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The Book of Storms By Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort The Book of Storms A boy on a quest against the power of the storm Eleven year old Danny s parents are storm chasers which sounds fun and exciting and it is so long as you aren t the son who has to wait behind at home
  • Title: The Book of Storms
  • Author: Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort
  • ISBN: 9781471402982
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of Storms By Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort A boy on a quest against the power of the storm Eleven year old Danny s parents are storm chasers which sounds fun and exciting, and it is, so long as you aren t the son who has to wait behind at home And one night, after a particularly fierce storm, Danny s parents don t come back Stranger still, the old syca tree in Danny s yard seems to have been struck by ligh A boy on a quest against the power of the storm Eleven year old Danny s parents are storm chasers which sounds fun and exciting, and it is, so long as you aren t the son who has to wait behind at home And one night, after a particularly fierce storm, Danny s parents don t come back Stranger still, the old syca tree in Danny s yard seems to have been struck by lightning, and when he picks up a fragment of wood from the tree s heart, he finds he can hear voices including that of next door s rather uppity cat, Mitzy The stick is a taro, a shard of lightning that bestows upon its bearer unnerving powers, including the ability to talk with plants and animals and it is very valuable So valuable, in fact, that it attracts the attention of a Sammael, an ancient figure of darkness and a buyer of souls And he will do anything to get his hands on it And so begins a dangerous and daring quest Danny, who is bewildered, alone and unaccustomed to acts of bravery, must confront his fears, find his parents and unravel the secrets of The Book of Storms.
    The Book of Storms By Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort
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      348 Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort
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      Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Book of Storms book, this is one of the most wanted Ruth Hatfield Nicholas Delort author readers around the world.

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    1. This was going to be a 1.5 2 star for me for the most part, but then something completely unredeemable happened at the end I would give this book the 1.5 2 star rating simply for the dull writing, which was a major disappointment when the premise and logo promise something exciting Although the artwork at each chapter is nice in a subdued yet detailed kinda way, it doesn t save this book from itself or deserving only 1 star.When the story isn t listlessly written, the emotional parts are just de [...]

    2. Review also at kyrosmagica.wordpress 2014It is an altogether different experience writing a review about a book written by someone you know Ruth Hatfield is a longstanding member of the Children s writing group that I attend in Cambridge At her book launch I mentioned that I would write her a review and her tentative response, I hope you like it, made me smile, because having read drafts of Ruth s wonderful writing I was certain that I would like the Book of Storms and in this I wasn t disappoin [...]

    3. A good, enthralling story Review to come The Book of Storms is about Danny O Neill and his quest to find his parents after they strangely disappear during a storm and don t come back This book is full of magic and adventure, as well as talking animals and nature that makes you feel like a child at heart once again However, this innocence is challenged by the existence of the antagonist Sammael who constantly tries to harm Danny with his power over sand and the storms themselves First of all, I l [...]

    4. I really didn t expect the intensity of this book and the storyline It really kept me wondering what was going to happen I didn t like the speech very much or how the animals or earth spoke to humans it was to much human then earthly, if that makes sense I was also shocked by some frightening scenes I would definitely classify this a mature book then mid elementary.

    5. The Book of Storms is the tale of a boy named Danny who wakes up one day to his parents having disappeared They frequently run off into the night to chase storms because his would be older sister Emma was killed in one a long time ago But, his parents are always back by morning What he discovers outside is even frightening and he finds a stick that allows him to talk to animals, plants and other living things around him.Searching the house, he finds a notebook that details all of his parents fo [...]

    6. Eleven year old Danny O Neill is forced to do all sorts of adventurous things when his parents disappear They went out to watch a storm, as they often did, and didn t come back in the morning Danny discovers that the syca tree in his backyard was struck by lightning Danny finds a piece of undamaged wood and, the next thing he knows, trees and animals can talk to him With the companionship of the cat next door, Danny sets off to find the mysterious Book of Storms and rescue his parents.His oppone [...]

    7. Fantastic little book Really grabbed my attention from page one I loved the way each chapter reads, changing from different perspectives, and characters My reasons though for not rating this 5 stars, would be that knowing fully well that it s the start of a trilogy there were quite a few loose ends left untied The ending especially felt a little bit rushed in parts Overall, a really fun and interesting title, with plenty of room to grow Also, I really liked Sammael.

    8. Always been fascinated by storms and I wanted to see how it would be portrayed from, essentially, a kid s viewpoint interspersed with the main adult antagonist It treats nature with respect and there are fascinating descriptive passages from the perspective of the animals and wildlife but I felt the plot itself tripped over itself than it should have done.

    9. I featured this book in my Just Hatched feature where I read the first chapter and reflect on first impressions I hadn t realized that this was a UK original so that was cool to discover, however there were quickly hints that it would be one of those overly simplistic middle grade reads that I don t enjoy too much.

    10. Disclaimer This review is solely my opinion I purchased a copy of this book on my own from book outlet The comments in this review do not reflect the views of the author or the publisher.I thought this was a great story I liked the way this book was written and felt the same feelings Danny felt Danny was in complete shock at the beginning of the book, not realizing his parents were indeed missing He struggled to come to terms with the fact that he had to journey alone to find them but continued [...]

    11. Review for The Book of Storms SummaryEleven year old Danny O Neill has always been a quiet boy who never has had a thirst for adventure Suddenly he is thrust into a quest of his own when his parents come up missing after a terrible storm passes over Danny discovers on his way that he can speak to all creatures when holding a magic stick, which turns out to be what is left of a dangerous storm Danny meets an old man, who holds the key to why he can suddenly speak to animals the Book of Storms Aft [...]

    12. Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsThe Book of Storm was an interesting read and it is perfect for any middle grader reader who is a fan of fantasy novels The book tells the story of Danny an ordinary eleven year old who is forced in to a situation because of his parents His parents are storm chasers and for years have been leaving him home and chasing them However this time, they haven t returned and the only clue is a taro , a piece of wood The taro has come from the syca tree in his gard [...]

    13. Full haiku review at thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpress January 12 Ten Second Synopsis When Danny goes chasing his parents who have gone chasing a storm, things take an unexpected and frightening turn.I was intrigued by the gorgeous cover and the beautifully written first chapter of this one and so I pre ordered it and then let it sit on the stack for a month or two, as is the way with so many of the books that I just have to have right now I am pleased to report that this truly is an undiscovered g [...]

    14. This debut novel set in the countryside of present day England opens the morning after another thunderstorm so eleven year old Danny knew his parents had left him alone to study the storm Usually they return home after their observations, but on this particular morning, they are missing Danny explores the yard and house for a hint to his parents whereabouts, but the only thing he finds is a stick which allows him to listen and converse with the plants and animals of the area Thinking his parents [...]

    15. I loved this book and can t wait for the next to come out This was the most imaginative, well written young adult book I ve read in a long time Between souls of sand, arguing storms and houseplants plotting murder, and the book at the end telling the sounds of animals by feel The adventures never dulled, and the pace was well kept throughout The main characters were well written, too, and I loved their relationships, especially the fact that the villain, while almost as wicked as the devil himse [...]

    16. Eleven year old Danny O Neil could never understand his parents obsession with storms, especially after his older sister disappeared during one But after a particularly violent storm, an old oak tree in their front yard is struck by lightning leaving only a slender stick, called a taro When Danny picks up the stick he realizes it allows him to hear the thoughts of the living things around him And they are all trying to warm him of something When Danny s parents don t return from chasing the terr [...]

    17. This book was very weird and didn t really fit in any sort of age category The protagonist was too young and the story too simplistic to be considered YA teen fictiond yet the main character used some major religious profanity, which I have NEVER seen in middle grade fiction I did not appreciate that profanity and I would never want my kids to read this book.The story is very strange, and things that happen don t really make sense It s also pretty boring and the characters just sort of wander ar [...]

    18. 4.5 stars for The Book of Storms1 1 star for plotLoved the premise, loved the execution, loved the themes The only bit that spoiled it in any way is that it s a series, not self contained75 1 star for writingReally great and descriptive Something was missing that could have brought it fully to life, but it s one of those things I ll never understand75 1 star for charactersI ve read so much MG whose MCs are lifeless, flawless, want less little nothings I m so glad Danny got to live Sammael was a [...]

    19. Montana Library2Go No Too much violence toward animals Protagonist has only one characteristic he s a bit of chewed string Danny s basically a coward, up to the very final moment only motivated by the desire to have it all go away and have somebody else take care of him so he can just go back to his indoor life Cousin Tom is a real dick, so self satisfied and mocking, and no proper explanation is ever given for his decisions to keep going with Danny And from the start we get plenty of exposition [...]

    20. Danny, 11 years old, wakes up one morning to find his parents gone It turns out they are storm chasing, as usual, to try and find the cause of their daughter, Emma s, death years ago Danny decides to find his parents and heads out on his own He picks up a stick, which gives him the power to speak to flora and fauna He meets Sammael, the master of air, and Mrs Death, while on his search The Book of Storms actually falls into his hands, but he has to relinquish it to Sammael, who has further schem [...]

    21. Although it is the first book in a planned trilogy, The Book of Storms stands on its own, with no real cliffhangers at the end but a few story lines that could definitely be explored 11 year old Danny wakes one morning to discover that his parents who are obsessed with storms gone After finding a magical stick, Danny sets off to find them.Original, unique and action packed, this is a great story The antagonist, Sammael, is truly frightening, and there are some sudden deaths that might be hard fo [...]

    22. I had a hard time rating this book because, while it was really well written, I really didn t like it The book was marked as a J book, a kids book rather than a Young Adult book I felt that, given the dark nature of the material including a number of upsetting deaths that this was incorrect I had the expectation of getting to the end where our young hero soundly defeats the truly evil villain no such luck I discovered, instead, that this is the first in a trilogy not marked as such, at least on [...]

    23. Unique fantasy world involving talking animals as well as talking storms and rivers Lots of depth to explore here with the nature of evil and the choices we make to fulfill our desires.

    24. The main characters in this book are very likable, and the story line is interesting It is the first in a trilogy, so that will appeal to students Danny and his cousin Tom are opposites, and end up on opposite ends of loyalty toward Sammael the devil figure towards the end of the book, which is bound to make students want to read There is magic and nature and the disappearance of Danny s parents, all of which make this a good read I would recommend it to students of all ages.

    25. I think I d give it 4.25 This book was great in parts, while in others I was frustrated somewhat Sammael was a fascinating character, and I look forward to the second book mostly because of him I liked the ending as it pertained to Tom, and separately, to Sammael s reaction to the loss of his dog.

    26. Eerily chilling book Danny searches for his lost parents who are obsessed with storms after losing their first child to one Who is this mysterious Sammael demon, devil or man s own worst fears and desire The adventure will have you on the edge the ending may be happy or is it This is the beginning of a trilogy that will most likely have you wondering about life and magic.

    27. I would have given this book a higher rating but I felt there were too many loose ends and too many undeveloped themes and characters There was also some language and violence that border on gratuitous that do little for the story Too many things were unexplained or glossed over and left me feeling dissatisfied at the end of the book I doubt I will read the sequel that s clearly coming.

    28. Imaginative new premise and the story is well told Loved the character of Danny, a very reluctant and human hero we can each identify with This is the first of a trilogy but I was not perturbed at the end because the author did conclude this first tale while leaving us with a tantalizing new beginning that doesn t seem forced.

    29. This book was so imaginative, there s a lot to get your head around but the characters are brilliant I really like Danny as he s younger than most protagonists I normally read about, he s 11 years old and manages to talk to animals and plants and storms I love Mitz and Shimny as they really add to the story.The ending sets you up for a return of Danny, Sammael and Tom and leaves you hanging

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