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Meet Mr. Mulliner By P.G. Wodehouse Meet Mr Mulliner first introduced in Meet Mr Mulliner along with his endless supply of brothers nephews and cousins who are featured in the tales Mulliner tells the regulars at his favorite pub The Angler s Rest
  • Title: Meet Mr. Mulliner
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9781585672752
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Mr. Mulliner By P.G. Wodehouse first introduced in Meet Mr Mulliner, along with his endless supply of brothers, nephews, and cousins, who are featured in the tales Mulliner tells the regulars at his favorite pub, The Angler s Rest.
    Meet Mr. Mulliner By P.G. Wodehouse
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      497 P.G. Wodehouse
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      Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE, was a comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success during a career of than seventy years and continues to be widely read over 40 years after his death Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life, much of which was spent in France and the United States, Wodehouse s main canvas remained that of prewar English upper class society, reflecting his birth, education, and youthful writing career.An acknowledged master of English prose, Wodehouse has been admired both by contemporaries such as Hilaire Belloc, Evelyn Waugh and Rudyard Kipling and by recent writers such as Douglas Adams, Salman Rushdie and Terry Pratchett Sean O Casey famously called him English literature s performing flea , a description that Wodehouse used as the title of a collection of his letters to a friend, Bill Townend.Best known today for the Jeeves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies He worked with Cole Porter on the musical Anything Goes 1934 and frequently collaborated with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton He wrote the lyrics for the hit song Bill in Kern s Show Boat 1927 , wrote the lyrics for the Gershwin Romberg musical Rosalie 1928 , and collaborated with Rudolf Friml on a musical version of The Three Musketeers 1928.

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    1. Undoubtedly, this is the most hilarious collection of short stories I ve ever read Except for one The Romance of a Bulb Squeezer which I found only so so, all the others had me in stitches I have returned to this collection again and again, whenever I was feeling down in the dumps, and left with an uplifted heart.Mr Mulliner is a regular at Angler s Rest a country pub , a man who has never told a lie in his life , according to his own confession And the narrator tells us that it is very easy to [...]

    2. I ve read so many P.G Wodehouse books now that, without looking, I can guess when each book was written It s my parlor trick super power Now, you may say, Koivu, no one cares And further, you re an idiot However, when you consider that Wodehouse wrote over 70 novels not to mention dozens of plays, story collections, movie scripts, and whathaveyous over the course of some 70ish years, that seems a tad impressive, does it not It does not, you say Well then, sod off, my friend, sod off Wodehouse s [...]

    3. Yet another charming expedition into the mind of PG Wodehouse, this time concentrating on Mr Mulliner But not just one Mr Mulliner Each story contains a different Mr Mulliner a different relation to the Mr Mulliner who is telling the story and his exploits It s highly amusing, wonderfully written and a joy to indulge in As Stephen Fry so fittingly said you don t analyse such sunlit perfection, you just bask in its warmth and splendour.

    4. I am heartbroken The most excellent Nandakishore Varma highly, highly recommended Meet Mr Mulliner, so I, of course, immediately got it Nandakishore and I both share an adoring regard of P.G Wodehouse s Bertie and Jeeves stories and novels But I read the first two stories in Meet Mr Mulliner, a short story collection, and they were sooooo very predictable I just couldn t finish it I promise myself and Nandakishore that I will get back to the book when I have a bit time With school about to star [...]

    5. an absolute pleasure to read As usual is the case with P.G Wodehouse titles this collection of short stories portraying the hilarious adventures of various members of the Mulliner family is an absolute mood booster.

    6. Reading Wodehouse is unlike reading any other book It s pure delight from start to finish It s a journey into a different world In this case, this world is made up of Mulliners all kinds of them Uncles, nephews, brothers, distant relations, all Mulliners, and each with a tale to tell These are told by one Mulliner at the local pub, the Angler s Rest, where you can also be served my the lady with the picturesque name of Miss Postlethewaite The stories are elaborately made up, delightfully twisted [...]

    7. Laugh till you Drop And then laugh some Wodehouse never disappoints And Mulliner is as good as Jeeves Top notch stuff.

    8. In the bar parlour of the Angler s Rest the efficient barmaid Miss Postlewaite was asking who was the greatest of all the Wodehouse comic creations A Port and Lemon ventured that it would be Lord Emsworth , Bertie Wooster surely suggested a surly Gin and Tonic, What of Psmith or Ukridge or The Oldest Member questioned an aggressive half of Mild But what of Mr Mulliner asked a stranger in the corner, surely the Mulliner family crave you inclusion The bar was undecided and the conversation moved o [...]

    9. I d never looked into the Mulliner corner of Wodehouse s world until now, but am immensely glad I did It is a charm and a delight For the uninitiated Mr Mulliner is a bar room raconteur with an incredible set of stories about his quite incredible family So we have a poet who tries to write for a pickle company a great inventor pretending to be a servant a separated couple brought back together by their indomitable former nanny the incredible effects of Mulliner s Buck U Uppo and the most origina [...]

    10. Ludwig Wittgenstein said that Honeysuckle Cottage, which is the final story in this collection, was the funniest thing he d ever read.

    11. An earlier Wodehouse collection that doesn t have the energy or punch of his later work While it s unfair to criticize Wodehouse for being predictable his books tend to read as sit coms, they have a certain formulaic progression ie Jeeves will disapprove of Bertie s fashion choice and will have forced Bertie out of it by the end of the story but it is what he achieves within the boundaries of that formula that make him so excellent , these tales seemed obvious and the framing device that suppose [...]

    12. I d read the the other two Mr Mulliner collections before Meet Mr Mulliner, the aptly named first one in the series, though the order of the Mr Mulliner books is less important since they are essentially a series of short stories Mr Mulliner tells these all as frame stories in his local pub, always featuring a distant relative who has had some sort of adventure This is typical PG Wodehouse, full of offbeat and humorous stories of relatives getting themselves into and out of trouble In general I [...]

    13. This was my first Wodehouse and I am a convert That was fun After reading serious novels such as Camus, it was refreshing to read a quick book where I would be chortling to me every few pages It s all a bit silly, and no it was not philosophical, didn t change my world view, didn t make me think about life and all of life s meaning, wasn t full of flowery language, but that s what makes it great I am going to be interspersing serious and hefty books with Wodehouses

    14. Recently I read my first Gordon Korman book on threat of being kicked out of the family As I was giggling, chortling and laughing explosively out loud while reading Meet Mr Mulliner, I realized that P.G Wodehouse is Gordon Korman for adults

    15. This book is a collection of nine short stories that share a few qualities All of the stories are frame stories set in the Angler s Rest pub told by one Mr Mulliner about his improbable group of relatives As someone who is very fond of reading the novels of P.G Wodehouse 1 , these are amusing and entertaining stories What is remarkable to me at least is how true to life these stories appear to me If you ve ever been caught at a moment when you can t listen to someone tell lengthy but generally e [...]

    16. Basically a bunch of clever short stories held together by our narrator, Mr Mulliner This is the 2nd novel by Wodehouse I ve read inspired by Faith Sullivan s Goodnight, Mr Wodehouse I enjoyed this than Love Among the Chickens The opening story about a man who stutters every time he wants to ask a girl to marry him is a hoot doesn t make fun of stuttering just puts our hero in a weird situation and the closing story of a man who inherits his aunt s home, only to find it s haunted by good, not e [...]

    17. Inspired to look outside my comfort zone by an anthology called The Most of P G Wodehouse, this is the first collection other than the above named anthology, of course of non Jeeves Wooster short stories I ve read, and they re just as delightful as Wodehouse s famous creations The basic premise is that these are stories related by the titular character in the bar parlour for fishing enthusiasts called the Angler s Rest Like the first person narrations of the Jeeves and Wooster stories, this sty [...]

    18. It s so long since I read a P G Wodehouse book that I d forgotten his wonderful way with words and quirky ideas.

    19. I really enjoyed this book Like most Wodehouse fans I love Jeeves and Wooster, but now I have found another character that comes near them brilliant.

    20. I love reading heavy, deep, classical literature I m fascinated by exploring the world within which it was written, the culture that must have caused this type of writing, how it would have been received at the time, what it reveals about daily routine and thought from the era in which it was written Oh, I also often but not always enjoy the characters and story Finally, I m exhausted by the end of the tedious chore of trying to make sense these stories P.G Wodehouse unfailingly gives me the pro [...]

    21. I came to Meet Mr Mulliner having already read later stories in Young Men in Spats and Blandings Castle which features stories told by Mr Mulliner in the Angler s Rest, although they are all about Hollywood.Meet Mr Mulliner was first published in 1927 and is a delightful introduction to this most genial of storytellers, who has a seemingly endless set of relations around which the stories are told.In this first volume, the scene is set and the Angler s Rest described, which is the springboard fo [...]

    22. I ve never really come across PG Wodehouse on my literary travels, apart from the television series Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie which are excellent , so when I found the Mulliner Nights CDs at my local library and listened a bit I thought I d get this book to see how he comes across on the page.In one word excellent.The wordplay that goes on and the interaction between the characters is very easy to read and you can sense the placement of each word to gain the most nuance [...]

    23. The first of three collections of tales featuring Mr Mulliner Mulliner is a regular at the bar of the Angler s Rest , where he regales fellow drinkers with stories drawn from the lives of his many relatives such as the curious adventures of his chemist brother Wilfred who gains his true love with the aid of Mulliner s Reduc o As a devotee of Jeeves and Wooster, for me the Mulliner books are the next best thing they have a similar lightness of touch and leave me feeling that all is well with the [...]

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