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A Noble Deception By Veronica Bale A Noble Deception Forced to wed a landless knight in order to protect her home Moira MacInnes intends an annulment of her marriage to the arrogant Lachlan Ramsay as soon as possible Falling in love wasn t part of the
  • Title: A Noble Deception
  • Author: Veronica Bale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Noble Deception By Veronica Bale Forced to wed a landless knight in order to protect her home, Moira MacInnes intends an annulment of her marriage to the arrogant Lachlan Ramsay as soon as possible Falling in love wasn t part of the planE ONLY THING MORE DANGEROUS THAN A LIE IS LOVE Scotland 1455 The Douglas clan is at war with their king To protect his lands from confiscation, Lord John Douglas,Forced to wed a landless knight in order to protect her home, Moira MacInnes intends an annulment of her marriage to the arrogant Lachlan Ramsay as soon as possible Falling in love wasn t part of the planE ONLY THING MORE DANGEROUS THAN A LIE IS LOVE Scotland 1455 The Douglas clan is at war with their king To protect his lands from confiscation, Lord John Douglas, the dying Earl of Kildrummond, must find an heir that doesn t carry his name A landless knight, Lachlan Ramsay expects no of life than battles, blood, and the occasional warm bosom But when Lord John makes him his heir, Lachlan has a chance at something he never dreamt of a home There s just one condition He must marry the earl s bastard daughter, the fiery, eccentric Moira MacInnes Lachlan has no desire for a headstrong, sharp tongued wife Moira has no need for an arrogant, too handsome husband To save Kildrummond they will marry and seek an annulment immediately upon the earl s death But deception is never simple, and passion once inflamed is impossible to ignore Soon they will no longer be deceiving the earl but themselves.
    A Noble Deception By Veronica Bale
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      488 Veronica Bale
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    1. This was a very well written book, you could tell by the dialogue and the building of the world, the author did some deep research I have read many historical fiction books and can tell you in order to make a reader engage into a story, you have to have your facts right, this is not an easy genre to write for and I commend the author on hitting it right on spot.Moira, the female lead of the book, is a strong willed secure woman, which in many historical romances, women are defined as weak and he [...]

    2. A Noble Deception is a truly magnificent read I loved the realism of this story so much The author truly did her research and as such, she sets the stage and colors this highland world so well, you feel as though you are there with the characters Not only are the main characters engaging, interesting and just plain lovely, but the secondary characters and plot line make this story a true keeper If you love historical and or highland historical romance then you need to read this book I for one ca [...]

    3. As the illegitimate daughter of an earl, Moira thrives on her independence, content to make her own way rather than rely on anyone else So when her dying father passes Kildrummond to a distant heir with the condition the Moira marry him, she s anything but pleased But refusing would put the land and people at risk, and the handsome Lachlan makes it clear that it would be a marriage in name only, so she does the only thing she can do Accept and try not to fall in love in the process.Judging Cover [...]

    4. What readers are saying about A Noble Deception on RECOMMENDED READ 5 STARS Veronica Bale has written another beautiful story of love, honor and courage Her style of writing engrosses you and sweeps you away to another time You will fall in love not just with the main characters but with all the other characters as well Lachlan does not want a wife, and Moira does not want a husband, but they must marry for Kildrummond to stay with their clan They agree to marry on the understanding that they wi [...]

    5. Most Scottish romances I read include a heroine who is English, a laird s daughter, or a laird s widow I haven t read many where the heroine is illegitimate.Illegitimacy aside, Moira was a average heroine as well She wasn t make a man stop in his tracks gorgeous According to many, Lachland included, she was only pretty, if a little on the thin and plain side if she were to be compared to other women But her looks didn t seem to bother Moira because she was than physical beauty.The plan between [...]

    6. I have a habit of reading an extremely lengthy tome think Game of Thrones and then switching gears to reading something light yet satisfying in betweenrt of a literary palate cleanser A Noble Deception was this go rounds palate cleanser and it did not disappoint I ve read many, many, MANY romance novels in my day so I can accurately inform you that the heroine is typically buxom, beautiful, and lacking in strength of character ie save me, my strong, valiant hero Moira, the heroine of this novel, [...]

    7. What an absolutely wonderful story and so well written, imagine a warm blooded historical romance that breathes with the true humanity of its characters even the secondary ones and without plot holes, hokey nonsensical contrivances, playing fast and loose with history, nor WTF stupidities Were the characters perfect No, but they spoke and acted like real humans would in those circumstances, and their choices, good and not so hot, were understandable and consistent with their personalities Minor [...]

    8. A war between Scotland and England and an unforgettable love that slowly develops between Lachlan and Moira The author seems to have a vivid style of description that captures the imagination right from the get go A noble Deception is well written, full of historical events that reminds me a little of Game of Thrones being set around that time era Veronica certainly knows how to bring to life strong characters, and a gorgeous backdrop which takes you back in time There seems to be a hint at the [...]

    9. Wonderful historic romance Set in the Scottish Highlands of the 15th century, against the background of James II and his feud with the Balck Douglas clan Bastard child Moira is set up by her dying father, the Earl of Kildrummond, to marry landless Lachlan Ramsay, Viscount Strathcairn It s a marriage of convenience that will let Lachlan inherit the earl s lands and titles, and leave Moira protected and card for exactly what she doesn t want But time and circumstances, and Lachlan too, may change [...]

    10. Refusing to enter into an arranged marriage with Lord Lathrop, whom she has never met, Lady Lucy Powell pursues a career as a writer of gothic romances and falls in love with secretive scoundrel Phillip Carmichael.I liked this book, but if I had read it first, I may not have finished the Noble series The tension between Lucy and Philip is well written, but the minor characters intrude so often that the main story line falters.

    11. Of course the story is based on the wonderful and creative imagination of the author but with the writers knowledge of this time and place in history it could most certainly have occurred It s a beautiful story of what life s circumstances can lead to and how a strong person can change them How love con blossom under the most unusual circumstances I recommend this story for all us romantics that believe love can conquer all

    12. This book was a good read with a brave, feisty heroine who has saved the remnant of her clan and is hiding out from the brutal Buchanan laird who wants to marry her Lachlan is a young knight who is asked to marry her to save her and her clan This was a good story, lots of suspense and a good h and H.

    13. A snoozeThis author needs to go to a Romancing Writing class There was no sizzle between Moira and Lachlan The secondary plot romance between Alex and Glinis was so much interesting Who really cares about the mundane activities of Moira It was as interesting as watching paint dry Pass this book up.

    14. I enjoyed the struggles between the characters in the book She draws out the anticipation for something to happen in different areas of the book Will they get along Will they forgive Did they do the right thing Will it work out in the end These are some of the questions going thro my mind until I was finally satisfied with the answers.

    15. Should have been longerI really enjoyed the book and would rate it five stars if it had been longer The story had a very real feel to it, bringing me to tears several times but the end seemed rushed to me.

    16. Very good storyVery good storyI love Historical Fiction I love the way an author can make a castle or court come alive sometimes makes me wish I lived back then.

    17. Enjoyed the secondary romance of 41 yo Lady Glinnis and Sir Alex than the primary story.Free on Kindle Unlimited

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