My Everything: Seth & Amber #2020

My Everything: Seth & Amber By Melanie Shawn My Everything Seth Amber Strong Sexy Skilled Seth Sloan is returning to Harper s Crossing a decorated war hero As the leader of a Special Forces Marine Elite Unit Seth is trained to handle any situation except one An injury s
  • Title: My Everything: Seth & Amber
  • Author: Melanie Shawn
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  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My Everything: Seth & Amber By Melanie Shawn Strong Sexy Skilled Seth Sloan is returning to Harper s Crossing a decorated war hero As the leader of a Special Forces Marine Elite Unit Seth is trained to handle any situation except one An injury sustained in combat forced him to accept a medical discharge Now he s heading back to his hometown to reconnect with his family and a world he doesn t recognize Out of aStrong Sexy Skilled Seth Sloan is returning to Harper s Crossing a decorated war hero As the leader of a Special Forces Marine Elite Unit Seth is trained to handle any situation except one An injury sustained in combat forced him to accept a medical discharge Now he s heading back to his hometown to reconnect with his family and a world he doesn t recognize Out of all the familiar faces there to greet him, the one that he never expected to see again may just be the one that holds all the answers Beauty Brains Bella Amber Webb has everything she needs she thinks She owns Bella, a successful clothing boutique, has a close knit group of loving friends and a full social calendar She is perfectly content Until her idyllic life gets turned upside down by random acts of vandalism and flipped right side up by the return of a mysterious man from her past Sometimes a one night stand is just the beginning Intended for Adults 18
    My Everything: Seth & Amber By Melanie Shawn
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      279 Melanie Shawn
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    1. Melanie Shawn

      NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California, they now make their home in So Cal.Growing up, Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories, manuscripts, plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie, song or literary If it was a love story with a happy ending, Shawna was all about it They have joined forces to create a world where true love and happily ever after always has a sexy twist

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    1. My Everything Seth and Amber Strong and Skilled Seth Sloan a decorated war hero who is forced to accept a medical discharge Heading home to reconnect with his family and a world that he doesn t recognize At the welcome home party, he sees the one person he never expected to see again and the person the holds all the answers to questions he wants answers too Amber has everything she thinks she needs, owning her own clothing boutique, great friends and a full social calendar Her life is turned ups [...]

    2. Eight years ago Amber shared the best night of her life with a perfect stranger It was also during the worse time in her life He was her silver lining, to this day he is the memory that gets her through tough times and h ghly sexually charged dreams Except it turns out that now, her mistery man is no other than returning home war hero and brother to her dear friends Bobby, Alex, Jason and Riley Sloan Seth Sloan is still adjusting to life out of the Marine Core After serving for ten years, going [...]

    3. Great read I still love this series This is about Amber and Seth They hooked up once or five times 8 years ago not knowing who each other were Fast forward 8 years and you get a Sloan brother hot by the way meeting up with one of the friends Amber Can you imagine how they felt meeting each other for real Sparks fly Of course, you have Seth not thinking he s good enough for Amber Thank goodness Amber doesn t give up on him I love that I just got to read a sweet story without all of the drama othe [...]

    4. Amber has been in love with a man she met over 10 years ago while at a ceremony honoring her brother who was killed in Afganastan This was a one night stand that she will never forget She never got his name, but will remember him always Seth is returning home to his family he hasn t seen in years he has been in the milatary and he is coming home to his brothers finding love, marriage and babies When he finally gets back the family throws him a welcome home party so that he can reconnect with his [...]

    5. What a read My Everything Seth Amber by Melanie Shawn, book four of The Crossroads series was well worth the wait All the characters come together for this book where we see the story play out of Amber s mystery man dreaming and the return of Seth Sloan, back to Harpers Crossing.There are some tense moments for Amber that test her resolve and we see Seth trying to work out how he fits back in in Harpers Crossing, if the horrible things he seen in war truly changed him and to what extent.A really [...]

    6. another fantastic book on the Sloan brothers I really enjoyed Seth and Amber s tale though i did feel that something was missing from the end They had their HEA but i would have liked for Amber to see her mum after she was took into hospital, it was obverous from the phone call when she wanted fetching that Bubba was not a nice man and she had gotten herself in a bad situation I wanted to know a little I know she was going back to rehab but i was hoping for us to actually meet her at one point [...]

    7. I loved this one I m so happy we finally got to meet Seth I really enjoyed this story, had a good amount of love story and drama in it I loved the ending how they all had that picture together These Sloan boys were good now I can t wait to read about their cousin s the Sloan girls

    8. Amber met a special man many years ago that has been the benchmark for all future relationships This occurred at a time in her life when she needed love and support When Seth Sloan returns to town after being in the service for 10 years she is shocked to find out he is her Mystery Man How their newfound friendship and relationship will play out is a great read The little bit of mystery in this story helps to make it a bit different from others in the series and made it interesting We all have to [...]

    9. 2.5 Stars Okay, so I liked Amber, and I actually did like Seth, but this story definitely suffered from its length The couple doesn t hook up again until 77% of the book is over I really needed time in there for Seth to get over his issues, and for he and Amber to get to know one another better It was way too much the, oh shit, the end of the book is near wave magic wand All is well ending It was too abrupt of a turnaround for Seth He has some legit issues PTSD, his injury, being a civilian for [...]

    10. This is the fourth book in the Cross Roads series by the awesome writing duo of Melanie and Shawna Again I was hooked from the first few pages another fantastic cannot put down bookThis book had everything I could ask for Breath taking story line Laugh out loud moments Total tear jerkern this duo have done it againSeth Amber are real characters that you feel you know them Personally that your there with themy oh boy you really hear and feel what they are going through wish I could give these boo [...]

    11. I like the way the story is fast paced and easy to relate toSeth didn t talk much but oh boy he didn t need to I felt like Amber just reading.about his all consuming stares I liked Amber, she had this no bullshit personality that was very refreshing.The thing about this book that didn t really give me goosebumps was that it was almost too close to Riley and Chelle s story with the I m not good enough for you issues and the I can t be with you but at the same time I want you and can t seem to sta [...]

    12. I m a Crossroads fan and this book story has the most crossing of roads, of lives from them all What are the odds that this amazing hot guy, from a one night stand ten years ago ends up back in your life And you re friends with all his family much of a coincidence, but it worked Amber is a head on your shoulders kind of woman and even though it takes them the long road in the end Amber and Seth find their way.

    13. There is just something about the Corps Of all the Sloan Brothers, I think Seth is my favorite There is something about the strong silent type that makes the heart beat just a little faster And that protective nature SWOON Loved Amber with her smartass nesslol They were just the perfect couple.Melanie Shawn, you really are a dynamic duo I m gonna have fun spending money on your books

    14. Amazing book like 4.5 stars I was very excited to read this book It was as great as the rest However being what I think might be the last book in the series the ending felt rushed a bit I would love to have had a bit of the story It wouldn t won t bother me if there is another book I would love to read the quads and cams books.

    15. Absolutely wonderful As sweet and romantic as all the other books in the series As this was the last of the Sloane brothers I assume it was also the last in the series and I would have loved some kind of an epilogue to wrap it all up properly But even aside from that I just absolutely loved everything about this series from start to finish

    16. I struggled with how quickly to read this one On one hand, I wanted to find out about Seth and Amber s past and their present On the other hand, I was not ready for this series to end Are there really no Sloan brothers How about a cousin I m going to miss Harper s Crossing and all of these wonderful people.

    17. Amber and Seth definitely sizzled Melanie and Shawn definitely upped the ante with this couple The scene when they finally came together and stopped denying and evading each other was a total zinger I m talking about their sexy time of course What a journey the Sloan brother s saga has finally come full circle and what a journey it was.

    18. this was the sexiest book in the series, i loved them together, it was like kiss mate, and seriously, i love the Sloan boys i was too sad because it was the end, but this ladies, are going to give me the SQUAD, booty shimmy dance and i love them for that

    19. I expected fantastic and Melanie Shawn did not disappoint The mysterious Seth Sloane has come home to Harper s Crossing and it doesn t take long for him to notice Amber Amber can t believe her eyes when she sees Seth Trust me you don t want to miss this

    20. This was a great final book in this series I love all the brothers being a part of the book and all characters being a part of each book Each had its own story line but yet were connected Nice job by this author.

    21. I just loved this book The bath tub scene was so romantic and little Joey walking his Mom down the aisle was just precious l love this whole series Its romantic, funny, sweet with a little suspense.

    22. Lovely book once again.Umm let me tell it in my words Another vulnerably sweet family scars salty romance U get it But I am seriously in love with these author s writing 3

    23. Loved this book The premise of this story was so different and I just loved it I think Seth might be my favorite of the brothers in the series.

    24. Very good readsuspense romance and a strong independent woman, makes for a very good book Love the whole series well worth the money

    25. Love Love Love these Sloan Boys Where can I find one of them Another great story totally hooked on the crossroads series.

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