Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues #2020

Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues By Paul Levitz Kevin McGuire Various Worlds Finest Vol Control Issues DeSaad attacks Huntress and Power Girl DeSaad and the Hellhounds of Apokolips are hunting Huntress and Power Girl and they may not be able to survive the encounter They must go deep underground and di
  • Title: Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues
  • Author: Paul Levitz Kevin McGuire Various
  • ISBN: 9781401246167
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues By Paul Levitz Kevin McGuire Various DeSaad attacks Huntress and Power Girl DeSaad and the Hellhounds of Apokolips are hunting Huntress and Power Girl and they may not be able to survive the encounter They must go deep underground and discover who is impersonating impersonating the missing Mr Terrific to find out what DeSaad is truly after.This volume collects Worlds Finest 13 18.
    Worlds' Finest, Vol. 3: Control Issues By Paul Levitz Kevin McGuire Various
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      255 Paul Levitz Kevin McGuire Various
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    1. Hanging in there with this one, but I m still not blown away.I just don t find the voices of either of the two characters very interesting.Helena has such an incredible backstory, what with being the daughter of Catwoman and Batman, that you d think that alone could carry a title.It doesn t.Power Girl could also be something than what she comes across as, but so far I haven t seen it.Although, I m happy to say that they haven t let her boobs get out of control, and take over her personality Sur [...]

    2. I like both Huntress and Power Girl a lot even though I think Power Girl s costume change was stupid No suit needs a boob window The two storylines were kind of weak, especially with DeSaad just peacing out halfway through.And I absolutely hated the artist change with issues 16 18, they somehow managed to make both girls super ugly I m really not a fan of the Silva Weems art team Really.

    3. This is still the low key, not retarded and generally enjoyable book of the New 52 It takes a dour turn and makes me wonder if there s still enough fun in the book, but I ll keep on at least to see what happens with Kara s flickering powers The absolute best part of this series is how the two rely on such a strong friendship and never make a big deal of it.This storyline with Desaad is unrelenting, and sucks much of the natural humour out of the room This has transmogrified from fun to serious, [...]

    4. I think I ve lost interest in this series It started of great, but each volume since the first has been a major declining step.I blame the writing And my case in point will be Power Girl She has always been depicted as small waisted, large breasted and scantily clad, and the reason DC has gotten away with that for years is because writers have imbued her with a complex personality, with deep emotional struggles, a history of conflicting choices, regrets, confusion and major triumphs as well Thos [...]

    5. I really do hate when perfectly good book series get hijacked by other book series story lines If it actually built on the main story, I wouldn t mind so much, but this was just pure sabotage Hopefully the next one will be better once the whole Forever Evil mess is over.

    6. I want to like this series, really I do But it s just sojarring The art varies issue to issue never mind trade to trade and I have no effing clue why PG lost the classy costume and got her boobtastic one back, but it was a step backwards for women and comics as characters and readers And as for the writingI had hoped it would get better but it doesn t Levitz is clearly very comfortable writing his creation, Huntress, and it shows Her stuff is generally sound isn, though in this trade she became [...]

    7. I still enjoy reading about the Huntress and Power Girl, but I m starting to side eye the content a bit For the most part these are two great superhero pals stuck on the wrong Earth trying to make do, find a way home although not so much in this volume , and build a financially lucrative empire in P.G s case They ve even moved on from Helena s to meet or not to meet issues with her not dad, Batman, on this world.But there are a lot okay maybe not a large amount but than before or at least enoug [...]

    8. There are two pieces to this collection the first is DeSaad vs Power Girl and Huntress, which has its moments but ultimately ends with a pretty flat denouement The second half is Power Girl dealing with power fluctuations and Huntress tracking a new villain, Tat, who has some interesting abilities and a nice style There s a lot of action, but again there isn t much closure on it And while the costumes aren t as egregiously cheesecake as some volumes, there are a couple unnecessary moments Huntre [...]

    9. S aby tom Najpierw potyczka z niezbyt charyzmatycznym z oczy c , p niej problemy Karen z jej kryptonia skimi mocami jako preludium do wsp lnej misji z Supermanem i Batmanem.

    10. Collects World s Finest issues 13 18This series had a really strong start, but I can t help feeling there is a lot of untapped potential here I wasn t bored while reading this volume, but I don t think I was ever captivated I believe it would be interesting if Huntress and Power Girl faced Prime Earth villains instead of continually battling the villains from Apokolips that attacked their home, Earth Two I m ready for this storyline with Desaad to come to a conclusion With that being said, the [...]

    11. This is been one of my favorite comics from the New 52 Unfortunately, this book seems to be mostly a collection of 6 issues that were meant solely to put Power Girl and Huntress in a position where they need to seek help from the heroes of the Earth they re trapped on You get of the conversation showing the closeness of the two heroines, and you get some hints to who may be causing them to lose all of the possessions and safety but they have built up while trapped on Earth 1, but overall it see [...]

    12. There s nothing great I can say about this series, what with the inconsistent art and its forced deference to what s going on elsewhere in the New 52 But it s Hel and Kara If you can write an odd couple storyline with them fighting some scary thing, you re good And yet, you d think they could do something better with the freaking daughter of Batman and Catwoman and alternate world Supergirl And yet.

    13. This was pretty much on par with the last volume, but I m only giving three stars because of Power Girl losing her powers How many stories about Superman and his fellow Kryptonians losing their powers do we need It s lazy Their powers are what makes us want to read about them in the first place.

    14. A beautiful book but I think the series has about run its course The book looks so great, and so do these heroines, but the future of the story isn t all that promising Let s just say, this book is much easier to look at, than to actually read Which for me, is not a bad thing.

    15. The hijinks continue with our two heroines as they deal with power problems and a villain with living tattoos Written lightheartedly and having an art style that works well for their attributes , this book continues to be alright overall, but a fun fast read.Recommend.

    16. An enjoyable book I wonder if Power Girl and Huntress will be going up against Desaad again Hope Power Girl will get her powers working again soon.

    17. Pretty cool The two deal with Desaad but also with Karen s problems with her fluctuating power They have no choice but attempt to get things under control B

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