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The End is Now By John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey The End is Now Famine Death War Pestilence These are the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse of the End of the World In science fiction the end is triggered by less figurative means nuclear holocaust biological
  • Title: The End is Now
  • Author: John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey
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  • The End is Now By John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Famine Death War Pestilence These are the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse, of the End of the World In science fiction, the end is triggered by less figurative means nuclear holocaust, biological warfare pandemic, ecological disaster, or cosmological cataclysm But before any catastrophe, there are people who see it coming During, there are heroes who fight agaFamine Death War Pestilence These are the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse, of the End of the World In science fiction, the end is triggered by less figurative means nuclear holocaust, biological warfare pandemic, ecological disaster, or cosmological cataclysm But before any catastrophe, there are people who see it coming During, there are heroes who fight against it And after, there are the survivors who persevere and try to rebuild THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH will tell their stories Edited by acclaimed anthologist John Joseph Adams and bestselling author Hugh Howey, The Apocalypse Triptych is a series of three anthologies of apocalyptic fiction THE END IS NIGH focuses on life before the apocalypse THE END IS NOW turns its attention to life during the apocalypse And THE END HAS COME explores life after the apocalypse THE END IS NIGH is about the match THE END HAS COME is about what will rise from the ashes THE END IS NOW is about the conflagration THE END IS NOW table of contents INTRODUCTION by John Joseph Adams HERD IMMUNITY by Tananarive Due THE SIXTH DAY OF DEER CAMP by Scott Sigler GOODNIGHT STARS by Annie Bellet ROCK MANNING CAN T HEAR YOU by Charlie Jane Anders FRUITING BODIES by Seanan McGuire BLACK MONDAY by Sarah Langan ANGELS OF THE APOCALYPSE by Nancy Kress AGENT ISOLATED by David Wellington THE GODS WILL NOT BE SLAIN by Ken Liu YOU VE NEVER SEEN EVERYTHING by Elizabeth Bear BRING THEM DOWN by Ben H Winters TWILIGHT OF THE MUSIC MACHINES by Megan Arkenberg SUNSET HOLLOW by Jonathan Maberry PENANCE by Jake Kerr AVTOMAT by Daniel H Wilson DANCING WITH BATGIRL IN THE LAND OF NOD by Will McIntosh BY THE HAIR OF THE MOON by Jamie Ford TO WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD by Desirina Boskovich IN THE MOUNTAIN by Hugh Howey DEAR JOHN by Robin Wasserman.
    The End is Now By John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey
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    1. John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey

      John Joseph Adams is the series editor of BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY He is also the bestselling editor of many other anthologies, such as ROBOT UPRISINGS, DEAD MAN S HAND, BRAVE NEW WORLDS,WASTELANDS, and THE LIVING DEAD Recent and forthcoming books include WHAT THE % IS THAT , OPERATION ARCANA, PRESS START TO PLAY, LOOSED UPON THE WORLD, and THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH consisting of THE END IS NIGH, THE END IS NOW, and THE END HAS COME Called the reigning king of the anthology world by Barnes Noble, John is a two time winner of the Hugo Award for which he has been nominated nine times , is a seven time World Fantasy Award finalist, and served as a judge for the 2015 National Book Award John is also the editor and publisher of the digital magazines LIGHTSPEED and NIGHTMARE, and is a producer for Wired s THE GEEK S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY podcast You can find him online at johnjosephadams and on Twitter JohnJosephAdams.

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    1. I didn t like this one nearly as much as the first volume in the Triptych , and I m not sure why Perhaps it has been too long since I read the first book Perhaps it was that I lost the connection with the characters from the first group of stories several of the stories in this volume didn t even have the same main characters Perhaps I like the intensity of knowing that some great disaster invasion event is coming and how people react to that pressure Nonetheless, I ended up skimming over many o [...]

    2. I was so excited to finally have The End Is Now to read after reading The End is Nigh I was really happy that many of the authors have returned to continue their stories While many of the stories pick up right where they left off while others are occurring further along their timeline If you are someone who loves tales of the apocalypse and horror I highly recommend reading this series There are many great writers with a wide range of end of the world scenarios The writing is top notch and conti [...]

    3. Anthology I m going to reach each author s work in this triptych Starting with Volume 1, then Volume 2 and lastly Volume 3 I m hoping that each story will give an extension of the beginning story 3.85 stars average A lot of really great stories in this anthology1 Herd Immunity by Tananarive Due Did she know what would happen 5 stars2 The Sixth Day at Deer Camp by Scott Sigler The friends find out the survivors are much than they thought Good story 4 stars.3 Goodnight Stars by Annie Bellet Tryin [...]

    4. The End is Now is the second collection of stories in the Apocalypse Triptych, and as each author further develops his or her world with each anthology, it really should be read after you have completed The End is Nigh.Each story in the collection either takes place where the first one left off or introduces us to new characters in the author s world but they were all written so that the reader could easily recall the original storyline.I enjoyed the collection but Ben H Winters, Hugh Howey and [...]

    5. The End is Now is the second book in the Apocalypse Triptych I d immensely enjoyed 1, The End is Nigh review here , and I ve been a huge fan of the connected short stories idea.Some of my favorites in this collection in the order of their appearance in the book are Tananarive Due s Herd Immunity prequel Removal Order in 1 Though I enjoyed Removal Order , I wouldn t have gushed with praise about it But, Herd Immunity is another story entirely ha The protagonist, Nayima, is well defined here The [...]

    6. A while back, like many Sci Fi readers, I learned about the whole sad puppy rabid puppy thing and hit my daily quota of bigotry However, I did find some good things that came out of that awful situation, including that two of the authors that said bigoted group promoted asked to withdraw from consideration, rather than be associated with said slate.Now, I believe that the moral high road in this case might very well have cost said authors some cash the Hugo award list was something people mentio [...]

    7. A damn good follow up Great continuations of the stories in volume one A lot of them I actually preferred to the first story, and enjoyed seeing where the fucked up situations led, especially interesting when the characters changed due to the former protagonist dying or whatnot In this volume everyone is obviously right in the thick of it with few if any options remaining, which makes for intensity overall I was going to list out my favorites in detail but for now I ll just mention a few must r [...]

    8. I really liked this, but it was really hard to keep track of the stories from the previous book Half of the time I would be halfway through before I remembered the first thread and a few times I couldn t remember the first story at all I like the idea a lot but I think there are too many stories for this to work That said, Hugh Howey s portion was far and away my favorite Great little bonus to the Silo world.

    9. I liked this even better than THE END IS NIGH I think these books are especially great in audiobook form, though one of the narrators makes me laugh with his intensity.

    10. As with the first book in the triptych, The End is Nigh, this was an above average collection of stories With just a couple of exceptions they all continue the story arc from the first book While this book can certainly be enjoyed as a stand alone, there is a lot of depth to be gained by reading them in order The following give my ratings for each story and a brief note for myself The title in parentheses is the story from the first book that each one follows.3.5 Herd Immunity Removal Order The [...]

    11. Well, I have to admit that I didn t like this one as much as its predecessor, The End is Nigh Some of the writers I liked couldn t make it to this one, and were replaced with writers I m not as fond of, and some of the followups weren t as good as the first story The authors new to this one were Daniel H Wilson shakes fist, damn robot nut and Elizabeth Bear, who puts a fun human twist in her virus story As I mentioned in my review of the first book, Tananarive Due s Herd Immunity was really good [...]

    12. The second part in the series I think this one had misses than the last, but about the same amount of hits.Hugh Howey ruled this an excellent story and I am really looking forward to the third part Desirina Boskovich still has a good story, even it wasn t as good as the first part Annie Bellet and Jake Kerr round off the hit return authours, while Elizabeth Bear rocked the new comers.Sarah Langan failed for the second time, and Jonathan Maberry lost it big time mainly due to the narration Danie [...]

    13. Part 1 was better I would only give the following stories the 5 star treatment HERD IMMUNITY by Tananarive DueTHE SIXTH DAY OF DEER CAMP by Scott Sigler GOODNIGHT STARS by Annie BelletAGENT ISOLATED by David Wellington THE GODS WILL NOT BE SLAIN by Ken Liu SUNSET HOLLOW by Jonathan Maberry PENANCE by Jake Kerr DANCING WITH BATGIRL IN THE LAND OF NOD by Will McIntoshIN THE MOUNTAIN by Hugh HoweyBecause of the above, I will of course buy The End Has Come on the day it is available The others, well [...]

    14. This is the 2nd in a series, following The End is Nigh About 85% of the stories are continuations of ones found in the earlier book, but it s not necessary to have read that one first These are all short stories dealing with the apocalypse, or the immediate aftermath.My favorite was by one of my favorite authors, Hugh Howey It takes place during the same time events as First Shift, when nanotechnology was used against the world and the chosen went into silos in the ground Here, a group goes into [...]

    15. Some great stories and continuations to the first collection Robert Wasserman ,like the first collection ,for me us the standout but there are plenty of other great stories as well The twist on the Wool universe fir Howey s story is brilliant and I look forward to seeing how many of the authors wrao up the trilogy Only negative is the completely different order of the stories to the first collection It would have been a bit easier to read in the same order.

    16. I m giving it five stars because most of the stories were well written, well paced, entertaining, and had great characters There were, of course, a few I didn t enjoy quite as much The following stories were my favorites really made this anthology stand out for me Herd Immunity by Tannanarive Due Goodnight Stars by Annie Bellet Penance by Jake Kerr, In the Mountain by Hugh Howey, Fruiting Bodies by Seanan McGuire.

    17. The second in a trilogy of Apocalyptic short stories, The End is Now covers the Apocalypse itself as opposed to pre and post in all of it s many possible fictional possibilities Most of the stories from the first collection The End is Nigh are continued here, though many of them pick up years or decades after the first chapter and are from the perspective of a completely different character Understandable given the scope of the project but often the change in tone or narration was so different i [...]

    18. Overall, I think I liked the first book in the series better, but this was still enjoyable It was fun to get into a story and realize that it was a continuation of one from the first book Very much looking forward to book 3

    19. This book is right in my wheel house The stories continue from the first one Looking forward to reading the next one

    20. I m reading in order of 1st book, to get the stories together The stories are in the same world not necessarily of the same people exactly if same MC in is for writing talent, not for how much I didn t like the story If there is a tryptich 3rd story %avg ratings 4 Robin Wasserman Heather who 3 sirina Boskovich freaky 3.5 Charlie Jane Anders lost 3 %Ken Liu 4.5 %Jake Kerr hits hard, good ending 5 4 %Tananarive Due wretched 4 4.5 %Jamie Ford incomplete, a chapter of an unfinished story 3.8 4 n H W [...]

    21. Imagine you have seventeen apocalyptic novellas Now slice each into three short stories covering events before, during, and after the apocalypse Then collect the segments into three chronologically related anthologies Lastly, sprinkle in a dozen one off tales to fill out page counts This is what editors John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey have done with their ambitious anthology trilogy The End is Nigh 2014 , The End is Now 2014 , and The End Has Come 2015 This organizational gimmick has taken some [...]

    22. I don t really know how to rate anthologies but I m feeling generous Plus, it managed to make its gimmick work and I think it deserves an extra star for that.Most of the stories in this book are sequels to the stories in The End is Nigh, which I read two years ago However, since it has been two years, I didn t really remember it very well So as I read this book, I reread each corresponding story from End is Nigh before reading the sequel in this one I recommend it as a method Anyhow, partially b [...]

    23. Book Two in the Apocalypse Triptych contains stories that are happening during their apocalypse For reference, Book One The End is Nigh was chock full of stories that happen just before the apocalypse, and Book Three The End Has Come contains stories that happen after the apocalypse The best of these stories are those that continue the thread from Book One Not all stories follow the same characters, but are recognizable by their apocalypse and references or relation to characters from Book One T [...]

    24. The End is Now picks up, in many of the stories, where The End is Nigh left off Like its predecessor, the stories here are mostly entertaining and well done, with some standouts and some fails like any anthology The difference here, is that several stories just flat out don t stand alone I felt this prominently in this volume than in the first one And I also felt, just overall, that the stories were weaker in this volume Negativity aside, I still absolutely love this concept, and really like wh [...]

    25. Good followup to The End is Nigh I most enjoyed the ones that were continuations of stories from book 1, even when they featured characters only spoken about in the first or completely new characters caught up in the same apocalyptic experience as those from the first I was most connected to the story that kept with the same character from the first story Herd Immunity by Tananarive Due, which may be my favorite Recommended and I went right to the final in the series after this.The Sixth Day of [...]

    26. In the introduction, it s claimed that you don t need to read the first book in order to enjoy this one, and that is probably truebut having read the first book led to a much higher enjoyment factor for this second volume It has been a while since I read the first volume, so it took me a little ways into each story to remember what came before for each individual story, but once I did it was great to connect the dots I really enjoyed how there is a large variety of doomsday scenarios in this boo [...]

    27. Another selection of stories, most of which continue the threads started in Th book The End Has Comee End is Nigh 18870640 It s an anthology, and it s a sequel of sorts, but most of the stories work just fine on their own you do get a better experience if you actually read the first one.As it is with all anthologies, you will most likely love some stories, be meh about others, and downright dislike some I enjoyed the reading for the most part, and will be looking forward to the resolutions in Th [...]

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