The Murdered House #2020

The Murdered House By Pierre Magnan The Murdered House In the midst of a mighty storm and abandoned to an isolated inn in Upper Provence a family is brutally massacred Miraculously a three week old child evades the violence and is given up to the custo
  • Title: The Murdered House
  • Author: Pierre Magnan
  • ISBN: 9781860467400
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Murdered House By Pierre Magnan In the midst of a mighty storm, and abandoned to an isolated inn in Upper Provence, a family is brutally massacred Miraculously, a three week old child evades the violence and is given up to the custody of the Sisters of Charity 20 years later, the young orphan, possessive of so traumatized a history, sets off in search of answers.
    The Murdered House By Pierre Magnan
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      Pierre Magnan

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    1. Pierre Magnan

      Pierre Magnan was a bestselling French author of detective novels steeped in the sights and sounds of his beloved Provence to readers, his sleuth, Commissaire Laviolette, was as indelibly linked to the land of lavender as Colin Dexter s Inspector Morse was to the colleges of Oxford Magnan s autumnal years were prolific he wrote than 30 books and saw his novels adapted for French television and cinema He was never afraid to experiment and shifted easily to non fiction, writing, amongst other publications, a gentle portrait of Giono Pour Saluer Giono, 1990 , a study of Proven al novels Les Romans de ma Provence, 1998 and two volumes of memoirs In The Essence of Provence 1998 he followed the story of L Occitane from roadside soap stand to globally known brand La Provence was present in all his books, noted Marie Laure Goumet, his editor at Robert Laffont.

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    1. Another book that I got from Grandma And another murder mystery This one is set in France, though And deals with a twenty year old murder.It feels like it is an older murder than that, though, because of how everything is framed Which is a little strange The twist at the end is interesting, and predictable if you know what to look for As well as why someone keeps beating the main character to his intended victims.Setting Rural France Which makes this kind of fun to read for that In fact, this wa [...]

    2. Seraphim, a haunted, tortured soul allowing his past to deny him a future and a normal happy life Growing up an orphan and returning from the war with no idea of his past he is told a version of the truth and of the death of his family He sets out to obliterate his past but as truths are revealed revenge now drives him A powerful, suspenseful tale and in many ways very sad More unexplained deaths before he finally hears the truth and finds release from his pain.

    3. As the Dos Equis Guy might say, I don t often read mysteries, but when I do, I prefer Pierre Magnan This is almost entirely thanks to the locale in which Magnan s novels are set, early to mid 20th century Provence, which he renders as a 50 50 combination of a picturesque rural storybook come to life, and a forgotten backwater populated since time immemorial by eccentric, inscrutable farmers and villagers who regularly do away with each other in the night, via a limitless variety of ingenious and [...]

    4. Pierre Magnan s novel, The Murdered House, is set in Provence, at the turn of the nineteenth century, in 1896.At three weeks old, Seraphin Monge, is the sole survivor of the cold blooded massacre of his family His parents, grandfather, and two brothers were murdered in their home on the eve of Saint Michael s Day, September 28.In 1920, two years after World War I, Seraphin returned home He discovered that during his infancy, his family s land was sold, but the house remained He also discovered, [...]

    5. There is a lot that I liked about this book Not your traditional crime story it s probably best to flag it as a mystery The mystery builds right from the start with the brutal massacre of an entire family except for one When that one orphan, now a man home from the war, returns to his family home, his agony and pain, left alone in the world, is beautifully illustrated in his manual, slow, stone by stone destruction of the house in which is family died as is his planning of vengeance on those res [...]

    6. This was a very strange novel, the story of Seraphim Monge, who as a baby was left in a crib while his family was massacred around him 25 years later now it is 1919 he is finally told the story of how he was found and is given the key to his family home, a home that was never sold because of the massacre Three men were caught and hung for the murders, but it is later revealed that they might not actually be guilty Seraphim sets upon destroying the house, and while doing so, uncovers the identiti [...]

    7. What a waste of my time I carried this book around so long it became a weight However, a greater weight is laid upon the unsuspecting reader who perseveres to the end A final, epilogue sort of chapter is tacked on at the book s end It explains nothing In fact, it so veers off course that you feel as though you ve been pushed off a cliff Had I known my perseverance would be so assaulted, I never would have bothered picking up this thing.It s off kilter, written in the style of Jean de Florette or [...]

    8. The language is odd though grammatical at first, and I don t know if it s the translation, or if the original language is as odd This isn t a mystery where you have a body, and the detective finds the culprit Instead, there s a family massacre w an 18 day old survivor, and 25 years later the survivor comes back, is haunted and so he dismantles the house He discovers who he thinks are the 3 murderers, but before he can take his revenge, someone very cleverly starts murdering them 1st.

    9. I really enjoyed this book, what an amazing story I m normally a slow reader but I finished this within the week I so want to be Seraphin Monge s friend now, and help him have a good life now this is over Also loved the descriptions of the Hautes Alpes area, and now want to visit La Durance valley This story is going to stay in my head for a long time

    10. High gothic, verging on the camp, tale of murder and revenge in the Provence A young man returns to his ancestral village to take revenge on those who killed his family 24 years earlier Some of the authors flights are giggle worthy especially as the author seems to be completly serious, but once you strip that away there is a nugget of a good story with some great twists.

    11. This is probably really lame, but I couldn t get used to the names so I stopped reading it I didn t get past the first chapter.

    12. This is the third book I have read by Pierre Magnan I really love the writing style, and it is a translation French to English The development of the characters and story are very different from most books I have read Can t wait to read my next book But, they are a little difficult to find in my libraries The last one I got was on loan from another library

    13. This book was interesting It was a bit hard at times to understand due to translation between languages, but I enjoyed it It didn t turn out the way I thought, and there weren t as many breadcrumbs throughout the book to lead you to the conclusion as you can find in other mystery books, but I still liked it.

    14. This is my first visit to the world of Pierre Magnan, and I am not sure I will search him out but I will read another if it drops in my lap There are plenty of wonderful descriptions of the story so I will just add my two cents The language is lovely It is flowing, evocative and you can fee the heaviness of time as reflected by the writing The hero seems to be a symbol than a real person and none of the characters are particularly flushed out which adds to the allegorical sense, but there is a [...]

    15. A perfect book for a rainy winter night or not This muddled mystery won several prizes in France when it was published in the early 80s, and Publishers Weekly named it as one of their 10 Best Mysteries of 2008 it was also touted on some crime fiction blog that persuaded me to order it.I was intrigued, sometimes titillated by its necrophiliac eroticism, but any seasoned mystery reader will guess the identity of the shadowed stranger behind the crimes I enjoyed the evocative Jean De Florette Manon [...]

    16. This book was really weird and sometimes hard to follow I m not sure if this was due to being translated from French or the fact that the author was trying to write a psychological thriller The story focused on the psychological makeup of Seraphin Monge his need for revenge, his sexual obsession with his dead mother, his lack of connection with other humans, etc This plotline had its ups and downs because it dragged at some points This would have been fine and earned 3 stars except for the fina [...]

    17. I was fascinated at first by this thriller from Pierre Mangan who has recently died Many of the descriptions of the countryside and village life were superb However, the story itself was weak A terrible crime, only one survivor He tried Seraphim the avenging angel to avenge the death of his mother, about whom he has terrifying dreams But someone keeps getting there first.He is pursued by two young beauties of the village, Marie and Rose The language is often hard work and overblown If anyone, an [...]

    18. I love gothic I love secrets buried in the walls I love mysteries at the bottom of old wells I especially love when everything comes together and makes sense in the end THAT was the one thing The Murdered House lacked I mean, it made enough sensebut had that uniquely little French twist of What the hell just happened The literary equivalent of a mime chasing a red balloon across the last frame of a film and you re supposed to infer deep meaning from it.

    19. This book kind of lost me I couldn t get into it in the beginning but it did get better It was a good store line but there was so much going on that its hard to follow sometimes The ending.etely lost Don t know what was going on therewould I read another of his booksybejust to see if it is any different better

    20. Lots of people seemed rather unimpressed by this book but I loved it, the truth only finely being prised out at the very end ok the last chapter was a little strange but the air of mystery was kept woven into the whole of the book I shall certainly be reading by him.

    21. Interesting plot but I couldn t enjoy the reading because of the author s prose There is unlikely attachment between the characters and finally, arguments are ephemeral and the author leaves too many aspects to chance.

    22. This is a very interesting and beautifully written novel And, oh, so very French As in the mechanics of the case matter not one iota as much as the emotions involved I had figured out whodunnit by page 30, but I kept on reading because the burning question was not WHO but WHY Enjoy.

    23. Supposedly won a Best Novel of the Year award in France I guess you have to be French to appreciate it or maybe it is an awkward translation In any case, while there was plenty of ambiance and plot potential, I didn t like the main character and quit halfway through.

    24. I would not recommend this book If you could read it in the French language I think you would enjoy it It loses something in the translation.

    25. It was slow to start And I didn t understand the ending I will be thinking of that for awhile, which might have been the author s intent.

    26. I was given this book by Lee who said she wanted me to read it and tell her what I thought of the ending so I will give it a try.

    27. How did this book win the novel of the year award in France Maybe I ll blame the translation I wish I could still read in French, then I could compare.

    28. It really was not very interesting or well written The only reason I finished it is that I have nothing else checked out of the library at this time.

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