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Pact By Wildbow Pact Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance returning only for a deathbed visit with the grandmother who set it in motion Blake soon finds himself next in
  • Title: Pact
  • Author: Wildbow
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  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Pact By Wildbow Blake Thorburn was driven away from home and family by a vicious fight over inheritance, returning only for a deathbed visit with the grandmother who set it in motion Blake soon finds himself next in line to inherit the property, a trove of dark supernatural knowledge, and the many enemies his grandmother left behind her in the small town of Jacob s Bell.
    Pact By Wildbow
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      Wildbow real name John C McCrae, born in 1984 , is a Canadian writer of Web Serial Novels.His works include Worm Pact Twig Ward sequel to Worm From tvtropes pmwiki pmwikip

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    1. Pact 950k words 3 days TvTropes takes the Worm formula but this time heads to modern urban Western occult fantasy Where Worm tried to rationalize classic superhero fiction, Pact instead aims at rationalizing the quasi Lovecraft paradigm of vaguely Wiccan occult fantasy set in small New England esque towns with angels, demons, high fantasy Elves, folklore creatures like goblins, oaths, and warring clans of secretive practitioners submerged in a sea of muggles the continued survival of occult know [...]

    2. Kind of like Worm, but not as good, unfortunately In fact, I probably wouldn t recommend reading it.The writing is better than the writing in Worm from a purely technical perspective, but the story isn t very good It has the fatal flaw that the rules of the universe feel arbitrary When characters in Worm solved problems, I would sometimes find myself thinking Wow, that s clever , and when new powers were introduced I would immediately try to work out their implications When characters in Pact so [...]

    3. Pact is a wonderful story about magic And by that I mean it literally is full of wonders What it isn t is delightful, cheerful, positive or any other typical connotations of goodness that wonderful typically has Pact is a bleak, dreary, desperate story of Blake a guy who receives an inheritance from his grandmother There s the obvious part of an old house and a large piece of land, as well as funds to keep it in order Then there s the insidious part that this inheritance comes to him because th [...]

    4. If you have read one of Wildbow s web serials before Worm, or Twig, or the current as of this writing Ward you know what you re getting into to some degree Bad situations will get worse, beloved characters will be hurt, seemingly ideal outcomes will have disastrous results, and you might just love every minute of it.Pact is broadly considered to be the worst of the four including by the author, if I m not mistaken , but it s far from a failure The underlying systems here deal with the occult, wi [...]

    5. Actually I started this book way before april, but this was the date for a restart, and it needed a third attempt before finish it So what was the problem I had Well it is a story about horrible people doing horrible thing in a horrible world.With the exception of two minor characters there is no one to like enough to care about, which makes the book a bit of a slog to get through.So why did I fight so hard to finish it Well, the world building is amazing Nothing short of brilliant, with the fir [...]

    6. did not finish reached chapter 3.3, I think I got tired of the protagonist being ignorant he has all these books and doesn t seem to be taking advantage and actually reading them he already has an arrangement for sustenance, and a safe place to read yet he persists in making his own life hard I got fed up, and decided to put this book down and move on with my reading list.

    7. Engaging and fun, but troubled by much of the same issues that Worm suffered from too much constant action versus character growth, and tell versus show with regard to emotion and interaction.

    8. _Pact_ is what happened after the fantastically triumphant _Worm_ In it, we see a young adult plunged into a world of magic, a world of ancient pacts and karmic debt, of oaths enforced by a universal device Demons and goblins, angels, ghosts and fairies all work within simple laws, and practitioners stake out their claims on the world using them.I really love _Pact_ s premise This is one of the most intriguing, most intricate bits of urban fantasy world building I didn t know this at the time, b [...]

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    10. The main character, Blake, is dragged by his grandmother s inheritance into a war over a town fought between different magical factions, helped by his mirror self Rose who he doesn t trust He s instantly labeled a diabolist like his grandmother was, and no one their on his side There is no downtime in the entire story, just constant fighting and planning, as they try to stay alive and figure out what their grandmother s plan was.The story had a pretty ambiguous downer ending, though it managed t [...]

    11. Great book It reminded me of Supernatural at first small town life creepy demons and assorted supernatural critters, or of the Dresden Files the supernatural underbelly of the modern world being explored by someone who doesn t know all the rules and is just trying to be a good person The world and characters were fascinating and novel, and the storytelling is good For such a long book, it only drug in a few spots.

    12. Let me get this out of the way I did not like Pact I did not love it I did not enjoy it And I gave it 5 stars It was that well written.Pact is dark in ways that Worm isn t If being Taylor Hebert is suffering, then being any of the Pact characters is actual hell But I also read this while I was in a bad place in my life.I recommend reading Pact, if you can handle depressing stories If not, skip it This is a love it or hate it story.

    13. Most of my thoughts come down to Eh, s alright I didn t hate it like I did Worm, the characters don t make me wish they were dead and there are some neat ideas on display It s a shame then, that I found it so painstaking to get through, to the point that I didn t finish it So maybe it gets better later, I don t know.If you liked Worm, you ll probably like this too Give it a shot.

    14. It took me just 16 days short of a year, by I finally finished the 950,000 word beast and it was definitely a wild ride.

    15. Pact was great It had a few pacing problems, but those were offset by the amazing magic system and thrilling tension.

    16. Beautifully flawed.Even though it s not amazing, if you make it all the way through it does stay with you in all the important ways.

    17. Pact is an absurdly long 950K words horror urban fantasy story, the second web serial of Wildbow, following the huge success of Worm Pact, at least for me, was much less of a success than Worm, although the writing definitely improved.To start with the good parts, the world building in Pact is absurdly good It has what most fantasy books today lack the shroud of mystery over the workings of the world Every character in Pact only has scraps of knowledge the knowledge they have, in general the p [...]

    18. Very minor spoilers for both Pact and Worm Gwern and Mlucy nail down most of my thoughts on this book It was clearly written in a rushed, stressful time for Wildbow, but even as a first draft, it s better than much of what I ve seen in this genre However, coming in from Worm, which may be my favorite written work of all time, I was somewhat let down Overall It s a Wildbow story People speak and act in generally realistic ways The world has a deep and detailed history and generally makes sense Th [...]

    19. In this world of magic, most battles between practicioners are not won by strength of magic alone, but by rule following, whether it is to gain the favor of a god that will allow you to perform some great feat to gain the favor of the local spirits so that the things you want to happen become easier while the things you don t become harder or to gain the favor of fellow practicioners, who may help or harm your ability to perform in any battle But there is one group that stands apart diabolists.D [...]

    20. Reading this book took me about 7.5 months of my time and at some points I had to make myself persevere through the text.Don t get me wrong, I love Wildbow s stories and what he does in general I loved his previous series like I thought I could never love a book about superheroes.Yet reading Pact you can t refrain from comparing it to Worm, because of the similar volume of book structure, or the tendency of things going WORSE every singe arc.The scope of action is very local, this time, but in t [...]

    21. It s not finished yet so I have little to say butCompared to Worm, it s just numbing The characters never get anything, they never win, they just keep just barely holding on, just barely surviving They re about as smart and resourceful as Taylor, or maybe just a bit less, for sure, but still there s never any respite Never any point at which their resourcefulness pays off, when they actually get something and keep it, it keeps grinding them down and down and down.I m numb to the suffering I have [...]

    22. If Pact were half as long, it d be kick ass It s a refreshingly modern contemporary fantasy story lacking a lot of the tropes of that particular subgenre It s wildy imaginative, has crazy twists, has exciting and compelling characters, and has a great way of making things events feel like they mean something Each character seems to have a life outside of the story, and has a somewhat unique way of making them perform actions without being the focus of the story.But we live in a world where Pact [...]

    23. Pact is the second web series by one of my favorite authors I loved his first series Worm and am a big fan of his current ongoing series Twig So I went into Pact with big expectations and came out quite satisfied There are problems with Pact one s acknowledged even by the author but what I loved the most about this was1 The setting The world of magic involving contracts, demons and diabolism is intriguing and scary The whole novel is a treat with the author s fantastically dark and twisted imagi [...]

    24. I liked this, but not quite as much as Worm I felt like I was pushing myself to finish it although I did finish the entire thing in just over 2 weeks as I had lots of free time The magic system is a little nebulous, but he defines the key points that are used over and over, and sets up the consistency within the world fairly well There are some huge twists, plot and character level, and he managed to change my opinion on several characters along the way which was nice, and had me rooting for som [...]

    25. The second complete web serial by Wildbow, the work is well written though there are a noticeable number of errors that have been left in, perhaps a sign of the writer s increasing disengagement with the work A tale of deals and betrayal among friends, demons and others, Pact is packed full of action, with world building and the rules of this universe implied than elaborated upon This effectively places us in the mindset of the inexperienced protagonist but occasionally leads to confusing momen [...]

    26. I loved the story, despite how every single step taken seemed to lead further down a dark path The magic system was rather well defined, and the nature of how Karma, Lies, and the Rule of Three could be used to game the system were excellent The protagonist was interesting as well, having come from a family where backstabbing was as second nature as breathing His pain was my pain, and the fleeting moments of happiness were welcomed.I won t spoil, but the way the story gradually escalates from pe [...]

    27. ok, definitely not as good as Worm The book can be taken as an explanation of how much human stupidity can thwart us, and an ode to how much external pressure is needed to get rid of it If the only really likeable character in the book is a monstrous mermaid, and the rest are a combination of hypocrisy, short sightedness, greed and outright stupidity, it doesn t make for an easy read.Still, keeps you turning the pages relentlessly.

    28. I really liked the beginning Creepy, gothic, adventurous It lost my attention towards the middle though, with too much detail Saying that, the ending disappointed with too many loose ends flapping I guess it s the author s prerogative to end how he likes and wrap up what he wants, but it felt a little like he just lost interest.

    29. It was a grim series with a wonderfully engaging story I loved how the magic system worked and the characters, like Green Eyes and Evan But seriously, Blake had it rough and the ending leaves a lot open to interpretation.

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