The Alehouse Murders #2020

The Alehouse Murders By Maureen Ash The Alehouse Murders A Templar treasure for mystery readers An honorable yet world weary Knight Templar solves the mysteries of Medieval England After eight years of captivity in the Holy Land Templar Bascot de Marins es
  • Title: The Alehouse Murders
  • Author: Maureen Ash
  • ISBN: 9780425217658
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Alehouse Murders By Maureen Ash A Templar treasure for mystery readers An honorable yet world weary Knight Templar solves the mysteries of Medieval England After eight years of captivity in the Holy Land, Templar Bascot de Marins escapes with injuries to his body and soul Now on a sojourn at Lincoln Castle, he hopes to regain his strength, and mend his waning faith but not even the peace of God s coA Templar treasure for mystery readers An honorable yet world weary Knight Templar solves the mysteries of Medieval England After eight years of captivity in the Holy Land, Templar Bascot de Marins escapes with injuries to his body and soul Now on a sojourn at Lincoln Castle, he hopes to regain his strength, and mend his waning faith but not even the peace of God s countryside is safe from the mortal crimes of man For what appears to be the grisly end to a drunken row is in fact a cunning and baffling crime.
    The Alehouse Murders By Maureen Ash
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    1. Maureen Ash

      Maureen Ash was born in London, England, and has had a lifelong interest in British medieval history Visits to castle ruins and old churches have provided the inspiration for her novels She enjoys Celtic music, browsing in bookstores and Belgian chocolate Maureen now lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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    1. So I m doing some catch up reading for the Mystery Suspense Reading Challenge I started the year off good and then immediately got behind C est la vie My second read is The Alehouse Murders by Maureen Ash, part of the Templar Knight mystery series As you may have already guessed, it s a medieval murder mystery set in Lincoln, England, in the year 1200 I chose it mostly for the setting As you may know, I love medieval mysteries and I especially like anything from that particular time period It s [...]

    2. Bascot de Marins is a Templar Knight battling with his faith and the decision of whether to stay in the order or leave While he is contemplating his future, he is sent to stay with the sheriff of Lincoln England and his wife A string of murders occurs during his stay and he his charged with the task of discovering the murderer.It was such a pleasure to be transported to the times of Knights, castles, feasts and tournaments in England I think these kinds of settings are magical for me And Ash doe [...]

    3. Book 1 Templer Brescot MysteriesA very enjoyable Medieval mystery It is Summer 1200 AD and Templer Bascot de Marins has returned to England after 7 years of imprisonment and torture by the Sarceans while on Crusade with King Richard Bascot lost an eye and damaged an ankle through torture, and he has lost much of his faith in the Templer order Through rest and good meals Bascot is feeling physically better, but emotionally he feels lost, not knowing where his place in the world is any While he wa [...]

    4. THE ALEHOUSE MURDERS Mystery Historical Bascot de Marins England 1200 G Ash, Maureen 1st in seriesBerkeley Prime Crime, 2007, US Paperback 9780425217658First Sentence Heat hung like a sodden blanket over Lincoln town and the surrounding countryside.Templar Bascot de Marins is recovering from eight years captivity in the Holy Lands He, along with his mute servant, Gianni, is recovering at Lincoln Castle and trying to decide about his future Lady Nicolaa is castellan of Lincoln Castle and responsi [...]

    5. An enjoyable murder mystery set in 1200AD Lincoln This is the first in a series featuring Templar Knight Bascot de Marins The author manages to evoke a good sense of life in medieval Lincoln and has created an engaging detective in de Marins I look forward to reading others in the series.

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this atmospheric mystery, set in England after the Anarchy and during the Crusades A Templar Knight who was injured and lost an eye has returned from crusading but his quiet recovery in Lincoln castle is disturbed by the lady castellan asking him to look into a foul deed Four people have been found killed in an alehouse As an outsider, the knight isn t suspect or related to anyone, and he also isn t busy preparing for the three day fair.The research about Lincoln is great an [...]

    7. This used bookstore purchase has introduced me to a new series to follow Set in early 13th century Lincoln, England, the book features a convalescing Templar Knight investigating the murders of four people in an alehouse a crime that even without modern forensic techniques appears increasingly bizarre, given identities of the victims and the obvious suspect Sir Bascot, Lady Nicolaa, and various other figures historical and fictional make strong and believable characters The setting of medieval L [...]

    8. A good mystery and the author knows her historical setting well I just wish I came away with a better sense of what the Knights Templar were all about Fighting and serving God, I know, but I wanted some insight into how Bascot understood how those two things went together I guess I m unfairly comparing this book to Margaret Frazer s Sister Frevisse series, which were as much about why and how a woman became a medieval nun as well as solving mysteries Having said all that, I ll likely try books [...]

    9. A very intriguing and engaging mystery set in the medieval town of Lincoln, and introducing the hero of the Templar Knight Mystery series, Sir Bascot de Marins, a member of the Templars, a former captive of the Saracens in the Holy Land, and a man facing many questions within himself When the town is confronted with a series of murders in the lead up to the local fair, the local authorities ask de Marins to investigate, a task he undertakes with the kind of dedication and determination that he l [...]

    10. I really liked this book, the author obviously done her research about this era, so I really enjoyed when she dropped some facts about the life in a castle and about a fair in the middle age The story was well developed, I was surprised by the twists and the ending I d never guessed who has done the murders six just to mention and the characters main and side were also well written I will definitely continue with this series, and recomnend for those who are enjoying good crime story with knights [...]

    11. This story was intriguing and I couldn t put it down All the descriptions about the way people lived back then and the customs and their work was very interesting I felt a real kinship with the Templar s loss of faith and wondering why God had spared his life and what God s plans are for him I enjoyed each of the characters, even the murderer The final explanations behind the 6 murders was unsettling I enjoyed this very much and look forward to catching up with the Templar s other journeys.

    12. I found this enjoyable but a slow read An injured Templar knight, Sir Bascot de Marins, is asked to look into the circumstances surrounding four bodies found dead and stabbed in an alehouse Small amounts of religion barely , which was better than I expected.

    13. It is an interesting read, a murder mystery in medieval times, solved by a knight I read it years ago, but recently came across it.Glad I read it again need to find the other one it s here somewhere

    14. A fun and quick read Maureen Ash did a good job for being the first book of this series I like Bascot and his servant Gianni and look forward to reading out of this series.

    15. I couldn t help it I kept comparing it to the Brother Cadfael Mysteries that I ve read and loved And the author s writing style just didn t seem to draw me in like Elllis Peter s style in writing the aforementioned series The mystery was interesting enough to keep me reading to the end and I enjoyed the historical context and the description of the Knight s Templar but I ended the book, thinking I ll go back and re read some of the Brother Cadfael Mysteries

    16. Set in the Summer of 1200 A.D Lincoln, England, this mystery is the first in a series of which I shall definitely be reading .It is well researched The historical details are amazing The main character, Bascot de Marins, is a Templar Knight who is on leave from the Order after returning to England from being kept prisoner by the Saracens He is burnt out and disillusioned, wounded in body and spirit Being literate in an age when few are, he gives steward s service to the chatelaine of the castle [...]

    17. This is the first book in the Templar Knight Mystery series by Maureen Ash It is a fascinating story and reminds me of the Justin de Quincy series by Sharon Kay Penman The description of the times in medieval England is interesting and the story is filled with deceit and intrigue It s a quick read and a decent bit of brain candy, perfect for a summer trip I really enjoyed this story and will certainly look for of the books in this series at my local libraryeresting quotes Even though her husban [...]

    18. This was a medieval mystery with the detective being a Templar knight returning from a difficult captivity in the Holy Land He is accompanied by a youngster, an mute Italian orphan He is to decide whether to return to the order or go on, on his own He accepts hospitality at the home of a prominent castellian family in Lincoln Almost immediately four murders occur, then some as the story progresses It s a good story, well written and interestingly presented It is also based on facts of the area [...]

    19. I ve had this on my BookCrossing shelf for a little bit I picked it up at a local book sale thinking I might like is, hoping it would lead to a series of books like Ellis Peters Brother Cadfael or Kate Sedley s Roger the Chapman I m especially bereft because there will be no of Ariana Franklin s Mistress of the Art of Death series I found a decent enough mystery, but not one that grabbed me with the characters Maybe it s the cold I m battling, but about 3 4 the way through, I just found myself [...]

    20. This is a very nice little medieval murder mistery On the eve of the Lincoln Fair four bodies are found in an alehouse, including the alehouse owner Save a young couple, they have no seeming relationship to one another Lady Nicolaa de la Haye is the castellan of Lincoln Castle, in her own right She and her husband, Gerarad Camville who is sheriff, are expecting a visit from King John It would be highly inconvient for them to have four unsolved murders hanging around so she enlists the help of Te [...]

    21. A superb story, not only for the mystery that is investigated, but a peek into the lives of the people of that time I really look forward to reading the rest of this seriesfinitely recommend

    22. I am into another medieval mystery series My library friend keeps recommending and I keep reading her recommendations This story takes place in the 1200 s with the main character being a Knight Templar I have read some about the Templar s, but this one is on a personal level and I like learning at that level It seems real It is interesting to me that the people of the time had the same concerns as we do However, they didn t have the modern conveniences to aid them in their journey I like Basco [...]

    23. This was a very interesting medieval murder mystery It s set about fifty years after the Brother Cadfael series in the time of King John The series shares much with Peter s Brother Cadfael series, both feature monks who spent part of their lives fighting the Crusades Cadfael becomes a monk after his time in the Holy Land, Bascot de Marins the detective in this series served as a Templar Knight in the crusades and was at Acre with king Richard, and has a crisis of faith upon his return to England [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book Maureen Ash tells a compelling story set in an historical time So often historical fiction authors worry too much about the historical setting instead of telling the story Not so with this book There is just enough history to wet the appetite without getting in the way return The characters are enjoyable and better yet believable Bascot, the Templar knight, is a noble character, yet has some of the same flaws as all of us I enjoyed his evolution throughout the story Th [...]

    25. After returning from the Holy Land and eight years of captivity with his faith shaken, Knight Templar Bascot de Marins is recovering in Lincoln, England The Templars have found a place for him in the household of Nicolaa de la Haye, the Sheriff s wife In the summer of 1200 AD, on the eve of the fair, several murders are committed in the town and Nicolaa asks Bascot to find out the truth.I enjoyed the mystery, even though I thought the culprit s reasoning s a little far fetched Bascot is turning [...]

    26. There was a sense of trying to inhabit the period while reading this and it was pulled off superbly, however the particular style of medieval historical fiction that seems to be nearly all medieval historical fiction is rather predictable after awhile So the rating is of my reaction to reading this rather than a judgement on the quality of the book.The book is excellent, it kept me guessing and I am quite a veteran of mystery novels I liked the characters and it was interesting to understand ho [...]

    27. First in a new historical mystery series It is 1200 A.D in Lincolnshire, England, and our detective hero is a pensive one eyed Templar knight returned from the Crusades This book is strong in social history description that has been well researched, and abundant use of descriptive details helps the reader easily envision the settings and plot developments Also will probably help expand vocabulary a bit, as archaic or arcane terms appropriate to the period are deftly interwoven not in a way to co [...]

    28. The Templars are the accidental detective de jour and several series feature a member of the Order This particular Templar is recovering from wounds physical and psychological suffered as a p o w and slave after the fall of the city of Acre He has been sent to the city of Lincoln into the household of Nicolaa de la Haye, the castellan of Lincoln castle It is at her request he begins to investigate the murders Well plotted and the inner circle of characters developed skillfully within the framewo [...]

    29. It s a decent start to the series, but still has some bumps to iron out The murder mystery was good, the protagonist potentially interesting, but there were some problems with the set up.Instead of our Templar investigator questioning some the witnesses suspects, we got chapters from their POV which were just exposition dumps The dialogues in those instances seemed for the benefit for the reader than organic conversations between people who know each other.Also, I think going forward the protag [...]

    30. After escaping from prison, a Templar Knight returns home to Lincoln broken in body and spirit A local landowner takes him in along with the mute urchin he brought home from his travels When four bodies are found dead at the alehouse right before the fair, she sends him off to investigate Things don t add up the alehouse owner is bashed on the head the night before, but the other three are stabbed with no blood, a strong sense of ale with not a drop spilled, and maybe dead for longer Lots of twi [...]

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