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Mythical By C.E. Martin Mythical Mark Kenslir is the last of the Cold War super soldiers and he s just come back from the dead With no memory of who or what killed him he sets out to piece together his past with the help of two tee
  • Title: Mythical
  • Author: C.E. Martin
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  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mythical By C.E. Martin Mark Kenslir is the last of the Cold War super soldiers and he s just come back from the dead With no memory of who, or what killed him, he sets out to piece together his past with the help of two teens that find him wandering the Arizona desert After returning to a modern world he doesn t remember, Kenslir starts to remember his final mission stop a prehistoric shapesMark Kenslir is the last of the Cold War super soldiers and he s just come back from the dead With no memory of who, or what killed him, he sets out to piece together his past with the help of two teens that find him wandering the Arizona desert After returning to a modern world he doesn t remember, Kenslir starts to remember his final mission stop a prehistoric shapeshifter that steals the lifeforce, form and memories of its victims by tearing out and eating their hearts.
    Mythical By C.E. Martin
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      399 C.E. Martin
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      USAF Veteran and retired criminal investigator C.E Martin lives in the American Midwest with his wife and two daughters, embellishing accounts of supernatural and paranormal happenings he has personally experienced or heard of over his career to create over the top tales of two fisted Pulp action When not writing or spending time with his family, C.E can be found binge watching scifi series and modern B Movies, battling virtual villains on X Box, or biding his time until the next trip to the gun range.

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    1. Like Fantasy Like superheroes Then I recommend you take a lot into this book It starts off with a group of young adults finding a burned boat, with what appears to be a body, in the middle of the desert Th body turns out to just be a statue wearing pants, with a hole in its chest, or so it seems A few hours later said statue is found drinking their water supply and appeared as flesh and blood as anyone else with no wound The group quickly learns this mad is bullet proof and super strong and most [...]

    2. Originally posted at lasrsff 2012 08 mFive motorbike riders zoom across the desert and find a burnt out boat With the boat is a scorched and broken corpse A sudden storm sends the riders back to their camp, leaving the corpse and boat as they found it.The corpse is soaked by the rain and gradually his wounds fill with stone which then becomes flesh Once he is fully restored the stone man, now human in appearance, crosses the desert and finds the bikers camp Josie and Jimmy, two of the bikers, jo [...]

    3. One of the great parts of having started this website is that my horizons are being expanded and I m reading books outside of my normal preferred genre So far there have been a few that I really enjoyed and I m thankful for the opportunity to break out my mold Mythical Heart of Stone is one such book This is an outright testosterone fest, I dare a manly man to read this and not like it I liked it and will continue reading the series There were many lengthy fight scenes, but there was also a good [...]

    4. I just finished reading C.E Martin s Mythical Stone soldiers 1.I am not a big fan of fantasy or sci fi stories When I started the book and there was a statue that came to life in the desert, I almost put it down I remember thinking that this would be the cheesiest book I had ever read Luckily, I was really pleasantly surprised The book involves the idea of superheroes and villains in quite a realistic way if that is possible I really liked the villain, Ketzkahtel I thought that the idea of a sha [...]

    5. MYTHICAL Heart of Stone 1 by C E MartinMYTHICAL is a YA teen novel written in a mixed genre including paranormal, science fiction, horror and fantasy The novel and its characters read like a comic book storyline without the pictures, but you can use your imagination as the author manufactures an action reel of adventure with his telling of the story.18year old Josie Winters and her friends are having one final camp out and dirt bike excursion before heading off to college What they didn t expect [...]

    6. Pulp Warning Most of my e reading is e pulp based My reviews are therefore written with e pulp in mind Reader beware Pulp Warning Overall 4 stars.Mythical is a new, interesting take on what could be described as the urban fantasy superhero genre if such a thing has ever existed With suitably pulpified concepts and plenty of comic book style throw downs the story sets up what could be a very interesting world, but suffers the usual problem of developing characters in amongst the flying bullets.Pa [...]

    7. An elite soldier with super powers is dead in the Arizona desert His lifeless body is found mutilated and burned by five friends that are enjoying a post high graduation vacation After the friends leave the horrible scene, knowing there was nothing they could do to help and feeling than a little freaked out, they head a few miles back to their camp.What they soon learn is that the soldier Mark Kenslir , is no stranger to dying After stumbling in to the teenagers camp he completely regenerates h [...]

    8. Review from the wife.She felt the writing could have been polished there were some repetitive phrases, awkward sentence structures, and descriptions that bugged her, as well as a moderate amount of proofreading errors , but the story was engaging enough that she put them aside pretty easily She s used to the fact that few books hold up to her eye as an editor, and a good story smooths over a lot.She wished the backstory for the main characters would have been a little vivid, or at least less c [...]

    9. I must admit that I liked the mythology woven into the world here Colonel Kenslir s abilities are intriguing and his backstory is one that I want to hear in its entirety Flat out, what he can do as a Stone Soldier makes him cool But he s than just a Stone Soldier MORE On the bad guy front, Kenslir s memory loss made it difficult to figure out who was a good guy and who was a bad guy at first As he started to remember and , things became clear but there was a time when it didn t seem safe to tr [...]

    10. This was surprisingly entertaining Maybe I just went in with lowered expectations for a paranormal novella, but I was impressed Mythical is set in an alternative timeline where superheroes are a mundane, and often pathetic, part of everyday life That small percentage of the population with superhuman abilities pretty much all do contractor work for the government or are hunted down by them To further live up to the title, the author tosses in magic, alternate universes, commandos, the entire men [...]

    11. Exciting, New Creatures Meet Familiar LegendsThis story is gripping in some places and a little too loose in others I like how all the different legends and stories that I m familiar with were married to new ideas and creatures and technology that only C E Martin can think of At times, I felt like Martin was name dropping, sprinkling in familiar legends here and there, whether or not they had any bearing on the plot But all in all, it is a pretty intriguing, exciting book I enjoyed reading this [...]

    12. Mythical is the first book in an exciting new adventure series by a promising new author.Teens camping in the Arizona desert come across a boat sitting out in the middle of nowhere with what appears to be a stone statue Suddenly the stone begins to turn flesh colored and becomes a living man Mark Kenslir, a special breed of soldier developed to be almost indestructible He awakes not remembering his identity or what his mission is, but gradually his memory returns and he s helped by two of the te [...]

    13. Well, talk about exciting, nonstop action The storyline was excellent and I was totally engrossed in this book which drew me in right from the beginning.It was a really quick read and basically I found myself captivated on a fast paced,visually exciting journey, even holding my breath during some of the fighting It had dragons, shapeshifters, stone soldiers Better than tv The only drawback to giving it a higher rating was the fact that I felt the first 4 chapters were definitely in need of editi [...]

    14. So I was a little concerned that this story could turn into some sort of GI Joe wanna be with a sappy side story, but it so didn t The story was exciting, yet down to earth I could totally see this happening, which is key in a good fantasy story.I was hooked from page one and couldn t put it down I cannot wait to read the next books in the series I already added them to my wish list on and on , and I don t do that very often I also told my kids about it and told them they had to read it and then [...]

    15. Simply FANTASTICI have often read reviews that claim a book is a page Turner , well, I am happy to say that this is exactly that.Very clever writing, seamless story, wonderful characters, interesting and VERY original take on fantasy this is one of the best books I have read in along time.Has a lot of action and having the main character start out an amnesiac is a perfect way to bring you into the story and up to speed while you enjoy a great narrative.Just try it You ll get hooked

    16. Knowing the author, I was eager to read this book in the beginning I had a ruff time getting past the lack of pronouns, but it improves drastically as the book goes on I was immediately hooked by the unique story, even though this is clearly a guy book P Its action filled and I made an emotional attatchment to the characters, especially Jimmy There are some great plot twists and I am excited to read the second one

    17. The first couple of chapters of this book were quite slow, and I found it a bit difficult to persevere I was really happy that I did though The story becomes interesting, fast paced and action packed The descriptions of the fight scenes were vivid, and I could imagine the shapeshifter morphing into all of his different characters as I read it.I could imagine this book being made into a movie, especially if it s in 3D Overall, it was a quick and enjoyable read

    18. Loved itLoved all of the well thought out details and the fighting scene I also liked how Jimmy was brought back to life but had to be turned to stone so he wouldn t be cursed.

    19. 1st timeWas an exceptionally good read fresh and new conceptse.hard to put down which is always a good thing when trying something new.

    20. Ok for quick readthe battle scenes lack veracity, and the plot is on the thin side the shallow characterizations detract from what motivates each one.

    21. Seemed to end to quickly Was expecting background explanation of the characters Would have liked info on the current mythical world Good simple read for a long flight.

    22. Quick easy to readVerified Purchase What s this This review is from Mythical Stone Soldiers 1 Kindle Edition Magic, mythical creatures, super heroes, super villains, super soldiers, action, adventure, romance, mystery, a government research project and a special unit to deal with such things All of this culminates in the meeting of a seemingly invincible enemy with a near indestructible super soldier Written in a simple direct style by a good story teller, this should appeal to both adult and ju [...]

    23. I really didn t want to read this book I wasn t sure what it was about, but the title, Mythical led me to believe it might be about magic and dragons, wizards and sorceress, and idiotic stuff like that Well, it was But, it was a very good book and not like you think This was a fighting book Combat type fighting with soldiers with weapons and all that cool stuff It also had a lot of surprises So, these teenage kids are running around in the Arizona desert on motorbikes The come up on this blacken [...]

    24. Mythical stone soldiers 1WOW What a fun rollercoaster ride I read it from cover to cover in one sitting I read two or three books a week , usually sci fi or superhero , or metahuman or sometimes a dystopian future epic But I have only read two or three books I considered a five star read , this is one of them Very entertaining characters , I quickly became emotionally invested in their plight I usually don t like mythic vampire,zombie,werewolves and similar type fiction The characters are usuall [...]

    25. This is an entertaining sci fi YA story with super humans, teens, and good vs evil It is a fast read with appropriate chapter breaks and action.Teens motor crossing the dessert for some fun after graduation pull up on a burned boat out in the middle of nowhere distant from any water source There is also a charred human, who comes back from the dead looking for answers.The backstory unfolds and a couple teens and a super soldier hunt down a shapeshifter that dines on human hearts There is some qu [...]

    26. Ha This book turned out to surprise me I ended up liking the book and will read about these strange stone soldiers 3 1 2 stars if I could I have another E.C Martin novel about the stone soldiers on my Kindle, as well as a novella But there are several I will read the two I have on hand and go from there The main character is this book is one tough guy A great battle at the end with the shaper shifter villian dragib of the book Well over 12% of the book Action I picked it up free from Smashword [...]

    27. A fun book and good start to a new series Mark Kenslir is a nearly indestructible soldier facing a shapeshifting apparently indestructible foe Things get a bit hairy for awhile but the series obviously continues so I don t consider it a spoiler to say that things work out ok in the end Mostly

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