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At Risk By Alice Hoffman At Risk The Farrells are a middle class family living in a small New England town Ivan Farrell is an astronomer wife Polly a photographer eight year old Charlie a budding biologist and year old Amanda a
  • Title: At Risk
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780425165294
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • At Risk By Alice Hoffman The Farrells are a middle class family living in a small New England town Ivan Farrell is an astronomer, wife Polly a photographer, eight year old Charlie a budding biologist and 11 year old Amanda a talented gymnast And then one day, unimaginable tragedy strikes.
    At Risk By Alice Hoffman
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      432 Alice Hoffman
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    1. Alice Hoffman

      Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.

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    1. Some readers have complained that this book written about a family coping with an AIDS diagnosis at the height of the AIDS panic of the late 1980s early 1990s feels dated While I recognize that it is no longer the current events novel it was originally conceived and written as, I feel that this book serves a very different purpose now as a reminder of the very real concerns and struggles that people faced during that time when almost nothing was known about AIDS, and thereby everything was feare [...]

    2. This is one of my favourite books of all time I don t say that lightly as my other favourite books of all time are Lord of the Flies, Pride and Prejudice and Little Women When I found this book in a bookshop back in the early 1990s I had never heard of its author Alice Hoffman before I read the book in one sitting and then I immediately read it again.To date I have read it than 100 times and recommended it to so many people.I cried for most of the book the first time I read it I still cry now e [...]

    3. I read this book as a soph in HS and was rivited by the story It has stuck with me all these years An amazing yet difficult to read book, given the subject matter I might try to track down a copy and re read it, given how the times have changed.I just re read it, and wow Even better than I remembered Hoffman s writing is beautiful, aching and right on track I had forgotten some of the great characters, and even how the book ended I m glad I took the time to look it over again.

    4. This was my second Adult Fiction title by Hoffman I did not connect to this book characterwise like I did Faithful because there were too many basically flat characters who had been partially fleshed out, and I was hemming and hawng about giving it 3.5 stars on my blog which would have meant I would not be reviewing it there.These side character s stories could have easily been given in the narratives of essential characters Hoffman is skilled at weaving storylines together showing how lives tou [...]

    5. I m pretty much appalled by people who give this book a low grade because it is too sad It s heart wrenching for sure, but not melodramatic or over the top And this book is not dated in the slightest Sure, it s about AIDS which, in case people don t know, is still with us, and still gets transferred unwittingly among people at times What the book also deals with is prejudice and love, and how fear of loss can cause us to ignore logic and what we know is right And that type of action which happen [...]

    6. This book has left me with a lump in my throat I cared about this family through each page, and I wish an epilogue was included because I want to know .

    7. I recently finished reading a wonderful book At Risk, by Alice Hoffman Here is what this book was about from the back of the book In this memorable striking Village Voice novel, New York Times bestselling author Alice Hoffman presents the story of an American family shattered by tragedy Ivan and Polly Farrell have two bright and talented children Eight year old Charlie has his father s scientific mind Amanda, eleven, possess the unusual strength and determination that has made her a promising gy [...]

    8. Book Overveiw from Publishers Weekly The Farrells are a middle class family living in a small New England town Ivan Farrell is an astronomer, wife Polly a photographer, eight year old Charlie a budding biologist and 11 year old Amanda a talented gymnast tension between spouses, and withal, the humor and love that holds families together Suddenly the Farrells are singled out for grief Amanda, who has been winning gymnastic meets despite a summer long malaise, tests positive for AIDS, contracted s [...]

    9. I m kind of hit or miss with this author Of her books that I ve read so far, I d say I really liked about half of them, and of the others, I ve had one or two that I haven t even wanted to finish, and others that were just ok This one sort of fits into all those categories I didn t actually read much of the description before jumping into it I just knew it was one of the author s that I hadn t gotten to yet Obviously, the other reviewers have given the details of the plot, so without going into [...]

    10. I truly enjoy Hoffman s books and have not been disappointed yet Tis was a very interesting read as I remember the time it was written and how incredibly frightening AIDS was I recall the school assemblies with AIDS victims speaking and afterwards offering to shake hands if you were brave enough, even after just having spent an hour learning the facts as we knew them then The characters in this book were very real they were flawed and hopeful and tangible I can t say that any of the story came a [...]

    11. A heart wrenching story about AIDS in the late 1980 s early 90 s It s all the poignant as it deals with a child It s so sad to remember how people were treated back then, but it s so nice that now things are so much better treatment, education, etc Although I m sure the prejudice that goes along with the disease still exists My only criticism is that Charlie, the brother, whose character I really liked, seemed much older than 8 I pictured him along the 10 11 year range, but maybe that s just t [...]

    12. In some ways this feels dated, but in others it takes me very vividly back to the paranoia and fear of the late 80s and early 90s The strength is in the people and their very individual reactions the way they can draw together or pull themselves apart, the sacrifices that are made, and the friendships that are changed view spoiler It s not depressingly sad, nor does it dwell on all the things Amanda can t, or won t, do, instead just touching on them briefly And I think it s powerful for that hi [...]

    13. I stated that I only give 5 stars to classics and future classics This book is not a happy book It wasn t intended to be Written in 1988, it is the story of a family dealing with their child who contracts AIDS Not only does it reveal a lot about family dynamics, but it also reveals a lot about the stigma of this disease, particularly in the school and the town It was written before all the breakthroughs in AIDS research and treatment It isn t the type of book that one can speed read It won t let [...]

    14. Needless to say, I m a huge fan of Alice Hoffman I like her style, especially the way she eases you into the quicksand before you are aware This book, however, fell short of my expectations It went into the kitchen, a very hot and volatile cooking environment, opened up all the cabinets, but never really pulled anything out The fire was blazing, but nothing ever cooked In the end, I was left on a pond in the woods looking for big turtles.

    15. Holy cow a real reminder of how great Hoffman truly is This one wouldn t let go and rest easy on the chairside table demanded to be finished Loved the characters

    16. Ok, its novel about a 11 year old girl with AIDS so be prepared to have your heart wrenched out of your chest.

    17. I like the way this book is written but it is another sad one It s about a young girl living with AIDS and the effect it has on her family and the whole community Definitely worth reading.

    18. This is the story of a family with an 11 year old daughter, Amanda, and an 8 year old son, Charlie Amanda is a talented gymnast and she becomes ill The devastating news from their doctor is that she has AIDS She got it through a blood transfusion before blood banks were screened Her illness affects all of them in different ways Almost everyone in town and at her school is afraid they will get it Their friends and neighbors ignore them Some move their children to private schools They don t unders [...]

    19. When the Farrell s 11 year old daughter, Amanda, is diagnosed with AIDS from a blood tranfusion , thier middle class world starts coming apart Polly Farrell, Amanda s mother learns who her real friends are Amanda s father strikes up an unexpected friendship with an counselor for the AIDS hot line only to learn that this you man is also dying of AIDS Amanda s 8 year old brother is overlooked by his parents and rejected by his fiends and classmates And Amanda is bravely dying at a much too young a [...]

    20. This is without a doubt one of the saddest books I ve ever read Set in the 80 s during the early wave of the AIDS epidemic, the story of Amanda very likely played out in the lives of American children than we care to think about I knew how the story would end, but found myself hoping to be wrong anyway I gave the book four stars because I found the brief romantic interlude between the mother and doctor unnecessary and a little disturbing, and also because I wanted closure for the story It woul [...]

    21. Truly a gut wrenching book Written in such a way that we don t wallow in the sadness, but feel it rush over like a breeze My only complaint is there was one teeny addition to a moving scene that I felt didn t need to happen and cheapened the book some I loved the comfort of the scene, but not that one additional step I would have loved it to be left alone instead We got the image and the pain and the need for companionship through other avenues For me, this book made me have to keep reminding my [...]

    22. Published in 1988, At Risk takes place in the days before cellphones, in the days of pagers and pay phones, in the days when AIDS was new and terrifying and a certain death sentence Amanda is 11 years old, a talented gymnast with dreams of an Olympic career She s also sick, the result of a tainted blood transfusion in the days before blood was tested.While the story is dated in many ways, its description of people afraid of the unknown and the ways in which they isolate those who are different f [...]

    23. Such a sad story about a sixth grade girl who gets AIDS from a blood transfusion The book was written in 1988 and would have been a real hot topic in its day In 1988, I probably would have sided with all the scared parents at the girl s school and not wanted her to be with my child AIDS was just so scary and not fully understood Today, however, I don t think it is as scary and today, I would side with the child Wow In many ways Alice Hoffman was ahead of her time when she wrote this book.

    24. The setting of the book keeps reminding you that this takes place at a really difficult and confusing time Several parts had me tearing up, reminding me of how devastating this disease was I can imagine this book might have seemed controversial at the time, but everything about AIDS was I m glad I didn t read this sooner, it would have been another book about this disease that made me angry It still serves as a reminder.

    25. We ve come so far in our understanding of AIDS and how it s transmitted My heart breaks for the early families that had to deal with the fear and ignorance of others, especially when it was children who had contracted the deadly disease A heartbreaking story of one such family and what the stress and strain and fear can do.

    26. Today, most of us in the world know a little about the disease, AIDS Before I read this book I didn t understand the emotional effects At Risk is fiction, but it seems so real It puts the past into perspective Yes, there is tremendous tragedy that occurs in a normal family in Massachusetts, but tragedy isn t the only thing this book is about It changes perspectives throughout the book from the mother to the brother, doctor, principal and even the neighborhood psychic It s not your usual storylin [...]

    27. Why I decided to read a novel about an 11 year old child who contracts a fatal illness is beyond me, but I picked it up on holidays just because the author is so acclaimed Well, the story was painful but the writing was splendid, and so I persevered I m giving it three stars not because it wasn t skilfully done, but just because I didn t enjoy it.

    28. The story about an 11 year old girl who got AIDS from a bad blood transfusion when she was 6 The book tells of how the life of the family changes and how the people of the town react The book takes place in the early 90 s

    29. Story of an 11 year old who gets AIDS from a blood transfusion before the tests to screen blood were available How the community reacts and how the family falls apart and heals is emotional Short read.

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