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Beyond the Horizon By Kristen Kehoe Beyond the Horizon Mia Evans has one goal in life to be perfect enough that her parents will love her or at least love each other again Three years ago her brother left her family choosing a girl over the Evans name
  • Title: Beyond the Horizon
  • Author: Kristen Kehoe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
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  • Beyond the Horizon By Kristen Kehoe Mia Evans has one goal in life to be perfect enough that her parents will love her, or at least love each other again Three years ago, her brother left her family, choosing a girl over the Evans name Watching her mother cry and her father shut the rest of them out, Mia made a promise to herself that she would be the one to bring them back together again Yet, despite heMia Evans has one goal in life to be perfect enough that her parents will love her, or at least love each other again Three years ago, her brother left her family, choosing a girl over the Evans name Watching her mother cry and her father shut the rest of them out, Mia made a promise to herself that she would be the one to bring them back together again Yet, despite her acceptance to Stanford, her perfect academic record, and a flawless resume , Mia finds her family getting further and further apart.Enter Ryan Murphy, the boy next door Ryan has loved Mia Evans since the day he saw her sitting on her front porch weeping into her knees Fifteen then, Ryan had been unsure of what to do, so he d sat at his window and watched over her, and in that time, a piece of him became hers.Now, three years later, Ryan hasn t told Mia how he feels, but he gets the chance when he s forced to beg her to tutor him and save him from his mother As their relationship progresses, Ryan realizes that Mia is than he could have ever dreamed of, and that his feelings go a lot deeper than he ever imagined possible And still, can they work Mia didn t want to want Ryan Murphy Just the opposite, actually She agreed to tutor him because that s her job, but she doesn t have to like it, or the fact that she can t seem to stop noticing how gorgeous he is.Against all of her better judgment, Mia finds herself falling for Ryan, and falling hard When the time comes for Mia to make the same decision that broke her family three years ago, she s torn follow her heart, and lose her family, or follow her family and lose the only person whose ever really loved her.
    Beyond the Horizon By Kristen Kehoe
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    1. Kristen Kehoe

      I am the youngest of three daughters and I think this is the reason I enjoy writing about love so much I come from a family of high school sweethearts, save myself thank God , and I have watched how finding love, the real kind, can make a person stronger My parents have inspired me every day because they found each other at eighteen, got married at nineteen, and never looked back Now, 35 years later they are still going strong and it makes me realize that love really does aide us in all things.I write young and new adult books because I think it s the time period in our lives that is the most difficult and I enjoy love stories because we all need hope Reading about love gives me hope, so I hope my writings about love do the same for any reader who happens to glance at the pages.I have a daughter, a Great Dane, and a beautiful husband I love books, coffee, and my familyd shoes Just saying.

    263 thoughts on “Beyond the Horizon”

    1. WARNING I rant in this review The only reason this book got two stars is because I enjoyed the beginning, I absolutely hated the last half of this book Mia was annoying and selfish She perfected the whole I don t know what I want, but I want you to follow me around like a lap dog until I figure it out thing that I can t stand All of her issues are supposed to stem from the fact that her brother decided to live his own life and not go to college, this choice for some unknow reason was abandonment [...]

    2. I have been waiting for this story to be released I read the excerpts at the end of Finding You and on Kristen Kehoe s website I really liked the book I think the cover is really nice with the heart and sky in the background I think the cover was changed though I like this origional one that I mentioned better I thought Ryan Murphy and Mia Evans were great characters I thought Ryan was funny and sweet It was cute that Ryan would get tongued tied around Mia Ryan had a crush on Mia for four years [...]

    3. I enjoyed the overall storyline but there was too much repetition threaded throughout this book for my taste and most all of that was focused on Mia s family and Joe, the brother who had chosen his own path.Mia s parents were very controlling and had their children s lives all planned out, never considering what their children may want for themselves If the siblings were to follow their parents plans for them, they would be required to attend the school of their parents choice, follow the family [...]

    4. LOVED THIS BOOK Maybe it has to do with the fact that I myself am currently lost in a place of college applications, GPA boosting grades, resume filling volunteer work, and test scores, but this book s message ran deep I could not have picked up a better book for me to read today Not only was i easily able to relate to Mia s confusion that is so common among those my age INCLUDING MYSELF about Who she is What she wants What she needs How to get there but i also fell in love with the romance and [...]

    5. good story but like this comment, it needed editing so many grammar mistakesIt really was a very good story Though it reminded me WAY TOO MUCH of my own personal story sans the happy ending Just after my senior year, I walked away from my first REAL love even though I still loved him Thought it was for the best The fact that my last name is Evans and my mother s name is actually Margaret and has always been treated like crap by my father was all a bit too much Just another reason why I prefer fa [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this story and found Ryan absolutely irresistible Like some of the other reviews, I grew tired of Mia s poor me attitude, but the supporting characters and storylines made up for anything she lacked This book could use a good copyedit, as there are numerous extra or missing words, but it didn t stop me from reading If you love romantic stories of first love, I definitely recommend Beyond the Horizon.

    7. EmotionalKristen you put me through the ringer girl This story was so emotional,beautiful,thoughtful, they re many words to describe the hardship these characters went through I enjoyed how you saw the characters grow and become who they were meant to be even if it took awhile Beyond the horizon was a great find yourself story that will inspire anyone as I know it inspired me

    8. I liked the story For once not 2 people with secrets and surprises, but rather a girl who wan t annoying just trying to fix her broken family and after realizing its not her job to fix it and make the family happy she finds the person whi made her happy And I love that Ryan wasn t some playboy who dated and slept around after her goodbye s he knew what he wanted and waited.My only problem was NO EPILOGE But a cute read.

    9. Cute story Cute story nice story I enjoyed reading it but the grammar needs a little work in this book some sentences I d have to re read since it made no sense at first light read.

    10. This was a good book and I was pleasantly surprised with it I did have some difficulty with it in the beginning but after plugging away, this book became a page turner for me and I couldn t put it down

    11. I enjoyed reading this one I picked it up because I was asked to review the sequel, and the first one was cheap on and looked good, so I decided to read them in order This book was a great read and one that I enjoyed.

    12. Great overall story about budding romance and how somethings get in the way that can destroy it Yourself for one option

    13. 3.5 stars I really liked this in the beginning, but the end was a bit dragged out for me All in all I liked it so I d recommend it Their second tutoring session was my favorite part swoon

    14. I think the author went down the wrong track no pun intended with this book The protagonist, Mia, is an over achiever who works hard at everything in the hope that being the perfect daughter will bring her fractured family back together I thought the author painted the challenges Mia faces with her family very well, and I found these sections of the novel interesting.Where I think the book fell down is with the romance I hate the phrase insta love, but that is what is was I don t think the autho [...]

    15. I did enjoy this, but it reminded me a bit too much of My Life Next Door They aren t identical, but there are a lot of similar themes and issues, and Fitzpatrick executes a bit better.

    16. I had a hard time finishing this book and resorted to skimming I just couldn t connect with the characters, mostly Mia, so the story just ended up dragging for me It does have a pretty solid message and I think someone who did connect with Mia and or Ryan would enjoy it.

    17. 3.5 stars It didn t really captivate me Everything seemed to go too fast and then too slow In other news, there s a whole lot of main guys named Ryan in these books.

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