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Judge By R.J. Larson Judge When devastating visions pull Kien and Ela in different directions will they choose to follow the Infinite s leading even if it means the end
  • Title: Judge
  • Author: R.J. Larson
  • ISBN: 9781441260482
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • Judge By R.J. Larson When devastating visions pull Kien and Ela in different directions, will they choose to follow the Infinite s leading even if it means the end
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    1. R.J. Larson

      R.J Larson is the author of numerous devotionals featured in publications such as Women s Devotional Bible and Seasons of a Woman s Heart She lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with her husband and their two sons The Books of the Infinite series marks her debut in the fantasy genre.

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    1. So I liked this one better than the first book Probably the reason is because there seemed to be of Kien s point of view instead of Ela The one before had focused mostly on Ela.On the first day of military leave, the Infinite tells Kien to go to ToronSea and lead the people back to the Infinite before they stray too far This is not what Kien had planned to do He wants to court Ela, not go to some far off place where they may kill him as part of some ritual There is no choice but to obey the Inf [...]

    2. When military judge Kien Lantec returns home for a military leave, the last thing he expected was that the Infinite would send him on an assignment But determined to do his Creators will he sets out for ToronSea to warn the people of the coming judgement if they continue in the worship in the false gods of Atea.Ela of Parne is a Prophet of the Infinite She is told by the Infinite to return to Parne The people of Parne have turned their backs on the Infinite now she must warn them If they turn ba [...]

    3. A great sequel to Prophet I loved the references to Jonah from the Bible Another thrilling journey with Ela and Kien _

    4. Good, but I just didn t feel like all that much happened It felt like pages of the same to me And I wasn t as emotionally invested as I felt like I should be I knew the outcome of a few major plot points, namely that view spoiler Ela wasn t going to die, because it was the same situation in the last booke thinks she s going to die but she doesn t So I wasn t very worried for her hide spoiler So that left me a little detached.Still, it was a good continuation of the series I greatly appreciated K [...]

    5. This is the second of three books in The Infinate series Loved the first one, but this one I could not put down Can t wait for the next one It reminds me that God can use me anywhere and always if I m willing I wrote to the arthur and told her the only think that would make her better is if she could write as fast as I can read

    6. Kien is called by his Creator, and given duties that take him away from the woman that his heart desires, Ela His mission To warn the people of ToronSea against turning their backs to the Infinite to worship a new goddess But isn t this the job of a prophet, like Ela Ela is given a revelation of her own, the destruction of her hometown as it is corrupted by their enemies Both of them are torn, between duty and what their hearts long for, will they ever be together I was amazed at the detail and [...]

    7. Just as spellbinding as the first Though there was a moment when I wondered if the author would be so bold as to kill off a main character I was riveted from beginning to end

    8. Although I enjoyed this book, I was left a little disappointed by it I felt the characters with the exception of Kien stagnated from the first book in the seriesor at least didn t evolve as much as I would have hoped, which left me feeling a little detached from them I found the the first 3 4 of the book too faith focused for my taste, though as with the opening book in the series this will likely appeal to some people That said, the final 1 4 I found really absorbing, and in all honestly lifted [...]

    9. In an imaginary land very similar to ancient Israel and its neighbors lived a girl prophet and her wannabe admirer Ela and Kien are sent by the Infinite on two separate missions to warn the nations of coming disaster if they don t repent and return to their Creator Kien s mission to ToronSea was successful There was a strong resemblance to the Biblical account of Jonah and the Whale On the other hand, Ela s plea for Parne to repent fell on deaf ears and the city was destroyed, very much like Jer [...]

    10. Child of dust, will you be My servant When both Kien Lantec and the prophet Ela Roeh of Parne receive messages from the Infinite, they will each be called to do His will in different ways and in different lands For Kien Lantec, it is usually through the voice of Ela the Prophet that the Infinite speaks His words to the people, but now, Kien has heard His voice to journey to the land of ToronSea like the biblical prophet Jonah to bear witness and seek to deliver a message to repent and turn from [...]

    11. RJ Larson returns us to the world of PROPHET with all the elements that people loved from the first book The romance, the adventure, and the humor mostly embodied by the destroyer, Pet, a.k.a Scythe As with PROPHET, the protagonists are torn between their duty to their God and their all too human desires The sacrifice Ela makes to be a successful prophet who, as is established in the first book, always die young means that her relationship with the uncrowned king and now fellow prophet , Kien, i [...]

    12. I don t read a lot fantasy, instead picking and choosing the few authors that I truly like R.J Larson is one of those that I REALLY like I first heard about The Books Of The Infinite series about a year or so ago The first book Prophet looked interesting but I didn t pursue reading it until I found out that the author had written one of my favorite series of Biblical Fiction, under another name I read Prophet and really enjoyed it I had been excitedly awaiting the next book, Judge, and believe m [...]

    13. I would give it a 3 1 2 starts if I could I enjoyed her first book, PROPHET, , but this one has a great ending I m a biblical fiction buff and never read YA or fantasy, but I d read the author s first book in this series, PROPHET, and was asked if I d be willing to read the second and give an honest review So, here goesPROPHET had been such a fun read, I was looking forward to the continuing adventures of Ela and Kien in JUDGE The appearance of the monster horses, and especially Pet Scythe, was [...]

    14. Kien Lantec, military judge advocate for the Tracelands, never expected his Creator to send him on a mission to warn the people of TorrenSea of their impending destruction He s frustrated since the Infinite s plans don t match what he wants to do Grumbling that this is the job of a true prophet, Kien goes to see the love of his life, Ela, Prophet of Parne Only she s been stricken with a vision of her homeland having been corrupted by evil The two must part He to follow the Infinite s orders and [...]

    15. Absolutely incredible series I ll be working on a full review of it eventually Certainly one of my all time favorites Can t wait to start the final book.

    16. Rereading A VERY enjoyable book to read I wholeheartedly recommend this to ANYONE looking for a great fantasy story with a faith full foundation The realm may be a fanciful creation, straight from the imagination of world builder extraordinaire R.J Larson, but its foundation is built on the Truths of the Bible Very well done, realistic relationships between the characters as well as their relationship, or lack of same, with their Creator I found myself both encouraged and challenged by the lead [...]

    17. This book follows closely what might help us to grasp the workings of the Holy SpiritI have been captivated by the working of the Infinate in this book not only capturing my full attention but keeping it.

    18. Enjoyed this than book one Feeling familiar helps in a fantasy read Kien s adventure testing was very enlightening.

    19. Kien Lantec is on the first day of his military leave when the unexpected happens, he gets marching orders from his Creator, the Infinite Orders that include going to ToronSea and warn them of their worship of a new goddess This is the last thing he wants to do What he really wants to do is race his destroyer and court the love of his life, Ela What s worse is that his mission doesn t even utilize his skills as a military judge in training and he s not happy about it Ela Roeh of Parne, the newes [...]

    20. Like its predecessor, Prophet, the second installment in The Books of the Infinite continues the tale of Ela of Parne, prophet of the Infinite, and Kien Lantec, military judge in training But in Judge, Kien takes on the role of prophet as well, being sent by the Infinite to the coastal community of ToronSea to warn them against the vile Atean worshippers who have taken shelter there Whilst he sets out on his journey, Ela, his beloved hopeful, is sent back to Parne, to warn the citizens of coming [...]

    21. JudgeBooks of the Infinite 2By R.J LarsonJudge is the second book in the Books of the Infinite series and is as exciting and well written as Prophet Kien Lantec has just returned home on military leave when the Infinite tells him to go to ToronSea to warn the faithful against the Siphran worshipers of Atea to whom they have offered refuge.Meanwhile Ela receives a vision that Parne is about to be judged for their idol worship Parne s fall was not sudden, but Ela had been unaware of the Atean wors [...]

    22. Favorite PartsI loved to watch as Kien grew in his faith and his relationship with God I liked how he began to slowly rely and on the voice of the Lord to guide his steps and keep him on the right path I also loved how Mrs Larson threaded that question of leaving our cares in the hands of the Lord, especially when we are helpless and can t do anything in the natural Both Ela and Kien battled with letting go of their fears for each other and had to trust the Almighty to get them through.I also [...]

    23. Since this is the second book in a series, this review probably contains spoilers of the first book I recommend not reading this review until you ve read the first book, Prophet.Ela and Kien were both main characters in Prophet, but Ela s story was the central one In Judge, Kien had the central story I liked Kien in Prophet, but I loved him in Judge This book built upon what I knew of him from Prophet, and got into his head showing all his hopes and fears, dreams and frustrations And it cemente [...]

    24. In the very recent past, I managed to read Prophet , the first in this series And suddenly, I saw Judge, it s sequel on NetGalley Well, I couldn t click the request button fast enough.The book was as good as I expected I couldn t put it down.Judge revolves around Kien, although Ela plays a significant role Kien is getting to know the will of the Infinite, and is sent a bunch of different places whose names I can t remember Meanwhile, Ela is sent to give judgement on Parne her hometown.I must sa [...]

    25. This is an incredible fantasy novel This is part of a true series in that the books need to be read in order for full understanding and enjoyment.It was wonderful getting to read of Kien Lantac and Ela of Parne s story I loved finding out how much they have grown in their trust of the Infinite and their ability to follow His instructions to them since the end of book one Though I must admit that, just like me, they have a lot growing and maturing to do.In this book Ela s parents and others fro [...]

    26. The lives and adventures of Ela of Parne and Kien Lantec continue in Judge, book two of the Books of the Infinite series Kien is shocked when the Infinite not only speaks to him but also gives him a mission Which is all well and good, but the Infinite sends Ela on a separate, dangerous mission Kien sets out to fulfill his own task as quickly as possible so that he can find and protect Ela But the Infinite is not pleased with his shoddy obedience His story parallels that of Jonah I enjoyed this [...]

    27. Judge is book 2 in the Infinity Series by RJ Larson The first book is The Prophet I have not read the Prophet but Judge was an awesome book with a fantastic plot Kien Lantec has just returned from a six month military assignment when his God The Infinite assigns him to a dangerous assignment in the ToronSea Kien is a military judge in training and Ela is the prophet from book 1 This story is not about God as we know it but the parallels are consistent throughout the book Ela and Kien follow his [...]

    28. I was a little worried when I opened the book and saw a Character List in the front of it I was concerned I wouldn t be able to keep up with all the people You see, I didn t realize this was a series and I hadn t read the first book But not to worry, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book Wish I could give it MORE than a 5 stars review The story kept me riveted to it Great fiction The characters, the story line, the spiritual elements to it Wonderful Caused a strong stirring in me to be even closer to [...]

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