14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4] #2020

14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4] By Fuka Mizutani sai no Koi None
  • Title: 14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4]
  • Author: Fuka Mizutani
  • ISBN: 9784592710677
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • 14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4] By Fuka Mizutani None
    14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4] By Fuka Mizutani
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      170 Fuka Mizutani
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    603 thoughts on “14歳の恋 4 [14-sai no Koi 4]”

    1. Not sure I m going to keep going with this series I m starting to feel like Tanaka and Yoshikawa are a little static, and so is Aoi s crush on Tanaka I m beyond creeped out by the music teacher s behavior with Nagai as well I m glad I read the first couple of volumes, but given how much there is to read in the universe, this just doesn t seem like a good use of my entertainment time.

    2. This series is a beautiful tribute to the innocence and purity of first love Kanata and Kazuki s interactions remind me of ones I had with my own first love and with ten years between me and the fourteen year old girl experiencing her first romance, the reminder feels a little bittersweet, but exists in a frothy, rose colored haze.Read at Girls in Capes.

    3. I love how true to life the main couple is They act like real teens, even though they are depicted as mature So often mature teen excuse to have them act like an adult This isn t the case in this manga There are sweet moments, embarrassing moments, and it explores the new feelings and thoughts that teens start to get at fourteen I m still waiting to see how the teacher flirting with Nagai works out she seems to realize that it s wrong duh I don t know if other readers feel this way, but I feel l [...]

    4. While the original relationship and some of the side stories are interestingI am continually off put by the teacher student relationship being implied Especially as it seems like the teacher is the initiator Just kind of gross and creepy Loosing interest rather quickly now, but I ll try and push through the next volume.

    5. Actual Review 4 StarsI could relate to this volume a lot being young, in love, and yet being separated by extracurriculars is hard, especially at this age.

    6. Since the school festival and sports festival are staples of Japanese culture and inculcation in the educational and social sphere, they inevitably end up in works based around school age characters Love at Fourteen is no exception.Volume 4 is the sports festival volume We see some trials and angst as our main couple deal with being to busy to sneak away some time with each other Of course, this is only because they insist on trying to hide their relationship to appear as mature as everyone thin [...]

    7. 4 5Kanata and Kazuki try so hard to be mature, sometimes it s even to their detriment Especially since they re trying so hard to keep their relationship a secret Sneaking around to see each other after class, between classes sometimes Trying to coordinate uniforms, working on the sports festival and organizing time together around it They re cute, even if they re trying not to be.Then there s Nagai and the teacher, and how even though she teases him relentlessly, she still gets flustered by him [...]

    8. Honestly the cutest, sweetest series I ve read so far and I m furious it took me so long to start it I just love everything about it from the drawings to actual story line and especially the characters It really captures the pangs and sweet moments of a teenager captured in the throes of their first love Cannot wait for volume 5

    9. The covers for these are just adorable The story is getting interesting The pace for this is also good.

    10. I think this one was probably the best in the series so far Really wanted to give it four stars I loooove Nagai s story.

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