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Open Secrets By Alice Munro Open Secrets In these eight tales Munro evokes the devastating power of old love suddenly recollected She tells of vanished schoolgirls and indentured frontier brides and an eccentric recluse who in the course o
  • Title: Open Secrets
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780140247305
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Open Secrets By Alice Munro In these eight tales, Munro evokes the devastating power of old love suddenly recollected She tells of vanished schoolgirls and indentured frontier brides and an eccentric recluse who, in the course of one surpassingly odd dinner party, inadvertently lands herself a wealthy suitor from exotic Australia And Munro shows us how one woman s romantic tale of capture and escapIn these eight tales, Munro evokes the devastating power of old love suddenly recollected She tells of vanished schoolgirls and indentured frontier brides and an eccentric recluse who, in the course of one surpassingly odd dinner party, inadvertently lands herself a wealthy suitor from exotic Australia And Munro shows us how one woman s romantic tale of capture and escape in the high Balkans may end up inspiring another woman who is fleeing a husband and lover in present day Canada Open Secrets is a book that dazzles with its faith in language and in life New York Times Book Review
    Open Secrets By Alice Munro
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      261 Alice Munro
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    1. Alice Munro

      Alice Ann Munro, n e Laidlaw, is a Canadian short story writer who is widely considered one of the world s premier fiction writers Munro is a three time winner of Canada s Governor General s Award for fiction Her stories focus on human relationships looked at through the lens of daily life She has thus been referred to as the Canadian Chekhov She is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Arabic Persian Russian Cyrillic Ukrainian Cyrillic Bulgarian Cyrillic Slovak Alice Munroov Serbian Alis Manro

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    1. Escribir relatos no es f cil En pocas p ginas han de caber el planteamiento, el nudo y el desenlace aunque esta norma no se aplica necesariamente a seg n qu cuentos y qu escritores El germen de una historia ha de estar presente sto es algo, quiz s al no ser escritor, que me resulta dif cil de entender, el que tenga el escritor una idea que podr a desarrollar y convertirla en novela, pero que al final decida cortar por lo sano y darle un fin en pocas p ginas Est claro que muchos cuentos son como [...]

    2. On Tuesday morning, while Frances was getting breakfast and Maureen was helping her husband to finish dressing, there was a knock at the front door, by someone who did not notice or trust the bell.I love sentences like that, ones that stop me, draw me in ones that introduce, define, portend Alice Munro can not help herself from writing sentences like that, inventing such people.Like this When Bea spoke of having had a checkered career, she was taking a sarcastic or disparaging tone that did not [...]

    3. 4.5 starsThis is my sixth volume of Munro stories and she has yet to disappoint me Her stories are as dense and deep as the best of novels In Dear Life it was the themes I fell for here, though the characters and plots are very strong, it s the sense of place Munro found her own little postage stamp of native soil thank you, Mr Faulkner in Carstairs, Ontario, though not all the stories are restricted to that one place.I was left breathless by the first story, Carried Away , probably my favorite [...]

    4. My first Munro A good thing A bad thing I acquired her books before the Nobel Prize pronouncement, but only got around to reading them after I m the sort that often needs to be led by the nose like that.I m reiterating a common complaint when I say that reviewing short story collections is difficult, but still I thought my luck with finding my way through O Connor s The Complete Stories heralded a new found ability to transition between varying lengths, but whereas O Connor drives you into a cor [...]

    5. Open Secrets was my second Munro after Runaway, and she has once again lived up to high expectations The stories are all tied loosely or strongly to the fictional town of Carstairs, Ontario, which gives them cohesion in time and space And true to form for Munro, the stories themselves are almost compulsively easy to read They flow so well and have so many tantalizing details that the reader is fully absorbed Sometimes the endings can be ambiguous leaving room for wonder, as in the case of Carrie [...]

    6. I ve been meaning to read Alice Munro for a while karen put Canadian authors on my radar as a group with George Elliot Clarke, and brian s reviews of her books have been tantalizing Then the gauntlet was thrown down by that sleazy architect loving Blake Well, not really, but I perceived a gauntlet Architects suck With the first story, I m hooked Amazing I m not even done with it yet, the very first story, but good A simple tale that touches down on a solitary librarian s life like a skipping sto [...]

    7. Alice Munro n 1931 Adoro contos Falsos Segredos 1994 um livro com oito contos escritos pela canadiana Alice Munro n 1931 , a quem foi atribu do o Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 2013, que nela reconheceu um mestre do conto contempor neo , apenas com um nico romance publicado em 1971, Vidas de Raparigas e Mulheres Alice Munro escreve oito contos em que as mulheres dominam , revisitando as paisagens f sicas e emocionais de personagens femininas, que revelam o seu amor e a sua paix o, evidenciando a [...]

    8. These stories are kind of peculiar Very subdued, and on the surface often uneventful, they re also filled with little details that give a sense of magnitude and richness to their world If you imagine narrative as a path, these details are like things clustered closely to the path s sides, even spilling over into it, giving you a sense of the wider and ultimately interconnected reality which enmeshes any sequence of events in the life of an individual, fictional or otherwise Several of the storie [...]

    9. Damn you Alice Munro Your stories are the work of a misery guts And I stick to my feeling that these are not short stories They are shrivelled up novels, like you can t be bothered with filling in the details An impressionistic dab here, a by your leave reference there and chunks of life are presumed to have substance Not enough words for how much are in them Never mind the movie, most of these stories could fill a mini series or a BBC serial, the ones they used to do that never seemed to end.Co [...]

    10. Jack Delano, Reitz farm near Falls Creek, Pennsylvania, Agosto 1940 Otto racconti, otto donne, otto vite Storie che oscillano tra l ordinariet e l imprevisto, tra problemi quotidiani e avvenimenti inusuali ritmi pacati e semplici che vengono sconvolti da fatti drammatici, tetri, perfino sanguinosi Un mondo femminile presentato con lucidit e senza ostentazione Protagoniste di tempi passati, ma con personalit moderne donne sole e forti Con un protagonista comune un paesino del Canada sudoccidental [...]

    11. The thing about Alice Munro is that she makes it look so easy But what she does is simply complexly genius slash magic.

    12. I don t think it s Alice Munro s fault I think I just overdosed on her short stories I loved Runaway, I liked Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, and this one eh Nothing in this collection really grabbed me The stories I enjoyed most were Open Secrets, because it s about a crime A girl disappears while on a hiking trip Because of a tale told by a woman who lives near the woods, a strange elderly man falls under suspicion, but no body is found and there is no evidence that could [...]

    13. Rendi me a Alice Munro, muito embora pense que ela p e os leitores de castigo.As hist rias s o magistralmente tecidas, com personagens muito ricas e a estamos n s a segui las arduamente quando, sem mais nem porqu , o narrador nos rouba o envolvimento Sentimo nos como que despidos, e chegamos a achar que a hist ria tem tudo para continuar por mais p ginas, mas n o, o castigo aguarda nos.Todos os contos poderiam ser retirados do dia a dia de qualquer um de n s, contudo a forma como A.M narra e des [...]

    14. Comentaba en el libro de Richard Russo, La hija de la puta, que sus cuentos eran como trocitos de vida, relatos que se centraban totalmente en alg n momento concreto en el que un personaje descubr a algo importante de su existencia Los cuentos que re ne Munro en este libro son de un tipo muy distinto en ellos nos narra vidas enteras Pero al igual que en aquel, tambi n aqu los protagonistas, las protagonistas, son gente sencilla, mujeres sin historias apasionantes, vidas que son abarcables en 30 [...]

    15. Este livro foi a minha estreia com Alice Munro e fiquei cliente Apesar de, geralmente, preferir ler romances do que contos, acho que depois deste livro, fiquei mais pr xima de me tornar adepta deste g nero, uma tend ncia que comecei a notar o Ver o passado, com um livro de contos da Flannery O Connor E rela o ao Falsos Segredos, gostei de praticamente todos os contos, o nico que achei demasiado estranho e inconsequente foi o Hotel Jack Randa, mas mesmo sem ter gostado do final, achei todo o dese [...]

    16. M m rada pomal plynutie pr behov od Alice Munro Pozornos , ktor od itate a vy aduje, ke strieda postavy, ktor sa zdaj by nepodstatn , aby im v z vere pridelila najd le itej ie poslanie Detaily, ktor m sa venuje, ke opisuje farbu z vesov, k ukatos lesnej cesty, domy v slepej uli ke M m rada nap tie, ktor je pr tomn od prv ch odsekov, potom sa na chv u vytrat , aby sa kr tko pred koncom vystup ovalo a zavalilo itate a v neo ak vanom z vere M m rada vety, ktor rad za sebou a ukr va medzi ne hol pra [...]

    17. Open Secrets by Alice Munro is a collection of her stories published in 1994 that I had not read before, which was something of a surprise to me since I ve read so much of her work with so much pleasure.Here she continues to achieve her almost novelistic effects in the most deceptively simple way she often sticks to one location in rural Canada, a mill town on the way down, she builds significant changes in time into her narratives, and she manages to conclude her stories with a sense that the f [...]

    18. Los relatos de Alice Munro normalmente me suelen cautivar La escritora canadiense es una creadora nata de atm sferas y personajes, espacios ficticios que resuenan cuento tras cuento y conforman una caleidosc pica composici n final Sin embargo, nada de lo que he encontrado en este recopilatorio, pese a ostentar las caracter sticas m s sobresalientes de Munro, ha logrado despertar mi inter s al nivel que lo han hecho otros libros suyos Quiz he echado en falta un hilo conductor m s contundente, tem [...]

    19. ho comprato questo libro gioved e venerd l ho perduto ma sospetto mi sia stato rubato Ho potuto leggere solo met del primo racconto Le quattro stelle le aggiudico allo smarrimento al furto , episodio in fondo molto alla Munro che, magari, potrebbe avere ricadute sul mio fututo destino, o meglio ancora sul destino di terzi, e le cui conseguenze, sempre magari, saranno note solo tra molti anni.

    20. Bloudila jsem v knihkupectv s nutkavou touhou odv zt si dom zase n jak tivo, kdy jsou te ty mrazy No a tahle kn ka mi padla do oka Nev hala jsem, koupila ji a za ala hned st Jen e Jsou to pov dky a j zkr tka nejsem pov dkov typ Byla jsem tro ku zklaman , ale Dostala jsem pov dkovou lekci a praktick p klad toho, e v jedn pov dce m e b t v ce ne v jednom rom nu Ka d p b h je jin , ka d jsem hltala od za tku do konce Asi to s t ma pov dkama je t p ehodnot mminim ln od t to autory ur it.

    21. You can see why Alice Munro was able to win the Nobel Prize as a short story writer These are all fully formed stories with interesting characters and an impressive amount of story development in around 40 pages They are far superior to any other short stories I have read She has a particular talent for moving on in time naturally and with minimal explanation so that a lot can happen to the characters and in their lives, without losing anything or it feeling rushed I didn t really feel any dissa [...]

    22. Open Secrets Falsos Segredos re ne oito contos que t m alguns pontos em comum Na sua maioria a ac o decorre na pequena cidade de Carstairs no Canad e, talvez por isso, alguns personagens aparecem em diferentes contos os protagonistas s o mulheres nada convencionais em cada conto h diferentes hist rias e tempos que se cruzam fazendo com que, em alguns casos, o seu universo se estenda a outros locais como a Europa e a Austr lia Todos os contos misturam o presente com reminisc ncias do passado por [...]

    23. Alice Munro is one of my favorite writers She easily is at my top ten, and could even possibly be on my top five I first read about Open Secrets from Entertainment Weekly s top 100 lists of all time and the magazine ranked this collection as the second greatest short story collection of all time Of course, being that Ms Munro had been ranked and listed, I immediately sought out and dropped everything else I was reading to pore over her 1994 collection I have read her later collections The Love o [...]

    24. Some spoilers here, bewareIt s hard to know what to say about the work of Alice Munro simply because it is so astonishing and distinctive As one of the blurbs on _The Love of a Good Woman_ says, she has her own, particular magic Often during my reading of _Open Secrets_ I would stop and stare out the window, trying to wrap my mind around her method She definitely does proceed by a method It allows her to make web like stories in which events unfold here and then there, out of traditional narrati [...]

    25. My friend Lawrence likes to tell me about books I had read Munro on his recommendation about three years before Friend of My Youth Interesting, but I was 26 years old It didn t overtake me So we are sitting at a Sunday potluck three years later and he starts telling me about this story in Open Secrets called The Albanian Virgin how it starts off about this woman in Albania and then totally switches gears and goes to a hospital room years later where the I narrator comes in and tells the reader t [...]

    26. Short stories and I just do not get along As soon as I get invested in a story it ends And I have to learn to love another Novels never give me abandonment issues like this.This was my first time reading Alice Munro It was lovely and well written, and I loved the focus on female protagonists throughout My favorite story involved a librarian writing to a soldier, with deceptive results However, because of my feelings regarding short stories, it took me six months to finish this, so let s say thre [...]

    27. Grade B Often when I m reading a story by Alice Munro, I forget that I m reading a story Her prose carries one effortlessly through fascinating characters and devastating events whether it s the drudgery of day to day living, love lost or gone wrong, secret, horrific abuse, or sudden tragedy But a tenderness for humanity remains despite the dark themes, if only through the beauty of her writing I don t always get the point s of some of her stories, but I always enjoy the journey.

    28. I have read this collection of self contained stories many times and each time they offer up something different Vandals is a favourite, as is The Jack Randa Hotel, but to be honest they re all very good dense, deep, offering up their own secrets on each reread And each time I discover bits I ve forgotten or overlooked before I can t recommend them highly enough.

    29. J lleen kerran Munro tarjoilee taattua laatua ja hyvi novelleja Munron tapa kirjoittaa ja kuvata on k sitt m tt m n hieno Arkinen, ja t ynn pieni ihmeit.Munrolta lempparikseni t m ei yll Ihan kaikkien novellien aiheet eiv t olleet yht kiinnostavia ja pari novellia j tti sen verran tulkinnanvaraa, etten saanut niist niin hyvin kiinni, kuin olisin halunnut.

    30. from my 1995 notebook Just finished Munro s Open Secrets superb is not the word, for once the blurb is right miraculous Histories of people unravel, touch one another The shock of those hidden depths the child murderer in the title story, secret child abuse in Vandals Strange, difficult, sets you thinking for days Alice, I love you.

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