Rush Revere and the First Patriots #2020

Rush Revere and the First Patriots By Rush Limbaugh Rush Revere and the First Patriots Substitute middle school history teacher Rush Revere takes his students back in time to eighteenth century Boston to experience the start of the American Revolution as it happens
  • Title: Rush Revere and the First Patriots
  • Author: Rush Limbaugh
  • ISBN: 9781476755922
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • Rush Revere and the First Patriots By Rush Limbaugh Substitute middle school history teacher Rush Revere takes his students back in time to eighteenth century Boston to experience the start of the American Revolution as it happens.
    Rush Revere and the First Patriots By Rush Limbaugh
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    1. Rush Limbaugh recently attacked beloved local Washington DC leftist bookstore and cafe Busboys and Poets for not carrying his new children s book Rush Revere and the First Patriots The Washington Post did a good job pointing out that Rush is fundamentally misrecognizing the function of independent bookstores, which are not always oriented toward making maximum profit since RRATFP is among the top 5 on the NYTimes bestseller list, why wouldn t every book chain stock him and if they don t, well, i [...]

    2. Another example of publishers choosing marketability over well written literature I gave myself 25 pages to try to get engaged in this book, then decided there are too many good books out there to waste my time reading of this one Because really, if you re not hooked by the end of the first chapter, the author hasn t done his job.What s wrong with this book Number one, it s a children s book about an adult TEACHER What kid wants to read that And even though the character expresses a desire to m [...]

    3. Great book to make history fun for all ages I believe the target age is 10 13 I liked that this one wasn t exactly like the last one Also not only are the patriots discussed, but other lessons are learned along the way being unconditional love The quality of this book is amazing like the first I love the illustrations included in this book I m passing it off to my ten year old tomorrow She loved the last one I ll be interested to see what she has to say about this one Truly love the idea of brin [...]

    4. Listened to the majority of this audio book on a 15 hour long car ride with the family, but I did fall asleep for some of it though hehe P

    5. 4.5 starsI love these books, they re so much fun I liked this one better than the last because of the interesting characters and the founding of America is so awesome anyway Read it and learn something.

    6. I learned what the Stamp Act really was about and had fun in the process Great books to enjoy, funny, and informative.

    7. This is geared to middle grade readers, as a way to introduce them to the First Patriots of the American Revolution such as Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, George Washington, and even their antagonist King George III The method involves a substitute Honors History teacher, Rush Revere, and his time traveling horse, Liberty Together, they bring a couple of students along for the ride to be witnesses to some important events leading up to the start of the American Revo [...]

    8. I loved listening to this book Which is weird for two reasons, 1 I can get a little sick of listening to him when I hear him on the radio 2 I thought he would not be good at reading or writing a pre teen book I was wrong on both accounts I was laughing at the humor and impressed with his honesty of the Patriots not always doing the smartest thing and handled both sides very rationally I loved the interactions with the kids and the historical figures I may have been cracking up at Benjamin Frankl [...]

    9. Read this first, accidentally My son adored it and it was quite charming Liberty is the most memorable character of course, silly and fun, and my son was often giggling Loved the historical accuracy and how it teaches kids in a fun way

    10. Rush Limbaugh sThe First PatriotsA book review by Orion SaalRush Revere, a history teacher who likes to take some of his students on time travel adventures with his talking time traveling horse Liberty This book is a great read and this is where you can read why.I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it brings out the imaginative side of us while simultaneously teaching us about our nation s history and the early Americans who made it happen This book is a historical fiction that is seen in firs [...]

    11. Rush Revere and the First Patriots by Rush Limbaugh covers the events of the Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, and the Boston Tea Party Written with a descriptive and detailed hand, this story can help anyone gain a better understanding of the history of the United States of America Rush Limbaugh covers history that you never knew of, describing it meticulously and making you feel like you are experiencing history for yourself.When Rush Revere, his trusty horse Liberty, and a few of his new history s [...]

    12. This is the second children s book that radio host Rush Limbaugh has wrote, and it is as good, if not better, than his first one After purchasing the first book when it came out, it took me a while to get a copy from the local library, but it was worth the wait The characters from the first book are here, with the main character Rush Revere, a substitute history teacher, and his friend Liberty, a talking horse, and two students Freedom and Tommy There are a few characters in the book, but Rush [...]

    13. This is a great book and I recommend it to everyone It s his historical fiction which I generally do not read, but this book held my interest highly It teaches people, generally children about history without being boring because it s time traveling and in a school which most children probably know pretty well and can visualize easily My favorite part is the Stomp Act It was really fun and sometimes I find myself singing it This book really engages children with the back round and the silliness [...]

    14. I was skeptical to begin with that I could honestly recommend a book written by a obvious racist, but I was open to the fact that a book full of early American history could have some merit in the classroom However, this book is poorly written and a thinly veiled right wing view on early history Politics aside, the book is cheesy and I don t think would be enjoyed by high school students There are colorful pages with historical photos, but then there also are several illustrations of the main ch [...]

    15. While I love the way these books make American history interesting to kids, the writing is just not very good I hoped the second book would be better than the first, but I cringed my way through most of it I don t have very high hopes for the rest.

    16. Not as good as his first in this series but still worth reading This summer, I am reading both books out loud to my kids He does a good job writing about history that is readable for kids and pointing out why freedom is necessary.

    17. I now have a much clearer notion of who Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and King George are and how they impacted the beginnings of the United States Good history Fun time travel Funny Rush.

    18. Rush does it again This book was fun to listen to Rush reads it himself and taught about some of our founding fathers The kids love Liberty the time traveling horse

    19. Let me begin by saying that I think Limbaugh is a good, even a great talk show host I listen when I can, agree often than not, and do not consider him a bigot, misogynist, racist, or homophobe So it is without political or personal malice that I frankly state that I am disappointed with this series I ve read the first two volumes out loud to my children ages 4 thru 8 , but while they eat them up, I am underwhelmed It took us forever to get through the second volume because I was so bored by it [...]

    20. Rush Revere and the First Patriots Adventures of Rush Revere 2 by Rush LimbaughSUMMARY Rush Revere and First Patriots, the second in Rush Limbaugh s children s adventure series takes us to the time right before the start of the American Revolution History teacher Rush Revere and talking horse Liberty take along the time traveling crew to meet exceptional Americans including Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry Rush Revere even takes on King George III of Great Britain in London Middle School students [...]

    21. This book isn t bad For small children it could be fairy enjoyable, but it s sorta stuck in a weird spot I think the book would of been better served giving facts and explanations for the history that it s discussing So at times it treats the audience like they re 4, then it s paragraph after paragraph in exposition, that no 4 y o could understand I think it could stand to just have explanations, and not just repeat the words freedom over and over andAlso, the dialogue that the kids have Again [...]

    22. I really liked the book Rush Revere and the first patriots by Rush Limbaugh I personally think that all of the characters were very thought out The storyline was awesome Rush Revere has a horse that can talk and time travel He takes a football star and his friends on a wild ride I loved how it was fun and enjoying but it still showed the history of the past The was a lot of things that revolved around the future I like that in a story, but some of the points in this book can get challenging beca [...]

    23. Substitute history teacher, Rush Revere, and his talking horse, Liberty, travel back in time to 1765 Boston with a couple favorite students Somehow Ben Franklin ends up at their school and they return him to England so he can speak before the House of Commons before going to Boston They meet Patrick Henry and encounter angry Stamp Act protesters This series is a fun way to explore early US history.

    24. Still a really fun read and great look into American History I ll be honest, history has never been something I enjoy I have always found it boring but these books take that subject and actually make it interesting I love the look into the actual people that were alive at that time, not just the events It made me stop and think Great book, and still one that will be a great introduction into American history.

    25. A splendid read for our 9 year old childWe had a lot of fun reading this book It provides some colorful and captivating discussion about our American history It helped bring to life significant concepts about the formation of this country and the fight for free We certainly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to most young readers.

    26. Great literature No Frankly, some of the writing can even get annoying That said, there is quite a lot of historical info here written in a way that is accessible and entertaining for kids My 10 11 year old co op class laughed even at what I thought were pretty corny jokes and followed along, gleaning a surprising amount out of this book.

    27. Better than the first one Enjoyed learning details about a period that is often confusing in American History textbooks will all the names, dates, and grievous act This book made it all come alive.

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