Half the Day is Night #2020

Half the Day is Night By Maureen F. McHugh Half the Day is Night War veteran David Dai has come to ocean bottom Caribe to work as bodyguard to Mayla Ling banker and scion to the undersea city s old money set But as Mayla negotiates the biggest deal of her life sh
  • Title: Half the Day is Night
  • Author: Maureen F. McHugh
  • ISBN: 9780812524109
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Half the Day is Night By Maureen F. McHugh War veteran David Dai has come to ocean bottom Caribe to work as bodyguard to Mayla Ling, banker and scion to the undersea city s old money set But as Mayla negotiates the biggest deal of her life, she draws the attention of terrorists who threaten to plunge her, and David, back into the nightmare of his violent past.
    Half the Day is Night By Maureen F. McHugh
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    About "Maureen F. McHugh"

    1. Maureen F. McHugh

      Maureen F McHugh born 1959 is a science fiction and fantasy writer.Her first published story appeared in Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Magazine in 1989 Since then, she has written four novels and over twenty short stories Her first novel, China Mountain Zhang 1992 , was nominated for both the Hugo and the Nebula Award, and won the James Tiptree, Jr Award In 1996 she won a Hugo Award for her short story The Lincoln Train 1995 McHugh s short story collection Mothers and Other Monsters was shortlisted as a finalist for the Story Prize in December, 2005.Maureen is currently a partner at No Mimes Media, an Alternate Reality Game company which she co founded with Steve Peters and Behnam Karbassi in March 2009 Prior to founding No Mimes, Maureen worked for 42 Entertainment, where she was a Writer and or Managing Editor for numerous Alternate Reality Game projects, including Year Zero and I Love Bees.

    903 thoughts on “Half the Day is Night”

    1. This book didn t grab me until page 126, but I m so enad with China Mountain Zhang and McHugh s short fiction that I kept plodding along anyway.McHugh does a great job creating an interesting near future science fiction world and immersing readers in her characters lives David and Mayla spend the novel disoriented and traumatized There s a definite pleasure reading about non heroic characters dealing with tense situations in fumbling, human ways.But the plot pacing were muddled, and on top of it [...]

    2. Beautifully described underwater society I could feel the terror of the main characters as they were faced with issues of fear and claustrophobia Particularly poignant was David s flashbacks to his days as a soldier.

    3. In the underground city of Caribe in the near future, Mayla is in the midst of tense financial negotiations Her insurance agency requires her to have a bodyguard, so she hires David Dai, a former French soldier with an injured knee and a veiled case of PTSD After terrorists approach David for help and then make an attempt on Mayla s life, David vanishes into Caribe s underworld Mayla soon follows.Starts wonderfully, but peters out into mind numbing quotidian detail and plots that the main charac [...]

    4. I had high hopes for Half the Day Is Night by Maureen F McHugh Sadly, while the book has the most amazing world building and realistic characters, it fails to provide the tension and suspense this story desperately needs.Half the Day Is Night is a science fiction novel that s also presented as a thriller as the book jacket describes Supposedly, it s a thrilling ride through the lives of David Dai and Mayla Ling, the story s protagonists However, David and Mayla s lives appear so realistic that t [...]

    5. While the characters fall flat, the backdrop steals the stage.With the exception of Mothers Other Monsters, I ve read all of Maureen McHugh s novels and anthologies Devoured is like it, having consumed them all in the space of just a few months While somewhat enjoyable, Half the Day is Night is not McHugh s best work.Perhaps the lackluster reviews I saw previous to reading the book colored my perception of it, but I had trouble empathizing with or even caring a whit about the characters who inh [...]

    6. I really wanted to finish this Truly, I did I had a big long car trip with which to do so, and everything And after reading a recent post by Charlie Stross on reading work by female writers, I decided to give this one a go It was very engaging in its first half, but then the characters begin making decisions that make very little sense one protagonist decides to simply disappear from accusations that have yet to be made, while another succumbs to corporate pressure and loses her life s work Not [...]

    7. When French Asian war veteran David Dai accepts a job as a security guard to a female banker in the Caribbean, he s expecting to be able to get away from the violence and trauma of fighting in Africa However, the underwater domes of the cities of Caribe and Marincite are hardly the tropical paradise he was unconsciously expecting Rather, they are torn by poverty and social unrest, and plagued by corrupt and incompetent authorities The resentful former holder of his job is still at his employer s [...]

    8. This is my least favorite by this author, though that s not saying much I just loved the other books I ve read by her China Mountain Zhang, Mission Child, Nekropolis a lot The first half has still really good McHugh is wonderful at creating a believable setting and inhabiting it with interesting characters But this setting seemed even less fantastic and the plot even aimless than usual, and by the end, I was just finishing it to finish it.

    9. I didn t like the book The setting itself is not bad but the plot is very boring I also didn t understand the motivation of the characters and stopped caring after a while A waste of time Better read Nekropolis or China Mountain Zhang.It s are real pitty because someone who starts with this book will never pick up a book from the author again.

    10. Most people regard HALF THE DAY IS NIGHT as McHugh s weakest novel, but I always believed is was one of the best True, the characters are over shadowed by the setting and plot, but in this case I see that as the strength of the latter rather than any weakness in the former It s a fine book, well worth the time of giving it a chance.

    11. My fascination with the mechanics of the underwater city couldn t make up for a weak story and seemingly unedited prose that often rambled on without purpose A disappointing followup to China Mountain Zhang.

    12. Set in a city on the floor of the Caribbean ocean in the fairly near future I liked the believable and not U.S.A based worldbuilding, but was a bit disappointed by the plot and what the characters ended up doing there was potential that seemed to me to be squandered.

    13. I love her, but this isn t her bestad Mothers and Other Monsters instead I love it so much, I gave a copy to my grandmother How she felt about it, I don t know, but it s the principle Anyway, I did appreciate the world she created here, but the story felt choppy.

    14. It all started out good and about half way through it turned very strange indeed I couldn t even finish the last 1 4 of the book

    15. The author s style take a bit of getting used It is lacking in emotion, kind of dry Story is okay, characters are good The ending is a bit contrived though.

    16. A little too much intrigue and not enough relationship for me But a well thought out dome under the ocean setting and a good escape from our own suburban lives.

    17. While the writing was good I had a difficult time relating to the characters I so wanted to like this book especially since my cousin gave it to me.

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