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Trauma By Patrick McGrath Trauma Charlie Weir is a man who tackles other people s demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New York Yet he hasn t found a way of resolving his own conf
  • Title: Trauma
  • Author: Patrick McGrath
  • ISBN: 9781400041664
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trauma By Patrick McGrath Charlie Weir is a man who tackles other people s demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New York.Yet he hasn t found a way of resolving his own conflicts, particularly the fatal mistake that caused his wife and daughter to leave him condemning him to corrosive loneliness and restless anger.Years later, he meets a beautifCharlie Weir is a man who tackles other people s demons for a living He has seen every kind of trauma during his years as a psychiatrist in New York.Yet he hasn t found a way of resolving his own conflicts, particularly the fatal mistake that caused his wife and daughter to leave him condemning him to corrosive loneliness and restless anger.Years later, he meets a beautiful but damaged woman who promises to restore his dwindling faith in both his profession and himself But as he realizes that she has become of a patient than a lover, events conspire to send him reeling toward the abyss Addictive and enthralling, Trauma is Patrick McGrath s most riveting work to date.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Trauma By Patrick McGrath
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    1. Patrick McGrath

      Patrick McGrath was born on 7th February, 1950 in London and grew up near Broadmoor Hospital where his father was Medical Superintendent He was educated at Stonyhurst College He is a British novelist whose work has been categorized as gothic fiction He is married to actress Maria Aitken and lives in New York City.

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    1. i was hesitant to read this because it got the worst reviews ever, but no one can keep me from patrick mcgrath, not even the new york times book review that being said it is way better than the press for it, and a lot better than port mungo it doesn t have the same depth as the grotesque or spider, but its still a great, dark tale from one of my favorite storytellers so, in this review, i will simply mention other books by the author and hope that this is somehow helpful be helped

    2. Another author I ve decided to check out based on the impression from his film adaptations This one to greater results than Walter Kirn McGrath is certainly a talented author, his narrative is great, the rest I m not so sure about Following the maxim of psychiatrists being crazier than those they try to help, Charlie Weir is a psychiatrist adrift He specializes in, of course, trauma, and yet is so profoundly haunted by his own traumatic childhood that he finds himself unable to sustain any sort [...]

    3. I like books that have a first sentence that pulls the reader in Patrick McGrath does this really well Paul Auster is another author that excels with these killer opening lines Trauma opens with these lines My mother s first depressive illness occurred when I was seven years old, and I felt it was my fault I felt I should have prevented it This was about a year before my father left us.And so, along with the title, we are left in no doubt that we are about to read a story about depression, suici [...]

    4. I had high hopes for this not too suspenseful novel After all, I had heard great things about one of his other books, Asylum, and I had read a positive review of this novel The reviews referred to his unreliable narrators, which really appealed to me.The narrator, Charlie Weir, is a psychiatrist who specializes in victims of trauma Traumas treated by him include rape, war, and even the trauma of killing someone accidentally with one s car Two of his notable patients include the aforementioned dr [...]

    5. Ye gods, how the mighty are fallen McGrath has written some excellent, broody, downright strange Gothic novels, but this one is a sucker punch to every astute reader s sensibilities None of the characters are likeable and none of the situations are especially compelling The main character is a self absorbed pig which makes me wonder why any woman would sleep with him And why is everybody smoking in the novel You d think it was a movie from the 1950s instead of a recent read Read Spider, The Grot [...]

    6. England born, US based author Patrick McGrath made his name with novels like Spider 1990 and Asylum 1997 , sinister tale of madness and grief set in isolated mental institutions and Victorian esque slums.His new novel, Trauma, shortlisted for last year s Costa Novel Award, is a departure in a sense It abandons Gothic for grit as we find ourselves in New York City in the 1970s, a crime ridden city of dark corners presided over by the looming twin towers, an ominous symbol of further disaster comi [...]

    7. This is the first time I came across a book from this author, a friend of mine lent it to me a while ago and I finally got around to reading it While it is a very short, easy book to read I didn t care much for the plot or, for that matter, any of the characters Charlie Weir is a psychiatrist that specializes in trauma From accidentally killing someone, to post traumatic stress due to war experiences or sexual abuse as children, the array of patients is entirely made out of people traumatized by [...]

    8. Un romanzo che fonda le sue radici nella psichiatria coinvolgendo il lettore in questo complicato mestiere e stravolgendo la storia grazie, appunto, al trauma Il libro si pu dividere in due parti una nella quale il protagonista a psicanalizzare, e l altra nella quale il protagonista ad essere psicanalizzato L analista diventa l analizzato, e il nostro compito appunto quello di intuire quale trauma lo abbia portato a stravolgere la realt La trama porta totalmente fuori strada e spinge il lettore [...]

    9. I liked this book a lot The writing is direct and clear with cool time shifts that lay out the story It is a fast read but don t go too fast or you miss sentences like this one about insomnia, which I occasionally have strong bouts of Once woken I do not find it easy to get back to sleep In the darkness, in the relative silence of the city late at night, anxiety steals in like a wolf Glimpsing weakness of spirit it circles for the kill, while I would struggle to drive it off but fail I was start [...]

    10. This is a novel about the early recognition and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder The pluses Easy fast reading Decent character development The minuses Unnecessarily asks questions than it answers Rushes to conclusion without enough depth The sense that I got reading this book was the the author had some great ideas but was rushed to publish before he could fully develop all of the elements of the book to make it great It found this book to be fairly entertaining, but by no means a mu [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this book, and honestly I quite like the way it is written Some of the sentences felt perfectly turned and placed The problem is nothing really happened There were flashbacks and intriguing questions but the reveals weren t satisfactory in the end Of course it was the mother Of course it was the brother I was left disappointed because I expected A book about Danny, the only character in the book that I cared about, would probably be far interesting.

    12. This didn t work for me as well as previous McGrath novels Perhaps because I found the central character rather irritating, which was probably the point The cover blurbs suggested it would be quite a thrilling read, which I didn t find The study of the characters and their interactions was it s main strength, not any particular plot thrills I did however like the multiple references to the notion of trauma always good to see a title having real relevance and presence within a novel.

    13. Another dud from the Seattle Northeast Library s Staff Picks When will I ever learn that it will never be a good source of books for me again I ve picked some awesome books there in the past, but lately it s all been consistently bad

    14. Trauma, can very much relate The protagonist incredibly annoying reminds me of a similar annoying male specimen I knew the lame academic with weird humour and pedantic tantrums Thankfully I am able to block mute the latter but with the formerwell, made myself finish this book because I just like to see these things through, but had to shudder myself through much of the protagonist s self absorbed banalities.

    15. Un libro scuro, denso, che esplora le profondit del trauma e delle sue conseguenze Charlie Weir uno psichiatra e il paziente di se stesso, che quasi inconsapevolmente si trova a dover affrontare un percorso verso il s pi recondito Un percorso tetro e tortuoso, ma che porta ad una evoluzione e ad una riscoperta La pesantezza delle pagine rispecchia il disagio con cui il protagonista costretto a vivere quotidianamente Caratterizzazione e idea impeccabili, ma narrazione macchinosa e al limite della [...]

    16. Qui del genio, della profondit e dello scandaglio psicologico di Follia non rimasto pi niente Ci sono solo burattini che seguono la loro parabola psico di vita senza nessuna capacit di autoanalisi e senza riuscire a creare nessun dramma, dal momento che l unico dramma che c l incapacit dello scrittore di riuscire a tenere insieme una storia coerente Avrei dovuto fermarmi al Morbo di Haggarth, non ci sono riuscita, e sono stata, nuovamente, punita.

    17. Patrick McGrath s talents at mining the human psyche areexquisite In each of his works he has the ability to deftly peelback the mysterious layers of his characters, exposing them to thereader in much the same way he would peel an onion Their fears,their flaws, their hopes, their dysfunctions are all brought tolight and laid bare in a way that many authors cannot do withsimilar success With TRAUMA, McGrath s newest psychologicalthriller, those honed skills continue to work wondersAUMA is told th [...]

    18. This is a story about a psychiatrist, Charlie Weir, who conducts group therapy sessions for psychologically crippled people, some of whom even have a suicidal tendency His mother is a depressed novelist, father an almost absent figure from his life, and a brother, Walter, who is a successful and famous artist Charlie despises and envies Walt Charlie has a vivid childhood dream of his father holding a gun to his head threatening him to blow his brains off Charlie also has a little girl, the resul [...]

    19. Il vissuto sepolto gli procurava incubi e altri sintomi, e avrebbe continuato a farlo finch il trauma non fosse stato trasformato in un racconto e assimilato nell io Trauma di Patrick McGrath racchiuso in questo breve passo del racconto un thriller dettagliatamente scritto per trasportarti in uno shock mentale cos intenso a cui risulta impossibile liberarsene Si pu scacciarlo dalla coscienza, ma non lo si dimentica mai Ritorna sempre.Questo ci che vive il protagonista Charlie Weir psichiatra di [...]

    20. The story of a psychiatrist with plenty of psychiatric problems of his own, here McGrath once again delves into questions of pathology and all the dark little crunchy bits at the back of a person s head Told from the perspective of the main character, it is a record of the events following the death of his mother, which leads to him reconnecting with his ex wife now re married , dating a woman who ought to be a patient, and dealing with his free spirited artist brother His specialty is trauma re [...]

    21. Patrick McGrath might be my favorite writer who s still alive I think this is his latest book, but I could very easily be wrong I m kind of out of the loop But I can tell it s a later book While still displaying his insanely awesome mastery of language and pacing, I noticed a couple of chinks in the armor in this book Every time it had to do with dialogue, which leads me to believe that this might be due to him being British and writing American characters I d probably never notice something lik [...]

    22. This is the story of Charlie Weir, a psychiatrist with an ex wife who blames him for the death of her brother, and has other problems besides To say would probably spoil it Somewhere, I read a really good review of this book that made me not only want to read it, but to put it on my wishlist for Paperbackswap I want my credit back It s a good thing this book was only 200 pages, because otherwise I would have thrown it out It s one of those books that you keep reading, thinking it s going to get [...]

    23. According to reviewers, Trauma hits all the right emotional buttons for a psychological thriller, growing mysterious and tense with every page The question that divided critics is whether McGrath resolved that tension to satisfaction Most felt that he did not, either because the plot did not move along briskly enough or because they never felt enough of a connection with the narrator to reach catharsis when the book reaches its moment of crisis Yet at least one major critic loved the book Reade [...]

    24. I thought it was a great book until it came to the end I hated the conclusion There was a twist but I still hated it Just only the end part Other than that I really liked the novel I really liked how the author effortlessly made the readers to connect to the character in terms of a psychological subject It was good read I read it in one sitting It s not so thick so maybe if you feel like taking a break from reading a fantasy or YA books and read something unique or something different, or to an [...]

    25. In college I studied under a professor who is an expert in trauma psychology, so it was interesting to see some of the theories in action during the psychology parts of this book main character is a psychiatrist He got a lot of the stuff right My only complaint about the book was when an incomplete spinal cord injury was mentioned, in the book it was state that w an incomplete injury the injured person would be able to walk again This is not always the case, and is misleading I m picky about thi [...]

    26. High above the street, between the canyon walls of silent office buildings, he had stood flattened against the stone with the wind picking at his clothes and the sun rising over the eastern shores of Long Island, just starting to touch the masonry ofold downtown a rusty smear of a sunset His worst hangovers occurred on Sundays The city was quiet then, places were closed and a man alone was forced in on himself in ways he wasn t any other day of the week That Walter should tell me I d broken Nora [...]

    27. Charlie Wier is a psychiatrist living in New York and the subject of Patrick McGrath s 2008 novel Trauma Some of his experiences of treating victims of trauma have had a disturbing effect on him As he delves into his client s childhoods, so something troublesome in his own becomes an increasing problem His relationships do nothing to help The book is a sort of psychological thriller, it has good pace and always interesting The writing is fairly bland, a good concept but he plotting quite trivial [...]

    28. Jeez The writing is outstanding without ever standing out McGrath is a pro And I can just imagine the wicked glee McGrath took in composing this ruthlessly lightless story Charlie Weir is a shrink specializing in trauma, who of course is suffering from his own trauma Which, the trauma, is pretty harrowing It s a very old New York story, and the city rarely improves this guy s mood Read it on a stormy afternoon it s not that long with a glass of wine and the bullets safely removed from your gun b [...]

    29. I did enjoy this book, with the carefully worded descriptions and characterizations of the characters Evenso the shift from ennui to desperation became quite precictable and the ending was dissapointing, as if shifting from trying to describe something in earnest to a quick cowboymovie ending Maybe I should read one of this other books Most irritating was however, the precondition that simply acknowledging or identifying the cause of trauma will in itself bring about healing.

    30. This book earned 3 stars because the author writes in a compelling manner and I was driven to find out what happens with the protagonist, a psychiatrist, with his own mental issues However, I really disliked the downward spiral of a man who was likeable despite his problems, AND, I really disliked the ending.I seldom write reviews for , however, I wrote this brief review to remind me NEVER to read another Patrick McGrath novel again.

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