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Break My Fall By Chloe Walsh Break My Fall Lee I was drunk but not drunk enough not to notice him Good Lord he was beautiful Did boys like him really exist I thought I might be imagining him A head of dark unruly hair framed his face His ey
  • Title: Break My Fall
  • Author: Chloe Walsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Break My Fall By Chloe Walsh Lee I was drunk, but not drunk enough not to notice him Good Lord, he was beautiful Did boys like him really exist I thought I might be imagining him A head of dark, unruly hair framed his face His eyes were a striking shade of deep ocean blue, seductive and entrancing, with long dark eyelashes and perfect eyebrows His eyes danced with humor and his full lips turn Lee I was drunk, but not drunk enough not to notice him Good Lord, he was beautiful Did boys like him really exist I thought I might be imagining him A head of dark, unruly hair framed his face His eyes were a striking shade of deep ocean blue, seductive and entrancing, with long dark eyelashes and perfect eyebrows His eyes danced with humor and his full lips turned up into a half smile, exposing the cutest dimple in his cheek It was than cute It was hot He smiled crookedly and lifted the bottle up You wanna take a shot with me, sweetheart The huskiness of his voice made him sound dangerous, yet he was soft spoken an enigma Eighteen year old Lee Bennett is broken, and running from the secrets of her past that seem hell bent on tearing her apart.When she arrives at childhood friend Cam s doorstep, she hopes to find com fort closure The last person she expected to meet is Kyle Carter Kyle is everything Lee s been warned to stay away from, yet everything she s drawn to His boldness, flirtatious nature and jaw dropping good looks have Lee s head in a spin and she cant seem to stay away But the secrets of her past still haunt her, which makes her attraction to Kyle all the scary Kyle I was going to have to make sure Lee stayed away from me She was a fucking temptation and the girl made me weak I didn t do weakness Kyle Carter can t keep his eyes off his hot new roommate, or his hands Lee is fresh, innocent, and everything Kyle knows he can t have But that doesn t stop him from wanting her The pressure of living together combined with their sizzling chemistry fuels an unstoppable liaison Due to its explicit content Break my Fall is recommended for readers of eighteen years or above.
    Break My Fall By Chloe Walsh
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    1. 2.5 or 3 Stars The editing was awful I over looked it because I liked the book until the last 10% I just can t believe this book ended like it did WHY I can t imagine reading another whole book about them Lee decides at the end of this book to finally push Kyle away WTF Jeez Just fucking stupid I see there is not one but three books after this Well good luck if you decide to jump into the crazy drama train I will just pretend that Lee and Kyle had their happily ever after in this one lol

    2. 3 DRAMATIC STARS Sometimes I like finding books and taking a risk I found this on and noticed none of my GR friends had read it, now that s a huge risk for me usually I like knowing if any of my trusty GR friends have read and liked but I decided to go ahead with it anyway.BLOODY HELL this book was just drama after drama after drama I did in a way enjoy this crazy ass book but gosh I couldn t take a breather before something else happened Lee has had a crap life and needs an escape She runs from [...]

    3. Oh my gawdis book was an emotional roller coaster for me So Lee and Kyle are hopelessly INLOVE but they have a big old thorn in their side by the name of Rachel di bitchey both have pure secrets so Kyle and he is not willing to tell lee yet out of fear of losing her.God I could scream out of frustration.It was frustrating as hell, I swear it s the first book I wanted to jump in and kill someoneI HATE Rachel that bitch needs to die.The sexual tension was just leaking off the pagesI pray in book [...]

    4. Break My FallI can t stop thinking about this book It is amazing, a must read for all those who like sexy alpha males The book had so many plot turns that I was kept on my toes, but was still easy to follow The book is split between Kyle s version and Lee s.The book starts with Lee arriving on her best friend Cam s house in the middle of the night and it rockets on from there, filling in the blanks so slick view spoiler hide spoiler Lee is shy and nervous, and seems to be afraid of her own shado [...]

    5. This was a book that I should ve stopped reading the first time I saw you re used in place of your This book desperately needed an editor I tried to look past it but there were just so many errors throughout It actually distracted me from reading because I had to mentally correct the issues in order to understand the sentence Words were duplicated and omitted everywhere I looked As far as the story itself, it was ok but predictable Actually it was quite idiotic at times I m glad the writer was k [...]

    6. I understand that this is the author s debut novel and I respect that Considering, I closed my eyes to the grammar mistakes that were noticeable I closed my eyes over the unclear motivation and less believable reasons that made the main characters act the way they didTruth to be told if I had picked this book first I would never have read the book that made me interested into this author s work I am talking aboutSo I won t go further and ruin my good memories of that.

    7. I just finished reading Break My Fall and had to download the second book in the series Chloe Walsh did a great job in creating a wonderful story about two people who are so different, but so right for each other I actually felt myself getting emotional in several spots of the novel which I normally never do and rooting for Kyle although he is an ass in most of the novel Great book Definitely recommend it anyone who loves romance and series Can t wait to read the second one.

    8. I m knocking a start off because of the terrible editing of this book It was just painful to read EDIT And I just saw that the author updated the book and it now has better editing Great.

    9. I m a huge Chloe Walsh fan but this book was not for me I had to stop at page 37 I love over the top, possessive alpha guys but this book was too much too fast I m afraid if my eyes role back one time they are going to get stuck there forever Sorry Chloe

    10. Whew I really enjoyed this book It s not the usual genre I would read, but it came with high recommendation and I wasn t disappointed.The love triangle between Kyle, Rachel and Lee keeps you guessing right up until the very last page and I couldn t put the thing down until I finished it Now I cant sit still until the next part comes out Can t believe it was left on a cliff hanger like that Evil The book is set in a college style setting with hunky rich bad boy Kyle making move on innocent newcom [...]

    11. OH WOW WHAT TO SAYI have never read a story with so much pain for the H h Can anyone have worse luck than Kyle and just how much is Lee suppose to bear Rachael is a class A BITCH and I want her to get her dues Cam is the best friend anyone could have and I love Derek I want them to have a happy ever after This is a fantastic series There is a lot of angst, some laughter, suspense, not much happiness which I hope there will be in the next books but deep characters, thoughtful plot and hope.

    12. 2 Stars.What could I say Lee aka the heroine is just dumb And the author is confusing I mean, what do you want from Lee You described her as a shy girl but the reality She was a needy virgin girl And the main guy, was so unstable and a big chicken I just can te characters were so poor defined.

    13. Lots of angst in this book I actually think Kyle is an asshat for almost the whole book and lee was a door mat I am on to book two because there is some groveling to happen.

    14. I m unsure how to rate this book I liked it but Lee got on my nerves This submissive women really annoy me and not submissive in a fun way either.

    15. What a heartbreakingly beautiful story Break My Fall is about Lee who has escaped from her home in Montgomery and showed up at her best friend Cam s doorstep asking for a place to stay She didn t realize that Cam lived with her boyfriend Derek, and his best friend Kyle Things heat up the first time that Lee sees Kyle and their introduction is a little unorthodox.The chemistry between Lee and Kyle is off the charts, but both of them are so hot and cold towards one another Since this book is told [...]

    16. SWEET JESUS KYLE CARTER I fell into this angst emotional read And the characters were fantastic Witty, tormented, emotionalh just brilliant and believable.Absolutely gripping story of abuse, first love and tormented emotion.Lee is 18 and has been through hell and back Not able to cope any longer with her father s alcoholism she leaves Louisiana and moves to Boulder to stay with her bff Cam Having had a horrendous childhood she is far from used to men or the wild lifestyle on the hill.Her first e [...]

    17. Review of Break My FallStar rating 5 starsreviewoffantasyI don t normally read this genre, but I am glad I did I just loved Break My Fall.Lee moves in with her high school friend, and straight away you can see her innocence and fear Her first night there she drinks a little too much and finally gets to meet another roommate, Kyle, who is drop dead gorgeous Something sparks between the two of them, and Lee acts out of character by kissing Kyle back when he kisses her, only for the kiss to end by [...]

    18. For those who have a phobia against cliffhangers, be forewarned that this one drops you in the black hole but fear not because the second installment is available now to pull readers out and into the light I found myself captivated by the characters in this story A group of friends share a house two guys and two gals One set is a couple and the other have a long hard road to happily ever after They are a far cry from perfect and carry around some bad vibes and heavy loads of hard times The story [...]

    19. Let me just say that the main guy Kyle Carter in the story isYUMMY I seriously couldn t get enough of him I loved his sections in the book He was so funny and HOT The main female character Lee came across as nice if not a little na ve but she was a likeable heroine so kudos to Chloe Walsh It s nice to not hate the leading lady in the book and I actually liked Lee, if not pitied her a little Rachel made my blood boil though, which I guess is a thumbs up to the writer, but seriously I wanted to ki [...]

    20. For the first time ever I am not happy with either of the characters Lee annoys me because she is young and too naive, but I understand where she is coming from so I can forgive her for that My real problem is that she kept pining for Kyle even after all of the asshole moves he pulled He is a 22 year old mand YES he is a man, I cant stand when people say that 21 26 year olds are Kids No, they are adults and should know better Kyle is a jerkat is pretty much my only problem with him Pushing all o [...]

    21. Did I seriously read the same story as everyone else I don t understand why it has received so many 5 stars The Hero is an asshole manwhore The heroine is a dumb doormat and is so freaking needy Too much back and forth I had to push myself to finish the story just too find out why Rachel had such a hold on Kyle Well finally found out and it s so stupid.

    22. The story is good and I have a feeling it s gonna get better Lee had been sheltered among other things by her father in Louisiana and she wants To do Be and discover But I don t think she planned to discover Kyle but I m so glad she did He drives me crazy and I want to junk punch him a lot of the time but I know he is good and food for her Although he screws up many many times and lee doesn t deserve that he always comes back and now he s really gotten into a mess and I can t wait to see wha [...]

    23. Started reading this last night and absolutely couldn t put it down till I read every last word and let s just say that now I m paying for it I have to say that I really, really liked this book but it really does need to be re edited I liked the characters Cam and Derek made me laugh those horny bastards Kyle, oh, Kyle you seriously screwed everything up, I seriously hope you redeem yourself in the next book and Lee, well, she needs a HEA I m excited to read the next book.

    24. I kept seeing this popping up as a recommending reading so I thought I would try the sample It definitely drew me in I m glad I took a chance, because it was a great book Totally part of my favorite and worth a second read shelves The only fault I had with the book, is that it could have been proofed a little There were many areas where words were missing in sentences But even with that, I still think of it has a 5.

    25. FYI, this is a cliffhanger Book 2 is supposedly coming this springThis book took forever to get in to, and then it was back and forth back and forth throughout the entire thing Finally all is revealed, but while Kyle is trying to get rid of the leech, Rachel, Lee is suffering her own crisis, one that just nearly costs her her life when Kyle finally gets around to finding her s just too late I guess book two will be about how he plans to fix it.

    26. This book was ten times better than I expected it to be I wanted to punch Kyle in the face for a good portion of the book BUT when they d make up everytime would end up being what I would look forward to I cannot wait to read the next book If you like the kind of book where the guy and girl try for the whole book to not get together and the sexual tension is what makes the book, you NEED to read this book

    27. I really liked this book There were just 2 problems with it The grammar was pretty bad and I got really tired of Kyle going back and forth with his emotions They would have a great time together then he d leave her over and over again But i still liked the story line so I m going to continue reading the series and hope that it gets better

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