Под игото #2020

Под игото By Ivan Vazov Иван Вазов
  • Title: Под игото
  • Author: Ivan Vazov Иван Вазов
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Под игото By Ivan Vazov Иван Вазов , 88 , , , 88 , , 1875 1876 , , , , , , , , 1953.
    Под игото By Ivan Vazov Иван Вазов
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      Ivan Vazov Иван Вазов

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    1. It s not easy to find English translations of Ivan Vazov s writing Even Under the Yoke, his most famous book, was very difficult to find with this particular translation being over 100 years old Knowing nothing of the original Bulgarian, it seemed like a fine translation, but it does make a person wonder because it seems to be the only one ever done.The most interesting part of the book for me is its exploration of what motivates a population to act or not act The way that entire villages of peo [...]

    2. Overall a great book and you can certainly see why this is considered to be THE Bulgarian classic The story is about a revolt revolution The protagonist Boicho saves a fellow Bulgarian father and daughter from certain death at the hands of 2 Turks by killing both of them He then essentially goes into hiding and throughout the course of his hiding ferments his idea of a revolution The Bulgarians at that point had been living under the yolk of Turkish hegemony and were desperate to free themselves [...]

    3. Skapi priateli I obsto 5 fena, predstaviam vi dalgoochakvanoto review na Pod Igoto na shlokiavitsa , 45 , , , , , , , .

    4. What fun to be transported back in time to a Valley of Roses, filled with grotesque bashi bazouks, soup landlords, exotic revolutionaries, scheming monks and remarkably worldly nunst to mention a doomed but compelling love story.Like most Englishmen I sympathise with the Bulgarian revolutionaries but some things struck me which avid Bulgarian nationalists might not like to hear me say.t, the novel makes clear that some Bulgarians were in favour of the Ottoman status quo a fact which is often air [...]

    5. A stirring tale of insurrection among the towns and villages of Southern Bulgaria against the Turks during the 1870s The plot follows the trials and tribulations of an agitator as he struggles to raise the revolution amongst his compatriots It is fascinating, given that we are living in times where insurrection is organised through social media, to see the sheer time and effort it once required to go from village to village organising meetings and coordinating action through messages and signals [...]

    6. I found an English translation online at the Internet Archive and managed to start reading it ahead of, and while I was in Bulgaria for the first time Highly recommended, because it pretty much is the founding myth of Bulgaria, gives a good insight into some of the feelings people still have about the Ottoman Empire and also happens to be a fun fast paced romance.

    7. Firstly I m sorry to all of my english speaking friends who dont understand what that is It s a book by Ivan Vazov and also the first bulgarian novel It tells a sory based on what the bulgarian people experienced during the slavery Alot of pain and fight alot of heart breaking moments Its worth reading It s e pretty hard book althrough but if you can understand the sroty you won t have problems with it

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    9. Good book depicting a true historical period when Bulgaria was under the Ottoman yoke that was honestly the first time I hear this word even in Arabic I recommend this book as a historical chef d oeuvre characters are extremely vivid and I like the fact that they evolve and that in general not all good characters stay good and vice versa The author was called the father of Bulgarian Literature He actually is talented in the way he tells a story, keeps you hooked, events are unpredictable and far [...]

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