Tails, You Lose #2020

Tails, You Lose By Carol J. Perry Tails You Lose Her instincts may be killer but can she catch one this wicked After losing her job as a TV psychic Lee Barrett has decided to volunteer her talents as an instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of
  • Title: Tails, You Lose
  • Author: Carol J. Perry
  • ISBN: 9781617733710
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tails, You Lose By Carol J. Perry Her instincts may be killer but can she catch one this wicked After losing her job as a TV psychic, Lee Barrett has decided to volunteer her talents as an instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts known as The Tabby in her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts But when the school s handyman turns up dead under seemingly inexplicable circumstances on ChristmasHer instincts may be killer but can she catch one this wicked After losing her job as a TV psychic, Lee Barrett has decided to volunteer her talents as an instructor at the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts known as The Tabby in her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts But when the school s handyman turns up dead under seemingly inexplicable circumstances on Christmas night, Lee s clairvoyant capabilities begin bubbling to the surface once again The Tabby is housed in the long vacant Trumbull s Department Store As Lee and her intrepid students begin work on a documentary charting the store s history, they unravel a century of family secrets, deathbed whispers and a mysterious labyrinth of tunnels hidden right below the streets of Salem Even the witches in town are spooked, and when Lee begins seeing visions in the large black patent leather pump in her classroom, she s certain something evil is afoot But ghosts in the store s attic are the least of her worries with a killer on the loose.
    Tails, You Lose By Carol J. Perry
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    1. Tales, You Lose is the second book in A Witch City Mystery Series I ordered it after reading and enjoying the first book Caught Dead Handed so much I found that I liked the first book better but did enjoy this book What I enjoyed about the first book was Lee was learning how to be a late night TV psychic due to the death of the previous psychic It was humorous and a unique story line In this book she is a volunteer instructor at Tabitha Trumball Academy of Arts Tabby The Trumball was mainstay de [...]

    2. What can I sayI just love this series.From the characters to the location, everything blends in beautiful in these well crafted, plotted and written Witch City mysteries.This was my second reading and my tarot cards say that it won t be the last And you know River is very rarely wrong.If you haven t tried this series yet, you are missing out So why not go grab a copy of the first book Caught Dead Handed and see what the future holds in your tea leaves If you like the review and would like to rea [...]

    3. I liked parts of the crime story and didn t care for the supernatural parts as much as in the first book, I ll probably read one book in the series and if it doesn t get better then I might drop it.

    4. Tails You Lose I struggled with how to rate this one, because the plots in this series are completely fresh and unlike any other book I ve read Just very creative, unique and thrilling The writing in this book was even better than the first which was still a pretty good book and having read the third book in the series, I know that it s improving as time goes on Lee takes a volunteer position teaching TV production at the new Tabitha Turnbull School Of Arts Just before the school opens for the f [...]

    5. Another fun edition in the Witch Mystery Series, Tails, You Lose may actually be even better that Caught Dead Handed I love first books in series that whole getting to know you honeymoon period with new characters and places Tails, You Lose did a great job of building on the first in the series.Lee grows as a character.I love how much we get to know her and her personality We know her back story and her insecurities and can really feel her personal struggle with acknowledging and accepting and [...]

    6. Author Carol J Perry has conjured up a good mystery, brewed with a paranormal flare Lee Barrett is back in this second installment of the Witch City Mystery series She s is a strong protagonist with mystical powers Cat lovers will simply adore O Ryan her cat It was fun reading scenes involving him There were wonderful twists and turns So many that I wondered if it was all done with smoke and mirrors But it was done by a talented author who clearly loves her craft of writing TAILS, YOU LOSE is an [...]

    7. I really liked the first in this new series and was happy to find the 2nd was just as good I had a good idea who the bad guy was, but wasn t sure until almost the big reveal Lee is a very believable character and I have no trouble buying her gift Once she gets a good handle on it, she s gonna be golden Looking forward to the next one and seeing where Lee s relationship goes.oh, and Aunt Ibby s, too Recommend

    8. This wasn t as good as the first one but I still enjoyed it I m not sure what the point of Lee s gift is when it s mentioned a handful of times and then forgotten like a bad blind date.

    9. This is fast becoming a favorite cozy mystery series for me This is book 2 and I ve read another one 4 or 5 maybe I need to find 1 The series are great mysteries with just a touch of the paranormal after all, the books take place in Salem, MA In this book Maralee gets a job as an instructor at the newly opened school for the Arts nicknamed The Tabby She has experience as a TV psychic but is now unemployed The Tabby was previously an old department store belonging to the Trumbells and it has quit [...]

    10. I m really enjoying this series It has a good mix of mystery and ghost story The characters are fun and likable, and I m so pleased that the main character Lee is not a dimwit So many cozy mysteries make the characters just plain foolish, so I m always thrilled when the characters are intelligent.

    11. Good, butI like this series, but I found I didn t get into this book as much as I did in the first one The first book was very descriptive and I felt I could basically see the settings as the author was describing them, but just didn t get the same feel with this book Hopefully the third one will get back to the original in its tone and story.

    12. I really like the characters and setting in these books, but for some reason they are always slow reads for me This time Lee is teaching a media class in the new Trumbull Academy when a secret tunnel is discovered under the building This leads to stories of ghosts and gold coins.

    13. This series is what it claims to be a cozy, quirky, curled up with a blanket and herbal tea, type read The background on Salem has inspired me to actually cross the item of visiting there, sooner, rather than later, from my bucket list On to the next.

    14. Not quite as good as the first book, but I enjoyed it and it held my attention The cat continues to steal the show.Slightly wordier review jennoklikes post 127310

    15. Fantastic follow up book and a great series I enjoyed this story and loved how Lee grew in this book I am so looking forward to book 3

    16. Tails, You Lose is a perfect continuation of the Witch City Mystery series The world that Perry has created is opened up to us as we learn about the Tabby and the secrets that lie below the town The character development continues as Lee grows in her career choices as a teacher, and with the persistent development of her psychic abilities My favorite character is still O Ryan the cat His character has developed a lot from the first book in the series he is magical in this book, which I loved I [...]

    17. This one was a bit harder for me to get into as opposed to book 1 that I couldn t put down As the chapters went on I really got into it It was a mystery ghost story all mixed into one Plus there was history even tho I m almost sure it s made up I love history and the author telling the history of the old store and characters digging up history kept me on my toes I thought I had things figured out only to later be surprised that I was way off track the whole time The surprise at the end was a sh [...]

    18. This is the second book in A Witch City Mystery Series I listened to the first book on audiobook a great listen, by the way , but chose the Kindle version for this book.The author did a great job of developing the cat s character from his fairly normal cat self in book 1 to this one I think if he had been Magic Cat from the start, I would have had a hard time accepting it Speaking of the cat, I laughed at the purple mousie that s exactly what I buy my cats, and I think I even know where she boug [...]

    19. I like this series I found the characters interesting as usual Lee is a good teacher I was sad she wasn t on tv no but like her new job hopefully she is still their in the next book I m glad the aunt is still heavily in the book I like her personality Overall a nice series this time a worker is killed at first they thought it was suicide Their were so many questions but as time went on the pieces fit in Some mysteries I figured out right away maybe not completely but close.

    20. Actually this is a mystery with paranormal Lee is a good strong character and since she was also a reporter tends to find out what is going on with her instincts and some of her witch instincts keep her out of trouble The local handyman does not come home one night and is found out near the lake with someone else s coat and Lee becomes curious as to what really happen because he was murdered at the place she is now teaching a class and there was not way out.

    21. Salem, MA born and bred Lee Barrett has a new job as a teaching instructor at the Tabitha Trunbull Academy of the Arts The Tabby is formerly Trumbull s Department Store and is rud to have a ghost When the local handyman turns up dead on Christmas Eve, Lee starts seeing visions that might lead to who the killer is I really enjoy the Witch City Mystery series, complete with witches and Lee s clairvoyance Lee and her Aunt Ibby make a great team and Lee has a nice romance going.

    22. Even better than the first book in the series Lee puts her Nancy Drew cap on in order to help Pete discover who killed the local handyman, the mysteries of her students, where the gold coins are and where the secret tunnels lead I highly recommend this book and can t wait to read the next installment of The Witch City mysteries.

    23. Thought about giving this 4 stars, but it s a solid 3 star beach read Missed some of the novelty of the first book, but the plot holds together better than the previous book, characters are fun if sometimes a little stupid Bragging baddie made a bit sense in this book, but is still one of the things that indicates 3 stars Fun Will read the next.

    24. There were references early on to the Nancy Drew books, which the main character had enjoyed reading when younger This book actually reads like a grown up paranormal version of a Nancy Drew book I couldn t help noticing one major thing aside from the paranormal that did not make sense so that kind of threw off the overall affect but still not a bad book I did enjoy reading it.

    25. Great book Lots of fun to read Lee, Aunt Ibby and O Ryan are a great trio Liked it even better than the first in the series Wonderfully plotted Looking forward to the next in the series

    26. This series is the perfect mixture of Murder She Wrote and season one of Sabrina the Teenage Witch Perfect pre Halloween read

    27. One of my favorite cozy mystery series Everything about this series is clever and on point Can t recommend it highly enough.

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