25 hour audio I did not like this first book of the 2 book series as m [...]

    25. Except for the very beginning and the very end, this had the feel of a steampunk novel Nigel, inventor of the teleportation device from the Void trilogy, travels into the Void to rescue humans trapped in its pocket universe He lands in a world very similar to Quarencia of the previous series, with the very same physical properties, where most advanced high tech won t function, with some exceptions subject to the author s poetic license Nigel embarks on a long term plan to develop or recover suff [...]

    26. I should preface this by saying that The Abyss Beyond Dreams is the first Peter F Hamilton book I ve read So, I can t really speak to the extent to which it incorporates the rest of his world Hamilton s novel features The Void, a black hole in space that seems to be exerting a conscious will When a Commonweath fleet is absorbed into the Void, Nigel determines that he must go in after it and rescue the Void s captives He arrives to find a fully established planet, Bienvenidos, with a governmental [...]

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