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Mistletoe By LynGardner Mistletoe Words approximate Four year old Diana Clarke sends her wish to Santa Claus but lost in the lining of a sack it isn t discovered for thirty years Now Santa has a problem No child s wish has e
  • Title: Mistletoe
  • Author: LynGardner
  • ISBN: 9781301583713
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • Mistletoe By LynGardner Words 37,740 approximate Four year old Diana Clarke sends her wish to Santa Claus, but lost in the lining of a sack, it isn t discovered for thirty years Now, Santa has a problem No child s wish has ever gone unanswered, but the child isn t a child any Believing there is nothing in Santa s Village to satisfy the little girl s wish now that she s an adult, he callsWords 37,740 approximate Four year old Diana Clarke sends her wish to Santa Claus, but lost in the lining of a sack, it isn t discovered for thirty years Now, Santa has a problem No child s wish has ever gone unanswered, but the child isn t a child any Believing there is nothing in Santa s Village to satisfy the little girl s wish now that she s an adult, he calls on a Higher Power and is given a suggestion Although most of Santa s workshops contain only toys for boys and girls, there is one that holds a possible solution to his problem Learning that Diana will be attending three upcoming Christmas parties, Santa calls on his lead elf to deliver three sprigs of mistletoe, hoping that under one, Diana Clarke will find what she asked for thirty years before.
    Mistletoe By LynGardner
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    1. LynGardner

      I have been a writer of fan fiction for several years, and the numerous responses that I received during that time from my readers, convinced me to try my hand at self publishing Originally from Delaware, I now call Florida my home, and when I m not writing or working I m playing golf.My genre is lesbian fiction Although my books are adult rated for the love scenes they contain, they are not merely erotica They are romance based, and inside you will find all the things that make a love story a love story Attraction, distraction, lust, angst, comedy, and of course, sex.

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    1. Mistletoe is a jolly sounding nickname, but alas, this story is not so festive Sure, there s Santa s appearance Most of the time he sits in front of the computer I wouldn t be surprised to hear that he has stocks on Wall Street.Till now I ve read 3 FF books by three different readers and here I m placing them in order of preference Miranda Macleod, Emily Sharp, and Lyn Gardner There s a pattern in that order Macleod s is the lengthiest book, but with the least amount of smut And Lyn Gardner s fo [...]

    2. 5 STARS Originally 4 stars I ve adjusted to reflect how much I just enjoyed this book not for writing perfection This has become my favorite Christmas romance You ve got MCs that are likable, not so likable supporting characters boo, hiss , Santa, Elves with silly names, HEA a great epilogue Yup, it s become a holiday reread.

    3. Brrrrrrrrrrrr Baby, it s cold outside Speaking of which, Tina Fey and Kenan Thompson recently performed a Christmas sketch on SNL with this song Have you seen it Well, if you haven t Kenan plays wait for it Bill Cosby The joy that I felt listening to that tune was sapped completely after watching that episode I m still cringing Those lyrics are damn awful What the hell Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love Christmas I m borderline obsessed When I hear the rhythmic sound of bells, or chorus [...]

    4. This is another of those occasions when, late at night, I decided to see what I d read the next day And accidentally read an entire story Namely this one here When Diana was four she wrote a letter to Santa via her aunt She asked for a soul mate, she wanted what her parents now dead had had Naturally well 1 Santa s real and he grants children s wishes just 1 per child if I read right , though only those wishes of children, not adults 2 it s 30 years after Diana had written that letter, and that [...]

    5. Young Diana Clarke had wished to find her soul mate like her late parents had found each other Percy, an elf at the North Pole, cannot believe that he missed delivering a child s wish to Santa In order to right his wrong Percy confesses to Santa, who in turn, asks permission from Him to grant a now adult Diana Clarke a wish With three upcoming Christmas parties Santa sends Percy to place mistletoe at each party so Diana will find her soul mate with three kisses During the first party, Diana is k [...]

    6. What an enjoyable holiday read Do you believe Did you ever believe More importantly, do you still believe My response to all three questions is yes Diana Clarke made a wish that got loss in flight but in a well told story, anything is possible Jamison Nash has it all with a heart for giving and making a difference This is a short read that packs a punch Not only are the main characters interesting but so are the secondary characters The most awesome part of the read is the epilogue.

    7. This book had the potential to be good but it failed miserably It had an intriguing premise and that s what the one star is for , which if developed effectively could ve led to a fun and frothy holiday read In reality, however, one was left with a half baked story, unidimensional characterisation and no chemistry between the two protagonists Though there is a fantasy element in the story, the magic is missing.

    8. When Diana Clarke was four years old, she sent a letter to Santa Unfortunately it remained undiscovered in the lining of Santa s sack for thirty years Santa has a huge problem Well, two really First a child s wish has never been not answered Second, Diana isn t a child any longer and there is nothing in the workshop suitable Santa is at a loss as to know what to do After all, Santa is for kids.Right Santa calls upon his boss, the Higher Power He is given a suggestion There is one possibility San [...]

    9. Mistletoe is a very cute, sweet and loving read, though having just read fantastic Lyn Gardner s Give Me A Reason not too long ago, I d have to say this isn t quite as good But, as someone on mentioned, Mistletoe would be a nice book to read each holiday season to get you in good spirits

    10. Hokey and Hot What a strange combo Mix erotica with a fantasy world of elves and once again I show my age Oh well I was just looking for a light hearted holiday read.

    11. That was such a cute storyOmg, so Santa is nope you have to read this incredible story yourself It was so good I could out it down That s right I stayed up till 4 in the morning to finiah it.Talk about funny, very sweet, and ohhh very sexy, and can I say wholesome So you get my meaning right It s a must read.Lyn Gardner did an amazing job with this book as well as ALL her stories.

    12. Ten starsA perfect book for those looking for a amazing love story I laughed, I had tears in my eyes, and I fell in love with every part of this story I will read it again very soon.

    13. This was another great and quick Christmas read It was really cute and I loved the whole premise of the story I didn t find many grammatical errors if any and I feel like there was an even, well made flow with a sprinkling of great humor to add to the mix I was eager to follow along and find out what happens next.One thing that I found that could have been done better was the epilogue I felt like there were too many scenes and the author couldn t decide which ones to add or which ones to remove [...]

    14. Swooooooooooon swooooooney swoon swoon swooooooon This book was lovely it really topped up my warm n fuzzies nicely.If you don t like instalove and or books without angst this book isn t for you Otherwise do yourself a favour.For the most part it stops just shy of being too sweet but it trickles over on enough occasions particularly in the epilogue to make it not quite a 5 star read for me.Having said that, I loved this book and read it with a huge grin on my face No need to wait till Christmas [...]

    15. I really liked this story, with the holidays being in swing it made me think happier thoughts I loved that Santa was included, the mistletoe was just a great touch It is a short story so parts of it made me wonder if I forgot a page but then again, it was a well written story and one I wouldn t mind reading again This book is sweet and cute No large thrills until the end of the book and well lets just say you should read it This book gets a 4 rating from me.

    16. Short, light, and definitely enjoyable read Oh, I almost forgot, heart warming Makes you want to believe in Santa Claus The tale starts with Santa s head elf Percy discovering a child s letter stuck in the sack lining for a good 30 years and the measures the elf, Santa, and He took to make sure that the wish was granted They re better late than never attitude ends in a romance that brewed over a number of Christmas parties and lasted a lifetime.

    17. This is the second book I ve read by Lyn Gardner.This one is just as charming as the first It all hinges on a wish a little girl made years ago and Santa s helper just found recently Little girl is all grown up now but Santa feels obligated to right his wrong This story follows that adventure.Cute, sweet, and short And wonderful little story that brightened my day.Three stars.

    18. im a sucker for a happy ending, what can i say this book was fun, energetic and romanticwith absolutely the right amount of hmm how should i put this the right amount of magic, maybe its youthful and mature and young and old and just a fun read you will enjoy this, i promise.

    19. I took a break this holiday season from my normal reading fare and read this wonderfully romantic novel It was great and I look forward to reading the two other books by this author that I have now downloaded You can t miss with this one.

    20. HappyThis is a happy, joyous, loving tale of a lost Christmas wish granted 30 years late Santas intervention with the help of his number one elf makes mistletoe so much than an excuse for a kiss.

    21. CuteGreat story with interesting characters I liked the plot there was to it than most lesbian stories I would recommend it to anyone who like the subject matter.

    22. CuteCute, but very different from her other books This was light and reminded me of a Hallmark Christmas moviewith steamy lesbian sex at the end.

    23. She did it again and I read it twice go make sure A a grownups fairy tale which was fun go read Different from any other book I have read lately with all the fun and happiness you want at Christmas

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