Manhattan Moon #2020

Manhattan Moon By Jae Manhattan Moon Nothing in Shelby Carson s life is ordinary Not only is she an attending psychiatrist in a hectic ER but she s also a Wrasa a shape shifter who leads a secret existence To make things even complicat
  • Title: Manhattan Moon
  • Author: Jae
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Manhattan Moon By Jae Nothing in Shelby Carson s life is ordinary Not only is she an attending psychiatrist in a hectic ER, but she s also a Wrasa, a shape shifter who leads a secret existence.To make things even complicated, she has feelings for Nyla Rozakis, a human nurse.Even though the Wrasa forbid relationships with humans, Shelby is determined to pursue Nyla Things seem pretty hopeNothing in Shelby Carson s life is ordinary Not only is she an attending psychiatrist in a hectic ER, but she s also a Wrasa, a shape shifter who leads a secret existence.To make things even complicated, she has feelings for Nyla Rozakis, a human nurse.Even though the Wrasa forbid relationships with humans, Shelby is determined to pursue Nyla Things seem pretty hopeless for them, but on Halloween, during a full moon, anything can happen
    Manhattan Moon By Jae
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    1. Jae

      Jae is the author of sixteen award winning lesbian romances She lives in the sunniest city of Germany, near the French and Swiss borders The writing bug bit her at the age of eleven.She used to work as a psychologist but gave up her day job in 2013 to become a full time writer and a part time editor As far as she s concerned, it s the best job in the world.When she s not writing, she is an avid reader of lesbian books, indulges her ice cream and office supply addictions, and watches way too many crime shows.

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    1. Where s the rest of the story My book got cut off early No That s really where the author left it That s just cruelIn all seriousness though, I was really enjoying this story It s cute, the characters are likable, and even for a novella there s depth and even some amusing side tangents It just ended too early

    2. This is my 22nd work that I ve read by Jae Something like the 9th short story though I do not always remember to include that shelf This is also the last story in the Shape Shifter series that I had not yet read This might be the only Jae series where I ve actually read everything in it Every novel length work, every short story length work.Right, so Shelby Carson is a psychologist who works in the psych ward at an ER in New York Or works in an ER deal with psych patients One, the other, or both [...]

    3. 4 starsThis was a re read I first read this novella a few years ago It follows the romance between Nyla, a human nurse and Shelby a Wrasa coyote shape shifter who works with Nyla in a human ER as a psychiatrist Only Shelby is an outsider in both worlds Not a human and a shapeshifter who cannot shift It would be 5 stars if it only it mentioned how Shelby s pack accepted the relationship But I guess Jae wanted to keep it short A pleasant read in Jae s shapeshifter series.

    4. Well I m hooked Well and truly Jae s shape shifter novels are both compelling and addictive Jae s writing style is fun and easy to follow Also her style is humorous but her novels are serious I m seriously addicted Her imagination is out of this world I definitely vote for .

    5. Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri BuchseeleEin gro es Problem mit den Geschichten von Jae ist die mangelnde Konstanz was deutsche Versionen angeht W hrend es bis auf 2 Ausnahmen, wenn ich das richtig gesehen habe alle Titel der deutschen Autorin auf Englisch gibt, gibt es vieles eben nur auf Englisch und nicht auf Deutsch Das ist gerade dann beraus rgerlich, wenn es sich um eine der beiden gr eren losen Serien der Autorin handelt Vollmond ber Manhattan ist aus [...]

    6. 4.5 stars.This is a great bonus story that takes place after Second Nature and before True Nature I would not consider this a standalone story because the laws and world of the Wrasa i.e the shapeshifters are too complex to fit into this short story novela and may leave the reader feeling like they ve been in a hit and run when the rules come up but aren t explained in depth.What is easy to grasp, though, is the romantic arc of the book The two characters here Shelby and Nyla, one Wrasa and the [...]

    7. Typical JaeThis is a fantastically well written short story that despite being entwined with her other shifter novels can be read and enjoyed as a strand alone.

    8. Manhattan Moon stars a psychiatrist who works in an ER and a nurse who works in the same ER Though everything is from the psychiatrist s point of view Shelby Carson, the psychiatrist, quite fancies Nyla Rozakis, the nurse But there are some major problems with attermpting to date her Among them the part where she doesn t even know if Nyla is interested in women, or, importantly, in her Actually, there s also the part where they work together and Nyla is lower down the hierarchy at the hospital [...]

    9. I delayed reading Jae s Shape Shifter series as I was a touch skeptical about it, however, having devoured excuse the pun Gill McKnight s Garoul werewolf series I decided to give Jae s version a lash While bills this as number 1.75, Jae s publishers Ylva list it as number 3 Either way, it doesn t really matter, but it definitely comes after Second Nature While Manhattan Moon is essentially a stand alone novella it makes a brief reference to a pretty major plot point from Second Nature which is a [...]

    10. Having recently read Second Nature by Jae, this was the next story for me to devour I am new to the paranormal genre but having gotten the first bite I am hooked This novella was a great second foray into this world of characters Appreciated the fact that Shelby, the psychiatrist shifter is not good at shifting into her animal form She finds herself being an outsider in both worlds she inhabits Add to that is her forbidden romantic interest in a human the nurse Nayla Their relationship is compli [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsManhattan Moon follows the romance between Shelby and Nyla a Wrasa psychiatrist and human nurse living in Manhattan It s nice to see that Jae is still working in this universe Second Nature was a great book but be warned that this is a short novella believe it or not, Jae can write under 400 pages Despite Griffin and Jorie, it is still forbidden for Wrasa to have significant relationships with humans, but Shelby is unable to resist the devloping relationship The story gives insight int [...]

    12. Yay More I really love series that focus on other characters from the same story line This short novel is another part of Jae s Shifter series We again meet Dr Shelby, a coyote shifter, and her human lover from the book True Nature This is the story of how they meet and fall for each other Jae took me on a journey allowing me to watch these women fall in love and defy the Council The writing and character development in this book is flawless I really adored the plot The characters were just grea [...]

    13. I m a great fan of books by Jae, but this is the first of her shape shifting world I am a fan of this genre and was looking forward to reading this novella I really enjoyed it, the build up of the relationship between Shelby and Nyla is just right, and you can feel it coming from the pages The only thing I would say it that it ends abruptly The story does not seem to come to a close, there are chapters missing What s there is good, but it needs to be finished 3.5 stars.I was given a free copy by [...]

    14. A quick read in The Shape Shifter Series unvierse and this is a love story in all senses of the term Expect a beautiful and sweet short story with classic squealing moments that fit within the premise Forbidden love has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and Jae writes it best Who doesn t love the age old wooing between two people with an undeniable attraction for each other and who are not supposed to be together I know I do.

    15. Overall a good story, but a few loose endsThe story was good but there were a few loose ends I won t mention details don t want to spoil it In my opinion the story could ve been developed better if it had been a longer book where it could have been fleshed out and those loose ends tied.

    16. It s a short book Only 95 pages Jay writes in an efficient way her characters are lively and she immerses us quickly in their lives But when closing the book, we are a little bit disappointed cause it seems almost unfinished.Pleasant but not really unforgettable.

    17. Wonderfully romantic Wonderfully romantic and full of hopes and dreams, everything true love can be plus hope for a bright promising future

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