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Awakening By Natalie King Awakening The cold spread like anaesthetic in her veins Fear resurged driving deeper into every cell Why would my looking in a mirror help you see me Because I see through your eyes When Zelie Taylor pulls a l
  • Title: Awakening
  • Author: Natalie King
  • ISBN: 9780143570790
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • Awakening By Natalie King The cold spread like anaesthetic in her veins Fear resurged, driving deeper into every cell Why would my looking in a mirror help you see me Because I see through your eyes When Zelie Taylor pulls a lost necklace out of the icy waters of the lake, she has no idea what the consequences will be At first the pendant is just freezing cold unnaturally so but then sheThe cold spread like anaesthetic in her veins Fear resurged, driving deeper into every cell Why would my looking in a mirror help you see me Because I see through your eyes When Zelie Taylor pulls a lost necklace out of the icy waters of the lake, she has no idea what the consequences will be At first the pendant is just freezing cold unnaturally so but then she hears a voice inside her head and Zelie thinks she must be going mad She s not Seventeen year old Tamas soul has been trapped in the silver necklace since 1918 His body is nearby, sleeping, and Zelie must help him awaken At first Zelie would like nothing better than for Tamas moody, enigmatic presence to be out of her life, but after a while she isn t so sure And what is waiting for Tamas when he does emerge It seems that the sinister force that trapped him all those years ago has returned and is growing powerful.A hundred year old mystery steeped in dark magic will make Zelie question everything she thought she knew.
    Awakening By Natalie King
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    1. Natalie King

      Natalie King has always had imaginary friends in her head This proved a distraction during school and beyond, and she ultimately abandoned her various jobs as researcher, mystery shopper and recruitment specialist because she was forever imagining herself elsewhere Fortunately she now locks herself in her little garden shed to spend her days scribbling the stories those imaginary characters entice her with.Natalie also writes contemporary romance as Natalie Anderson In this genre she s had than twenty five novels published, been translated into than twenty languages, and sold over two million books.A USA TODAY bestseller, she s also been a Romantic Times Award nominee and a finalist for the R BY Romantic Book of the Year She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.Find out at her website nataliekingwrites

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    1. Imagine slipping on a necklace with a cold as ice pendant, then not being able to get the thing off, and then suddenly you start to hear a male voice, telling you he can see, hear, taste and feel everything you do and think As scary as that sounds, it is the life of Zellie and the adventure of a lifetime she finds herself on when Tamas takes up residence inside her body Now of course she like any other normal person would goes a little on the this is nuts bend but soon she discovers about Tamas [...]

    2. AWAKENING by author Natalie King is a Young Adult YA released in March 2014 by Penguin NZ.Zelie Taylor is not sure she is not hallucinating when she starts hearing voices in her head But the voice is insistent that he can see through her eyes Who is he And what is his connection to the sick girl, Kate Ah it all started when Kate insisted that she take a necklace from the lake But the pendant of the necklace was so cold, how can it be heating now while she was wearing it And where was the clasp g [...]

    3. This is a pretty awesome book.There are a few cliches, like in most YA novels, but it could easily be looked over because of the clever writing and interesting plot Our protagonist is realistic and relateable The story kept me guessing The ending was kind of unsatisfying, shall we say But I still want to read the next one Loved how it was set in NZ too

    4. Awesome.For Natalie King s first Young Adult book, it s really, really good I loved this book, and when Natalie told me that she s written a second book but it may not be published I went IT BETTER BE PUBLISHED EDITOR Bu she may need to edit it Who knows

    5. During a trip to the lake, freaky girl Kate gets Zelie to fish a necklace from the frigid water, and so starts Zelie s foray in to the strange and unbelievable world of the mysterious Tamas Believing she is going mad, Zelie tries to ignore his presence but when things go from just being strange to completely weird, Zelie can do nothing but Tamas s bidding in an attempt to free them both.The writing in Awakening is super smooth The story flows effortlessly and held my attention from start to fini [...]

    6. I received this book for free through First Reads.Now I suppose I d really give this book 3.5 stars, but as I need to round it up or down, I eventually decided to round it down However, this is probably due to my own personal preference when it comes to books, and I m sure a lot of other people would disagree.The story itself follows Zelie, who after the death of her mother, moved with her father and little brother to New Zealand One of her father s supposedly terminal patients, Kate, convinces [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars.Awakening was an interesting book I ve taken a long time to finally pick it up, but I really enjoyed this book in the end Not going to deny it, the beginning was really confusing I know that good books start right in on the action, but this just had me asking so many questions I wasn t sure I could get into it properly I pushed on, and by the last hundred pages, was really enjoying it Awakening is certainly of an emotional book than an action, action, action book I liked Zelie s voice [...]

    8. Zelie Taylor thinks she s going crazy when she suddenly begins to hear voices well one voice really The voice of a 17 yr old boy called Tamas who speaks several languages with a strange accent and can see through her eyes, hear what she hears and taste what she eats And he has strong opinions about all of them But Zelie isn t going mad She is about to be thrown into a stream of strange events and emotions, other than the guilt she has over her mother.A touch of magic, romance and supernatural, A [...]

    9. Of all the emotions, guilt leaves the greatest mark While fear and happiness can fade, guilt remains as heavy and harsh as the day it arrives When a book begins with an opening like that you know you have stumbled across something incredible.This book was phenomenal, it was almost as if Natalie King has reached through time and brought us some great myth or legend that had long been forgotten if it was set in the modern day This was book subtle, yet all encompassing.For my full review check out [...]

    10. I m giving this book four stars It can have one for magical Lake Tekapo It can have another for keeping me interested in the characters Throw in a couple for having a Christchurch, New Zealand connection and a slightly Twilight feel to the storyline without the wimpy Bella Part fantasy, part supernatural, part romance.Recommended to Y9 10 fantasy readers.

    11. I did enjoy this book and I am all for supporting NZ writers which is why I actually got around to reading this book I never really found myself hooked as I found it interesting basically all of the time but still slow moving The genre wasn t really suited to me so maybe that s why.

    12. Loved this book by Natalie King Completely drawn into the story in the first few scenes, loved the relationship between Zelie and her unusual hero and absolutely loved the twist Can t wait to read the next book.

    13. 3.5 starsThis book was a bit predictable, but not obviously so I was reading this and suddenly realised I was hooked It s nice when an author quietly draws you in, which Natalie King managed perfectly.

    14. This is a wonderfully intriguing paranormal YA novel that will appeal to a wide audience.Such a unique premise Zelie is a super strong heroine, balancing life and the newfound weirdness.And I didn t see the twist coming at the end at all Thoroughly enjoyed.

    15. This is a unique concept, different from anything else I ve read It grabbed my attention and had some unexpected twists The last seven pages were pretty cheesy and it felt like the same thing was said about a dozen times, but other than that, I quite enjoyed this book.

    16. Set in Tekapo this fantasy novel has all the elements needed to make a good story two boys, one girl, magic, romance etc

    17. A great young adult book Fabulous that it was based in the gorgeous Lake Tekapo, a truly magical place Clearly going to be a sequel can t wait to read the follow up Would definitely recommend

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