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Lennon's Jinx By ChrisMyers Lennon s Jinx Sometimes you don t get to choose who you fall forLennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of high school He prefers groupies with
  • Title: Lennon's Jinx
  • Author: ChrisMyers
  • ISBN: 9780985716912
  • Page: 177
  • Format: None
  • Lennon's Jinx By ChrisMyers Sometimes, you don t get to choose who you fall forLennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of high school He prefers groupies with no strings attached but finds himself strangely attracted to Jinx, the straight A student in his choir Jinx conceals the black truth about herself from her friends SheSometimes, you don t get to choose who you fall forLennon spends most of his time raising his little sister Currie while trying to skate through his senior year of high school He prefers groupies with no strings attached but finds himself strangely attracted to Jinx, the straight A student in his choir Jinx conceals the black truth about herself from her friends She won t admit to them that she screwed up big time, losing her first love and what she once held most precious When Jinx joins Lennon s band to nurture her love of music and ease the guilt gnawing away at her, she witnesses Lennon battling his infamous father While confronting his pent up anger at his dad, Lennon exposes vulnerabilities he had no intention of letting Jinx ever see Their reckless pasts may bring them together or further complicate their messy lives.
    Lennon's Jinx By ChrisMyers
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    1. Ode to LennonHe stands roughly over six feetlean and packed with muscles and meat He s a doting brother that all the little girls adore,it s just too bad he s a complete man wh re He respects women in his own wayprotecting them from becoming prey,from other men who takes just because they cana knight without a horse who can take it like a man He s the kind who loves em and leaves em and who shies away from any types of commitment Ah but there s one girl who s got the nerve to call him out and ki [...]

    2. 2.5 stars I did enjoy this book even though the ratings is low I think the writing was good, but the story itself was lacking some major realistic scenes, realistic age behavior, this book was lacking everything from being realistic.Lennon is a 17 year old man whore he cares dearly for his sister Currie Jinx has some major issues with herself after being raped Why doesn t she tell her mother, she comes from a warm nest to say so why the doubt Lennon is only 17 and where does he find these hooker [...]

    3. Wow I just gotta write first, that this story is not at all I what I expected, and I liked the unpredictable side of this one I just found there to be refreshing and creative story lines, characters, and a flow that just kept me reading on to the next page, and honestly, when I read the last page, I wanted This is my first time reading a story from this Author, and I look forward to reading from her, as I feel she has a really good writing style, that kept me hooked, entertained, and even made [...]

    4. Wow I really don t know what to say about Lennon s Jinx This story was what I hoped for, based on the synopsis, but also so much I m notorious for my love of stories about musicians, which is what drew me to Lennon s Jinx But there s really at play than a guy, a girl, and the music This is a story of two kids, one with one of the most dysfunctional childhoods I d ever read about, the other with a dark secret, and the strength and friendship they find in each other Based on the cover, you might [...]

    5. This book is similar to many other type of books that surfaces these days but I simply don t get tired of it and I still loved it.Problems, lies, issues and secretsLennon and Jinx are two people who are most likely to like each other because they re both the end of things Lennon is the bad boy rocker persona who has girls whirling around him and is surely not used to their rejection while Jinx is the weird, shy and timid girl But they both have one thing in common the baggage they carry They bot [...]

    6. I truly loved this book it is so much than a love story, it a gripping heart wrenching story of life, of how two people form a friendship and find a strength in each other.I thought from the blurb that this book was just a story about a bad boy musician with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure, but this book is just so much , the connection that Lennon has with Currie and Zoe is so beautiful.To read about how he has taken care of his sister from being the age of eight is very emotional [...]

    7. Can I just say that Chris Myers is an incredible author She knows how to grab you right from the beginning and keep you reading along until you get to the end and leaves you wanting and I could not put this book down because first I love a bad boy rocker and I love books with music in it I love music and it is a very big part of my life so when I read stories like this one I am so captivated I can t put it down This story had so many facets to it that it was never dull or boring but what you r [...]

    8. 2.5 what just happened starsI wanted to like this book so badly, I really tried but once I reached the halfway mark I struggled to go on I finished I wondering what the point of the story was From the blurb I thought it was two broken people who found solace in each other but I honestly didn t find their relationship believable at all There was no beautiful moment where I fell in love with them as a couple, it seemed to me like a one sided relationship with Jinx not wanting Lennon at all for the [...]

    9. Sometimes a book comes around and you get the pleasure of reading it and it completely touches you in every way This was that kind of book It was emotional, serious, fun and an all around must read for any person who enjoys reading young adult books or just any book in general, that s how good it was, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone The characters were wonderful and addicting and the story line was amazing and throw in some music and it was just perfect We meet Lennon and Jinx righ [...]

    10. 4 1 2 Stars After reading Lennon s Hope, I went back to start with the first book in the series, and I m so glad I did I loved getting to know the characters better and understand them through the book that introduced them Lennon tries to be this womanizing, bad boy rocker type, but it quickly becomes clear he s deeply wounded and uses sex as diversion from his life His parents are absent at best, completely apathetic at other times And he never lies to girls They all know what they re getting, [...]

    11. It would be impossible not to fall in love with Lennon He is the total package Good looking beyond belief Talent that amazes all and by choice he does not ride the coattails of his famous father He loves the girls who swoon over him and prefers not to attach himself for longer than a few hours He is as sweet as the day is long He is a friend who cherishes those close to him Raising his young sister he is sweet and loving giving to her every ounce of his being He is also broken A young adult with [...]

    12. I wasn t sure what to think when I first started Lennon s Jinx by Chris Myers I couldn t figure out if the author was having issues getting her thoughts out or if it was written that way on purpose Then it occurred to me I was reading about a high school boy and a high school girl These thoughts and dialogue were spot on Disjointed, hidden meanings, innuendo, nothing was cut and dry So typical of teenagers I should know I live with two of them Lennon is the son of a famous washed up actress and [...]

    13. I love Lennon.I have meet so many great male characters over the course of reading but I have to say, so far this year, maybe even all the years I have been reading, he is a favorite character to date So real So loveable and so so good.Wow, this story took me by surprise I didn t know how invested I would become with Lennon and Jinx, but especially Lennon I just felt for him I wanted to wrap him up and give him a great big hug and tell him how wonderful he was How great he is and how much he des [...]

    14. Bad boy Lennon has quite the reputation at his high school He is rich and handsome, has rock star famous but inattentive parents, and never gets serious with any one girl Beyond his self serving and narcissistic ways, only his little sister Currie gives him any sense of purpose Early in the book, Lennon goes to a no adults around party hosted by a classmate, Jinx It is here that he realizes how much Jinx dislikes him Lennon is really confused with why anyone would go to the trouble of disliking [...]

    15. I read this author s Date with the Dead and thoroughly enjoyed it This book is completely different Lennon s Jinx is packed with raw emotion I found myself laughing then frantically racing to the end to find out what was going to happen Then I balled my eyes out and grinned at the realistic yet very satisfying ending This book definitely does not fall into the same old romance pitfalls It s fresh and has some great plot twists that kept me reading It ll be interesting to see what the next two bo [...]

    16. Once again I was undecided on what book to read next so I Random Number Generator d it and got 69 which may turn out ironic with this book I think this will have to be a 2.5 rating.The beginning took me a while to get into, the style seemed to be all over the place during the party and I had no idea what the hell was going on It seemed to me like we were just dropped right in the middle of it all.Then by about the 10 15% mark, I d been dragged into it, the story had settled in a bit by then and [...]

    17. Chris Myers delivers another great YA read Like Date with the Dead, Lennon s Jinx is brimming with well developed characters to root for Lennon is a charming bad boy rocker on the outside, while on the inside we find a responsible, caring but wounded young man who s trying to keep his father from hurting his sister Currie the way he hurt him Currie is a precocious little girl you can t help but love one of my favorite characters Jinx is a straight A student and choir girl with a voice like an an [...]

    18. If you met Lennon you would immediately believe he is the bad boy rocker persona he let s you see Underneath the image, he is a loyal brother whose focus is protecting his sister Meet Jinx whose exterior is that of a well put together student whose grades reflect exactly that Jinx has been wounded before and the target of her pain was another rocker, just like Lennon, but that is not the only secret she carries Lennon sees Jinx at a party and is instantly taken aback by her snarky attitude when [...]

    19. Free giveaways at Blog Tour February 11 16 atomrbookblogtours 2012 12.Lennon s Jinx has been released Read the first few chapters free at Lennons Jinx Gi.Sometimes, you don t get to choose who you fall for Genre Mature YA Romance, New Adult Romance

    20. This book is amazing I love Lennon and Jinx, and I m so excited to read the next book, Lennon s Rain My status update right after finishing this book back in October Lennon and Jinx are two characters I loved getting to know The story alternates between both of their points of view There s much to them than I first saw, and each layer is carefully peeled back to reveal the many layers of their personalities Plus I loved that Lennon, this guy with a bad boy rep who takes care of his little siste [...]

    21. Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock Lennon s Jinx Lennon s Girl trilogy book 1 By Chris Myers3 Fangs.This book is the beginning of a Trilogy following the Main character, Lennon on his journey of self discovery, growing up, and finding love Lennon is not a perfect main character he is annoying, bossy, cocky as hell But he is described as as having a hot body gorgeous face with a sexy panty dropping voice He gets ALL the ladies and doesn t commit to anyone and everyone knows tha [...]

    22. 5 Amazing Stars What a beautiful story Please be warned you will need tissues handy when you read this book One of the best books I have read WOW is putting it so lightly.John Lennon Tyler is one of my favorite book boyfriends of ALL time Currie and Zoe will make you laugh and the three of them together will make your heart feel warmth it has never felt.I don t normally read too much young adult but this book is quite the exception It is the first book in a series that progresses through Lennon [...]

    23. 3 5 I m actually of a new reader to the New Adult genre, but lately I ve been reading a lot of NA Contemporary In terms of LENNON S JINX though, I have to say except for a few tweaks here and there, it s not the MOST original Nevertheless, it did have some entertainment value as well as a lot of heartbreak too My review is organized into sections, and whether or not you might enjoy the plot, characters, or the book in general really depends on what type of reader you However, most NA Contempora [...]

    24. Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRating 4.5 StarsLennon might be a man whore, but he had spent a lot of his time taking care and raising her little sister, Currie while trying to finish his senior year in high school So, you might want to hate him, a whole lot but you can t Because this man might bed any girl and wants to stay out of commitment but at the end of the day, he s a doting brother to a sister he raised by himself.Jinx prefer to be nonchalant about the bruises on her arms, or the [...]

    25. Can I just start with Lennon I totally and completely just want to hold that boy He is broken but he has a good heart He has a well deserved reputation with the girls for no commitment or attachment but he s committed to the most important girl in his life, his sister He has never been on a date but he his gets laid on a regular basis He s been a parent to his younger sister but no one ever parented him He was neglected and unloved growing up but he is the best at taking care of those in his lif [...]

    26. I had a pre conception that Lennon s Jinx would be an escapist YA romance, easy to read and without any emotional connection I was wrong Lennon s Jinx kept me up until 2am reading and once I had finished I was tempted to go back and start again.When the reader meets Lennon he is gatecrashing Jinx s party Chris Myers introduces Lennon as a jerk with a heart Although he clearly has a history with girls, the authour indicates that Lennon is texting a babysitter at home about his sister, suggesting [...]

    27. Reviewed by NinaThis is one of the books that the reason of reading it was purely because of the synopsis and not the cover, which, between me and you, is awful The book was part of a tour, and I was supposed to review it a month ago, but due to studies I couldn t.The book is written by two point of views Lennon s and Ginx s The characters themselves have difficult background, that you understand fully, by the end of the book I liked that the characters were complex and not the simple ones I ten [...]

    28. Lennon is a high school senior Put in charge of raising his little sister Currie, by his absentee mother and rock star father, there is to him than meets the eye Never having time for a real relationship he goes from one girl to the next He meets Jinx at a party and she instantly hates everything about him His reputation is enough to keep anyone away and she wants nothing to do with him Lennon can t stop thinking about Jinx, much to his dismay Needing a new keyboardist for their band, they hold [...]

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