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Into the Blue By Ben M. Baglio Into the Blue Jody McGrath s dolphin dreams are coming true Her whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her dolphin diaries Jody can t be
  • Title: Into the Blue
  • Author: Ben M. Baglio
  • ISBN: 9780439544115
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Into the Blue By Ben M. Baglio Jody McGrath s dolphin dreams are coming true Her whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her dolphin diaries Jody can t believe her dolphin voyage has begun A whole world of discovery awaits her aboard the Dolphin Dreamer But an unexpected passenger threatens to spoil the trip of a lifetime.Jody McGrath s dolphin dreams are coming true Her whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her dolphin diaries Jody can t believe her dolphin voyage has begun A whole world of discovery awaits her aboard the Dolphin Dreamer But an unexpected passenger threatens to spoil the trip of a lifetime And when a sudden storm puts Jody s life in danger, who can she turn to for help
    Into the Blue By Ben M. Baglio
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    1. Ben M. Baglio

      Ben M Baglio created the brief for two series of children s books Dolphin Diaries and Animal Ark Dolphin Diaries features a girl and her family from Florida, who travel around the world as marine biologists and study dolphins Animal Ark features two children who work together to help animals and solve animal related mysteries The books were written by commissioned writers in the UK under Baglio s instruction using the pseudonym Lucy Daniels Each ghostwriter is named with a Special Thanks on the copyright page.Using his real name he also wrote the book series The Pet Finders Club, featuring a group of three children who search for peoples lost pets.

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    1. I enjoyed reading about a girl 3 month adventure on a boat studying dolphins I liked it and hope you do too It made me want to read it all night when I got to the climax I am going to try and read the full series She faced some challenges and it wasn t always smooth sailing for her and her family It wounder what other adventures she will go on with her family it was also very descriptive I felt like Iwas on the boat with them to whole time All though I gave the book 4 stares because I felt like [...]

    2. One of my first series I love this series so much It kept me reading and helped me build up my addiction to reading, plus who doesn t like reading about tropical places and dolphins

    3. It was such a good book, and it made me really worried at times It made me keep on wanting to read It was so scary when Jody fell into the water, but it was awesome when Apollo saved her life At the end of the book it scared me because I thought that the other dolphins did not like Apollo This is one of my favorite books I have ever read

    4. I really loved this book because it s about dolphins Here s a short summary Jody is really exited because she and her family are going to study dolphins on a boat Then Henry s the captain daughter Brittany get on board and starts acting like a brat On the first day Jody tries to make friends, but no luck She s also disappointed that she hasn t seen any dolphins But after dinner she s on deck and finds one She names him Apollo Apollo and Jody become friends, as much as a dolphin and human can.I w [...]

    5. This was such a cute book that I couldn t resist putting the next four on hold for vacation What a wonderful idea for a story I can t wait to see how this adventure unfolds I imagine I m not the only adult who feels like they are reading their childhood dream played out by Jodi

    6. I used to read this book all through 4th and 5th grade I only remembered it when I had nothing to read and saw it lying on my bookshelf For a simple book it was not that bad It s plot was a nice break from the usually confusing or long plots I normally read My main issue with the book was how they portrayed Brittany I think she was supposed to be a teenager, but they went by the stereotypes that petty adults created because they re jealous our generation has cooler entertainment than theirs In a [...]

    7. Rereading this series gave me such a nostalgic feeling, not to mention I had a childhood fascination to dolphins growing up I like the series This series is great for kids, dare I say better than the massive Animal Ark series I ll make my case after the review As the introduction to the series it s written pretty well The majority of the characters are mostly laid out well although I think ten characters is one too many although it isn t that much of a big deal concerting it s a ships crew At ti [...]

    8. although all the interactions with dolphins are positive, I m glad that there is emphasis put on how dangerous they can be there is one character that I m unhappy with the treatment of I hate one dimensional bad characters and that is what Brittany is could be a lot educational stuff put in without making the book boring right now it is by and large plot driven.

    9. I decided to read Into the Blue, because one of the items on my challenge this year was to read a book with a dolphin on the cover The first book in the Dolphin Diaries series, Into the Blue starts with Jody and her family getting ready to leave on a year long sailing trip where they will study Dolphins Both of her parents are marine biologists and this is a dream come true expedition The only catch They have to include another scientist, Dr Jefferson Taylor, sent by their corporate sponsor, Pet [...]

    10. This book was amazing Brittany accused Jody of boasting about how smart, great, and how the Dolphin Universe was her idea But, Jody didn t really do that All Jody did was, ask Dr Jefferson Taylor if it was possible to see where the school of dolphins they met earlier were But, Brittany accused, and Jody didn t get angry I think Jody and I think alike We both think that maybe, just maybe, Brittany would realize that it wasn t all about her, and that her attitude needed a check A big check We both [...]

    11. I think Dolphin Diaries is a great book If there is a young girl that likes dolphins this book is for them My favorite part in this book was when Jody was pushed into the water by that girl Brittney It surprised me how she managed to get out of the ocean alive Dolphin Diaries is about a girl named Jody Mcgrahth who loves dolphins She and her family go on a vacation on a boat ride to see and learn about dolphins.Jody discovers and befriends a dolphin, and names it Apolio Along the way she meets [...]

    12. Yes, I m 21 and not ashamed to admit to reading this I love dolphins and anything to do with the ocean and just felt like some light reading I ve always enjoyed browsing kids books and was really pleased when I bought a second hand copy of this The plot isn t too detailed, but it s fun and I can definitely imagine I would really have loved reading these as a young girl I liked how enthusiastic the main character Jody was and often found myself feeling annoyed at the remarks made by unexpected pa [...]

    13. Do you like dolphins well if you do you need to read this book and not put it down you will discover some amazing diaries from a girls heart Will you change you mind when you see an animal in the road you might want to help it if you help save its life it will help your life and you might just realize what animals really are in the human life they make our day brighter light up our expresions when we feel like we are down or mad remember you can t give up

    14. Dolphin diaries is my favorite series Being a future Marine Biologist this is a great marine life book.It is about a girl who s parents are Marine Biologists and they have a Boat named the Dolphin Dreamer.Jody is there daughter She will be out of school for a year with her parents on the boat researching dolphins with them.But when a storm comes and she goes overboard will a dolphin save her Or will it be too late

    15. This book is really interesting, this book will be perfect for people who love dolphins I recommend this book to people who love dolphins, 4th, 5th, 6th, and maybe 3rd graders It s about this girl, I forgot about the girl name who is writing a diary and her only friends will be dolphins and some other people The girl loved dolphins and she felt like they were family or best friends that she has in her life.

    16. Judy and her family are going a really great dolphin voyage judy is really excited Now the dolphin voyage has begun A whole world of descovery awaits her abourd her dad s very own ship the dolphin dreamer.But an unexpected passanger threatans to spoil the trip of a lifetime On there trip a sudden storm puts jody s life in danger.who can she turn to for saving her life Who can she trust GREAT BOOK i love loved it

    17. Into the blue is the first in the dolphin diaries series Jody and her family go on an adventure around the world and go to different dolphin research labs on their trip they run into a huge storm and their boat tips over they think they are stranded in the middle of the ocean but a dolphin comes and rescues them i would use this in a science class as a preview to the new topic we would start talking about which would be the ocean.

    18. Preteen Jody and her scientific family sail around the world researching dolphins and she records their exciting adventures in her diaries the first book in this new series The family is to study the traits and characteristics of dolphins and share this information through a new university of knowledge that Jody s family founded Very cute book for a lower reader Definitely okay for a class library shelf.

    19. This is one of the first books series I got into as a kid and it made me want to read I m now in college and still remember the feelings I had reading them I even read them to my little sister when she can t sleep at night I love them just as much now as I did then and I think that s the truest testament to the quality of the books.

    20. What an easy recommendation I think I could find quite a few girls to hand this to I mean, who isn t at least a little into dolphins as a little girl Nothing inappropriate, a bratty girl who needs a little bit of an attitude change is obviously making the wrong decisions, and a solid family dynamic Liked it lots.

    21. This review is written by Ella, my 6 year old.This book is about a girl named Jody and her family They are on a boat studying dolphins in action Jody met a mean girl named Brittany Brittany s mom lied to her Jody made friends with a dolphin She named him Apollo I like the idea of going on a boat and watching dolphins I liked this book.

    22. its about dolphins duh i love it anyway celine this is where i get most of my random tidbits of dolphin facts I love this series Miss Lazo gave me this book witha dolphin mood necklace sniff i feel a little setimental

    23. This is a great series for young children at about the 4th grade level There is adventure and some danger but very few scary parts My girls both loved the whole series The characters are realistic, right down to the annoying younger twin brothers Great read for any age.

    24. I loved this series as a kid It inspired a slew of dolphin loving for me Showcased in Top Ten Tuesday Childhood Favorites

    25. My daughter gave it 5 stars saying it s a great book for children who love dolphins In the book, Jody, a 12 year old girl, keeps a diary about her family s adventures on a scientific expedition to study dolphins on their boat, Dolphin Dreamer.

    26. This was a fun book Simple, yet entertaining There was nothing masterful in the storytelling, but nothing so trite or forced as to ruin the story I recommend it, especially for anyone interested in oceans, sailing, and especially dolphins.

    27. I loved dolphins as a child, so back when I was in fifth grade I began this series I actually quite enjoy it I love all of the characters It s a great series for middle schoolers.

    28. The characters make this story well rounded and just the right amount of adventurous A sweet read to take on a car trip or to a beach

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