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The Hidden Cottage By Erica James The Hidden Cottage Mia Channing appears to have an enviable life a beautiful home a happy marriage a job she enjoys and three grown up children to whom she s devoted But appearances can be deceptiveWhen the family gat
  • Title: The Hidden Cottage
  • Author: Erica James
  • ISBN: 9781409130857
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Hidden Cottage By Erica James Mia Channing appears to have an enviable life a beautiful home, a happy marriage, a job she enjoys and three grown up children to whom she s devoted But appearances can be deceptiveWhen the family gathers for her son s 30th birthday, he brings with him his latest girlfriend who, to their surprise, has a nine year old daughter Then, before the birthday cake has even bMia Channing appears to have an enviable life a beautiful home, a happy marriage, a job she enjoys and three grown up children to whom she s devoted But appearances can be deceptiveWhen the family gathers for her son s 30th birthday, he brings with him his latest girlfriend who, to their surprise, has a nine year old daughter Then, before the birthday cake has even been cut, Mia s youngest daughter Daisy has seized the opportunity to drop a bombshell It s an evening that marks a turning point in all their lives, when old resentments and regrets surface and the carefully ordered world Mia has created begins to unravel.
    The Hidden Cottage By Erica James
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      182 Erica James
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    1. Erica James

      With an insatiable appetite for other people s business, Erica James will readily strike up conversation with strangers in the hope of unearthing a useful gem for her writing She finds it the best way to write authentic characters for her novels, although her two grown up sons claim they will never recover from a childhood spent in a perpetual state of embarrassment at their mother s compulsion.The author of nineteen bestselling novels, and the winner of the 2006 Romantic Novel of the Year Award, Erica divides her time between Suffolk and Lake Como in Italy.

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    1. I always refer to Erica James as my duvet author, the one I go to when I am feeling tired, stressed or just generally rubbish I also go to her when I have had a recent addiction to my fantasy adventures, just to return to the real world a little bit The thing with Erica James is that she is safe, you know what you are going to get with her Her books can be a little formulaic there is the odd exception, Tell it to the Skies still amazes me and that is certainly evident in the Hidden Cottage.Almos [...]

    2. I have read some pretty bad chick lit lately and was a bit sceptical about reading this, it s been on my shelf a long time being over looked for other interesting things I decided to read it as part of the reading challenge I am doing a book based entirely on its cover and lets face it it s a beautiful cover and I am glad I did.The story is based in a little village where the lives of the people kind of intertwine, I liked all the characters and the struggled they went through, it s always refr [...]

    3. A typical Erica James book It makes for easy reading and is ideal for a holiday or just wind down chilling time.As usual there are a couple of twists that you don t see coming a predictable outcome for the hero and heroine, although you are not quite sure what the journey will be some tears, taking you by surprise when they happen and some laughter brought about by situations and characters.I enjoyed this book and in a World where there are troubles and strife aplenty it s nice to be transported [...]

    4. A lovely story set in a beautiful village Erica James has a wonderful talent when it comes to setting a scene and she doesn t disappoint with this novel I found the characters well rounded and you find yourself easily caught up in their lives A very enjoyable read

    5. I enjoyed this novel It was a welcome change from the book I read before which was edge of the seat stuff This is an enjoyable slice of life about a family The family functions best when Jeff Channing, husband of Mia and father of Jensen, Eliza and, his blatant favourite, Daisy, is out of the way Otherwise Jeff tends to overshadow everyone else and all their insecurities rise to the surface Everyone in this family has secrets They are not the only ones So does Owen Fletcher who returns Little P [...]

    6. Loved this book I could so clearly imagine the cottage with its lake and island Liked the characters too, especially Owen Recommended read for any chick lit fan.

    7. I love the family dynamics of this book, no sugar coating, The grief over losing someone close and how your life can change in an instant Brilliantly written.

    8. I really enjoyed The Hidden Cottage and felt very happy as I finished it I was pleased it ended the way it did as I wasn t sure until I d finished just how it would end.I found it to be a great tale of love, honesty and family life with worry, excitement loss woven expertly in for our reading pleasure.There are a lot of characters past present to get to know but the way the author, Erica James, linked them all together made it very easy to keep up with them all She connected the reader to the ch [...]

    9. A village saga, starring middle aged Mia, who has three likeable adult children and a somewhat obnoxious husband, Jeff The wealthy Owen arrives in the village, drawn by memories of his childhood when he escaped from an abusive father to learn music from two sweet old ladies It s character based, with a fairly light plot, at least for the first half of the book I found it a bit slow moving, and some of the people caricatured, but it was pleasant enough and made good bedtime reading I had no probl [...]

    10. My first problem with this book is that it was way, way too long and I do like long books, but this one coupled long with boring Could have easily been half as long and I would have enjoyed it much .I think there were far too many characters, and it took me a long time to even know each character s name, let alone their personalities Books telling stories from multiple perspectives don t bother me, but I think this book did it too frequently with not much indication of who it was each time, and [...]

    11. This is the last Erica James book that I will read The titles promise much pure escapism for me at least but they inevitably leave me feeling disappointed and uneasy This one was no exception Something must be awry with the book if the reader not only feels sorry for the villain in this story Jeff but also begins to dislike the supposed heroine Mia The book invites you to judge, it wants you to judge Jeff and find him wanting and indeed he is However, this fact does not make me want to condone M [...]

    12. A comfortable and easy read based in a rural English village called Little Pelham The main action revolves around Mia Channing, her husband Jeff booo and her children Jensen, Eliza and Daisy It s easy to get drawn into their lives and the cosy village set up provides a cute background It comes as a bit of surprise then when ugly emotions begin to rear their head Broken hearts, betrayal, jealousy and tragedy makes for an enjoyable read.

    13. Couldnt get into it, my friend liked it I just dont like books that start off good with main characters and then jump entirely to somebody else, too confusing.

    14. This book was a great read the husband pissed me off as he could not see what he was doing to his family if I was the wife I would have left ages ago When tragedy struck it was sad to read but it was a great ending The book reminded me again that you are the only one that can make you happy and you shouldn t do things just because you are expected to do it from society s point If I could do my life again it would be so different

    15. I really enjoyed this book It s quite a compelling novel in the sense of I really cared about the characters, particularly all 3 of Mia s children I could read this book in any mood, mainly when I was going to bed It became my duvet novel to read I picked this book for the soul reason that the cover was very pretty I m very glad I read it, add some unexpected twists in the story, it made for a solid 4 5 I would recommend.

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story by Erica James and narrated by Clare Corbett It was a delightful story of village life and the life of a family living in the village.Highly recommended.

    17. Like putting some comfortable slippers on and sitting down with a cup of tea Nothing surprising, but it feels so good.

    18. Variable Didn t find the main central character Mia sufficiently well drawn so hard to feel engaged with her I generally like this author but this isn t one of her best

    19. The story is centred on the Channing family and Mia the mother in particular It starts by introducing the characters and their place in the novel Mia is the mother of three grown up children with a lovely house and business in a beautiful village in rural England Her husband Jeff works abroad and comes home at weekends so does not really have much interaction with the family Mia is close to all her children and acknowledges that Jeff really has only ever connected with Daisy the younger child Th [...]

    20. THE enticing cover and title drew me towards this book, as well as the premise of family ties, secrets, love and guilt woven with warmth, honesty and wit For the most part that s exactly what it is it just left me with some mixed feelings Maybe I m just being sensitive Some people appear to have it all Mia Channing is one of those people To onlookers, her life is enviable She lives in a beautiful home in the village of Little Pelham, she has a happy, stable marriage, a job she enjoys and three g [...]

    21. Erica James is an author I have been a long time fan of, since 1996 in fact when I read A Breath of Fresh Air The Hidden Cottage makes the twelfth title I have read from her catalogue, so not many to make it the full set I was surprised to discover though that the last time I read an Erica James novel was in 2009, when I read three, all of which I reviewed on this blog They were Tell It To The Skies, It s The Little Things and Hidden Talents I have always regarded her writing as a thoroughly en [...]

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