The Killing Of Katie Steelstock #2020

The Killing Of Katie Steelstock By MichaelGilbert The Killing Of Katie Steelstock Television personality Katie Steelstock is killed when she returns to her rural hometown for a visit Superintendent Charlie Knott begins to untangle the knot that was Katie s life The Mystery Lover s
  • Title: The Killing Of Katie Steelstock
  • Author: MichaelGilbert
  • ISBN: 9780060114947
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Killing Of Katie Steelstock By MichaelGilbert Television personality Katie Steelstock is killed when she returns to her rural hometown for a visit Superintendent Charlie Knott begins to untangle the knot that was Katie s life The Mystery Lover s Companion, Art Bourgeau
    The Killing Of Katie Steelstock By MichaelGilbert
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Born in Lincolnshire in 1912, Michael Francis Gilbert was educated in Sussex before entering the University of London where he gained an LLB with honours in 1937 Gilbert was a founding member of the British Crime Writers Association, and in 1988 he was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America an achievement many thought long overdue He won the Life Achievement Anthony Award at the 1990 Boucheron in London, and in 1980 he was knighted as a Commander in the Order of the British Empire Gilbert made his debut in 1947 with Close Quarters, and since then has become recognized as one of our most versatile British mystery writers.He was the father of Harriett Gilbert.

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    1. I venture only occasionally into the massive pile of literature categorized roughly as Mysteries, and I never fail to realize anew how varied they can be, never mind how entertaining True aficionados of the genre know all the subcategories, it seems, and I ve never paid much attention to those niceties But I am coming to appreciate that I really like a good police procedural.Katie Steelstock, a television star, spent the weekend in her home village, where she met her untimely demise The cast of [...]

    2. This is a police procedural, not a detective story, chronicling policemen and solicitors accumulating evidence that eventually reveals the criminal There is no Hercule Poirot here displaying inspired rationcination In vastly preferring detective stories, I m of course biased, but The Killing of Katie Steelstock is an extremely well orchestrated tale of bloodhound work, with three or four characters I wouldn t have minded reading about.

    3. The Killing of Katie Steelstock 1980 is a fine police procedural by Michael Gilbert set in a small town in England Katie Steelstock is the local girl who made good by becoming a TV sensation But she still lives mostly at home in West Hannington and comes back to attend the local Tennis Boat Club dance Her regular chauffeur Tony Windle is unable to provide the expected ride when a prankster puts his car and a few others out of commission, so Katie has to provide her own transportation She makes a [...]

    4. When I read this Michael Gilbert classic some 40 years ago, I hated it It was the first mystery I read where the killer was a character I liked On re reading it, I can appreciate the master craftsman who created it I still hate the ending but now I better understand why.The tale begins with the murder of a fresh faced young TV star named Katie Steelstock our Katie as she is known to her public DI Knott, the detective inspector assigned the case, quickly focuses on a suspect an ex beau of Katie s [...]

    5. While it s obviously the case that even a merely adequate Michael Gilbert novel is better than most of the competition, I nevertheless felt a tad disappointed by this.Part of my disappointment was not in the slightest the fault of the book I was encouraged to read The Killing Of Katie Steelstock by a blogger s book review That review was I assume deliberately really quite misleading As a result, when I worked out quite early on who the baddy must be, I assumed this was some kind of a red herring [...]

    6. THE KILLING OF KATIE STEELSTOCK 1980 Michael GilbertYoung Katie had returned to her native village to attend a seasonal dance She had made it big in television on a London network, and the locals were very proud of her She was remembered primarily using adjectives like pretty, adorable, etc Near the end of the dance, she told everyone that she had to leave, tough not specifying any reason Most people thought that she was off to visit with one of the local boys After a while, her body was discove [...]

    7. Young Katie Steelstock, back in her home village of Hannington from her TV role in London as Britain s sweetheart, is brutally murdered after a small town dance Her lover stands accused but not so fast, as other bodies begin to pile up One of Gilbert s grimmer efforts, as in maybe he went one death too far or maybe I mean one death short , but exquisitely well written as per usual and the scenes in the courtroom are simply superb.Mrs Bellamy had brought out a pair of old fashioned pince nez glas [...]

    8. A mystery headed up by dueling leads, the main one being Insp Knott The book is well done, but it is a twisting winding story making it just a bit exhausting to remember all the threads and people and places.I read it thinking, this must be what it s really like Mind numbing detailed work where slivers of truth appear here and there amongst opinion and faulty memories.The culprit is a very cleaver and specific person And the people in the story are a bit grounded than others I ve read from Gilb [...]

    9. I became interested in Gilbert s books when I borrowed one from Toni s burgeoning shelves during a visit That one was Be Shot for Sixpence, and I really liked it That was of a 50s spy thriller type book This one, written much later in Gilbert s career, is a formulaic British police murder mystery, and suffered for that and its early 80s datedness.

    10. Great I love Michael Gilbertd this was a nice, tight procedural He had me there right up to the last couple of pages Ending a total surprise See my full review at livritome.wordpress 2013 1.

    11. Really disappointed I have read two other books by this author and liked them and I was getting really interested in this one when on page 124 out pops the F word I know this is not a problem for many people but that is very offensive to me.

    12. A little long winded, but really strange twists and turns.Somewhat a text on how not to do a police investigation or too narrowly focused one I liked it until about 2 3ds the way through, then it took a turn into contentious personality battles.

    13. This was fine for an audiobook, but it didn t really captivate me the pace was a little slow Plus, I didn t really like the reader.

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