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Seventh Heaven By Alice Hoffman Seventh Heaven Nora Silk doesn t really fit in on Hemlock Street where every house looks the same She s divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is a
  • Title: Seventh Heaven
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780425188484
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventh Heaven By Alice Hoffman Nora Silk doesn t really fit in on Hemlock Street, where every house looks the same She s divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is a scandal But as time passes, the neighbors start having second thoughts about Nora The women s apprehension evolves into admiration The men s lust evolves into awe TheNora Silk doesn t really fit in on Hemlock Street, where every house looks the same She s divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is a scandal But as time passes, the neighbors start having second thoughts about Nora The women s apprehension evolves into admiration The men s lust evolves into awe The children are drawn to her in ways they can t explain And everyone on this little street in 1959 Long Island seems to sense the possibilities and perils of a different kind of future when they look at Nora SilkThis extraordinary novel by the author of The River King and Local Girls takes us back to a time when the exotic both terrified and intrigued us, and despite our most desperate attempts, our passions and secrets remained as stubbornly alive as the weeds in our well trimmed lawns.
    Seventh Heaven By Alice Hoffman
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      337 Alice Hoffman
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    1. Alice Hoffman

      Alice Hoffman is the author of than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and The Dovekeepers She lives near Boston.

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    1. Alice Hoffman being one of my favorite authors was the main reason for me to pick up this book I must say that it is one of my least favorites of her catatlog The story starts out interesting, slating the story in a small town during a time in America when women are supposed to stay in the kitchen and raise the children.When the character Nora Silk is introduced, she is the antithesis of the other female characters She dresses in black, wears pants and hoop earings and makeup The whole point of [...]

    2. My first taste of Alice Hoffman s writing and for me, this book at least was mediocre in both content and enjoyment factor At the start of the book I felt it was going really well and I was looking forward to of the same but the book kind of derails and gets overcrowded with too many characters that you don t really care about or connect with and a really weak plot.On Hemlock Street, the houses are identical, the lawns tidy, and the families traditional A perfect slice of suburbia, this Long Is [...]

    3. 4.5 starsWhile on vacation, I picked this up at a help yourself book shelf next to the pool The book was yellowed and musty, but I have always enjoyed Alice Hoffman s writing Once I read the first paragraph, I was hooked and pretty much read non stop until I was finished How did I miss this little gem by Alice Hoffman The story begins in 1959 in a middle class, suburban neighborhood A divorc e with 2 children moves into a neighborhood where people can hardly utter the word divorced without cring [...]

    4. This is another fantastic book from the author of Practical Magic, Blue Diary, and The Probable Future Nora Silk is not the typical woman of 1959 Long Island She s divorced, has two children, and never seems to care if they get dirty while they play She wears high heels and black stretch pants, and her nails are always done in bright colours Her eldest son, Billy, tends to pick stray thoughts out of the minds of people around him, and James, only months old, eats anything he can find in one chub [...]

    5. 1991, January 12016, January 5In the 25 years since I first read this, I confess I d gotten a little vague on the details Long Island suburban witch, I recalled correctly, but the two boys had become two girls in my mind, probably conflated with the movie Mermaids I thought there was a lot magic And oddly, 25 years ago I didn t notice that Hoffman used witch as a sort of substitute for slut not in the shaming sense of promiscuous, but in the vague way that any young woman with autonomy, and age [...]

    6. My favorite Alice Hoffman, this book uses its setting and characters very effectively to show how the looks of the American dream can be deceiving When the main character moves to 1960s suburban American, her very presence makes life less perfect and yet somehow real for the other people who live there Like most Hoffman, this includes elements of magical realism, including a ghost who haunts not her killer, but his brother, and a mother who uses old spells to keep her child save at school.

    7. An entirely satisfying story from a master storyteller Like many authors Alice Hoffman details the minutiae of her characters lives, but unlike most she does it for good reason things connect Details weave together become much than the sum of their parts Seventh Heaven is set on Long Island in 1959 1960, in a 6 year old housing development near the Southern State It was written long before Mad Men was born or thought of, but fans of Mad Men should love this story, though it is much life affirm [...]

    8. I don t read novels like this one very often but I should probably do so Alice Hoffman was recommended to me and I happened upon this book at a local thrift store It was very enjoyable being a slice of life from 1959 to 1960, an era that I lived through as a young boy The novel reminded me a lot of Rabbit Run by John Updike or of Peyton Place, one of my favorites It definitely does not show the idyllic life of the 50s as portrayed in such TV shows as Leave It to Beaver or Father Knows Best As I [...]

    9. I really love Alice Hoffman she tells a good story This is my third read by her, after Here on Earth and Turtle Moon Seventh Heaven is a slice of life story set on a suburban street in 1959 1960 The houses are practically identical, and life, from the outside, looks idealic Then Nora Silk moves into one of the houses, and things begin to change Nora is a single mother divorced of two little boys, which was an anomaly in the 50 s She isn t exactly welcomed with open arms, though some of the neigh [...]

    10. In the late 1950s in suburban America, women stayed at home and tended their children and husbands Brand new houses were built all the same in a cookie cutter fashion When Nora Silk moves into one of these neighbourhoods and she has no visible husband and dresses provocatively, she is looked upon with suspicion and ignored But what happens is the street is turned upside down.Other families on the street include the McCarthys, boys, Ace and Jackie, and their patient father dubbed the saint by his [...]

    11. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Seventh Heaven is far from a seventh heaven In late 1950s suburban America it s all important that whatever you do, you do not stand out People living in houses that all look the same, acting the same When Nora Silk moves in, a recently divorced mother of two she s looked upon with the greatest possible suspicion And slowly the rest of the street learns that her difference is not necessarily a bad thing.The 1950s in this book gave me the creeps, to be [...]

    12. I was put off by the title Seventh Heaven, it reminded me too much of the TV series and I automatically labeled the book as cheesy and saccharin Pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong about that, but can t say that I loved the story either Nora Silk, divorced with two small children, moves to the suburbs of the late 50 s, with stay at home moms, tidy homes and meatloaf dinners and the neighborhood and its residents start to erode from there The novel blurb is a little misleading, Nora and [...]

    13. Nem is tudom hogy rt keljem F lledt poros kisv rosi Amerika, a 60as vek kezdet n J l megteremtett hangulat, de a t rt n s kev s, s az eg sz olyan befejezetlen Mint egy j l elny jtott r sz egy kicsit r gebbi sz letett feles gekb l, miel tt emancip l dtak volna T bbet lehetett volna kezdeni a k rnyezettel.

    14. This book gets an extra star because the setting is a Long Island suburb in the late sixties, just like the little suburb I grew up in This book loses a star because it was almost something better There was a little practical magic feeling, but too many pieces of it never went anywhere It seemed like a first early novel I know Hoffman could do better and I grade on a curve.

    15. This was my first Alice Hoffman novel and I think I would like to read of her work I m giving it a favorable review but not sure what genre to classify this one It s not a mystery It s not chick lit It s not serious literature or a classic Just a snapshot of typical suburbia in 1959 1960 in a small community in the United States.Seventh Heaven centers around a community on Long Island in the late 1950 s time period The small town had been built up on a former potato field, all houses identical [...]

    16. A story about life in the 1950 s and how life in one seemingly perfect neighborhood began changing after the arrival of a shocking for the 50 s divorced mother and her family It starts out pretty slow, with the characters a little hard to sort it and I was tempted to set it aside But it picks up about halfway through and by the end I felt attached enough to some of them that I was a little sorry to see it end.

    17. anurseandabook 20So as most people know, I am huge Alice Hoffman fan One of the few authors I will pre order for and encourage everyone to read.Recently, NetGalley had two of her books on the shelf, Property Of and Seventh Heaven I hadn t read Property Of before, so I did, and I liked it My review is here.I vaguely remembered reading Seventh Heaven, and once I started it, I realized that yes, I had read it before But that didn t prevent me from enjoying it again.This was a great story set in the [...]

    18. During my last reading frenzy I d read a large amount of Alice Hoffman However, between moving and going through several life things, I ended up taking a break Revisiting her with Seventh Heaven was a great exprience The last book I d read, White Horses, didn t do anything for me, so it was a relief to find that in this case, it was just one dud among a bunch of great ones Seventh Heaven is a story that centers around the character of Nora Silk, a young mother of two who s husband left her and t [...]

    19. I have such mixed feelings and simply cannot get a handle on my feelings about Hoffman s writing I always end up dissatisfied, but I keep reading her books I also can t ever seem to bring myself to DNF them.Here s what the publishers say about this book Nora Silk doesn t really fit in on Hemlock Street, where every house looks the same She s divorced She wears a charm bracelet and high heels and red toreador pants And the way she raises her kids is a scandal But as time passes, the neighbors sta [...]

    20. Wow Wow Wow I would give this book 10 stars if I could The writing is divine, the plot amazing and the characters so real I think I know them personally And maybe I do This is the story of the same kind of neighborhood I lived in from age two to nine from 1956 to 1963 It s 1959 The houses on Hemlock Drive are identical The men take great pride in their lawns The kids play outside until the moms call them in for dinner All the moms stay home and bake cookies for their kids It s a safe and magical [...]

    21. Despite my great love of Alice Hoffman s writing, when I read the description for Seventh Heaven, I couldn t imagine having any desire to read about the stilted lives of people living during the 1950s, in a small town on Long Island Yet, my love for Alice s magical prose won me over, and I m glad it did Alice manages to weave a bit of mystery of the supernatural kind in each of her books, without her work actually being deemed supernatural It s like magic is as common as bread although, not ever [...]

    22. A rather strange book about a recent divorcee and her two kids The oldest, 7 yr ,Billy, can tell what other people are thinking She and her kids move into a suburb with look a like houses and act a like families Nora doesn t fit in, but she doesn t know this She tries hard to meet what she perceives to be their expectations, but the wives object to her presence as she is temptation for their husbands She finds only part time work at low pay She can hardly feed her family She is finally accepted [...]

    23. Alice Hoffman is one of my favourite storytellers of all time This book was such a wonderful example of a successful, purely character driven story I love novels that give the reader a close up and intimate look into the private lives of ordinary people, only to have those same people smack into each other s lives whether they want to or not Alice Hoffman always does this so well Her characters are rich and multi faceted, with authentic strengths and believable weaknesses This story is set in th [...]

    24. Seventh Heaven is Alice Hoffman s 9th stand alone novel and tells the story of when attractive divorcee Nora Silk came to live in Hemlock Street, Long Island with 8 year old Billy and baby James Set in the late 50s, it captures the dispiriting feeling of suburbia As a divorced woman, Nora found her presence posed a threat and prevented her from being part of the community The story is told from several different characters perspectives Hoffman gives us beautiful prose and evocative descriptions [...]

    25. This book is the what the Abstinence Teacher might have been if Tom Perotta was a good writer or alternately, if he liked any of the characters in the book besides the one based on him Mean I m cranky but I hated that book and loved this one so well I should read Alice Hoffman Her books are so simple and sad and sweet and a little magical She sometimes gets weirdly lumped into the margins of fantasy, because events in her books are often just a little off kilter But she should probably just be [...]

    26. This was one of my ALL TIME favorite books Now I m on my fifth book of hers I loved the characters in this I loved the story I loved Nora and how she just chose to be herself and not conform to what others expected even when it would ve been easier for her She refused to pity herself I do wish her relationship with her oldest son was a little nurturing but I believed that she deeply loved her 2 boys Some will not like one of the sexual relationships in here Maybe in real life, I would not have [...]

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