Killing Jesus: The Hidden Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution #2020

Killing Jesus: The Hidden Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution By Stephen Mansfield Killing Jesus The Hidden Drama Behind the World s Most Famous Execution It is the most famous execution in history Its symbol is worn by hundreds of millions worldwide Its spiritual meaning is recalled daily in time honored rituals It is the most passionately debated murd
  • Title: Killing Jesus: The Hidden Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution
  • Author: Stephen Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781617951879
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Killing Jesus: The Hidden Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution By Stephen Mansfield It is the most famous execution in history Its symbol is worn by hundreds of millions worldwide Its spiritual meaning is recalled daily in time honored rituals It is the most passionately debated murder of all time In Killing Jesus The Hidden Drama Behind the World s Most Famous Execution, New York Times best selling author Stephen Mansfield tells the gripping story oIt is the most famous execution in history Its symbol is worn by hundreds of millions worldwide Its spiritual meaning is recalled daily in time honored rituals It is the most passionately debated murder of all time In Killing Jesus The Hidden Drama Behind the World s Most Famous Execution, New York Times best selling author Stephen Mansfield tells the gripping story of the conspiracy to assassinate Jesus Christ and the graphic details of his torturous death Approaching the tale at its most human level an approach often neglected by worshippers of Christ and the unbelieving alike Mansfield uses both secular sources and the biblical accounts to bring fresh perspective and fire to this familiar saga Rooted in scholarship but told simply and with vivid detail this thrilling, page turning account of the death of Jesus will fascinate and stir readers whatever their beliefs might be.
    Killing Jesus: The Hidden Drama Behind the World's Most Famous Execution By Stephen Mansfield
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      Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author and a popular speaker who is becoming one of the nation s most respected voices on religion and American culture He is also an activist in a variety of social causes.Stephen was born in Georgia but grew up largely in Europe due to his father s career as an officer in the United States Army After a youth filled with sports, travel, and mischief, he was recruited to play college football but turned down the opportunity when a Christian conversion moved him to attend a leading Christian college.He earned a Bachelor s degree in history and philosophy and then moved to Texas where he pastored a church, completed two Master s degrees, hosted a radio show and began acquiring a reputation as a popular speaker of both depth and humor He moved to Tennessee in 1991 where he again pastored a church, did relief work among the Kurds in Northern Iraq, served as a political consultant, and completed a doctorate.It was during this time that he also launched the writing career for which he has become internationally known His first book on Winston Churchill was a Gold Medallion Award Finalist He also wrote widely acclaimed biographies of Booker T Washington and George Whitefield as well as a number of other books on history and leadership In 1997, the Governor of Tennessee commissioned Mansfield to write the official history of religion in Tennessee for that state s bicentennial.In 2002, Stephen left the pastorate after twenty fruitful years to write and lecture full time Not long afterward he wrote The Faith of George W Bush, which spent many weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and won numerous national awards The book also became a source for Oliver Stone s internationally acclaimed film W, which chronicled Bush s rise to the presidency.This international bestseller led to a string of influential books over the following eight years Stephen wrote The Faith of the American Soldier after being embedded with U.S troops in Iraq He also wrote about the new Pope in Benedict XVI His Life and Mission His book The Faith of Barack Obama was another international bestseller and was often a topic in major media during the presidential campaign of 2008 To answer the crumbling values of portions of corporate America, he wrote The Search for God and Guinness and soon found himself speaking to corporate gatherings around the world.Stephen continues to write books about faith and culture recently on topics like Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey and America s generals but beyond his writing career he has founded The Mansfield Group, a successful consulting and communications firm, as well as Chartwell Literary Group, a firm that creates and manages literary projects Together with his wife, Beverly, Mansfield has created The Global Leadership Development Fund, a foundation that sponsors leadership training and networking around the world.In recent years, Stephen s popularity as a speaker has nearly eclipsed his reputation as a bestselling author He is often to be found addressing a university gathering, a corporate retreat or a fundraising banquet and stirring his audience with the humor and storytelling that have become his trademark.Mansfield lives primarily in Nashville, Tennessee, with his beloved wife, Beverly, who is an award winning songwriter and producer For information, log onto MansfieldGroup.

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    1. Even though I am still reading, I have read enough to recommend that this book be read by both believer and unbeliever The proclamation spoken by Christians today that Jesus suffered and died for their sins has lost its potency The detailed description of the torture and death of The Son of God will set your hearts on fire for your Lord and Savior After you read this book, which presents with accuracy the plot to crucify the Lamb of God, you will understand what was written in the Bible that Jes [...]

    2. The story of Jesus death is simple enough to capture the heart of a child and yet vast enough to consume a scholar s life It is like an epic poem that movingly written yet emerges from a genuine history The art, of course, is to tell the tale in all its simplicity and force, while satisfying the demands of the facts Stephen Mansfield s book, Killing Jesus The Hidden Drama Behind the World s Most Famous Execution is not a lengthy tome, but it is packed with enough insight to bring the story of Je [...]

    3. As the title shows, the subject of this book is the crucifixion of Jesus The premise of the book is to take us through the events leading up to and including the crucifixion and resurrection.The book is graphic and does not sugar coat That is a plus The crucifixion was violent I understand why Mel Gibson s movie was rated R This book is in the same category It is not light reading.Mansfield starts by telling us that he did not write this book in a comfortable office He wanted to write it in the [...]

    4. This book was powerfully well written emotional but not hysterical The writing style is simple, direct and straight forward, but the individual sentences are often extremely beautiful It often evokes the tender love that Jesus expressed for Jerusalem, while still presenting the flowing gore of Christ s torment and death on the cross This is not for the tender of tummy or the faint of heart.Mansfield makes clear the Jesus knew there were plots against him and that Caiphas and Annas sought his dea [...]

    5. Killing Jesus by Stephen Mansfield is a powerfully written, amazing book to read Never before have I read such a compelling account of the details of the crucifixion of Jesus The story of the life and death of Jesus has always been an integral element of Christianity, but Killing Jesus enables us to understand the event in such an amazing way Stephen Mansfield has managed to create a must read of Jesus life and crucifixion Even if you are not religious, Mansfield s Killing Jesus is a fabulous bo [...]

    6. To anyone closely familiar with the four Gospels there won t be much here in this book that you didn t already know, but the few tidbits of historical background and incidental details provide a richness and depth to the story of Christ s crucifixion that make this book a worthwhile read for believers and skeptics alike.Mansfield s writing reads like a good history should engaging narrative and less academic tedium He writes with a hurried and choppy style, I believe the Prologue provides a suf [...]

    7. I thought this was a good book The author takes the events of the crucifixion from the point of view of the major character groups involved I suspect due to a couple of points that the author is Protestant rather than Catholic due to his understanding of Sacred Scripture In any case, I enjoyed the book.

    8. If you are looking for a book that is well researched yet written simply and like a captivating novel, try this little puppy The author painstakingly describes the corruption within the religious system of the day, the strategic purposes behind Jesus acts during his final week, and the grotesque science of Roman crucifixion You will likely put the book down in sections, wincing at the images of such barbaric treatment of our Savior But, you will also emerge with a new sense of awe in him The boo [...]

    9. Very interestingly written from the perspective of others who might have been and were present during the tragic events of Jesus last days Ion an historical note, it is sometimes nice to reference a footnote, however the author chose to not disturb his storytelling by inserting references in the body of the text Although I ve heard the story many times and studied it historically, I ve not ever read such an entertaining account Bravo

    10. This was an okay bookt what I was really expecting when I picked it up I was expecting that it would be written from of a legal and historical standpoint due to to the subtitle of the book It seemed to me to be of a historical synopsis of the crucifixion account It was an okay book, just not what I expected.

    11. The execution of Jesus was a crime born of the streets, the barracks, the enclaves of the privileged, and the smoke filled back rooms of religious and political power brokers Its meaning lives in these places still , writes Stephen Mansfield in the introduction to his new book amplifying its intensity and gritty realism How true The book is a gripping story with explicit and vivid details of the torturous death of Jesus Birthed from painstaking years of inquiry and study, along with extensive in [...]

    12. DetailsWhile the Bible covers Jesus crucification, it does not go into the intricate details of the customs of those times This book helped me to better understand some of the nuisances of life in Jesus time It also helped me to better appreciate how painful crucifixion was.

    13. As a whole, I really liked this book It gave me a new perspective on the conspiracies behind why Jesus was killed It took a dive into the religious, political, and business context and why Jesus was a threat to those institutions It also goes into some pretty graphic detail on the actual killing itself Not for the faint of heart but it definitely helps color and fill in the context around Jesus final days I feel like I have a much better feeling for the characters in the story and their motivati [...]

    14. From the opening chapter the grisly aspects of this tale are apparent Pulling almost word for word from the accounts of Josephus and his description of the disease that ended the life of Herod the Great we begin the story appalled Fortunately, once you get past the graphic details, the retelling of Jesus last days are detailed, and yet fresh I found the subtitle misleading, as most of the Christians I know knew of the conspiracy behind the Roman execution Perhaps that is not true elsewhere thoug [...]

    15. 4 STARS At times this was a hard book to read It is important to look back and see what Jesus did for you and me I like the facts and the explaining why certain followers did or said something At times it was laid out logical Other times I just wanted to cry reading about the torture A lot of the details I have forgotten over the years Like that their was three King Herod I knew King Herod ordered all the boy babies under two to be killed Did not know how gross he got before he died with his ill [...]

    16. For subject matter that has been studied, written about, and translated into film exhaustively, there isn t much to add The author puts in interpretive fictional spin here and there and some occasional brief yet interesting history It is extremely easy to read, maybe a little too easy to read The unknown conspiracy as mentioned in the subtitle is quite misleading and ultimately sensational If you ve studied or follow ed the bible even a moderate amount, the religious and political catalysts of [...]

    17. This book was very useful in understanding the dynamics at play surrounding the death of Jesus Christ At first, it was very hard for me to understand due to all the political players You have Rome, the corrupt jewish priests, Jesus s community, God s will, Jesus s own feelings and the feelings of his family and followers There are power dynamics involved, politics and the religious teachings of both Rome and Judaism at the time Layer upon layer upon layer I think this book, than the gospels the [...]

    18. How you view this book may depend on your knowledge level before you begin reading it If you have read the Biblical accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but haven t read much about the time period and history, you will be fascinated by this book Even if you have a decent level of knowledge about the historical information you may still learn some new things, view the events from a new angle and or find a deeper meaning to the events There were some areas that the author added quite a bit of [...]

    19. I am glad that Mansfield had it on his heart to write this account of Jesus death and the events surrounding it We can never fully comprehend what Jesus went through, and it certainly should never feel boring.Stephen does an excellent job of showing the historical happenings of Herod and Pilot As the book enters into the last days of Jesus much information is repeated to accommodate the different mentalities of Jesus and those involved in plotting his death.While very graphic at the beginning, d [...]

    20. With all the has been written, up to recently about Jesus, I was left wondering what the point of this book was Mansfield s style was narrative as if an eye witness to the events that led to the crucifixion and a bit beyond Yet I thought it added little to what has been revealed by other authors He focuses on the conspiracy of various Jewish leaders and the Sanhedrin to have Jesus tried and executed No great surprise, in fact Jesus predicts the persecution and provokes them to it in the scripted [...]

    21. I wasn t planning on requesting any books for April until I got this one offered by email It intrigued me enough, especially at this time of year, that I decided to request it Although the author takes some liberties with people s thoughts and intent, he does a great job of showing the events leading up to Jesus crucifixion, and of how the religious leaders conspired to have Jesus killed I found the book very interesting and moving I have read descriptions of the trial and flogging of Jesus, bu [...]

    22. This tragic tale of death and conspiracy actually taught me a few things Being quite atheist myself I was interested in the history So learning of the dates times and places was wonderful The interwebbed philosophies of religious and believe were blah, but again I am not a believer The events leading were insightful, but as expected the story comes to a crashing end The man dies, and within three days no one can figure out what happened to the body So much believable insight into the 48 hours le [...]

    23. I put this book on hold thinking it was Bill O Reilly s new book, but I started reading and can t put it down The author s sources are the Talmud, Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny, and of course, the bible The historical aspect of the book is compelling Example King Herod the Great is suffering from a disease or diseases that are eating his organs, some of his organs are gangrenous, yet he hears of a heavenly baby born in Bethlehem and orders the murder of all baby boys two years old and younger He know [...]

    24. Detailed story about the conspiracy to kill Jesus and why they had to kill him the way they did Very gruesome descriptions about His torture suffered at the hands of those in power Great insight as to why the Romans, Pharisees and Sadducees felt that Jesus needed to be killed as soon as possible Good read that will take you from the unjustified middle of the night trial of Christ in the mansion of the high priest to His last breath at Calvary Was confused at why the author felt the need to point [...]

    25. I m sure it was just me, but I had trouble getting into it in the very beginning After that it is an amazing book It is very graphic, as it should be since that is exactly how it was This book takes you from the beginning to the end in detail of what took place around the crucifixion Even though I know what happened because I have heard the story all my life, this book broke it down and I learned about all the details It is really horrendous what He had to go through I know that But to read and [...]

    26. A book written about such an infamous subject that we all know so much about What new is there to say Well Mr Mansfield has researched his subject so deeply and covers Christs last hours on earth with an honesty that is both brutal and honest The torture Of Christ is written in such detail and then the actual execution is sometimes difficult to read, but one can imagine that is how it was Well written, well researched and well worth a read.

    27. I think we read and talk about the biblical accounts of Jesus s crucifixion so often that we can forget how non graphically the gospel authors documented the story for us This book is a great reminder of just what kind of torture Jesus suffered so that we all can live, His sacrifice as the ultimate act of mercy I, for one, hope it s not something that ever gets sugar coated or minimized in my mind.

    28. This book is super awesome and is definitely going to make you cry This book will take you on a very intimate journey into the life of Jesus and some of the people around him, such as Herod and some of the other kings during Jesus s time here on Earth There were many places in the book where I had to stop reading for a certain period of time because it was graphic, but that is to be expected since it is or course a story about murder.

    29. The Shroud of Turin on the cover is appropriate I guffawed and chortled as I read, responding both to the over the top torture porn and to the breathtakingly inane fill in the blank historical events laid out in such tremendous detail e.g we are told in great detail exactly what Jesus was up to at 2 A.M the night before his crucifixion

    30. Stephen Mansfield gives a very horrifically graphic and detailed version of the plot and execution of Jesus This book helped me to understand the culture of the day and the customs behind some of what transpired with the Jewish leaders of those times I am even further amazed and in awe of what Jesus did for me I am thankful I live because He died for me I owe it all to Him.

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