Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History #2020

Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History By Catherine Merridale Red Fortress The Secret Heart of Russia s History A magisterial richly detailed history of the Kremlin and of the centuries of Russian elites who have shaped it and been shaped by it in turnThe Kremlin is the heart of the Russian state a fortress
  • Title: Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History
  • Author: Catherine Merridale
  • ISBN: 9780805086805
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History By Catherine Merridale A magisterial, richly detailed history of the Kremlin, and of the centuries of Russian elites who have shaped it and been shaped by it in turnThe Kremlin is the heart of the Russian state, a fortress whose blood red walls have witnessed than eight hundred years of political drama and extraordinary violence It has been the seat of a priestly monarchy and a worldly chuA magisterial, richly detailed history of the Kremlin, and of the centuries of Russian elites who have shaped it and been shaped by it in turnThe Kremlin is the heart of the Russian state, a fortress whose blood red walls have witnessed than eight hundred years of political drama and extraordinary violence It has been the seat of a priestly monarchy and a worldly church it has served as a crossroads for diplomacy, trade, and espionage it has survived earthquakes, devastating fires, and at least three revolutions Its very name is a byword for enduring power From Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin, generations of Russian leaders have sought to use the Kremlin to legitimize their vision of statehood.Drawing on a dazzling array of sources from hitherto unseen archives and rare collections, renowned historian Catherine Merridale traces the full history of this enigmatic fortress The Kremlin has inspired innumerable myths, but no invented tales could be dramatic than the operatic successions and savage betrayals that took place within its vast compound of palaces and cathedrals Today, its sumptuous golden crosses and huge electric red stars blaze side by side as the Kremlin fulfills its centuries old role, linking the country s recent history to its distant past and proclaiming the eternal continuity of the Russian state.More than an absorbing history of Russia s most famous landmark, Red Fortress uses the Kremlin as a unique lens, bringing into focus the evolution of Russia s culture and the meaning of its politics.
    Red Fortress: The Secret Heart of Russia's History By Catherine Merridale
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    1. Sometimes we gaze out over the red brick walls at pivotal moments taking shape across the vast Russian landscape sometimes we look down upon the Moskva but most of the time we re on the inside, watching buildings rise and crumble as Byzantine robes give way to red banners.Neither fish nor fowl, it s easier to say what this book is not It s not a history of Russia nor a history of Moscow It s not completely a history of the Kremlin, either That would entail an in depth look at the architecture of [...]

    2. Reading the Red Fortress is like reading a mini history of the various rulers of Russia I was hoping for interesting architectural details and a full disclosure of all the tricks they use to keep Lenin looking fresh but no such luck Merridale does start from the beginning with invading hordes and eventually moving on to strong leaders consolidating power She also spends time on Russia s religious past and the churches that have been built and torn down inside the Kremlin She details how the Russ [...]

    3. 3.5 stars This was a book that I m glad I read but really felt like a slog So much detail that it was overwhelming I m impressed at the research that went into this, but for a general audience book it felt too academic for me Also, it could really use some timelines and maybe a brief cast of characters I think that would ve increased my understanding and ability to keep track of who was who and when significantly.

    4. The Kremlin is one of the most famous landmarks in the world With this sentence Catherine Merridale opens her fascinating and in depth study of this symbolic and instantly recognisable complex of ancient and modern buildings, which in so many ways is the very incarnation of the Russian state There is no reliable record of the Kremlin s beginnings, although there is a mention of a prince s residence in 1147, and traces of a 12th century wall The word Kremlin first appears in the 1300s, and since [...]

    5. A Hist ria do Kremlin e a Hist ria da R ssia um livro excelente para conhecer a hist ria do Kremlin e as suas altera es ao longo dos 900 anos da R ssia e de Moscovo Os inc ncios, as purgas, os rituais e principalmente uma caracteriza o de um povo e dos seus lideres que volunt ria ou involunt ria nos provoca quest es relacionadas com a personalidade dos povos Ser que alguns povos se desenvolvem melhor sob um regime autorit rio e outros apenas sob formas de democracia O livro en rgico, interessant [...]

    6. Another book where you want to start re reading it the minute you ve finished This biography of the Kremlin provides a history of how Russia has re invented itself over and over again across the centuries The individuals in charge, who inflicted such suffering on the Russian people, are brought vividly to life and the firebird nature of the site itself is described in fascinating detail, sometimes ironic, sometimes tragic The changing regimes have used the Kremlin as a symbol of power in their a [...]

    7. 4 0 5.0Surprised that after reading I still have only a fuzzy picture and understanding of The Kremlin That said the book is a informative romp through Russian Moscow History Shallow but broad with links to Moscow Kremlin that are not stretched Format follows Historical timeline and Pre Peter the Great Sections are particularly informative Intriguing and point may really be that the idea of The Kremlin is elusive.

    8. I always thought of the Kremlin as an elegant and stately government building in the French Imperial style with Byzantine and Russian motifs surrounded by an imposing red wall in front of the enormous Red Square forever flanked by St Basil s Cathedral which, in my humble opinion, is like an Arabian fairy tale nightmare induced by really bad shrooms In political terms, I believed said building simply housed the office and staff of Russian potentates, a sort of White House in steroids, since Russi [...]

    9. For enthusiasm and research, Catherine Merridale deserves five stars, but despite having visited Moscow both before and after the collapse of Communism, and been inside the Kremlin, I found this history hard going.The opening chapters seem padded out, since there is little to say about the rural backwater of Moscow and the wooden fortification of the initial Kremlin when Kiev was the centre of activity for the region In the later Middle Ages, the political rulers on one hand and religious patria [...]

    10. The history of the Kremlin is the history of Moscow and the history of Moscow is the history of Russia This is essentially the argument of Catherine Merridale s engaging and intriguing history of one of the most foreboding and aloof buildings in the world Starting with Moscow s far off origins in the Rus, Merridale takes her readers on a step by step, intimate view of the citadel as goes from earthen fort to the heart of a superpower Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Lenin, Stalin, Putin all o [...]

    11. A fantastic introduction to the broad sweep of Russian history, through the lens of the pretty ill treated Kremlin complex Ms Merridale s depth of research is accompanied by a great turn of phrase and the ability to keep the reader interested through a sometimes dizzying whirl of dynastic change I particularly enjoyed the coverage of the grim days of the Stalin purges, and the role of the Kremlin in attempts to legitimise the post communist democratic settlement Ms Merridale s attempts to demons [...]

    12. It s a very detailed book about the Kreml I think too detailed, so I stopped at 2 3 of the book Just too much information.But for those, who are really interested, it s quite astonishing.You learn a lot, not just about Moskow but about Russia and its history.

    13. I read this one as research for the current novel in progress, and found its coverage of the subject both broad and deep The timeline stretches from the earliest foundations of Moscow through recent events With every generation, there s so much lost in terms of historical buildings and artifacts that it s rather heartbreaking to consider Perhaps than any other building on Earth, the Kremlin has come to symbolize the power of its associated government, and Merridale s account makes clear the way [...]

    14. This dragged for me and I can t put my finger on the reason It wasn t quite about the Kremlin But it wasn t quite about Moscow or Russia either.

    15. This is a biography of a building actually a set of buildings the Kremlin The story goes back eight centuries and is related with the unfolding of Russia as a powerful state, from the consolidation of the Muscovite state and the reigns of the Ivans great and terrible to the Romanov dynasty to the Russian revolutions of 1917 and the emergence of the USSR to the post Soviet governments of Yeltsin and Putin The core of the story is how the Kremlin was a tool of various regimes and came to be seen a [...]

    16. Loved this book It was very well written, informative, and insightful The only reasoning I did not rate it 5 stars is that the writing was not compelling For me, 5 star books are books that linger in my mind after I read them, books that are outstanding above all else This book was good, but it will not haunt me If you aren t interested in the subject, you probably would not care to finish it I, however, was fascinated by a historical insight into the most beautiful political fortress ever conce [...]

    17. Het Kremlin het hart van de Russische politiek Geheimzinnig, grotesk en machtig En gebouwd op eeuwen Russische geschiedenis Het idee van dit boek is om aan de hand van de geschiedenis van het Kremlin de politieke en culturele geschiedenis van de Russische machthebbers te vertellen Een originele insteek Helaas vond ik de uitvoering minder geslaagd De Russische geschiedenis is turbulent en vol verhalen De schrijfster wil zo veel mogelijk vertellen, switcht daardoor soms chaotisch door de tijd heen [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book But I have to wonder if I could have enjoyed it if I hadn t been to the Kremlin, were I not able to visualize all of those places, buildings, and structures she mentions I also do not recommend this as a first, second, or even third book on Russian history You ll need context to enjoy this.

    19. This is an awesome read The detail and explanations about each phase of Russian history really help explain the Russian mindset of its leaders You may come away wondering if anyone has any sense of ethics in Russian history Its story is both glorious and deeply distressing.

    20. This book definitely filled in several gaps in my knowledge My Russian history tends to come in clumps as Russian impacts other areas of the world.With my light knowledge I wish this volume were heavier on pictures and maps There were many times when I wished I had been at home to do some quick GoogleMaps and searching for context instead of inevitably being on the subway.There was also a switch from of a historical focus to architectural and meta historical history of historians criticism as [...]

    21. I finished Red Fortress History and Myth in the Kremlin by Katherine Merridale She uses the micro history of the Kremlin fortress complex from Kievan Rus to Vladimir Putin to examine macro issues around the development of the Russian state According to Merridale the development of the Kremlin shows that the development of the Russian state is contingent and subject to revision on the part of consciously acting leaders and other historical agents Merridale also uses this thesis to argue against t [...]

    22. A splendid essay in architectural, political and cultural history I learned much concerning the evolution of the Kremlin, Moscow and Russia itself.

    23. Merridale, Catherine Red Fortress History and Illusion in the Kremlin, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 2013 506pp 35 Once the Slavic Rus tribe emerged as a force in Europe s northeastern forest, they build a citadel for their warlord, one that would protect the tribe from assault by other princes,especially the one who ruled the city of Tver, a headman who was much stronger than the Russian prince, and richer too More than 800 years later, the Kremlin is one of the most famous structures in th [...]

    24. Excellent overview of the KremlinThis is a well written overview of the history of the Moscow Kremlin Highly recommended for anyone interested in Russian history, it features extensive notes for anyone wanting to delve deeper.

    25. This was an extremely different kind of history book Aside from something like McCullough s The Great Bridge , it s a bit unusual to find a history centered around one small bit of land Merridale traces the history of Russia in terms of the Kremlin, dating from the earliest settlements on the Moskva river until the end of the Cold War, and beyond This is not merely an architectural, or artistic history It reflects Russian and Soviet politics, culture, military, and everything in between It chart [...]

    26. This book tells the history of the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia It spans from the inception of the Russian people from nomads and tribes to current the presidency of Vladimir Putin It is written in an accessible style, so you don t have to be a history academic or scholar to understand it This is a problem I have had with some history books in the past I enjoyed it, and learned a lot about Russian history The text centres on the Kremlin, almost like the author is telling Russia s story from its per [...]

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