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A Divided Inheritance By Deborah Swift A Divided Inheritance A family divided by fortune A country divided by faith London Elspet Leviston s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel s lace business But her dreams are thrown into
  • Title: A Divided Inheritance
  • Author: Deborah Swift
  • ISBN: 9780330543446
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Divided Inheritance By Deborah Swift A family divided by fortune A country divided by faith.London 1609Elspet Leviston s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel s lace business But her dreams are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane who has his own designs on Leviston s Lace.Zachary is a dedicated swordsman with a secret past that seemA family divided by fortune A country divided by faith.London 1609Elspet Leviston s greatest ambition is to continue the success of her father Nathaniel s lace business But her dreams are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane who has his own designs on Leviston s Lace.Zachary is a dedicated swordsman with a secret past that seems to invite trouble So Nathaniel sends him on a Grand Tour, away from the distractions of Jacobean London Elspet believes herself to be free of her hot headed relative but when Nathaniel dies her fortunes change dramatically She is forced to leave her beloved home and go in search of Zachary determined to claim back from him the inheritance that is rightfully hers.Under the searing Spanish sun, Elspet and Zachary become locked in a battle of wills But these are dangerous times and they are soon embroiled in the roar and sweep of something far threatening, sending them both on an unexpected journey of discovery which finally unlocks the true meaning of family .A Divided Inheritance is a breathtaking adventure set in London just after the Gunpowder Plot and in the bustling courtyards of Golden Age Seville.
    A Divided Inheritance By Deborah Swift
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      I am a novelist living in the Lake District in England I write historical fiction but read widely contemporary and classic fiction I choose my books carefully, so I don t read many duds If I do, they are not reviewed here, as a gesture of respect to other writers.I blog at my websitedeborahswift

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    1. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.At first, I wasn t sure what to make of Deborah Swift s A Divided Inheritance She d come highly recommended, but a hundred pages in I couldn t help wondering when I was going to be swept off my feet It took a while, but somewhere around the midpoint I began to really appreciate this story and by the end, was lost in the world she d created within these pages.Despite the straightforward jacket description, A Divided Inheritance is a multilayered [...]

    2. To say that this book has been thoroughly researched and soundly set in the 1600 s, London, would be an understatement Richly detailed in every way, this is a novel that pleases even the staunchest historical fiction aficionado Ms Swift is never out of the element of Jacobean England, and I dare anyone to catch her in a flaw Not only is this a resplendent historical, but it is also a gorgeously written story of love and mystery.I fell in love with the characters, as well as their turbulent relat [...]

    3. Ok so I was somewhere, I had one book with me, since I could not possibly even finish one But yes I did read almost half of it I was never that into it, but I read on, what else to doBut here came the problem when I came home, I did not read then, I did not read the next day, and at the evening the next day I finally picked it up again But it was just sook, only ok I started reading some, skimming some, just wanting it to end I had already invested time in half of it, I had spent 3 good reading [...]

    4. My third encounter with Deborah Swift s writing, A Divided Inheritance, did not disappoint In a superb integration of historical fact and plot, Deborah Swift masterfully interweaves family loyalty, religious intolerance, and adventure We travel from lace making in rainy seventeenth century London where Catholicism is forbidden to Catholic dominated Spain and fencing under the blistering sun Two very different main characters take us on their separate journeys Elspeth s dream is to continue her f [...]

    5. What a story A masterpiece indeed.A Divided Inheritance starts off in London, where Elspet Leviston finds herself usurped in her father s eyes by the appearance, out of nowhere, of her cousin, Zachary Deane The story travels to Spain in the time when Muslims were being persecuted and driven out of their country, not a period of history I knew anything about, though this didn t matter as I soon picked up exactly what was going on however, there s a brief history at the back of the book that you m [...]

    6. 3.5 Stars Deborah Swift is a master at bringing seventeenth century England to life And not the glitz and glamour of kings and queens and courtiers, but the diorama of everyday life, of merchants and tradesmen, of husbands and wives and mothers and fathers, of servants and street urchins and criminals A Divided Inheritance brings us into that world once and introduces us to Elspet Leviston, daughter of the successful owner of Leviston Lace She and her father have lived humbly and quietly since [...]

    7. Well This book was another disappointment It wasn t awful, but it wasn t that great either.I had three main issues Parts of the story and plot seemed disparate, like they really should have been in separate novels The main characters were unsympathetic and uninteresting Lastly, the pacing was uneven.The story starts in Jacobean England where Elspet and her father, Nathaniel, run a lace making business Their peaceful existence is stirred up by the appearance of Zachary Deane, Nathaniel s bastard [...]

    8. London 1609 A Divided Inheritance is set initially in Jacobean England when distrust of family, neighbour and friend had reached its zenith Religious persecution was rife throughout Europe and in England hidey holes for Catholic priests could be found in the most illicit of places Helping to run the family lace business with her father, Nathaniel, Elspet Leviston s life is about to be turned completely upside down by the arrival of her mysterious cousin Zachary Deane who has his own ideas for th [...]

    9. A DIVIDED INHERITANCE is the first novel by Deborah Swift I ve read, and I was impressed by the rich historical details This book paints a vivid picture of the beauty and turbulence of 17th century Spain.The story begins in London with Elspet Leviston working with her father in his lace business, fully believing she will inherit it someday Suddenly a man named Zachary Deane appears at their door, and Mr Leviston introduces him as her cousin Soon Elspet is pushed aside and told to concentrate on [...]

    10. Swift has consistently impressed me with her writing abilities The first novel of her s that I read was The Gilded Lily and I was captivated by all the historic research she did for it She wrote knowledgeably about the period and the different plot angles in that novel and with this new novel, it met my expectations in every way.Swift continued to demonstrate her knowledge of the period and showed her specialized research particularly with the lace business and the religious controversies of bot [...]

    11. I love historical fiction and A Divided Inheritance is one of the reasons why It is so rich in detail, drama and vivid imagery I felt like I was traveling through Europe Deborah Swift ably explores family, loyalty and duty in 17th century England at a time, where Catholicism was forbidden in one country and violently enforced in another.Elspet is our heroine in this novel She is strong but innocence She has been given a difficult situation and very valiantly finds her path She has to continually [...]

    12. What an epic I enjoyed this from the very beginning Particularly liked the aspect of a smart young woman trying to respect the repressive culture in which she is maturing, yet bridling at it She senses there s to life than running a house, and she has a head for business and even adventure, as she discovers later The author, Deborah Swift, hints at this A sensation of longing filled her chest, so strong that it made her want to stretch out to claw back that brief light of a shooting star It was [...]

    13. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of Roman Catholics being persecuted in Jacobean England in comparison to Catholicism being the dominant faith and power in Spain at the same time I really enjoyed the character development of both Elspet and Zachary throughout the book, it felt quite natural This is my second Swift book she does always like to end her books on a happy note it seems, no matter how bleak the chapters before it are.

    14. This is the story of two people, Elspet Leviston, responsible daughter of a lace dealer in Jacobean London and Zachary Deane, the illegitimate son of a poor Spanish woman whose bullying brothers have taught him to lie and steal When Elspet s father suddenly brings Zachary into their household, usurping her position in the family business, she is horrified and as a dutiful daughter considers marriage to an apparently pleasant suitor Her relief when Zachary sets off on a grand tour is swiftly remo [...]

    15. Am undecided about this book The storyline was very interesting but I had a difficult time identifying or even liking the main characters The main reason I continued reading the book was for the fencing It was fascinating to read about the discipline, art and science set against a backdrop of turbulent Spain The other interesting part of this book was how it touched on perhaps one of the darkest points of Spanish history, the expulsion of the Moriscos by King Philip III of Spain 1600s Though the [...]

    16. A well researched book, but not a good novel The characters were dull and lacked character, while the plot itself was way too slow and boring All in all, this is not a bad one per se, but it is a very unsatisfying read for sure.

    17. My first experience with Deborah Swift s work was when I read The Gilded Lily and loved it Naturally I was excited to read A Divided Inheritance and once again was impressed with the storytelling ability of Deborah Swift A Divided Inheritance carried me away on a historical adventure to another time and place with engaging characters and vivid imagery.The year is 1609 when we meet Elspet Leviston who lives with her father and helps him to run their successful lace business She enjoys the quiet t [...]

    18. The novel is set in London in 1609 for the first part of the book it opens with introducing us to Magdalena and her sons she is dying and is concerned for her sons future in particular her son Zachary The older two brothers are spiteful to Zachary and Magdalena is worried that when she dies he will not be able to care for himself like the others or worse end up in trouble When Magdalena dies she instructs Zachary to seek out his real father to take care of him.We then switch to the Leviston fami [...]

    19. Book received as part of GoodReads FirstReads program in return for an honest review Thanks for the book One word can best describe this book wow Such an incredible journey is a rare find This book needs to be savored again and again in my humble opinion.The star to me was Elspeth s journey She s introduced to the reader as a woman focused on helping her father run his business, worship her faith as best she can, and seems content with her life Yet, by the end of the novel, she s a different wom [...]

    20. This was one of those historical novels that leave you breathless it s so much that the blurb suggests Deborah Swift impressed me with her novel The Gilded Lily I loved the setting, the heroine, the evocative articulation of the era and in A Divided Inheritance, she does it again.Set in 1609, the novel follows Elspet Leviston, a young woman with a miserly father who runs a successful lace business Smart and committed, Elspet hopes to one day continue her father s legacy after she marries, but t [...]

    21. Predominantly set during 1609 10 in England and Spain, this long novel is an absorbing read You can tell that unlike most other writers of historical fiction Deborah Swift has studied creative writing as well as history Her plotting skills are superior to many of the bigger author names out there I m impressed with how expertly she crafted this lengthy tome.Scenes scenarios I especially liked include the training at the fencing school, the time Zachery the lead male character spends forging his [...]

    22. This is my first encounter with Deborah Swift s work, which is nice for me as a reader, no expectations one way or the other A Divided Inheritance was a breath of fresh air dealing with the everyday people and not just those touched by royalty Swift begins her novel in 1609 England and introduces us to Elspet who lives and works with her father in his successful lace business Elspet reveals in her time with her father and she relishes being included in his discussions of business and trade Elspe [...]

    23. 3.5 stars A Divided Inheritance is the story of Elspet, a young woman who dreams of taking over her father s lace business but this is the 1600s and if there s a male heir, well you can probably guess what that means This book follows Elspet as she navigates her divided inheritance This book also discusses a lot about religion, which was sort of a division of the day in that time period.I really enjoyed reading about Elspet and Zachary I sort of wish that of the book focused on their relationsh [...]

    24. I read A Divided Inheritance in the expectation of it being an engaging historical novel with strong characters and an elaborate plot As it turned out, the book was none of it.It wasn t that bad either, but simply not what I had expected What bugged me the most were the dull and incomprehensible characters Zachary Deane is a thief, liar, legacy hunter and pompous moron whom you re supposed to feel sorry for but just don t and who s redeemed in the end by a sudden change of character which is qui [...]

    25. My introduction to Deborah Swift s work was through her 2012 novel, The Gilded Lily I thoroughly enjoyed her story telling ability and was keen to try something else A Divided Inheritance is another fascinating piece of historical fiction, a multi layered, well researched tale of tenacity and adventure.As much as I love Tudor England it certainly made a refreshing change to be immersed in another period, Jacobean London, the lace trade, Spain under King Phillip III s expulsion of the Moriscos, S [...]

    26. This book took me a little longer to finish than I might have liked It look me a lot time to get into the story I really wasn t into it until about two thirds of the way through I think what just didn t work for me were the characters I didn t really like any of the characters through most of the novel I think Elspet is supposed to be the sympathetic protagonist, but for the most part I found her wilting and boring Zachary was interesting probably because he actually did something, his true nat [...]

    27. Another superbly researched and detailed novel by Swift A Divided Inheritance is set in Jacobean England with Elspeth Livingston and her troublesome and mysterious cousin, Zachary Elspeth dreams of taking over the family lace business that she learned from her father However, when her father passes away, her inheritance is swept away from her by being passed on to Zacchary Elspeth refuses to settle for this and goes on a search through Spain to find Zachary and claim what is rightfully hers She [...]

    28. Deborah Swift has once again delivered another wonderful novel Full of rich details that shows her knowledge and the amount of research that she did for this book.This book comes in at just over 500 pages and it was a pleasure to read I love big books, but sometimes they run the risk of being too wordy with unnecessary and repetitive information This was definitely not the case with A Divided Inheritance, to grasp the full story, looking at it from all sides it was the perfect length.The author [...]

    29. With her latest book, A Divided Inheritance, author Deborah Swift creates a fascinating family drama set in a time of turmoil and violence, and adds in the right amount of romance and mystery to keep her fans enthralled to the very final page I was astounded at the amount of research that must have been gone through during the writing of this book Swift not only covers the Jacobean era in England, she also includes the expulsion of the Morisco Muslims from Spain, the art of fencing, and the prod [...]

    30. Good historical fictions imparts the feeling of immersion in another era and or location A Divided Inheritance provides these two requisits Swift s historical probing of the Moorish expulsion from Spain is compelling and well constructing, and her descriptions of the fencing school appropriately agile Equally well sketched is Elspeth s voyage from London to Seville and its effect on her character.The early C17th in England has perhaps been overshadowed in fiction by the earlier Tudors and the la [...]

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