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Breaking Kate By D. Kelly Breaking Kate Synopsis Michael Matthews has been in love with Katherine Moore since the second grade In Michaels mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart The night Micha
  • Title: Breaking Kate
  • Author: D. Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781633152861
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breaking Kate By D. Kelly Synopsis Michael Matthews has been in love with Katherine Moore since the second grade In Michaels mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart The night Michael is set to propose to Katherine the evening is interrupted by an unexpected tragedy that tears the two of them apart for good Three years have passed since that fatefulSynopsis Michael Matthews has been in love with Katherine Moore since the second grade In Michaels mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart The night Michael is set to propose to Katherine the evening is interrupted by an unexpected tragedy that tears the two of them apart for good Three years have passed since that fateful night when Katherine, now known as Kate meets Daniel After an awkward start sparks fly between them Daniel and Kate fall hard and fast into the most passionate and intense love affair of their lives In three years a lot can change, Michael knows he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Katherine and he will do anything to get her back Asking his best friend Daniel for help is his first step in righting the wrongs he made so many years ago Unfortunately, neither of them realizes that Michaels long lost love Katherine is Daniel s true love Kate While attending the engagement party of a mutual friend, all of their paths collide How is Kate supposed to choose between the two men that mean the most to her in the world Kate has to push past her heartache and put some serious thought into what comes next One wrong choice and not only could she lose them both but Daniel and Michael may never recover their friendship.This book is newly re edited as of March 2017 If you have an older version please delete it and download the new version This book is free
    Breaking Kate By D. Kelly
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    1. Received an ARC for an honest review Rating 4.5 starsPure of love and emotions You ll get your heart in high and low moments while reading Breaking Kate I can t explain all the emotions that Breaking Kate has brought out of me I love it a lot though I would really wanted it to end differently.I really love reading it during Kate s and Daniel s sweet moments until somehow I found myself hating it I even despised the author for putting me through this I was waiting for the perfect moment, for a ha [...]

    2. Debut Book I cant tell you how much I loved this book For a Debut book this is awesome I loved everything about it Katherine Moore has been friends with Michael Matthews since second grade Later on they became Girlfriend and Boyfriend Things are perfect until one night when everything changes and they are torn apart After years of being on her own, Kate as she is known now is sent on a blind date with Daniel And things are about to become turned upside down again Ok no spoilers guys WOW It s bee [...]

    3. Dee s review for Breaking Kate 3.5 stars Are you asking yourself Did I just read that right Did she really just rate her own book 3.5 stars I know that might not be the best way to draw you into this series but I ve always been an advocate for honest reviews So if I m asking for honesty from you I need to be honest with myself Breaking Kate is a great story but as all first time authors do, I made some mistakes I know where I feel my inadequacies are in this story and I ve made it my mission to [...]

    4. First off, holy plot twist and cliffhanger D Kelly had me hooked from the first words all the way to the end I had a hard time breaking away and living in real world.I loved watching the love grow between Daniel and Kate It s a type of love everyone wants The type of love that heals broken hearts and makes you feel whole I went through the whole book with a love hate feeling for Mike.I loved all the different POVs You got to read inside everyone s head D Kelly did a great job keeping their perso [...]

    5. 4.5 starsThis was a definite 4.5 read for me I devoured this book in one sitting It is a very well thought out story that progresses nicely D.Kelly writes her characters with emotion and sincerity that makes them very likeable.Katherine and Michael are the perfect high school sweethearts, both from wealthy families, their fathers are business partners they have the world at their feet Everyone knows that they will become husband and wife and life couldn t get any better for them Then, an unthink [...]

    6. Here s the thing I ve never been good at leaving reviews because 1 I ramble especially if I really like the book and 2 I don t want to give anything away I m kind of obsessed with this book There s something to be said for an author writing a story that I can t get out of my head I finished it two weeks ago, and I m still thinking about it Y all the swoon level is off the charts Especially when you get to the last, I don t know, third of the book I am teamDaniel, all the way Even though they are [...]

    7. The first time I heard of Dee Kelly was through a meet and greet for authors and bloggers She offered her book for an honest reviewWell she is an exceptional writer Kate and Mike were to love each other for the rest of their life but one night it all ended when Mike father died one night and Mike blamed everything on her I took her three year to get her life straightened out and then one day she meet Daniel and she was drawn to him They saw each other for two weeks and thought they would be toge [...]

    8. Unbelievable A great book captures your attention, keeps you intrigued, surprises you and makes you feel That being said I couldn t put this one down read it non stop at work Intrigued See previous comment I am the General Manager of a restaurant Surprised.without any spoilers Absolutley Most surprising is that no other book has ever made me feel I laughed, I cried, I fell in love Not only are the main characters beautifully developed, the secondary characters are as well Must read 6stars D Kel [...]

    9. AshleyG from ReviewingRomanceIt was a privilege to it only receive an ARC but to also beta read for D Kelly I love these characters I just finished my second read and I have such a hangover wondering what s going to happen next Kate and Daniel are so sweet together, but Mike has down redemption deep down, I can tell So many twists, you will be blind sides a few times Big props to D Kelly for being able to keep track of this tangled web to write it so smoothly I m caught on board for the long hal [...]

    10. Love this book Every word flowed beautifully This book has it all Just when they think they have it all figured out, a think called LIFE comes along to ruin it This book kept me on the edge of the pages I can not wait to find out what happens next I truly enjoyed the writing style of D Kelly.

    11. I knew be for I sat down this was going to be one of those books that blow my mind away Let me tell you as soon as I sat down and started reading to book is was hooked I lost all rack of time because the you read this book the it drawls you Instead of reading a book it felt like I was in a movie This book pulled so hard on my heart string so many times This book is full a lot of emotional roller coasters of emotions that at times was so strong it had me gasping I fell in love with all most at [...]

    12. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review, yeah, blah blah blah Yeah, I don t normally add those to my reviews, but there s a story to this one I received an email with multiple blog tour sign ups, and I was reading the synopsis for some of them I wasn t actually going to sign up for this one, but as I laid in bed that night trying to fall asleep, I couldn t stop thinking about it So, I was like This must mean something I signed up and now that I ve read it it was like the spirit of D [...]

    13. Breaking Kate introduces us to Michael and Katherine They are young and in love talking about their future When out of the blue tragedy strikes Michael and his family suffer a tragic event and it causes Michael to make a very rash decision that he later regrets Michael s actions make me want to climb into the book and kick his butt, he s such a idiot Michael takes his anger and hurt out on Katherine, and he ends it with her the way he does it is soo nasty and spiteful.Then we jump forward 3 year [...]

    14. Ok so I now have to find a way to draw you all into this book without giving things away Ugh how about I just say this It s in my top 20 Ok let s start with the writing style that Dee Kelly has, it s awesome and it draws you into this story from the very beginning You learn the story from all parties involved and never once did it feel overwhelming like it sometimes can when you have multiple POVs given, not this time I felt connected to all the characters even if they were supporting Ok so here [...]

    15. I finished this book about 6 hours ago and couldn t think of what to write for a review This was one of those books when I got to the end I had so many emotions running through me I couldn t even think straight enough to put words to them It starts out with Katherine and Michael best friends since second grade, a couple since high school, the perfect love they are planning to get married and live happily ever after Until one tragic night when Michael breaks her heart, well actually shatters her [...]

    16. Wow, is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Breaking Kate Hats off to D Kelly, for doing such an amazing job writing from multiple POVs She not only managed to tell essentially one story through multiple eyes but she did so in a way that was flawless and melded together nicely With that said, Breaking Kate could put any Jerry Springer episode to shame There is a very intricate web filled with love, loss, grief, and drama Michael and Katherine were set to be married and through unfo [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team This book blew me away The book starts out three years in the past and then joins to present time We meet childhood sweethearts Michael and Katherine Together since elementary school they are destined to be together forever, until one tragic event changes everything After three years of hell and being pushed to go to a party with her best friend Jess, Kate finally feels like living again Her reason to live again [...]

    18. WOW This was such a great book It had me from the first few pages and I didn t want to put it down even though I have been sick with the flu I just can t get enough When the book started I loved the relationship between Katherine and Michael They were so in love and destined to be together forever but soon their world comes crumbling down and I can t believe Michael turned his back on Katherine the way he did.It has been almost 4 years and Katherine now known as Kate is still broken and trying t [...]

    19. Every now and then I read a book that drags me by the throat and screams what would you do This is one of those amazing books, the entire time the story is being set up making you emotionally involved with the characters waiting for the explosion Boom the explosion came and I was shouting at my Kindle making my husband jump a mile D.Kelly is an amazing writer, however, there is clearly an evil side to her that enjoys torturing readers you can t leave the story there I need to know what happens K [...]

    20. Katherine and Michael met in 2nd grade and have been inseparable ever since Right before they are to start college, tragedy strikes and tears them apart Fast forward 3 years Katherine goes by Kate She has kept her heart protected by never allowing any man into her life, except as a friend Kate and her BFF Jess live together and are Srs in college Jess is the only one who knows all that Kate has been through and is fiercely protective A guy Kate met at college, Connor, has become like a brother t [...]

    21. Utterly crushed This is the only way that I can find to describe the feeling I had when I turned the last page of this amazing book I was trying to put off the inevitable and slowly read the last few pages For her debut novel I would say that she has successfully captured my attention as a reader My heart and soul were broken for Kate she was squashed and smashed and left in pieces by Michael It was so devastating that I almost feel like he deserved to be tortured just a little for the way he ha [...]

    22. I would like to say, WOW INCREDIBLE This is D Kelly s debut novel and WOW She wrote an amazing book Breaking Kate took me on one emotional ride from the laughing to crying to laughing again, with a little frustration and some smoking hot, erotic scenes This book has everything a reader could want It has wonderful characters, great plot, and a little action It s a book that has friendship, family, romance, heartbreak, love, and mystery The plot has some twist that you don t see coming and keep on [...]

    23. I was provide a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review First let me just say that this is the first book that I read from this author.WOW just WOW I just finish reading this book and I love it, love the characters and love everything that is going on, I have to say that their where time when this book got me mad, and when it made me cried but I love every single minute of it, that s why I am gone keep this short since I don t want to give anything away.The story begging with Katheri [...]

    24. This story starts out as a normal love story of a boy and girl fall in live in high school They are getting ready to start college together when the story takes a turn A tragic accident happens in this ngs are said in the midst of anger, grief, and confusing Michael breaks Kate s heart Three years later, Kate is doing well in college and her best friend lives with her and they are getting ready to celebrate Kate s birthday when Jess Kate s beat friend and a college friend named Connor decide tha [...]

    25. Review I was given a complimentary copy of Breaking Kate by Pretty lil page turners blog for an honest review I really enjoyed this debut novel I think that D Kelly did a wonderful job and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series I couldn t put this book down and when I did I was thinking about it and what would happen next Katherine Kate hasn t had it easy She s known Michael since she was in the 2nd grade They grew up together and thought they would be together forever Wh [...]

    26. If you are in the mood for a wonderful story with an emotional roller coaster Look no further Get those tissus ready ladies because you will NOT STOP CRYING I absolutely LOVED this book and this series This is the story of a couple in love Their lives get shattered in a split second and everything they think is not as it seems They go through years in pain and suffering without each other Until Kate finally starts to pick up the pieces of her life and meets Daniel Talk about Insta Love They go f [...]

    27. Wow is what I have to say about D Kelly s book Breaking Kate I received this book as part of a tour and from the first few pages I was hooked to this wonderful story of love over a period of time.The story starts off with Katherine Moore Kate as she uses this name later in life and in the story and Michael Matthews Both Micheal and Kate have been in love with each other since the second grade I m sure by now that you have the background on this story by reading other reviews so I m just going to [...]

    28. Katherine Kate and Michael are in love and about to start college Tragedy strikes and they break up Three years later, Kate meets Daniel and they fall for each other fast Also, Michael wants Katherine back.This book is awesome Kate goes through so much Michael breaks up with her instead of proposing to her I think his reasons for breaking up with her are weak He just seems like a jerk to me.Three years later, Kate meets Daniel He is an awesome, romantic and gorgeous guy They have a hot and heavy [...]

    29. Absolutely awesome story.I love the authors writing style It is so beautiful and easy to read and enjoy The story brings a lot of different emotions I laughed, cried, I was angry and for sure loved and got attached to the story.Breaking Kate delivers fully The book ends up with a cliffhanger so now we have to wait to see what will the next one bring.Captivating and intriguing with quite a few twists and turns and surprises, Breaking Kate is a fabulous debut novel that you wouldn t want to put do [...]

    30. This is such a great book It keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the twist and turns I couldn t put this book down.I read it it one night I loved the friendship between Katherine and Jess They are like sisters then friends This started out as a love story until tragedy strikes Katherine gets her heart broke It takes her years before she dates again This book haslove, heartbreak, romance and plenty of twist and turns It has one heck of cliff hanger It is a must read I can t wait until th [...]

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