14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3] #2020

14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3] By Fuka Mizutani sai no Koi Kanata and Kazuki are unwittingly pit against each other during a feud between the girls and boys and their budding relationship is put to the test when personal feelings explode their mature facades
  • Title: 14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3]
  • Author: Fuka Mizutani
  • ISBN: 9784592710547
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • 14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3] By Fuka Mizutani Kanata and Kazuki are unwittingly pit against each other during a feud between the girls and boys, and their budding relationship is put to the test when personal feelings explode their mature facades With their perfect student reputations also on the line, can Kanata and Kazuki reconcile their differences, or will their argument become someone else s gain
    14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3] By Fuka Mizutani
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      370 Fuka Mizutani
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    312 thoughts on “14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3]”

    1. Ugh, the music teacher should be fired Her arc with Nagai takes up a substantial portion of the book, and my skin just crawled the whole time Watching Tanaka and Yoshikawa struggle through their first fight was absolutely lovely and rewarding, but overall this volume just felt kinda gross I m going to keep reading to find out where the author is going with this, but I m glad I had even a veiled warning that this series wasn t going to stay the same as the first volume.

    2. 4 5I love how realistic this series is It s mature, in the way that it handles first love, and the way they re mature characters, while insecure The way the characters look at each other, their feelings develop, is subtle and slow, but at a steady, realistic pace.Kanata and Kazuki have a fight, without meaning to or understanding how it happened They try keeping up their good faces in front of their classmates And then they make up, and it s shy and sweet They go out together, try to do things t [...]

    3. It has been such a long time since I ve read Vol 2 But I have never forgotten this adorable manga This author is seriously good Her stories are all real and fluffy and cute and nice.Kanata and Kazuki have a little fight After this silly fight, each one of them is thinking that the other must be upset and are willing to take the first step since they are both very mature Due several failed meetings, their fight takes longer to be solved But when it is it was so sweet I got all teary eyed I love t [...]

    4. So we have some trouble in paradise in this volume I liked it.Some of you might be going, but Selena, you ve commented in the past with this manga that you liked how there wasn t any manufactured drama To which I say, there s still no manufactured drama.This is pretty realistic problems a 14 year old would have, and the way it happens is pretty natural It doesn t feel forced, nor does it feel like it s a plot device It s just a natural progression of the story, and it is resolved in a normal way [...]

    5. This third volume of Love Fourteen had a rather slow pacing in the middle, though the beginning and the ending were very absorbing to read and had a good plot and pace I enjoy both couples, Kanata and Kazuki the main or alpha couple and Nagai and the music teacher the beta couple It s kind of weird to be cheering on a teacher and student dating, but they are good together and it is fiction Not as good as Vol 2, but better than the first volume A solid installment.

    6. Actual Review 4 StarsThis series is so sweet But again, my only problem with it is the portrayal of adults falling in love with fourteen year olds Like, meh But thankfully, these two scenarios are subplots.

    7. I am enjoying this series but I really don t care for Hinohara interactions with Nagai I feel like it s supposed to be seen as cute but I only find it creepy When she smiles at him it s like the kind of smile a killer would give their victim they have cornered before a commercial break.

    8. Another great, super cute volume I LOVED the storylines in this one view spoiler Particularly the fight conflict between Kanata and Kazuki P hide spoiler The intermissions always seem to have my favourites scenes in them though Like, for example, in this volume I really found all the characters dreaming about each other as Romeo Juliet to be super entertaining and charming The artwork to go along with them is my favourite out of all the volumes now too And, of course, it s just really nice to ge [...]

    9. Wish I could just marathon this but now I m up to date with the released English translations Like with Volume 2 this series seems to be getting neither better nor worse

    10. This series keeps getting cuter with each volume The story I m really liking Another cute volume The art is just as good as ever.

    11. amazing i feel sorry for nagai tho and weee super good i read it on mangahere because as far as im aware the third vol isnt printed in english yet

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